Go! I like to draw weird stuff. |

I like to draw weird stuff.

2021.03.07 04:47 edwardcantordean I like to draw weird stuff.

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2021.03.07 04:47 ValeforPotato Warforged Sentry's Rest

I'm relatively new to D&D so I have a question.
If a Warforged is in Sentry's Rest, can it wake up on its own if they sense a creature, sound, etc? Knowing this would be helpful.
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2021.03.07 04:47 DE3ZNUtT5 🎶🎵Plantas vs Zombies, te gusta, lo pasas bien🎶🎵

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2021.03.07 04:47 lcreswick Comedians I would cast as each Guild leader for that MtG animated series they are making.

This is a great thought experiment for DMing and getting into the heads of established NPCs. My players had an encounter with Jarad and while thinking about his personality I ended up with this list. No one asked me and I used only comedians, but here are who I would cast for each Guild Leader in the animated Netflix series they are making, or for any media set in Ravnica.
Isperia: Nathan Fielder
Aurelia: Nathalie Wynn
Lazav: Different every time but defaults to either Alan Alda or Maya Rudolf
Jarad: Danny McBride
Borborygmos: Brian Posehn
Niv Mizzet: Richard Ayoade
The Ghost Council: John Hodgman, Griffin Mcelroy, Travis Mcelroy, Justin Mcelroy, Clint McElroy.
Rakdos: Jason Mantzoukas
Trostani: Tawny Newsome
Zegana: Aparna Nancherla
Who would you cast? What about other legendary Ravnicans?
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2021.03.07 04:47 EuivIsMyLife Just wondering if Cardano would be threatened if Eth 2.0 is successful in its July launch.

I don't really know much about how either blockchain works but I know that Ethereum is the first one to have functionality so there's far more devs working on the Eth ecosystem. As many have pointed out, some may switch to Cardano, now that it can support smart contracts. I'm just wondering if most devs are just holding out for July. Is Eth 2.0 going to nullify Cardano? Or is Cardano still more efficient at what it does?
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2021.03.07 04:47 PayingHyip Great project, I know after there ICO Relx will go to the moon because of its uniqueness

Great project, I know after there ICO Relx will go to the moon because of its uniqueness where users can earn reward by holding Relx Token on there wallet or by staking it on their platform. Lets support this project because this will be on the top 10 in cryptomarketcap. To know more about the project you can visit there website here: https://reedelsevier.digital/
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2021.03.07 04:47 PowerofthePower If Shang Tsung is in MK11 and Ermac is not, does that mean that Ermac's MKX ladder ending is canon?

In Ermac's tower ending, it said that Shang Tsung was brought back to life after the events of MK9 by sucking out all of the souls of Ermac. NRS says that the ladders are not canon, but I think they're lying. This isn't the first time it has happened. Smoke naming himself Enenra was an MK9 tower ending. The MKX plot seemed to copy that.
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2021.03.07 04:47 lbragile_dev TabMerger v2.0.0 - A Huge Step Forward In My Development Career!

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2021.03.07 04:47 nehebecbnm [H] [0.50 Hulu] Hulu + STARZ, SHOWTIME, LIVETV + max , Crunchyroll, NORD VPN + MORE from 0.50$ [W] LTC, BCH, ETH, BTC, PayPal

Welcome to my shop! I hope to provide quality accounts at unbeatable prices!

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2021.03.07 04:47 AlwaysAlarmed question - dp in NZ

Does anyone know where to buy cheap diamond paintings in New Zealand?
I'm autistic and (un)fortunately it is now my special interest and I am doing them non stop but I am also unable to work so I can't afford them very often.
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2021.03.07 04:47 ydiamondd fml entra ae nmrl

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2021.03.07 04:47 silly_ol_me_1 Buttons

I’m intrigued at the amount of people who are genuinely surprised the day they receive their trays and end up getting buttons. I don’t mean it in a mean or negative manner but I’m just curious about the process everyone went through prior to getting your trays. For me, the moment I knew I wanted Invisalign and then qualifying and getting scans I went home and did as much research as a I could. Knowing that I was going to be paying a hefty amount of money for it all, I wanted to make sure I was well rounded in every aspect of the process. I wached youtube videos of people experiences, what to expect, on visit/first week. I researched questions to ask like the plan I’d be on, what’s included in my plan, clincheck, how long my treatment will be. Found this Invisalign Reddit page and asked questions like what should I have ready or what’s most useful to have, as well as read people posts. And all those simple searches and observations led me to understand and know that come my day to get trays I should expect to get buttons without surprise.
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2021.03.07 04:47 matt12992 What title screen is the best

Vote on this poll here https://www.reddit.com/polls/comments/lzjbda/which_fallout_76_title_screen_is_bette?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
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2021.03.07 04:47 artstuffbyalex I have an idea for Days of Bloom: Turn the message boats into floating flowers/water lilies! 🌸

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2021.03.07 04:47 Condiac how do i add a custom config for sigma??

