2021.03.07 06:18 dogkillgrunt JUST DOING MY PART

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2021.03.07 06:18 Senanoko Hu Tao and her emergency food.

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2021.03.07 06:18 RRumsz Golden wind

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2021.03.07 06:18 linknewtab Global xEV Battery Market Nearly Doubles In January 2021: CATL leaves LG Chem's LG Energy Solution and Panasonic in the dust

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2021.03.07 06:18 Pikapurpijamas 2019 13in goes black after 90⁰ rotate... Still on but won't show anything, help?

Tried doing the cmd+shift+q trick, still black.
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2021.03.07 06:18 JAYCE_CHURCH How would the anime animate some attacks.

I can't even image how they would animate Kyoichiro's steel wires. I also think Futaba's martial arts will be a little tricky, to animate but not nearly as bad. If they do theses two good the action may be as good as demon slayer.
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2021.03.07 06:18 FlatElvis Beach with kids next week

I want to fly from IAH or DFW to a warm beach for a week, leaving in a few days. Prefer a resort to a bare bones hotel. Programming for kids (11/12) is a plus. Just looking for a beach so not picky about geography- anywhere that accepts American tourists right now is fine with me. Budget is around $6500 for three of us.
Any suggestions would be great!
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2021.03.07 06:18 Funny-Alternative-26 HOGE gains

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2021.03.07 06:18 pipexta 24m

Hi, i'm just bored, anyone wanna talk?, i like videogames, anime, movies, i speak spanish and english, i like to talk about cosmos and i like to read books like sapiens from yuval noah harari :)
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2021.03.07 06:18 freepackets I don’t know, Covid-19.

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2021.03.07 06:18 Affectionate_Yak_875 É... Chegou o dia que virá para todos os Homens!

Sim, eu BROXEI. Não sei o que aconteceu. A moça até que era legal. Não rolou um clima tão bom ou tão intenso, mas estava tranquilo.
Comecei bem, transando legal mas comecei a sentir um cheiro meio forte vindo dela logo depois que começamos a penetração. Não sei se esse foi o gatilho para acontecer, mas logo quando ela virou de 4 parece que alguma coisa deligou dentro de mim. E eu broxei.
Ainda bem que ela foi super tranquila e entendeu, ficamos conversando sobre muitas coisas e em nenhum momento ficou aquele silêncio chato.
É isso. Boa noite!
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2021.03.07 06:18 turnofTY Sabahları çorba

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2021.03.07 06:18 richmanding0 [xbox][h] guardian sb apex[w]offers

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2021.03.07 06:18 kuwag00 4 hours left. One. Last. Chance.

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2021.03.07 06:18 IM_MO_Lester Indian Cinema is a classic template

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2021.03.07 06:18 aspookysloth We may have a few to many medics...

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2021.03.07 06:18 ThatGuyValk [USA-GA] [H] PAYPAL [W] MXM Type A GPU, 980m, 970m, 960m

Bit of a Longshot but I'm looking for an mxm type A gpu for my HP ENVY 20-d010 all in one PC. PM me with what you have. Thanks!
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2021.03.07 06:18 NyxYueLunaTwiLight A little rap song

Sorry bad boy Halo but you need to be stronger that’s what you need to be roasted the bad boy halo is going down with a fight there is another pig Millan it’s after you you’re going to get slaughtered by the king of killing and he is the blood God known as techno blade and you’re going to get a beating him in a spank on the butt by the belt by Philza and your precious egg is going to get nuked by this sweet bee 🐝 by tubbo She could be crazy so I need your wanna get it Niki to set some sensors to you and you’re my all forget of the egg just like Ranboo forgets his Memory!!!!!!!
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2021.03.07 06:18 benzeens 29 [M4F] SOP, me and you

I've been so busy the past 2 weeks and I haven't had time to release the stress. I finally have time so let's help each other. I'm a deep voiced guy who likes to talk dirty. Purely voice call, no pictures or VC.
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2021.03.07 06:18 GaroShadowscale GaroShadowscale Staring Snoot [By Kitsune]

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2021.03.07 06:18 throwawaywork1234567 I want to leave my job but they say I will owe them £5k and I can’t afford that

Hi so this might be a bit long but I have been dealing with some crazy panic attacks about this.
I work for what pre covid is an amazing company. We made good commission, the perks were good etc.. covid hit us really hard however.
We went on furlough right away and told we could not claim any more commission and then once returning from furlough, we were still unable to claim commission and we were only working four days. This means that while others in the company only working 4 days (and sometimes not taking any cut at all) they’re 20% reduction really meant 20% however ours was cut down to unliveable amounts. We had to beg to be put back on furlough, as at least we made the top end of the amount of furlough. Then we were taking off any asked to return to flexi furlough, which eventually became can you work five days during furlough otherwise we’ll need to take you off and you can’t afford that.
Then we were told we were going to make commission again and that we would be given advancements (which was never the car before, and I understand that the company lost a lot of money on commission that had been paid out but never paid by clients during COVID-19) this was told would happen in November 30 so we would have them before Christmas. We were then told it wouldn’t be November that we would have to sign contracts in December and get it on our December pay (which comes on the 23rd)
The contract states that we owe them our final pays, any holiday and any redundancy (should they make us redundant) to pay for any advancements and any commission that was payed out but never paid by clients in 2020.
The company is absorbing 30% of the previous years debt however. They made us sign these a week before Christmas and if not we got no commission for Christmas.
We really had no choice but to sign these as we had gotten no commission and less than half our salaries for the better part of a year at this point.
I was told back in September that for this campaign that I would make only £5k less than the previous year.
I just found out that they are now allowing cross selling between our sister companies and regrettably for me this means it will be INCREDIBLY difficult for me to make any further commission. There is NO WAY for me to make anywhere close to my old salary as they told me I would, and now that we are approaching the financial year I can see my losses are actually £20,000 not £5000.
I also have a personal loan with them that I have partly paid off but they had paused repayments during Covid but I signed a contract with them that I would pay back the remainder should I ever leave within 1 month.
I have found a new job that is willing to pay me, and I can start April 1. We are currently on flexi furlough which is 3 days a week.
I have 1 month notice. But I need to get my last pay on March 31st to pay my bills. My plan was to give notice March 31 and offer to work 1 week full to complete the handover and request to remain on full furlough for the remainder of my leave or terminate early. I would then tell them my remaining holiday of 24.5 days should cover the remaining cost of my loan. I was then going to bring up that my boss had said we get our final pays and that we would wait six months to see which our clients paid before we had to pay back any advancements or commission.
What are your thoughts about my best course of action? I think their actions during this were really shady, but Would I have a leg to stand on if they took me to court?
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2021.03.07 06:18 MehmetStudens Sage Northcutt talks return against Shinya Aoki after 2-year layoff

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2021.03.07 06:18 QwertytheCoolOne The Letter Black - Hanging On By A Thread (2010)

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2021.03.07 06:18 Nodywody My video never gets 100 views :(((

Just uploaded outriders gameplay of Trickster and rip, no one watches it

Can you all check and let me know your feedback?

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2021.03.07 06:18 LilJDX What are the best Chinese phone company that is compatible Globally?

The question from the title - Xiaomi vs Huawei vs Oneplus vs Vivo vs Oppo
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