Go! Two fried eggs with habanero hot sauce, dry multigrain toast, and a mug of store brand decaf coffee |

Two fried eggs with habanero hot sauce, dry multigrain toast, and a mug of store brand decaf coffee

2021.02.25 18:38 el_coremino Two fried eggs with habanero hot sauce, dry multigrain toast, and a mug of store brand decaf coffee

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2021.02.25 18:38 Liborio_Verne What font is the Unico logo

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2021.02.25 18:38 TuaTiming When Reddit was Down

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2021.02.25 18:38 POYO2007xd xd

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2021.02.25 18:38 silentidiot666 Will having my cable like this damage it?

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2021.02.25 18:38 Shirowoh Do you think it’s wrong to be ultra wealthy, why or why not?

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2021.02.25 18:38 deluded_fruitcake Oh No, by AC (@andrewcockroach) on Instagram

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2021.02.25 18:38 TakeAChillPillM8 What to do when mine tricked?

Probably a noob question, but I am new to heroes v villains. What should I do when Rey uses mind trick on me? Should I just spam jump or block or what?
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2021.02.25 18:38 xiyannnn Yo wtf

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2021.02.25 18:38 Alexander_Pope_Hat The Mercenary Who Wouldn't Quit

For my invasion of Egypt, I hired a 30,000-strong mercenary company. Expensive, but I had enough money saved up to pay for them long enough to win the war.
During the war, I had the mercenary army assault a fortified city. They succeeded and sacked the city, leading to an event where two light infantry cohorts were added to the army. A couple years later, when I won the war, I moved to disband the company.
I couldn't. The outliner said I could, but ending their contract didn't actually do anything. I was able to disband my other mercenary company, but not this one.
I went to the mercenary tab, and tried to fire them that way. No dice; they were greyed out without an explanation of why.
I went to the army itself, and tried to disband them directly. I couldn't, because "there are non-mercenaries in this army, so it can not be returned to the mercenary pool." Nor could I create a new unit with the two non-mercenary cohorts, because "it is not possible to reorganize mercenary armies!"
As far as I can tell, there is no way to end my contract with this merc company. I am left with a 30k stack that costs me 19 gold a month that I cannot split or fire.

Please Advise.
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2021.02.25 18:38 YeshuaSaves97 Need your help finding this cafe!

My wife's birthday is coming up and there was this amazing cafe somewhere in the northern cascade mountain pass. We saw it on instagram this summer and wanted to go but never got the change. This place looked like it was literally in the middle of the mountains, not just some by-the-highway-stop but a real cafe nestled into the northern cascades somewhere looking at the base of the mountains. I want to say the cafe started with "Mr. ..." something, but I cannot find any saved posts about it on my instagram. Can anyone help me find this place?
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2021.02.25 18:38 mardabx Unsure about chip design/production economics

Why isn't every wafer most economically filled with multiple different designs? Especially for the largest, reticle-spanning designs at smallest processes. Since wafers are round, edges of the wafer could be put on space unusable by the larger design. Let's take for example a GPU and a microcontroller: Right now, GPUs are breaking size records at 5nm litography, while micros are barely starting to adopt 22nm, switching to 5nm could enable them to not only be even more efficient, but in this case fill all the gaps on wafer left by GPU. Of course, the most optimal way would be to partition wafer with multiple designs to fill all unused space and in proportion to production batch size of each chip design. The downsides I can see would be a longer production cycle for all these designs (since optimal way would be to make less of each chip per wafer than maximum) and the need to make agreements between all clients involved in design of that shared stencil. Aside from that, is there a reason why nobody is doing this at such scale and litography?
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2021.02.25 18:38 Zero_Originality Zucker out longer term, it seems

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2021.02.25 18:38 Pardusco Smooth-coated Otter feasting on a fish

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2021.02.25 18:38 Medhat291 Just got stood up. Be nice? (25)

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2021.02.25 18:38 Vegasmmj New Ninebot Max creaking sound in stem

Have noticed a creaking sound coming from the stem or front end. Cant pinpoint exactly but sounds like its coming from maybe the folding hinge area. I got everything nice and tight with the allen wrench so not really sure what im hearing.
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2021.02.25 18:38 aquamanisbad how do you think people will believe this?

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2021.02.25 18:38 cafesaigon She wouldn’t let him walking out on her stop her from being the best damn mother in the world.

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2021.02.25 18:38 beergal621 Hair thinning in mid/late 20s?

I’m 26F almost 27. I’m have very wavy/curly hair mostly 2b/2c waves with some 3a curls too. In high school I had so much hair I didn’t know what to do with it and it was mostly a frizzy mess but there was tons of it. I didn’t treat my hair well but it was still curly and cute when I styled it. Through late high school and early college I would get quite a compliments on my hair.
When I was 20/21 started heavily hilighting my hair blonde and I lost tons of curl definition. But still had quite a bit of hair.
However since 2018 (when I was about 24) I stopped dyeing my hair. Around the same time my hair has been getting thinner and thinner. At first I didn’t really notice but now it’s getting pretty thin. The last few months it seems to have started to get worse and I’m loosing more hair each time I wash my hair.
By no means do I have “no hair” but it’s probably about 2/3 to 1/2 as what I had in high school. I want to stop it from thinning anymore and hopefully get it thicker than it is now. I have started to (inconsistently) take biotin and calcium supplements.
Does anyone else have this problem? Do you have any solutions? I feel too young to have my be thinning this much already.
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2021.02.25 18:38 zeerk-jobs 100K SOUNDCLOUD PLAYS 150 LIKES 70 REPOSTS 25 COMMENTS

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2021.02.25 18:38 snow-days What's the wizarding equivalent of a boot-licker?

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2021.02.25 18:38 grxcerox RAH V - D.A.A.D [ALT HIPHOP] [2021]

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2021.02.25 18:38 hellobabyshark Tell Professor/Boss to stop typing LOR?

I applied to 2 universities, one required 2 LOR and the other did not require any.
I’ve been accepted to the one that did not require any LOR and am thinking about accepting the offer.
Should I reach out to my professor and boss and tell them they can stop writing the letter as I will accept the other offer? Or will that seem like I wasted their time?
2 options I let them continue writing the LOR, and then inform them I decided to accept the other offer
Tell them now, hey hope you didn’t spend too much time but you can stop as I’m going to accept the other offer.
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2021.02.25 18:38 optionseller Thoughts on the hiring spree

Thoughts on the hiring spree My original plan on SPCE was to gradually reduce my position after the powered flight, Branson flight, and first few paying customer flight. Then diversify into less risky assets. My concern was with the management. Glass Doors shows long history of employee complaint against the management:
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At first I was baffled at hiring a Imagineer retiree from Disney. Then things become much clearer with today's news of hiring new CFO, President of Aerospace Systems, and Vice President of Engineering. It's an encouraging sign Michael is revamping the entire management, which poses no lesser risk than the test flight over the long term (you can't expect a terribly managed company to prosper even with a successful test flight in the short term).
Nasdaq is under heavy selling pressure now. As one of the overly speculative company, SPCE might see a huge correction. I'd see 10% chance it will drop back to $20~30 range. The risk-reward is not worth shorting the stock, but I have enough cash ready to add another 2000 shares if the correction happens.
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2021.02.25 18:38 Buff_Em [SCHEFTER]: "Seahawks’ QB Russell Wilson has not demanded a trade, his agent Mark Rodgers told ESPN. Wilson has told the Seahawks he wants to play in Seattle but, if a trade were considered, the only teams he would go to are the Cowboys, Saints, Raiders, Bears."

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