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I have an idea

While the verb to have has many different meanings, its primary meaning is “to possess, own, hold for use, or contain.” Have and has indicate possession in the present tense (describing events that are currently happening). Have is used with the pronouns I, you, we, and they, while has is used with he, she, and it. How do you use have? Have is one of three auxiliary verbs in English: be, do and have. We use have before -ed forms to make the present perfect and past perfect. We use have, not do, to make questions and negatives of perfect verb forms. 81 synonyms of have from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 178 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for have. Have: to keep, control, or experience as one's own. Have definition is - to hold or maintain as a possession, privilege, or entitlement. How to use have in a sentence. Jack Hartmann and Jan Richardson join together to teach sight words. Learn the sight word have. Learn how to spell have, find the missing letters and put ... Find 156 ways to say have, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Learner's definition of HAVE ◊ For many senses of have, the phrase have got can also be used. Each sense, idiom, or phrasal verb below in which this phrase can occur includes the note “—also have got.” See “have got” (below) for more information. have verb conjugation to all tenses, modes and persons. Search the definition and the translation in context for “ have ”, with examples of use extracted from real-life communication. Conjugate also gauge , reason , unfold , custom , sell , deny , span , purify , exhibit , stare Define have. have synonyms, have pronunciation, have translation, English dictionary definition of have. to hold for use, contain; possess, own: We have a new car. Not to be confused with: halve – divide into two equal parts; to share equally; to reduce to... 1. Have, hold, occupy, own, possess mean to be, in varying degrees, in possession of something. Have, being the most general word, admits of the widest range of application: to have money, rights, discretion, a disease, a glimpse, an idea; to have a friend's umbrella.

2021.03.07 05:32 Supra360 I have an idea

What if we all created a short story, one comment at a time?
I'll start the first word, and then after that you guys can reply to my comment saying whatever words you want after, and then when the story has a fitting ending someone can comment "The End!"
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2021.03.07 05:32 ChxampangeKyo Pain is temporary

So I really hardly ever use Reddit, however since coming and joining the community iv seen and met some very likemined individuals and positive stories that made me change my Outlook on alot of situations. More so than anything, I was going through my own pain of ending a realationship of 3 years and it made me come across a famous quote.
"Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place" ~ Lance Armstrong
I share this quote to not only tell you that your loved and adored, but to share that your struggles emotionally physically and mentally aren't forever. But in fact it's the start of something new and fulfilling so smile and keep pushing, because little do you know your worth it
𝙨𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙡𝙮 𝙖 𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙤𝙢 23yr old♏💕
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2021.03.07 05:32 TTC8058 Shane, stop trapping the new robot with ice cream boxes -Management

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2021.03.07 05:32 Carollicarunner Finished my first water cooled build. Bends are far from perfect, some stuff isn't parallel, but it works!

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2021.03.07 05:32 mrglass8 [TP] The Faron Woods theme is an underappretiated masterpiece

It opens up with this peaceful and warm guitar riff that eases your transition from the calm Ordon Village following a harsh encounter with Twilight. Then it goes into woodwinds and what I think either a harpsichord or lute (I'm not 100% on this one) to capture this feeling of adventure in the forest. But as the theme progresses, it builds a subtle, sinister darkness to it, introducing strings to capturing the danger that lurks as you progress deeper.
Overall it captures this brilliant balance of comfort and warmth with fear and unease that I feel it really difficult to strike. I think it really sets a great tone for the atmosphere that gushes from Twilight Princess in every moment.
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2021.03.07 05:32 cookingandcraft Delicious Tapioca Recipes.

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2021.03.07 05:32 ChevalierRouge Working as a cashier I felt the meme to the left, so I've made an NPC trait list, feel free to add your own 😉

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2021.03.07 05:32 AthenaMaeGrace 28 [F4R] #Dubuque IA - new to iowa, seeking friends in lifestyle

Hi, I'm AMG. (I'll let up on my real name once PMs are made.) I'm 28 years old and have only lived in Minnesota. I'm moving to Dubuque, IA to be with my partner. While I am polyam, it's more important for me to make friends right now. I find those outside of the polyam lifestyle are harder for me to be friends with as I feel a major part of me has to be hidden.
More about me: I'm a stay at home partner. I have a chronic illness that prevents me from working. I listen to music, read, bake, cook, and play video games. I also make jewelry and candles in my free time.
If you're interested in chatting, please PM me. Thank you 😊 -AMG
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2021.03.07 05:32 Jbird_playz Cmon be honest isn’t he kinda dripp

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2021.03.07 05:32 Angeln102 Novel Full

I use Novel Full to read Supergene. They’ve stopped on Chapter 2976. Are there any other up to date sites?
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2021.03.07 05:32 IWILLSELLYOURKIDS Idk why but theres like 20 people i had some fun lol

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2021.03.07 05:32 pyroboq The King is coming....

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2021.03.07 05:32 Statelybasher67 Is my Legacy Lightsaber Real?

So I recently received the Luke Skywalker Legacy Lightsaber from Amazon, the things I’m worried about is the price tag on the bottom of the box doesn’t the usual price of $139.99, and the box for the Saber came with weird stringy tape surrounding it. Is this real?
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2021.03.07 05:32 pcornutum Cookie recipe? I keep finding duds :(

I have tried two peanut butter cookie recipes and two chocolate chip. All of them felt like they were just missing the mark. Either too crumbly and dry, or not sweet enough.
Have you struck gold and found a great cookie recipe? Please share! (All cookies welcome.)
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2021.03.07 05:32 ConsolesQuiteAnnoyMe Reiteration of how Artifacts should be so that they're not godawful.

