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Where to live during Summer?

2021.03.07 06:08 shahid02 Where to live during Summer?

Hi everyone,
I am planning on hopefully attending UW Madison in the fall, however, I have a couple of queries about the housing situation during my time there:
So I have been accepted and awarded a generous scholarship that covers my fours years here. The thing is there are summers and winter break and I will have nowhere to stay during those times since my parents are moving from Wisconsin to Asia (kinda rough). Now, what would I do during the summer and winter? Like save up during the year and take advantage of internships (which I was going to regardless of this). Now I will also probably be interning or taking a class during the summer what about then?
In case you're wondering, it is unlikely, that I will go abroad and visit my family during the four years I am here, I would like to stay focused on my studies, and plus, plane tickets aren't cheap.
Let me know if you have any experience or information.
Thank you!
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2021.03.07 06:08 Potato_Rain970 Question about accessport v3

What’s up everyone?!?! So my step son has got a rough 06 wrx I’m gonna help him bring back to life. I ordered him a few parts to surprise him with, one of which being a v3 accessport. I got it specifically to kill the air pump cel’s. It’s been a while and didn’t know you now have to take the class to get accesstuner. Which is fine I’ll pay the cash and make him take the test so he can learn something lol but will I still be able to cancel out cel’s or did they take that function away? I’m finding different answers!
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2021.03.07 06:08 YoungG90 [18] [M4F] Seattle-virgin male

I’m a 18 year old virgin male trying to look for some fun, mature women or younger ones around may age doesn’t matter just tryna experience it for the first time, maybe we can film for your only fans why not DM me if interested
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2021.03.07 06:08 TheArmorPiercer RELEASE DATE

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2021.03.07 06:08 am7384 [SNA411] I finally gave in after years of going back and forth on purchasing one.

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2021.03.07 06:08 Void_MC Warped SMP [Semi-Vanilla] {Java 1.16.5}

Tired of finding short lasting java smps with toxic and unfair admins and community? Look no further. On Warped SMP some things you can find include but are not limited to:
• Single player sleep
• Shopping District
• Sethomes
• /tpa and /spawn
• Player Graves
• Interactive, fun community
• Dynmap
• In-game discord chat
• Community events & projects
• Play driven economy
• Infernal Mobs
• Daily server backups
•Only Non cracked Players accepted
And many more features. We are very open to suggestions and let the players decide what features they want to see on the server.
Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/8QGezRe
My discord: V_OIDD#5818
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2021.03.07 06:08 mavi_sfairy So just as long as that item is doubled you can get it! I am also looking for the best offers on the middle range price stuff like the falling blossoms or wg boots. (keep in mind this is just an example; wg boots 18k-20k~an offer 18.7k)

So just as long as that item is doubled you can get it! I am also looking for the best offers on the middle range price stuff like the falling blossoms or wg boots. (keep in mind this is just an example; wg boots 18k-20k~an offer 18.7k) submitted by mavi_sfairy to RoyaleHighTrading [link] [comments]

2021.03.07 06:08 vskybabe 150$ Steam acc for sale

Dota 2 Rank: Ancient 3 4160 MMR With complete arcana of TI WK, QOP, WR Anti-Mage Persona, Pudge Persona and other immortals.
Pm for more info!
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2021.03.07 06:08 Justdistant Processing anger/resentment

I'm one of those ppl, no matter what, like to think pretty thoughts in whatever circumstances. I'm extremely chill and rarely experience too much "negative" emotions. It feels toxic to be so l can't handle it. But lately I've had a bit of random waves of extreme anger. I need to let this go. I've tried to consume myself with positivity, strength and all the "beautiful" feelings, but it keeps coming back. What am l don't wrong?
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2021.03.07 06:08 t0ddgray Woodpecker bro giving weasel bro a lift

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2021.03.07 06:08 IBuu_was_taken I see an apple

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2021.03.07 06:08 dalejessica53 DaleJessica53 update

I appreciate everyone's patience. I have been at a family reunion and haven't been able to respond as quickly as I usually do. I am slowly getting to everyone's requests so please continue to have patience. I'm trying to help as many investors with limited funds as I can to be financially successful with a MF premium service.
If anyone has been disappointed in any service I've shared, please tell me and I'll send you another one. I have a grand total of nineteen of them. If you'd rather have refund, I'll do it immediately. I won't hold onto it and make exchanging for another service your only option.
The best way to communicate is still my email at [dalejessica53@gmail.com](mailto:dalejessica53@gmail.com) or [glawbpo@gmail.com](mailto:glawbpo@gmail.com).
Some have asked for a clarification of the new service, Discovery 630x. MF decided to combine the new service with two other services they created, Market Pass and AI, so they could charge more- just my opinion. To get those two additional portfolios, I believe it was an extra $500. I have been sharing the 630x service and all reports and playbooks that were advertised for $100, and all three together for $200. If you want the whole enchilada and get the entire suite of premium services I own (all 19) the cost is $500. Just an option. It includes the spreadsheet showing all the services and the stocks recommended in them. It helps me focus on which stocks to invest in.
Finally, I am painfully aware that the original intent of this subreddit was for educational purposes. A place to ask questions and share ideas with other like minded Fools. I encourage everyone to continue doing that. Please forgive me if anyone has been offended. I realized many investors would love to have the professional advice of a MF premium service but can't afford it. For those users, I'm happy I've been able to help.
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2021.03.07 06:08 ArtGarfunkelTheFake Bondi Sands Daily Moisturising Face SPF 50+ Sunscreen Lotion Fragrance Free or Cancer Council SPF 50+ Day Wear Face Matte Invisible

