Go! 12 year old seed mother and first gen clone female. blue Thai. |

12 year old seed mother and first gen clone female. blue Thai.

2021.03.07 05:34 Heyyholahii 12 year old seed mother and first gen clone female. blue Thai.

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2021.03.07 05:34 z_rabbit Casual Saturday night world domination plotting

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2021.03.07 05:34 glizzyg0bbl3r69 PLEASE HELP. is this rejecting? no red pus, not warm, pierced 2 weeks ago, clean it twice daily with h2ocean soak

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2021.03.07 05:34 BettyBornBerry Is there a method I can do at home to permanently remove my period? I can't avoid it.

I can't afford it and it's too messy.
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2021.03.07 05:34 Odsoone [HELP] Looking for a reliable jailbreak

i don’t need any “do it in 60 seconds!” or without a computer (I have a windows computer) I just need something reliable. I know Inc0ver just came out, but I have not been able to instal it (tried the wifi proxy thing and clearing my safari in settings)
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2021.03.07 05:34 TomokoSlankard How long does it take to drive to Quincy, CA from Reno?

Google maps claims 1 hour and 40 minutes, but I'm wondering if that's accurate.
Also are the roads pretty bad in the winter?
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2021.03.07 05:34 fganniversaries Street Fighter x Tekken initially released yesterday on PS3 and Xbox 360 at NA 9 years ago

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2021.03.07 05:34 cwp11 So, what's all on the USB for sale on their site?

Anyone got specifics on the "BC,NR USB loaded with additional video content"?
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2021.03.07 05:34 SuspendedNo2 Can any oscar experts explain why oscar choked when given an opportunity to talk to the company execs at the dunder mifflin shareholder party?

For me it seemed really weird and totally not in line with his aspirational kinda character? was it just a lame "haha smart guy has performance anxiety and is thereby consigned to mediocrity" moment? coz oscar in the first half of the show(pre-michael leaving) mentions a couple of times he wants to do bigger things than be an accountant...
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2021.03.07 05:34 moesawi5 POSSIBLE HF MANIPULATION???

Before I begin, I want to state, I am not trying to put ideas in all your simple minded glue sniffing brains. I simply wanted to ask this question. Regarding the HF that are buying $sheeFemgee stock, you know the people or HF putting hundreds of millions into the potential of a squeeze. What if they decide to sell for $1,000.00 a share, why would they wait for the bigger tendies? How can $500,000.00 be fathomable? After all, we’re all just 🦍 and they’re a corrupt brotherhood. What if the shares they bought suffice HF’s like Melvin to remain solvent? Can someone explain to me in the comments how we wouldn’t have to worry about this scenario occurring?
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2021.03.07 05:34 Ebadd Distinguishing post-communist privatizations from the Big Bang

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2021.03.07 05:34 Hanigureisu 😳

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2021.03.07 05:34 PS1Snake You have the ability to digest pennies

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2021.03.07 05:34 Ninja20208 Job offer delayed response

I was able to get a job offer for a entry level structural job. I was told Wednesday afternoon and got all excited that I had everything ready for when I graduate. However I have been busy with class work, projects and an exam until late Saturday. I was finally able to go take some time to read over my offer. And low and behold at the very bottom it said that I had till May 4 to sign my offer. Well it’s now three days past that. I signed and sent back the offer and will be contacting HR first thing Monday morning. Is it likely that they will retract the job offer or will they understand that I was filled with my school work?
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2021.03.07 05:34 Queerpepper I introduce, Animal Theory! Discuss things like animal behaviors, internal systems, etc! :D

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2021.03.07 05:34 what_the_heaven Republic Bangla youtube channel is live! Subscribe and support

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2021.03.07 05:34 podkayne3000 The United States Announces $3.5 Million in Assistance to Contain Ebola Outbreaks in The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Guinea | Press Release | U.S. Agency for International Development

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2021.03.07 05:34 NewsElfForEnterprise Tim Cook and Jeff Bezos Use This Simple Technique to Get More Done than the Rest of Us

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2021.03.07 05:34 vhishous2 pictures of me escorting 2 b-52's trying to destroying Russian basses in the Persian golf

Processing img 9g5aapdlljl61...
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2021.03.07 05:34 LiliLover90 Wanna slide something between here?

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2021.03.07 05:34 _Rkay_ What if the internet became a luxury item that only the world’s elite could afford to use?

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2021.03.07 05:34 No-Possibility39 Best place to get snus delivered to the states??

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2021.03.07 05:34 MerkJeOff action/political thrillers?

I posted a while ago on /TvShows that I was looking for some shows like
I really love the mix of intense drama, and conspiracy stuff going on, but with enough action to wake up up every now and then.
Someone recommended JERICHO and.. well.. I just binged the entire 2 season in 3 days (and nobody fucking TOLD ME IT GOT CANCELLED... WHY WOULD THEY CANCEL SUCH A GOOD SHOW?)
Anyway... people recommended other stuff but I forgot which throwaway it was posted on... and for some reason... that sub no longer takes submissions (wtf?)
Anyone got other recs like the above?
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2021.03.07 05:34 Cute-Nefariousness41 I’m having a depression/anxiety

Like the title says I am suffering. I’m feeling so sad and overwhelmed with life. I’m a health care worker and with everything that is going on in the world I just don’t see any hope. I’m not suicidal. Just I don’t even know what to call it. I know this will pass
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2021.03.07 05:34 Hashiyukas Canon x OC, looking for niche fandoms (mostly)

Hi! ♡ It's been a REAL long time since the last time I posted an ad here! 2020 left me so drained it almost made me completely lose the motivation to write - but I got into some new fandoms and I now have the itch to write for them!
If this is the first time you stumble upon one of my posts, let me introduce myself very quickly - I'm Xii, a 24-year-old girl from South America! I've got 10 years of experience roleplaying and I mainly verse myself in fandoms!As per usual, I'm strictly looking for Canon x OC roleplays! Mainly ones in which I can write as my female OC's, both of the MxF and the FxF kind. My list of fandoms is a little bit limited, and I apologize for that - but I wanted to make this post strictly focused on my main cravings of the moment. With that being said, here's a small list of the fandoms I am currently hunting for!

FANDOM LIST (Fandom + Who I'd like you to write as, in no particular or preference order whatsoever)
Legend of Zelda:

Minecraft: Story Mode (Ellegaard, Romeo, Harper, Radar, Gabriel)
No Straight Roads (Tatiana Qwartz, 1010, DK West) (Multimusing greatly appreciated, not mandatory)

-**People who are comfortable roleplaying (and romantically shipping) Canons against OC's.**While this has been a custom in most of my Canon x OC roleplays, for technical reasons I am not capable to double - or doing doubles - as of now. I wanna keep up to my promise of returning the favor, though; I'll let you all know when I'm on full capacity to do it again. In the meantime, I'm so sorry!
-18+ roleplayers ONLY, as I'd like to have some NSFW content to some kind of degree. I have a mixed bag of SFW and NSFW plots, so I'm looking for people open to that possibility. Details about this are up to further discussion later on.
-Literate, Multi-para (3+ paras preferred)
-Commitment - I'm ditch-friendly, but long-term is highly preferred.
-Discord is my preferred contact method.

And I guess that would be about it! If you have any questions, don't forget to toss them at me at the moment of contacting me. I'd be happy to help clear out any inquiries to my best of my capability!
With that being said, please don't hesitate in contacting me if you are interested in writing with me! Hit me up and we'll arrange details :^)
As per usual, thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it ♡ And of course, I look forward to hear back from you!

- Xii
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