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Optifine Crashing on Startup

2021.02.25 19:34 ScubaJam57 Optifine Crashing on Startup

Hello I've been using optifine standalone in the client for a while in the minecraft launcher and after I was installing forge to try some mods I wasn't able to use it anymore, I suspect it may be because I downloaded the forge beta which has bugs but I still don't know. Please Help!
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2021.02.25 19:34 Artistic_Ebb6746 When I get my tendies

When I get my tendies I will go back to rehab and quit drinking and smoking meth. And then I will use my tendies to help other combat veterans struggling with substance abuse. I've really been thinking about starting a non profit to reach this goal, rather than donating to an existing charity. If anyone has any experience with building a charity please dm me because I have no fucking idea what I'm doing. There's an entire generation not veterans that are just beyond fucked and I want to do everything in my power to save my brothers and sisters. Fuck the hedgies and power to the people.
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2021.02.25 19:34 Wolvensong Wanted to draw good ol' Graystripe

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2021.02.25 19:34 Bl4ckS0ul How realistic are the claims that GME will hit $1000 a share?

There are so many posts saying GME will hit $250, $500, $1000 or even $10,000... Truth is, we don't know. Just keep holding and you'll find out!
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2021.02.25 19:34 InkyScrolls If you suddenly find you can only select two gears. . .

. . .don't give up hope.
I got to the top of a rather steep hill the other day (in second) when I discovered I could only select first or second, with the gearstick not moving across the neutral gate at all. Fearing the worst I had a look online, and was pleased to discover that 'selector head failure' doesn't necessarily mean a problem with the gearbox itself. What can happen (and what had happened in my case) is if water gets into the transmission housing it can strip away the oil and cause the selector head to seize.
Fortunately this is relatively easy to fix, requiring the selector head be removed and thoroughly cleaned (and possibly given a quick waz in a lathe); I don't have the facilities to do that myself but the garage only charged £162, which for a gearbox-related issue is pretty good.
The moral of this story: A gearbox fault doesn't have to be expensive!
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2021.02.25 19:34 Smooth-Inevitable-91 Is it better to go to a bigger university for CS as opposed to a smaller college?

I am looking to go into CS next year and am stuck on what type of school I should go to. I was accepted into UMass Amherst and Pitt’s CS schools, but also into a few smaller liberal arts schools. My top choice for the smaller schools at the moment is College of Wooster. I was just wondering how much of a difference a degree at a smaller school is compared to a bigger for computer science? Which is better to get a career later for CS?
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2021.02.25 19:34 DealsPoster Xbox Series X available on Walmart at 3PM ET

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2021.02.25 19:34 OverdoseDelusion Fights in Tight Spaces is the turn-based tactics, deck-building game you've always dreamed of.

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2021.02.25 19:34 Budget_Ad8071 Got today my Rail Adapter

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2021.02.25 19:34 Void_44 What does it mean if a song is chopped and screwed?

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2021.02.25 19:34 MarshallBrain 10 images that reveal what we've learned about Mars after decades of exploration

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2021.02.25 19:34 GoShogun Just learned of a way to avoid US/CAD currency conversion fees with TD Direct Investing and thought everyone should know

The info is here: https://www.td.com/ca/products-services/investing/td-direct-investing/accounts/currency-conversion.jsp . So I guess it's like an "auto-Norbert's Gambit" they can activate on your account so that it applies to every transaction? I wish I had known earlier because this would have resulted in huge amount of saved fees.
I think it is absolutely ludicrous that they aren't upfront with customers and just tell them about this from the get go and automatically activate since it's in the consumer's best interest. Anyway, you have to call to set it up and I thought everyone should know.
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2021.02.25 19:34 SBattleBot India Summers or Veronica Avluv

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2021.02.25 19:34 Arthurnoob69 Need to know

So, my analog stick on my xbox one is busted, (i cant push up) and im just wondering, can you play project winter with the dpad? Because the dpad works fine, and i want to try the game because it looks fun
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2021.02.25 19:34 Radiant_Restaurant I want a birkin too

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2021.02.25 19:34 super_bean_size People who eat meat, what animals wouldn't you eat?

