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Toga raid?

2021.03.07 06:42 RockinRussell89 Toga raid?

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2021.03.07 06:42 Toaster70 I have no idea how I got here I do not know any of you

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2021.03.07 06:42 orionbloom 210307 Lunarsolar to perform at Mottlive K-Pop Global Live Concert on April 4

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2021.03.07 06:42 Remarkable-Cow-3985 Will community college professors try to catch OLD cheaters (previous students) if they have suspicions that they cheated when taking their class? Especially if using online stuff?

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2021.03.07 06:42 Blockmeghar Withdrawal forbid status

Hi all, I am trying to withdraw some coins to my wallet but on one on them I cannot do anything because the withdraw button is blocked with the mention forbid, anyone know the reason and how to unlock please?
Thank you
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2021.03.07 06:42 GachiBaki xQcOW - SSB cars

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2021.03.07 06:42 SpireTheSlay Run history and Lillyth unlock? (playing on Switch)

Just beat my first run, and I was wondering if there's a way to see run history / Stat page.
And I messed up and fought the mage and knight when I first encountered Lillyth in the dungeon instead of just talking to them.What step do I need to take now to unlock her? Do I have to find the rock in the dungeon or fight Gargoyles now?
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2021.03.07 06:42 New_Wrangler3335 Frank became a marvel character

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2021.03.07 06:42 cajadot Tornadus on me, will invite 5

Post your trainer code
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2021.03.07 06:42 Accomplished-Cream77 Parità di genere nella lingua italiana

Dopo anni di coinvolgimento nel dibattito sulla parità di genere, la Società Italiana DEGLI ECONOMISTI diventa Società Italiana DI ECONOMIA, poiché a differenza degli anni in cui la SIE era stata fondata, l’economia oggi non è più appannaggio maschile. Ve ne parlo sul mio blog con il consueto articolo della domenica e le attività didattiche in pdf da scaricare.
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2021.03.07 06:42 hmoney19 I solved blur tonight

I solved blur tonight If this one is giving you trouble, don't give up! Trust me, it's worth it!
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2021.03.07 06:42 Skittlepiee Anyone know how to deal with reject code F540-960

First time filing
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2021.03.07 06:42 Infamous-Internal-14 Addicted to sour candy (sour punch straws)!

Ik this may seem SUPER dumb, but I lowkey cannot stop eating these sour punch straws! any help to not eat so much sour candy! (Its not a real addiction, but if I walk into a room with them imma def eat them lol)/
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2021.03.07 06:42 tinkerbell2678 My posts aren’t posting 😔

this is the end
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2021.03.07 06:42 AntiBullshyt He has a new friend

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2021.03.07 06:42 Apothnesko i dont know what else i can do any more

i was kicked out shortly after highschool
i just turned 22
i havent been to work in over a month
i am trying for disability but wont know results for 6 months
i dont know what to do with myself or my life
i dont feel like i can take care of myself, i live with my partner, but if we broke up i would probably off myself or become homeless or insane.
its so hard living day to day with the expectation of being normal looming over me when i struggle to get the most basic things done day to day
my family has abandoned me and i dont have any friends
i dont know whats wrong with me and my therapist can only meet once a month
im dependent on weed and recently alcohol, ive gotten drunk almost every night since halloween
i dont know what to do with myself
i struggle to focus on things i want to do
i dont know what to do any more
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2021.03.07 06:42 KevinLunatic Finished an Attila campaign! [WRE/Normal/Minor]

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2021.03.07 06:42 Trying2Understand12 I hope inkw does well, but wtf is going on with marcus lemonis and bewater?

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2021.03.07 06:42 Knibbler0 Is it wrong to quit in the first week of training?

Recently got a job for the information department/311 for my city and started training this last week... I have never had my mental health destroyed faster and I was in the military doing firefighting/911 dispatch for 6 years before this. I found myself questioning if I would be able to handle incoming calls all day(supervisor said each agent averages 80-100 calls per day so essentially a call every 5 minutes) and doing the same thing day in day out (processing service requests for missed garbage collection dates, utility billing, etc)... The benefits are great(12 paid vacation days per day, great retirement matching, federal holidays off, etc.) and the team has been super accommodating and friendly. I’m just afraid that this isn’t the job for me and I have found myself already looking for exit opportunities.
There are no metrics that I know of and we’re encouraged to transfer rude callers away to our supervisors so in terms of call centers I feel like this is one of the best places to be - but I’ve just got this feeling that I’m not a good fit. I feel horrible about this because I would essentially be quitting in the first week and I know that they expected me to fill this role.. I just don’t know if I am capable. I don’t see how anyone could do this all day every day and each day I was in training the nagging feeling I had got stronger and stronger and the thought of being on the phone constantly was destroying me.
Is it worth it to try and stick this out? I don’t want to pass up on a job with great benefits in a time like this, but damn. The fact that I had a complete mental break in the first week is very disconcerting to me.
I know the transfer opportunities will exist at some point and I was so excited at the thought of working for the city but I’m just so unsure if I would ever get out of call center-esque jobs when transferring between departments.
I’ve never been one to have a lot of ambition, but all I could think while I was in training was that I could do better. I was initially going to school after the military with the GI bill to become a x-ray tech because I have no interest in continuing a career with firefighting, but COVID really threw a wrench in things..
Kind of just ranting here but also looking for any advice.
Thank you
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2021.03.07 06:42 l-dev K39 Build

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2021.03.07 06:42 Hellsalems encode h.265 and AVI

i want to encode h.265 and AVI ,mkv with my gpu but i dont know how to do it, the source is a .m2ts video but my card dont work while im encoding how i enable this funcion?
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2021.03.07 06:42 MDiddly I am getting some mixed opinions on what this is (mainly from apps). Does anybody know?

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2021.03.07 06:42 niuz-bot PMP organizează duminică un congres pentru alegerea noii conduceri. A fost depusă o singură candidatură - [Actualitate][Politic]

Partidul Mișcarea Populară organizează, duminică, la Sinaia, congres pentru alegerea noilor structuri de conducere, transmite News.ro. Reuniunea membrilor PMP va începe la ora 12.00, la un hotel din Sinaia.
Citeste in continuare: https://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-politic-24648587-pmp-organizeaza-duminica-congres-pentru-alegerea-noii-conduceri-fost-depusa-singura-candidatura.htm
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2021.03.07 06:42 moneyshouters Dash News Video Recap – Dash Core Q2 2019, SwapSpace, Bitoffer, Cubobit, Bitnovo, Cobo Wallet & More! | dashnews

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2021.03.07 06:42 gNatWize What did the Bassnectar movement stand for?

Recently I’ve been questioning in myself whether or not I really feel like identifying with this movement anymore. It’s been what my life has revolved around since I was like 14 years old. I think maybe it’s because of covid that I’ve had the chance to step back, get sober, and view this whole thing from a new perspective that I’m questioning it. I guess now that all my interactions with the scene recently have been on Facebook, and we all know Facebook brings out the worst of people. Maybe that’s just leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I’m not just talking about nectar either but the bass scene as a whole and the psychedelica culture built around that.
Was there ever really an agenda being pushed? What were the values that were held close and preached? What has this whole thing been about? What was the “Art of Revolution?” Has it really just been a party this whole time and I was just too naive to realize it? I just wanna hear y’all’s thoughts about it.
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