Part 1 - Main Stat Replacement
This part is simple. If you have two Artifacts of the same slot, same rarity, and both at the maximum level for their rarity, for example a 5* +20 CRIT Rate Gladiator's Triumphus and a 5* +20 DEF% Thunder Summoner's Crown, you can mash them together, designating one as the material item and one as the target item. The material item will be destroyed, and the target item's main stat will be overwritten with the main stat the material item had, in the above example designating the Triumphus as the material and the Crown as the target would produce a +20% CRIT Rate Thunder Summoner's Crown. Very simple, but costly, and obviously does not work on Flowers or Feathers as they all have the same main stat anyway so it'd be completely redundant.
Part 2 - Sub Stat Replacement.
If you have two artifacts of the same slot, rarity, and group with the one intended to be the target at the maximum level for its rarity (so two 5* Hourglasses of Thunder with one at +20, for example), you can mash them together, again designating one as the material and one as the target, and replace one of the the target's sub stats with a sub stat from the material. For example, 5* Hourglass of Thunder. The +20 one has ATK/DEF/HP/HP%, and the +0 one has CRIT Rate/ATK/DEF. You can use the +0 Hourglass to replace one of the stats on the +20 Hourglass with CRIT Rate so that it's, for example, CRIT Rate/DEF/HP/HP%. Repeat as needed until the desired sub stats are present, though they will all be applied as if they have received no boosts.
Part 3 - Sub Stat Enhancement.
Using the same method as Sub Stat Replacement, you can use a material item which shares a sub stat with the target item to enhance that sub stat on the target item, with each 5* Artifact being capable of accepting no more than five stat boosts*, though expunging a boosted stat by replacing it with something else will free up those boosts for reallocation. So if for example you have that 5* CRIT Rate/DEF/HP/HP% Hourglass of Thunder from the previous example, four of its boosts are in HP, and the fifth was in ATK before it got overwritten so that it has 4/5 boosts used, you can destroy another 5* Hourglass of Thunder with CRIT Rate to enhance its CRIT Rate. From there, you cannot boost CRIT Rate further unless you expunge HP so that the applied boosts go down to 1/5.
* For your reference, 4*s accept up to three stat boosts, 3*s accept only one stat boost, and 2*s and 1*s don't accept any. This is in line with the maximum number of boosts these Artifacts can receive normally.
Lastly, if you need to pad it out, just stick really high Mora costs on it. Like requiring 100,000 to replace a sub stat, 200,000 for the first targeted enhancement, 400,000 for the second, 600,000 for the third, 800,000 for the fourth, and 1,000,000 for the fifth would suck, but it sure would pad it out and make you have to consider whether you keep going for better hard rolls to try to save Mora, or just cut your losses and get the Mora once you have enough scrap to use for what you're after anyway. Use your imagination to bring yourself to a point of satisfaction on the Mora cost, or lack thereof, whichever is more pleasing to you.
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2021.03.07 05:32 heirjordan_27 Sexual issues on ssris

I’m very early on into taking my first ssri, and I’m already experiencing sexual issues. I’m on Luvox. Is it common to adjust and regain full sexual capabilities after a few weeks, or it more likely that this is permanent? I saw some people say that not only did it last, but it lasted past stopping the medication. This made me have an anxiety attack and I’m very nervous about this. Does anyone have some advice or can share their experience? Thank you
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2021.03.07 05:32 RandomContentGamer Mi an mi frend hd strok

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2021.03.07 05:32 supersexystylish69 Barry the cat merchant. Stock up on your healing and killing items

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2021.03.07 05:32 racmike EL2 vs Contractor Pay Comparison

Trying to compare an EL2 (ICT Stream) vs a Contractor Pay. Is the below a reasonable comparison (or) am I missing something?
EL2 Salary

Contractor Salary
$150/hr inc GST ; $15/hr margin by agent = $135/hr inc GST = $122.73/hr ex GST
40 hrs/week, working 10.5 months/year (incl shutdown & public holidays) = 1680 hours/year
$7000 Miscellaneous Costs / year (training/keeping skills up to date)
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2021.03.07 05:32 stoonkey new tarkov vid

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2021.03.07 05:32 Rohansharma9 Top 5 reasons for failing to become a successful stock trader or investor

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2021.03.07 05:32 arnodorian96 Asperger has make me solve many unanswered questions of my life but there are other things like Love that will ever be a mystery.

If anything, I'm the poster child of mental issues. Generalized anxiety, moderate depression, lack of empathy to people outside my family and Asperger which I was diagnosed a month ago. Being on therapy has make me understand why I kept staring at the sidewalk whenever I walked on the street, why I got bettet with kids who were younger than me and why i kept close interests as a kid from being obsessively interested on the Titanic or on the end of the world after I watched 2012.
There are things that I'm trying to understand now. Like the point of networking for a job, the complexities of human behaviour where people cannot be only good or bad but even though we've tried to talk about love and sexuality with my therapist, those are concepts too hard to understand. I think I've fallen in love in the best way I can describe love but I only love the fantasy version I felt and the concept I've watched on media and read on books. The real one as much as I try to imagine myself with someone for the rest of my life I cannot view it with logic. How am I going to join someone outside of my family, share my stuff, have sex as the basis of the relationship and to discuss money and other serious stuff with this person?
I've lived through the awful and toxic marriage of my parents that at least ended 10 years ago. I've seen friends more unhappy than succesful with their couples and I've read the stories here on reddit about marriages and relationships. Love is just a hard concept to get and to even seek for. I can accept friendships and other stuff but love? I just don't know.
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2021.03.07 05:32 CharaHasAChocyMilk Real shet

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2021.03.07 05:32 GDDragonexus [USA] [H] God of War III Remastered (PS4) || [W] SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS (PS4)

Just looking for a straight trade, games are the same price
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2021.03.07 05:32 Cdotpoint30 First EP PorchBoy$ go show it some love and let me know what you think

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