Go! Gathering with real life friends at Costa del Sol. |

Gathering with real life friends at Costa del Sol.

2021.03.07 05:14 PurpleSaso Gathering with real life friends at Costa del Sol.

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2021.03.07 05:14 pepesilvia1999 My birthday may be on St. Patrick’s Day, but luck was on my side today!

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2021.03.07 05:14 Fort_Maximus Empty Stu Meme Template!

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2021.03.07 05:14 maxxy989 Best friend(22F) and I(22M) keep fighting. Is this a lost cause?

Throughout the quarantine most of my pals have slowly drifted away, save for one. My best friend, henceforth called S, has been in my life for around 8 years now. We've managed to maintain contact through the pandemic, though it hasn't been easy.
S has had a pretty rough go the past little while. First, an abusive ex from her past has resurfaced and has been sending her and her friends (including me on occasion) threats (sometimes death threats) from various social media accounts. This has been mostly contained by various methods including a restraining order, but it's still fairly fresh.
Second, S became stuck in another back-and-forth relationship (albeit not abusive, at least from what she's told me). She was on and off with him for around 8 months, each breakup worse than the last. We had our first fight during this period, admittedly started by me because she had started dating him again. After I cooled off I apologized and we made up, and I didn't get involved in her relationship again. However, the next time they got together she tried to cut ties with me, saying I would just be mad again. She later admitted that she had been assuming wrong, she was still feeling threatened and stressed over everything, so I forgave her.
Since then they have broken up for good, but we still fight, they usually just start as conversations venting about this thing or that but every few weeks someone will accidentally hurt the others feelings with an offhand comment, and it will start the fighting again.
I know I am not innocent in this, I don't do well to de-escalate once things become heated, a problem I'm working on. But we have had a fight almost once every two weeks consistently the past 3 months now. And even though we eventually make up, we have spent more time angry at each other the past few months than not.
So tonight I tried to talk to her about it. And it didn't go well, we both started getting flustered and frustrated and had to leave for some space.
So this is where I am at. We made no progress trying to talk, just ended up at each other's throats again. The issue is I'm moving to a new province in a few months, so I feel I'm running out of time to repair this situation. I would feel absolutely awful losing my oldest and best friend, but on the other hand, if we're just causing each other grief, wouldn't it just be best if we move on from each other?
Thoughts please and thank you
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2021.03.07 05:14 AntiiClimatic PF miniseries: 2 face 2 rebels

Original miniseries u/TacodileSupreme101
Date: August 17 2079 Location: Canada Event: Code red
"God damnit the dam phantoms are back again trying to ruin shit for us" a ghost shouted while shooting back at the phantoms.
"Oh! You gotta be fucking kidding me lunch just started and it's pizza day!" Another soldier shouted. The soldiers fired back but more just keep on coming, "WE NEED BAC- " The soldier's buddy got shot in the chest and died on the spot.
Just then help arrived but more man is coming at them and in the worst case scenario with a super soldier... Foster came in with a RPG and shouted "Take this you fuck head phantoms!" He launched the rocket right into a advancing group of phantoms they exploded into pieces.
Just then from the smoke.. came out a mysterious figure foster and his man shot at the figure with no effect whosoever, it seems like the figure just absorbed all the bullets there came someone.
They were confused the person is not Ryan might be Anti but she isn't as powerful as her. The soldier shouted for her man to stay back and watch how phantoms do work. The ghost knew they were in for trouble they threw granade at her shot gun with anti aircraft guns rocket launches anything you can name of.
She took out 2 pistols and sprint into the hideout the ghosts were in and within minutes fosters man were all dead and gone. He was the last man alive the mysterious woman laughed in a demonic tone and taunted foster.
Foster was having none of this bullshit and he came out and challenged her "Hey you fuck, YOU THINK YOUR SOS TOUGH HUH? Well let's end this off hand to hand, you sick bastard!" The mysterious figure replied with "yeah haven't tore man in half for so long come on small guy!"
Foster went back into the room wher he was hiding in the woman replied with "Oh? Your gonna puss off what a shame." Little did the woman know foster was behind her with his bayonet he grabbed her breasts and surprised slammed her on the ground the woman dropped her katana and picked it up and stand up.
"I'm impressed that surely was smart, but you made one mistake not finishing me off" foster replied with "I'm doing this fairly in honor for my fallen brothers!" And they both charged at each other at full speed foster aimed for her hand and swung at it causing her to drop her katana, then, he used his knife and sliced her a few times and managed to cut her ring finger off.
"Ah!" She grunted in pain, foster taunted her saying " Hah! You won't ever get married ever again!" Just as he was about to finish her off with one thrust of the knife she surprisingly counted attack him with one straight punch in his face. Foster fell back hard on the floor and was unconscious.
Sarah who was the mysterious figure spares his life surprised that a normal human being could be do skillful. Even despite her being sad and disappointed that she not just lost the challenge but also lost her ring finger she managed to keep cool and hope to not meet this individual again.
When foster woke up, he saw a note next to him accompanied with a Japanese tango which has been passed down to Sarah. The note reads "may this sacred blade help you in your conquest, and we shall fight again if possible.. -sincerely, your most hated person, Sarah Banks
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2021.03.07 05:14 SuperiorTaco1118 Lf: Apriball spreadsheet or event offers Ft: pics posted on my profile

[event] [aprishiny] [trade]
Hi! i’m looking for someone that wants to trade with me that has an aprishiny spreadsheet. i’ll be trading aprishinys and events
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2021.03.07 05:14 funky-tacos shift + [

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2021.03.07 05:14 BrownClown44 Thanks, I hate steak and doughnuts now.