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2021.02.25 19:34 citizensooz Film Independent/Netflix Film Club

"My Brother Jesus" is a deeply personal film that My good friend Jarrett Lee Conaway made during this tumultuous time to make sense of it all. His commentary “I want to thank two amazing black men: my brother Steven Conaway and my brotha Stanley Rayfield for their honesty, passion and vulnerability. I want to thank my crew for working in the sweltering heat of Richmond, VA during a pandemic and constantly going above and beyond to make the film as good as it could be. And a BIG THANK YOU to the team at Film Independent & Netflix for making this project a reality. Please enjoy & share.” #blacklivesmatter #BlackArt #BlackHistoryMonth
Starring: Stanley Rayfield Studio & Steven Conaway Producer: Breann Johnson DP: Andressa Cordeiro Composer: Gary Dworetsky VFX Supervisor: David Matheny 1st AC / Set Photographer: John Wells PA / Grip / Electric: Alazar Aklilu PA / Grip / Electric: Isabelle Andrews Sound Design / Post Audio Mix: Post in the Woods DI Colorist: Ali Soofi Graphic Design & Titles: Chargefield Special Thanks: Netflix, Film Independent, VMFA Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Sawhorse Productions
YouTube Link to the Film
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2021.02.25 19:34 quinnifred_ [Xbox] [H] Credits [W] Fennec body or blueprint

Hey all, first time posting on here in search of a trade. Finally started getting into playing Rocket League and now I am looking for a fennec to use. Because this is my first time I may have messed some things up in the post, so please let me know for future reference. Thanks!
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2021.02.25 19:34 Liamnlol [SG] [H] Nintendo Switch and Games [W] £350

Selling my barely used Nintendo Switch which I've had for almost a year, comes with the original box, 128gb sdcard, 2 extra joy cons, 4games (Lego Jurrasic Park, Super Smash Bros, 51 Worldwide Games and Super Mario Oddessy), and a Orzly case. Selling because I never use it looking for £350 + Shipping/paypal fees.
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2021.02.25 19:34 ihateeng Mewtwo 5309 9871 9445 first 10

pls be online, will start after first 10 added
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2021.02.25 19:34 b_rock957 Solution to Archie Miller's Buyout Conundrum

Processing img tv0fzh4maoj61...
First off: I have been hesitant to join the Fire Archie movement in full for the past year or so. I have said my fair share of complaints, and even tabled the idea before, but at the end of the day I was telling friends and family Archie just needed time. We are a unique situation where a coach needs a little bit of time to rebuild the program and return us to glory. But Archie has crossed a line that I cannot defend any longer. I am completely onboard the Fire Archie train now.
Second: I am not a city planner or finance expert in any sense. Just a fan who wants to throw around some ideas.
The Problem: Archie's contract uses some fancy lawyer words to say that he gets a lot of money if we fire him too early, even if he does a poor job. In the current economic climate, money for athletics is not exactly abundant. Indiana's other athletic programs would most likely be quite upset if the athletic department spent $9 million or whatever it is to buyout Archie and then pay top dollar for a new coach. I'm sure some boosters might try and pay for it, but it's a poor economic climate so who knows. (unless someone has some GameStop trendies they would like to share?)
The Solution: Long has Purdue plundered Assembly Hall and done inhuman things to us in Mackey (which I think were banned in the Geneva Convention.) The Boilers have benefitted from Archie greatly, so it's only fair they pay their fair share of it. We set up toll booths all around West Lafayette to finance some capital. I have only been to West Lafayette twice, each time only to watch the Bucket Game, so my knowledge of traffic in the city is limited to say the least. This is just a proposal, so booths can be changed or moved around. As you can clearly see in the above map, the red arrows indicate some potential locations. We take the money from the toll booths, buy out Archie, and then take down the booths. Nothing drastic, just enough for the buyout before next season.

Maybe some Kelley kids can create a few bar graphs to represent potential earnings to really help us pitch the idea?
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2021.02.25 19:34 Unicrosis R A N G E

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2021.02.25 19:34 johnreese421 Medvedev can get the 2nd ranking if he reaches Rotterdam final. Have to back him up on this. Reminder : The last time a non-big4 player was in top two rankings was in 2005 July . Drop in a decent Clay season for Daniil, who knows, might get the number 1 ranking in this year itself.

Medvedev can get the 2nd ranking if he reaches Rotterdam final. Have to back him up on this. Reminder : The last time a non-big4 player was in top two rankings was in 2005 July . Drop in a decent Clay season for Daniil, who knows, might get the number 1 ranking in this year itself. submitted by johnreese421 to tennis [link] [comments]

2021.02.25 19:34 OverdoseDelusion Space Otter Charlie official teaser trailer - release set for March 18th

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2021.02.25 19:34 Mauiiwows When ppl be buying gme for 1st time at this price 💎🖐

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