Go! New mazes are coming to Rolly 3d Maze. I haven't decided on a good material for the new mazes yet. I'm thinking some type of wood planks. |

New mazes are coming to Rolly 3d Maze. I haven't decided on a good material for the new mazes yet. I'm thinking some type of wood planks.

2021.02.25 19:32 justaguyjoshua New mazes are coming to Rolly 3d Maze. I haven't decided on a good material for the new mazes yet. I'm thinking some type of wood planks.

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2021.02.25 19:32 applejuice98 The loss from quitting a game should be worth more than a wins gain.

every single game it's 3v4 or 2v4.
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2021.02.25 19:32 maxxbits15 Confused about depression...

Hi... I wanted to write a lot more because I have so much in me to say, but I'll just say this for now...
I have been like this for as long as I remember, without energy, motivation, everything gets boring really fast, no interest in anything really at this point. The only things that keep me with a smile is when I talk to my family but I always doubt if that's real or not, since when I'm like, "off" or something, they tend to ignore me or say mean stuff most of the time... And like... I don't know... I'm with a psychotherapist for like a year and a half and all I got now is being more deep in this hole of sadness I have sometimes and I got to think, am I really depressed? Am I faking it? How do I know if is something real? My psycho therapist or whatever is called told me, because I asked her, if I have or not depression and told me it was somewhat of a severe one... But.... I'm not really sure...
I feel sad and without any kind of motivation, yeah, but I still get out of bed, eat, work, play my games and sleep... I'm doubting myself on this thing... Maybe it is just a thing of the time because of convos and its nothing after all, I don't know... Man, I don't know.... I wanted to write or say this somewhere, since if I say something like this here where I live, they start to say mean things like, "stop faking it", "is just some kind of phase, you'll get over it" and whatnot...
If you read this until here, thank you. That's all... Up votes or comments are not needed... Have a nice day and take care out there..
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2021.02.25 19:32 IrishAsianFeetFeels can someone help take off my panties? ;)

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2021.02.25 19:32 PhantomDiclonius Will an r9 3900x bottleneck an rtx 3090? Should I upgrade to a r9 5900x?

I’ve been hunting for a new gpu these past few months hoping to find a rtx 3080 but they are so rare right now to get at msrp right now. I was able to snag a rtx 3090 from BestBuy at msrp and decided to settle with this. But I’m worried if I’ll be leaving performance on the table because my cpu is an r9 3900x and I heard that an r9 5000 series or higher cpu is recommended to pair with the 3090. I’ve seen YouTube videos where there’s a drastic performance gap between the 3900x and 5900x when gaming at 1080p with the 3090 but I couldn’t find any comparison videos for 4K which is what I plan to game at. Aside from gaming though, I also plan to use the card for 3D modeling and animations so it’ll be worth it over the 3080 in that department for me despite the high price. The 3900x and 5900x both use the same motherboard so should I try to sell my old 3900x and upgrade now? Or am I better off at this point just waiting for a potential r9 6000 series in the hopes that they’ll be compatible with my current motherboard? Or am I fine to hold onto my 3900x?
Here are my current PC parts: https://pcpartpicker.com/useBNWilliams007/saved/sQCGcf
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2021.02.25 19:32 SuperHotUKDeals Guardian Bundle (Steam PC/Mac/Linux : Iconoclasts/ MoonLighter/ Tesla v/s LoveCraft/ The Vagrant and more) 89p Onwards @ Fanatical

The description of this deal was not provided by this subreddit and it's contributors.
£0.89 - Fanatical
A decent bundle here at Fanatical.
Tiers and Choices As Below
Hope it helps someone.
This deal can be found at hotukdeals via this link: https://ift.tt/3aTpNFW
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2021.02.25 19:32 kishlayramnauth Join the MEGA | NSFW LEAKS®💙 Discord Server!🥵🥵

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2021.02.25 19:32 Thatweirdknifekid Me when California removes the “can’t carry balisong in Public” rule

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2021.02.25 19:32 shootuptheclub Love Letter [Niko East]

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2021.02.25 19:32 MasterSoup4099 Just wondering, what do you main in the option given

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2021.02.25 19:32 Smol_bean_11 I just got the fourth black 🤩

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2021.02.25 19:32 Cunnilingus_Academy FTD - mom won't stop eating

I'm guessing there's not much to be done in this situation - I'm just venting a bit, hope that's ok.
My mom has got FTD and won't stop eating, I make all the dinners and bigger meals and try to make healthy food but she makes herself sandwhiches constantly inbetween meals. I hear her in the middle of the night in the kitchen making food. Often she'll start making a sandwhich and tell me that's she's peckish since she hasn't eaten anything all day - in reality it's her fourth breakfast of the day. She was a little chubby all her life but after she got FTD she ballooned up to 140 kilos / 308 lbs @ like 160 cm / 5 feet 2 inches
I don't want to start becoming the food police that knocks the sandwhich out of her hands or lock the fridge or anything like that, I want her to have some dignity in what's probably the last few years before she moves into an institution but it's getting pretty bad.. fuck this disease, I'm so tired of worrying and thinking all the time about this situation
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2021.02.25 19:32 cookies4life836 CWRU merit scholarship/How do you qualify?