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2021.03.07 05:14 Domogrza125 Trying to get more friends

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2021.03.07 05:14 noahaogden 193!!

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2021.03.07 05:14 redandpurpl 20m - looking to voice chat on discord!

hey! im really tired but i wanna talk with someone till i fall asleep in call. i do have a deep voice so if you are interested in that idm as well! not really looking for anything nsfw, just someone to talk to while we both fall asleep idk :)
would prefer if you’re 18+ as im just more comfortable with that
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2021.03.07 05:14 iwannahavemoremore o

Ozzy Lusth - 43 37 wins; 27 tribal challenges, one of which is a hero challenge + 8 individual challenges + 2 post-merge team challenges + 6 Redemption Island duels
Rob Mariano - 35 wins; 24 tribal challenges, one of which is a hero challenge + 9 individual challenges + 1 post-merge team challenge
Parvati Shallow - 32 wins; 26 tribal challenges, one of which is a hero challenge by a tribe member + 6 individual challenges
Joe Anglim - 31 wins; 21 tribal challenges, one of which is a hero challenge by a tribe member + 7 individual challenges + 3 post-merge team challenges
Andrea Boehlke - 31 29 wins; 21 tribal challenges + 4 individual challenges + 4 post-merge team challenges + 2 Redemption Island duels
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2021.03.07 05:14 Solsist What is gay? Isn’t asking if someone is gay a gay question?

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2021.03.07 05:14 No_Magician_8418 Lg cx in 5% gray, I noticed yellow tint and blueish blotch on bottom right. Is this bad or not anything to worry about?

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2021.03.07 05:14 mesablanka My Ticket Home - Surroundings

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2021.03.07 05:14 dooftaog Not claiming earnings from ads

Im only able to claim about 2.7 bat, however from the previous months "earnings from ads" i should have about at least 15 bat. Am i missing something?
Here are some screenshots for clarificationa https://ibb.co/jwMNZfh https://ibb.co/jH89LXs https://ibb.co/0YjnSzy
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2021.03.07 05:14 gscha3f3rTX [NG+][lvl143][Amy]

I am once again asking for your help. At the fog password moonpie
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2021.03.07 05:14 catsdonailart Game pigeon

Yo who wants to play game pigeon I’m a beast at anagrams msg me for my number I’ll play any game
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2021.03.07 05:14 Spy126 Just got a G14 and it BROKE!

I just bought the Zephyrus G14 (2020) last week as my older laptop was getting old (little over 6 years) when the laptop arrived I was so happy expecting 11 hour battery life as advertised and great performance according to online reviews, while the performance wasn't bad the most battery life I could get was about 4 hours then I was told I would need to tweak setting just to get what was advertised, after turning off gpu and only using integrated graphics and a bunch of other fixes i got about 6 hours battery life a whole 5 hours off from what was expected! like I know 6 hours is a lot for a gaming laptop but when you pay prices like these (6,500 United Arab Emirates Dirham or about 1,769.67 United States Dollars which is quite expensive considering many gaming laptops are around the 4000dhs mark) you expect to get what you pay for. But as if that wasn't enough less than 3 days after I got it with minimal usage it shut down while I was browsing the web and wouldn't turn on, I looked this problem up and apparently I wasn't the only one who had this problem with ASUS laptops especially the G14, Because I ordered it form Amazon I returned the laptop for repair and I am expecting it within a week which defeats the purpose I got it for as I severely needed a laptop for work and my old one is completely unusable. The customer support wouldn't answer the call and kept pushing me towards rating their service while I haven't gotten any, I cant even return the product because i have my private files on it and I wont be able to reset the laptop is I cant open it and since i gave the laptop for repair the return time period will end soon. Hopefully when the laptop arrives after repair I get no more problems or ASUS refunds the product for me.
TL;DR: Bought a brand new laptop and it broke in the first 3 days of usage
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2021.03.07 05:14 newsandmore A Governor in Isolation: How Andrew Cuomo Lost His Grip on New York

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2021.03.07 05:14 xuzijoon An odd solution -- New currency

Maybe, just maybe.

-People can't complain about this affecting the old currency system, because it doesn't.
-Have updates, just like you made a new bot.
-Maybe allow a one-way currency interaction, from old currency to new currency, so the new currency does not affect the old currency
-I can't really think of any.

What do yall think?
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2021.03.07 05:14 nickslicktricks Shorty get Low, Low, Low ... WandaVision finale was great

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2021.03.07 05:14 Tiefling0 Collaborative Worldbuilding

Heyo! If anyone’s interested in a collaborative worldbuilding project I would love to hear from them!
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2021.03.07 05:14 Ryo_Saeba_357 SHE IS MY WAIFU!

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2021.03.07 05:14 Musicphoenix72 Am I homosexual and panromantic?

For the first time I'm considering that I might have cross orientation. I know I feel some kind of attraction towards all genders so I've labeled myself as pan but I'm realizing I think I'm only sexually attracted to girls (I'm female). I mean, ive daydreamed intimately about people of all different genders. and I've thought in the past that's I've been sexually attracted to men but I think that might have just been a strong aesthetic attraction. Is that possible?
There's also the problem that there is one guy that I do have feelings for of some kind, and me and him have been intimate and I am definitely attracted to him in some way. Is it possible to have an exception for one person? Or mabye it's just a mix of other kinds of attraction making me think it's sexual?
I'm sorry if my questions are dumb I don't know much about this so if anyone has any idea of what this is, anything is helpful.
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