Hi everyone,
I am looking for a good sunscreen that I can buy from Chemist Warehouse. I've narrowed it down to these two, and would just like your opinions on these two face sunscreens.
Thank you so much!
Here are the links: Cancer Council SPF 50+ Day Wear Face Matte Invisible
Bondi Sands Daily Moisturising Face SPF 50+ Sunscreen Lotion Fragrance Free
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2021.03.07 06:08 5hand0whand A certain servant

True Name:Kamijou Touma
Epithet: The one who purifies god and slays the devil,Imagine breaker
Luck:EE - - -
Class skill:
•Existence Outside the Domain EX
Personal skills:
•because of constant misfortune and never ending fight Touma without his own knowledge get skill to dodge or sense attacks that coming for him .
Battle adaptation:C+
•Since Toum been usually forced to fight in different environments he can is fast to adapting and good at during his surrounding
Punch of weakest:A+
•Simple punch with right arm but hella strong may confuse enemy for long
Noble Phantasm
Imagine Breaker A- EX
•the hope and fear of magicians about everything returning to normal this power is capable of negating both magic and espers power
Dragon Strike and It C+ EX
•Touma is able to use power of dragon or IT that live inside of him but it cost him arm but later said arm regenerates
Dragon shell C+ EX
•Touma able to turn into dragon to make series of attacks to defeat his enemy
Someone posted Link-ruler so I posted this
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2021.03.07 06:08 krakhed712 R&R season 2 thumbnail design | by Me.

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2021.03.07 06:08 Leonn8707 Telegram

Alguien tiene el link del grupo de Telegram?
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2021.03.07 06:08 eternalwhat Was thinking of this as a gift for my son but only if it’s good enough. Just want feedback please.

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2021.03.07 06:08 Nebyy_ Ban Appeal Possibly?

So I've been banned for poaching cause i invited a moderated to a modded server and the links I gave to the moderator was "suspicious" due to them leading to a false alarm when downloading I know this cause I play modded myself and anybody who does can vouch for me I play many modded launchers as such; Technic, ATL, Badlion (Yes its a mod launcher it has optifine which is a mod) and lunar. My username is Nebility_ and I am known by many I would like to speak to any staff my discord is Mehuu#0809.
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2021.03.07 06:08 markcabanila +40% HP

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2021.03.07 06:08 Thedepressionoftrees Thanks, I hate whatever you call it

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2021.03.07 06:08 Supersheep57 I think I've been scammed out of around £5,000

I'm a professional logician and businessman who started a business based in Milton Keynes. I accrued a lot of debt in an attempt to save the game of my dreams, and when selling the game to a third party I was deceived by the contract and therefor did not make back as much money as I had anticipated. Because of this, I became very desperate for money.
Someone had emailed me a few months back, and in his email he explained that he was a Nigerian prince. He said we were distantly related and that he would send me 5,000,000 USD, but I would have to send him 500 USD first so that the transaction would process. I originally thought that he was a troll, so I ignored him. However after I was locked out of my business email account by the woman who ripped me off, I went through my personal account again and, being in the dire situation I was, decided to ask him to show me proof that he was who he said he was and informed him that I live in the UK and therefore only can pay in pound.
He sent me a picture of himself that looked convincing, and he said that since the pound is worth more than the dollar, I would have to send him £1,000 instead of 500 USD. Realizing that he was real, I sent him the money so that I could become filthy rich, but he later got back to me and said that COVID-19 imposed an extra tax of 0.1% on transfers over 1,000,000 USD. He said that because he was going to send me 2 million USD, I would have to pay the 2,000 USD or £4,000 tax. He said to send him the money directly, so I did so. This was the essentially the last of my money, and I couldn't convince any place to lend me any money because I was in so much debt and had a history of gambling my money away.
The prince got back to me, and he said that someone intercepted the money I sent him. The only other person who could have known is one of my online friends I was talking to, and he is almost as good of a programmer as me, so it has become obvious that this "friend" was a scammer who just wanted info on me so he could hack into my bank account and intercept the transaction. I confronted him and he called me crazy and blocked me, so I know even more that it's him doing this.
The prince wants me to send him the money again, but I barely have enough money to feed myself now. I am a logician and thus am more than capable of representing myself in court and won't need a solicitor or anyone to do it for me, but I know I should still consult experts before doing anything.
Someone please help me. Everywhere I post this people say I'm faking or remove my post or ban me and I don't know why.
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2021.03.07 06:08 ismiiqraa Any recommendations for metal restoration services for a flat file cabinet?

I have an old flat file storage that is beat up and rusty. I'm looking for some nearby options to get repainted/refinished etc but have no idea what type of businesses to consider let alone research best options. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated!
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2021.03.07 06:08 Homeagain22 This is my fav pic of my little daughter sleeping next to mummy

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2021.03.07 06:08 patreoncomDnDavid Book of Renewal [24x32]

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2021.03.07 06:08 otaku_sam jessakidding as Starfire

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