Go! Blood and Iron x Lumber Tycoon 2 |

Blood and Iron x Lumber Tycoon 2

2021.03.07 05:16 Ququdaan Blood and Iron x Lumber Tycoon 2

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2021.03.07 05:16 VerdantVista2020 Miss Camo says "hello".

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2021.03.07 05:16 Holiday-Infinite Food allergy results blood vs skin test. Am I unnecessarily removing food from my diet from anxiety?

Male 24, 5’9 165 lbs, don’t drink I don’t smoke. So in December I got a blood allergy test done just to see what I’m allergic to, I’ve only reacted to bananas (they made my throat tickle). On the blood test the results were Corn- 0.12 Soybean - 0.13 Peanut - 0.10 Shrimp - 0.32 Sesame - 0.42 Levels say: <0.10 = class 0 Negative 0.10 - 0.31 = 0/1 Equivocal/ Low 0.32 - 0.55 = 1 Low 0.56 - 1.40 = 2 moderate 1.41 - 3.90 = 3 high 3.91 - 19.00 = 4 very high 19.01 - 100.00 = 5 Very High

100.00 = 6 very high All these are very low on the chart, but my mind says I’m going to die. And on the skin test the only one that reacted slightly positive was peanuts and fish which were 6mm and the size of the negative control was 5mm, so only a very slight reaction compared to the control of 9mm. I’ve since stopped eating anything with these in them out of anxiety. I would eat sesame buns, PB and J, hibachi with peanut sauce all the time and I’ve never had a reaction that I can think of to any of these foods and I eat them all the time, except shrimp I don’t eat it cause I don’t like seafood. I stopped eating anything to do with these foods for the last couple months out of anxiety. Do you think I could keep eating them? I’ve started eating chips made of corn again but I can’t bring myself to eat anything with peanuts or oils. My anxiety would make me think I’m having a reaction and I would start to panic. Thank for your input.
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2021.03.07 05:16 Danarchy65 Correct way to connect a head to 2 cabs?

Hey everybody, love seeing everybody’s gear here. I recently got a 2nd cab and want to make sure I connect everything right. I have a peavey invective that I’ve used with a Morgan 212, but just recently got a fender 212 cab and am a little confused on the whole series/parallel. I believe the invective speaker outputs are parallel, and both cabs are 8 ohms. Should I have the invective impedance selection at 8 ohms as well? Thanks for the help guys, and sorry if this is a dumb question
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2021.03.07 05:16 Nulliti Dog whines and cries...

When my dog sees another dog he whines very loud he doesn't lunge but energy goes up. The last 2 times dogs have gotten reactive because if noise or energy nothing bad happened just don't know how to bring the energy level down
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2021.03.07 05:16 Driveshaft815 anotha week, anotha 5x5. Recc's welcome!

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2021.03.07 05:16 Environmental_Try409 No blurple today but any idea why tips are turning kinda white? Also I started 2 new ones that are not gonna have such a hard life this lady has been through the ringer

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2021.03.07 05:16 amzn-deals [16% off] VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam 3840 x 2160P Ultra HD 4K Front and 1080P Rear Car WiFi Dash Camera Sony 8MP Sensor GPS, Buffered Parking Mode, G-Sensor, Motion Detection, WDR, Loop Recording

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2021.03.07 05:16 Gloomy-Comfortable-5 وقتی دوستم ازم می‌پرسه دلیل باختت چی بوده

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2021.03.07 05:16 ToaFeron Painted my first ever miniatures today! They're not perfect, but they're mine and I'm so proud. C&C welcome!

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2021.03.07 05:16 badmotivator11 Was expecting Kersh to come strolling in.

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2021.03.07 05:16 AmirBlumenfelt MFW the song isn’t actually about a fun vacation

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2021.03.07 05:16 WizardIGOR [wip] i still not done yet :>

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2021.03.07 05:16 TTVHunibun I'm out here tynna find my son. If your not hyped for the next on your crazy https://youtu.be/A7y1AEhDIBI

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2021.03.07 05:16 Kaloa_HG Wait... What?

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2021.03.07 05:16 No-Kaleidoscope661 Karl Jacobs art by my friend!!! Find her @aptioney on instagram for more, I’m sure she’d appreciate any love and support!!!

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2021.03.07 05:16 pythonapster [Best Buy] Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats Pro Headphones $149.99 - $149.99

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2021.03.07 05:16 MusicOwl Dear game developers, please be aware of the dead zones when using Adaptive Triggers!

Hello everyone,
I've been enjoying my PS5 and especially the DualSense quite a lot, but a little something is nagging me in some titles, and maybe you as well? ( I know not everyone likes the adaptive triggers, but if that's you, you probably have turned them off already and this thread is irrelevant to you, good bye and have a nice day! )
If the developers want you to feel a resistance, and especially those with a sharp, snappy action, they sometimes forget to progarm the dead zones correctly, or are probably just unaware that this may be an issue at all.
What happens is that you can press the trigger until you feel the resistance, but the action is already being executed before you passed the threshold. This is kind of immersion breaking for me in shooters for example. I like to rest my fingers on the triggers against that threshold point if there is one, and sometimes slightly increasing the pressure but not overcoming the pressure point is enough to execute an action.
I was thinking about listing games that have this issue and maybe contacting devs more directly, I might add some later, the idea just came to me again when I started playing Marquette.
Have you guys had this experience as well? If so, in what games?

So please, dear developers, when you test your games with Adaptive Triggers, you look for incorrect dead zones, thank you very much.

TLDR; actions get executed early, before crossing the resistance threshold you feel on Adaptive Triggers when the dead zones aren't set correctly
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2021.03.07 05:16 ComradeParakeet ?

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2021.03.07 05:16 bivouac_ Would I benefit from a shag cut?

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2021.03.07 05:16 Dry_Nefariousness274 H: AA/E/25 Railway Rifle W: Offers

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2021.03.07 05:16 Knifight Anybody Know if the Blazblue Dates on the Store are Accurate?

So I'd seen Lvl 99 say once before that the set was coming out in April but March from their store and got an email stating something similar-
'In spite of a few delays, we're also just about ready to deliver Bullet♥︎ and BlazBlue Exceed as well in March! '
But the store itself seems to point to a release date of 4/20. Anybody happen know which one we're looking at for preorders/Lvl99 store orders?
I went ahead and Just ordered a few BB sets with Bullet since that game looked pretty sick, too. I'd be especially pleased if I could get 'em this month, got a friend in town for a few days who'd dig both. But nbd either way really.
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2021.03.07 05:16 Peter_changed_oc Ye she wants dat one credit to DINN0

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2021.03.07 05:16 cursedspud Sunny bro 😳🤣🤣🤣🤣

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2021.03.07 05:16 Kuroues How do I know if my domain is x > a number or x < a number?

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