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2021.03.07 04:47 Vanity_027 3080 xtreme waterblock

Is there a third party waterblock available for the 3080 xtreme? I can’t seem to find one anywhere, the aorus WB looks like it would only fit the master even if you could get just the block from gigabyte somehow.
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2021.03.07 04:47 MiluVTuber 开台啦,第一次玩DBD

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2021.03.07 04:47 BooBailey808 I'm feeling insecure in my relationships

So I do this thing where I get in my head about the relationships in my life because I seem to always be the one to reach out. That if I stopped they would just go away and I'd be alone again. It's especially hard to shake because this has actually happened in my life. People I care about never reach out to hang out and it breaks my heart. And yes, I've had conversations with people about this.
I don't understand why it's always me putting in the effort. I know they enjoy hanging out with me. But... Am I not worth the effort? Do people just forget about me? I can't help thinking that if they really wanted to talk to me, they'd reach out. So I stop reaching out. And then... I don't hear from them. Part of it is my fault and I ruin the friendship, but how much of a friendship is it really if I'm doing all the work?
This has been an issue for me for years, through countless stages of my life and friend groups, so it's not the people in my life right now.
I'm also going through so much right now mentally. I'm actually seeking therapy.
But does anyone have any advice?
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2021.03.07 04:47 Peyton_KCovers Second S today, but this time with Karma top 💅

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2021.03.07 04:47 stretchasmile I was too high to cook.

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2021.03.07 04:47 Corpsexplosions Looking to trade for foil prints

I have the following swabs and foil prints for trade: (SWABS) 1x blue magnolia classic, 1x leucistic A+, 1x Rustywhyte #2, 1x Pan Cyan Gulf Coast, 1x zilla, 1x lake toba indonesia. (PRINTS) 1x PE6, 1x Leucistic cambodian, and 1x PESA.
I am looking for actives and specifically Panaeolus varieties, Tampanensis, galindoi, and wood lovers on foil only. I would also be interested in other uncommon cube prints, just post what you have.
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2021.03.07 04:47 bloodycerealbowl I feel like I should stop taking birth control (need advice/rant)

A little background information: I just turned 15 today, my boyfriend turned 16 a couple weeks ago, we've been together for almost 6 months, and have been having in bg sex since October 2020. After our first time together I decided I should get the birth control pill, so I did. It started messing with my mind, it made my depression, anxiety, and ocd way worse. It made me eat more and I hated the person I was whe. I was on it. I stopped taking them and suddenly became a lot better. I recently started taking them again because my boyfriend and I want to be really careful, well I'm getting those side effects but worse. I feel like a crazy person and I can't stand to look in the mirror and I cry all the time. I'm serious everything makes me cry. I really wanna stop taking them but I dont don't know. I really need help.
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2021.03.07 04:47 BHOLEMONSTER How to debounce state change?

I have tried every single tutorial so far to no avail. I am working on an app where I am receiving data via a websocket where then I update my state.
So if the websocket gives me data such as:

const data = JSON.parse(event.data); setData(data); 
This works fine and my app renders accordingly, but the websocket provides so many messages that I am doing too many calls and too many renders. I'd like to debounce the setData call if possible. I have tried everything from a custom debounce hook to using lodash and have been absolutely not been able to get any sort of success.
Is there something I'm fundamentally missing with the async nature? Thanks a ton for any help, I'm pulling my hair out on this one.
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2021.03.07 04:47 hijduh [LF] Iron shelf DIY [FT] Bells or NMTs

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2021.03.07 04:47 kartoffelnScrollt "The Witchers Forge" Quest Bug

I'm playing The Witcher 3 on Death March (Xbox One S) and am trying to start The Witcher's Forge quest in Kaer Morhen. As far as I know there are 2 ways to start the quest, going to the mine and killing the Fire Elemental then inspecting the illusion and the pedestal, or finding the tome in the Kaer Morhen fortress at the bottom of the tower Yennefer is found at the top of (with the large pillar in the center adjacent to the kitchen room you enter from).
Getting to the point I am unable to do one of these options and the other breaks the quest. First the one that breaks the quest, after I have killed the Fire Elemental I inspect the illusion and the pedestal, I then get a prompt that I have unlocked the witchers forge quest but I do not get the prompt to start following the quest, and when I check the quest menu it is not anywhere to be found. All of the solutions I found were to get the tome, which would then give me access to the quest, but that leads me to my next problem. I cannot loot the tome, the room it is meant to be in is completely void of any loot containers or individual loot items. I cannot find any post on reddit, CDPR's forums, or any other misc. forums. This post is my last hope of being able to complete this quest.
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