Go! Just a little experiment: Was Toga playing favorites by giving InuYasha Tessaiga? |

Just a little experiment: Was Toga playing favorites by giving InuYasha Tessaiga?

2021.03.01 01:50 FusionPlays247 Just a little experiment: Was Toga playing favorites by giving InuYasha Tessaiga?

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2021.03.01 01:50 Mega2023 He'll be a goat someday...

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2021.03.01 01:50 _ItsEnder theres high, and then theres this

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2021.03.01 01:49 Pacersfan1956 I was sure I was a patient person

I remember being in doctor's offices waiting rooms with my relatives and seeing an adult with their parents and they would be so " mean" to their mom or dad. They were exasperated, or a bit short with their parents and the elderly parents looked so confused and lost. And I thought, I will never be that way. Hahaha, now I know exactly what those people had to do to get their parent to that apt. The prep and all the work and stress involved with getting an elderly person out the door. Everyday, I struggle to cover my exasperation and to be patient and understanding. I now know that I cannot say I am a patient person because it was not truly tested untill caregiving! P.S. I wouldn't change.a thing about this role I feel so blessed to play, but I have learned quite a bit about myself!
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2021.03.01 01:49 int0x1catt Garrett gets real in the interview and shows why he’s such a great competitor

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2021.03.01 01:49 idonthave_ahandle How do I (32F) stop worrying about my partner's (31M) health?

We've been together for 5 years and living together for about 3. Both low income, but I have money from a life insurance policy from when my mom died of cancer 8 years ago. I get income from investments which helps us make it by month to month, and also a stash for emergencies that we've had to dip into many times.
To make a really long story short, I have a history of health anxiety/OCD/emetophobia that started when I was 10 or 11. I started getting treatment for it at 13 because I stopped eating, which was just prozac and therapy. The drugs made me suicidal, so I didn't try drugs again until my 20s. I tried like 5 different classes of drugs and they all made me feel worse, so I don't take anything now.
After my mom died from cancer, my health anxiety got much worse (nightly panic attacks kind of thing). Also abused psychedelics for quite a bit, sometimes taking acid every day, and went on some intense meditation retreats that I wasn't ready for. Had flashbacks for years and years about all the bad stuff with my mom, still get intense anxiety at the mere mention of drugs, but have chipped away a little bit at some of my mental health issues and am in a better place.
As you can imagine, I'm not the most fun person in the world. I've lost most of my friends over the years and only have 2 or 3 now. I moved out of state as well so now I just have my boyfriend, who is incredibly anti-social, but we like each other. I've become more and more unfun as life has seemed to become more and more stressful. I've started to worry about my boyfriends health. He had a history of ulcerative colitis, which often leads to colon cancer. He is overweight (maybe technically obese) but I'm attracted to him and don't really care about that. Never been into skinny guys. But I'm worried about his health regardless. He eats a lot of red meat and processed meats and sugar and processed foods in general. He's pretty open to veggies when we make certain dishes like stir fry and fried rice and stuff like that.
I'm a super health conscious person, as you can imagine, and always have been (except for the fact that I used to smoke like a chimney). I eat about as healthy as anyone could (think kale and oats and quinoa and shit like that) and exercise almost every day. I'm always going to my yearly physicals and getting all my blood work done and stuff. My boyfriend hasn't been to the doctor in maybe 8 years? Maybe longer? A couple years ago he mentioned that sometimes he shits blood. I sometimes feel like it's a ticking time bomb with colon cancer. I myself have a genetic mutation that predisposes me to colon cancer, and yet another one that predisposes me to ovarian cancer (not BRCA, thankfully), so I stay the hell away from processed meats and red meat and alcohol (except maybe a drink or two a week).
Am I right to be so worried about all this? I feel like, with our insurance, if anything goes wrong for him, he will need me to help him. The deductible is like 8k. And I don't think he would even go to the doctor until things got really bad. I just keep thinking that I'll have to deal with him going through cancer treatment or something. And yet I can't say shit about food, because I know that doesn't work. I can't say shit about exercise. I can't be a nag or tell him what to do. But I also don't want to break up with him just because shit might get real in the future. Also I don't even think he likes who I'm becoming, because I'm really starting to suck. I'm just not a fun person anymore, I'm way too responsible and don't have hobbies anymore and just get tired all the time. I've started to become whiny and complaining, forgetting to shave my legs for weeks at a time and wearing pajamas all the time around the house. We have sex maybe once or twice a month at the most. I'm still attractive but I'm just not putting out those vibes right now, if that makes sense.
I'm not really sure where I'm going with this or what kind of advice I'm looking for, I'm just hoping that somebody that has dealt with something similar can weigh in and give me guidance about how to approach this kind of stuff. I'm still pretty young, but I'm just starting to deal with adult shit for the first time. It feels like a second puberty, in a way. This is already too long so I'm just gonna slap a tldr on it and post..

tl;dr: I have long-term health anxiety problems, and am very health conscious person. My boyfriend has history of health problems, doesn't go to doctor, and leads extremely unhealthy lifestyle. I worry about his health, our future, our finances, etc, but I also don't want to tell him what to do or give ultimatums. Not sure how to deal with my own anxieties about his choices and how they might affect me in the future.
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2021.03.01 01:49 WolverineKuzuri93 X-men MCU concept posters I made using fan art, credit to original artists in the comments