How does one qualify for a merit scholarship? If you received one, share your stats if you don’t mind. Thanks for any information on this. I did not receive any information on if I revived it in my acceptance letter, so I don’t think I was offered a merit scholarship.

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2021.02.25 19:32 SuperHotUKDeals Doom Eternal (PS4/XBO) £9.99 / TLOU Part 2 £21.99 / Two Point Hospital (PS4/XBO) £12.89 / Dreams £10.94 + more *like-new @ Boomerang Rentals

The description of this deal was not provided by this subreddit and it's contributors.
Boomerang Video Game Rentals
First deal in a while, and for a firm retail favourite - Boomerang Rentals.
All games are ex-rental but always in immaculate/like-new condition, in my experience over several years and dozens of purchases. Th service has always been excellent.
From the site:
Guaranteed "As New" scratch free disc with brand new box and manual (if included when new)
All games are delivered for free and (in my experience) quickly, notwithstanding the recent issue with Royal Mail.
Follow the deal link to see the main PS4 page from which you can highlight games to add to basket. Hover over the Xbox One tab at the top to see the same for XBO. Otherwise individual game links below:
Doom Eternal PS4 £9.99
Doom Eternal XBO £9.99
The Last of Us Part 2 PS4 £21.99
Two Point Hospital PS4 £12.89
Two Point Hospital XBO £12.89
Dreams PS4 £10.94
Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated PS4 £15.99
Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated XBO £15.99
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order PS4 PS5 patch £15.99
Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season PS4 £9.99
[Resident Evil 2 Remake XBO £9.99
](https://www.boomerangrentals.co.uk/game-rental-details/rent-resident-evil-2-xboxone/g635xbone)[Judgment PS4 £11.89](https://www.boomerangrentals.co.uk/game-rental-details/rent-judgment-ps4/g1030pa4)
Tropico 6 PS4 £10.85
Tropico 6 XBO £10.85
Hunt Showdown PS4 £10.99
This deal can be found at hotukdeals via this link: https://ift.tt/3k07d1K
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2021.02.25 19:32 SlicedDigits2049 Here's the rest of the $60 box.

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2021.02.25 19:32 Amray767 Thunderstorm and Rain Sounds for Sleeping | 9 Hours

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2021.02.25 19:32 YarmulkeLatke A movement I can stand behind

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2021.02.25 19:32 KA8Z Just a heads up! You can now set lineups on ESPN app... post All-Star Break to end of season.

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2021.02.25 19:32 moneyshouters Stellar Price Jumps 20% after Foundation Burns Half of All Tokens

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2021.02.25 19:32 lcecreamheadaches Forbidden peas

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2021.02.25 19:32 vibechange $1000 Wize Covid-19 support scholarship

Hey everyone, if people are interested, here’s a scholarship application for any student studying at USA Universities! No proof of financial need required, applications are super easy :) $1000 Wize COVID Support Scholarship: https://www.wizeprep.com/scholarships/6/?ref=ezecutin
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2021.02.25 19:32 Mediocre_Act_1363 Online prescriptions for Viagra in EU

I used to have a legal online prescription for a UK online pharmacy that delivered my medication to the Czech Republic without any issue. However, they no longer ship to this country, for some reason. (They stopped before Brexit). I got a prescription from a doctor in person here, but getting refills is really inconvenient. They only give a tiny refill each time (max 8 tablets) and they demand a full in-person physical examination each time. I'd like to find some legal alternative to this. I don't want to get involved with shady websites that ship pills without a prescription. I am fine with a quick online questionnaire from a real doctor in the EU, like I had with the British website, and then easy refills for what is a pretty benign medication. Does such a service exist anymore anywhere in the EU?
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2021.02.25 19:32 iTand22 The dips make me nervous but then I remember I'm an 🦍 with 💎🙌

So I just distracted myself by polishing my 💎🙌. Gotta keep them nice and shiny for my tendies
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2021.02.25 19:32 just_a_dude2727 It's magic

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2021.02.25 19:32 SunGlareHOTS I finally managed to...

...beat EM4 High Confidence Guan Yu!
Took quite a few tryes, but got there in the end!!
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