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2021.03.01 01:49 Dry-Farmer-8949 Clubhouse invites price is very negotiable dm

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2021.03.01 01:49 AresV92 Got set 75254 for my birthday

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2021.03.01 01:49 oilForWater [Wii U][2013-2014] A horror game with a purple woman with glowing eyes on the cover

Platforms: Wii U, PS3, and PC
Genre: Horror
Year of release: Either 2013 or 2014
Graphics/art style: The game was somewhat purple in some levels, but I remember the game being polygonal, almost like Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.
Notable Gameplay Mechanics: The camera was in first person, and if it counts as a mechanic, it had a sort of hub world, where you would get transported to the levels.
Other details: I remember the first area being a forest, and you were given an axe. You walked through the forest, occasionally finding an object that you needed to cut through with the axe. At some point you would find a rubber duck, but i dont remember it being important at all. Eventually, you would be transported to another world where you were shown a presentation on some kind of cloud save thing that was supposed to change the world. Afterwards, you went to a mostly dark area where you could select levels. Some levels were locked at first. A few that I remember were the Hospital, the Park, and the one i remember the clearest, a child’s bedroom where you were very small compared to everything else in the environment, with music box type music playing the whole time. It was probably the most colorful area in the game. Also, on the cover there was a woman with a purple face, and glowing white eyes, at least on the Wii U version.
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2021.03.01 01:49 discocrisco What fantasy universe do you want to see made into movie?

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2021.03.01 01:49 Justagamer91 Question about sin

Hello, I’m a 30M been an LDS member all my life. However, recently fell away from the church after a divorce. I didn’t fall away because of the divorce I just kinda did my own thing after my ex left. I wasn’t upset with god and that’s why I left. I just figured I’ll come back when I’m ready.
I’ll be talking to my bishop about the various sins I’ve committed during my two and a half year hiatus from the church. I’m not proud of what I’ve done. But I want to fix me and get back on track.
Onto my question. Growing up the church was all about shame and if you sin you must tell all those of your past transgressions. However, during my marriage when my now ex wife and I told each other this stuff it seemed to cause more harm than good. I know that the scripture says if you repent to me you will be white as snow (something like that it’s clearly been a long time) my question; is it necessary to tell possible future partners your past sins that have been repented of or can those be left at the lords feet?
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2021.03.01 01:49 PerfectNameDoesntExi ch. 138 leaked panel

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2021.03.01 01:49 Maverick_Raider Experimented with black Templar over Leadbleacher.

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2021.03.01 01:49 RLCD-Bot [Saffron Octane] [Saffron 20XX] [(Alpha Reward) Gold Rush] [Saffron Aero Mage]

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2021.03.01 01:49 Username2168 Error Code's NP-37671-4 NP-35017-6 and NP-37665-7

Hello, I have been having a problem lately, and i cant find anything about it online. So a friend has been trying to share play me a game for the past 2 days, it hasnt worked. It will either crash or give me a error code. Does anybody know what these mean? I cant find them on the playstation website, so im kinda in the dark here.
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2021.03.01 01:49 kelpo19 Spud what’s your excuse?

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2021.03.01 01:49 reforc3 It ain't much but I got my first FFA ranked win, and Dom went Super Saiyan as it wasn't gilded enough

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2021.03.01 01:49 Ok-One-7930 Doge journey side quest version

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2021.03.01 01:49 srslypeaches (18+) i spent too long trying to think of smth wholesome to say, but i lost it. if you're looking for a mostly talkative group, lots of (organized) channels, and daily events, look no further! give us a chance :)

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2021.03.01 01:49 CatsAndPills New fuzzies - Tectorum Ecuador and Magnusiana

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2021.03.01 01:49 DarkMoon250 Tips for building/playing a high elf Twilight Cleric

I've got an elven cleric of the Moon Weaver in the works. Just did my rolls, and got 16/15/14/14/12/10. The DM is allowing us to use the Tasha's stat reallocation in any way, so we can get a plus 3 to one stat.
I see the character as more of a Wis/Dex than a Wis/Str, and I know that limits my use of the heavy armor proficiency unless I find some mithral plate [which my DM has said he's got saved up for me at later levels], but I really want to be able to sneak at least a bit [the DM has actually given me boots of elvenkind to start with]. I still plan to try and get some melee combat in alongside my spell slinging, particularly with booming blade, but I don't know what weapons or feats to pick to make this work.
I also want to latch onto one or more of the more distinct themes of Sehanine, like autumn, misdirection or love, in order to keep things interesting in my playstyle, but I'm not sure how to do it right.
What are y'alls suggestions
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2021.03.01 01:49 Yourfate112 What's the best way to dispose a body?

No questions asked
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2021.03.01 01:49 Stony0n Fresh Elite Back to the Moon, code: gomoon

Processing img r93rdl2cobk61...
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2021.03.01 01:49 epicnessBoi For those of you who don't know, The Cow is a movie that will be coming out in the next few years, and although I only know part of the story and the cast, I am fuckin HYPED!

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