Go! 210306 'Don't Call Me' has been certified double gold on QQ Music |

210306 'Don't Call Me' has been certified double gold on QQ Music

2021.03.07 05:18 weblollipop 210306 'Don't Call Me' has been certified double gold on QQ Music

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2021.03.07 05:18 Vyolfers Drawing a HoloPro member everyday (Day 30)

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2021.03.07 05:18 Metalneck Not sure if I screwed up or if I can fix it

I watched Seatin's video about doing the side event and since I'm Cavalier I bought Odin's Caskets 1-5. I then ran and completed the tier 6 path but now I'm 35 uru shy of buying the 6th casket to continue on. Did I mess this up somehow and now I'm hosed on getting the max rewards?
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2021.03.07 05:18 Octopancake_yt What if... (edit was made by me so please credit if used!)

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2021.03.07 05:18 MoxSkeleton41 [survival mode/no debug] Defeated Bonemass today, but I'm most excited about finishing my lodge

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2021.03.07 05:18 Chubbles99 A Major Fluke

Alright so a bit ago (like a week) i was talking about redoing the homebrew skeleton race PC. Well i redid it and it turned out good enough that several of my DM friends approved of it. Theres only one thing left to do. The 5th subrace for it is a Magical Fluke. I had to think of a way to make it....flukish. I brain stormed and finally found the idea. Wild magic sorcerer chart.....but with flukes. So now im looking for ideas for the chart. Anyone care to help?
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2021.03.07 05:18 DrakulaApproved Stuck in the second to last level, pls Help

Can anyone who finished the game help?
I have reached the 2nd to last egg, the Universe Egg, and filled entire farm with chickens to the absolute max and.... that was it? Not even half way through the level and i couldnt progress anymore.
Got all 4 chicken universe houses which i filled to the brim, finished the vast majority of research (everything hab related for sure), and my epic research is done as well.
How do i go forth?
I have since prestiged but havent been back to the Universe level since, not sure what i should do differently next time...
I feel a little betrayed tbh after all the effort i put into the game, getting so close to the finish, but maybe i'm missing something?
For the record i did use the biggest boosts in the level. I have 114T mystical eggs, 6 soul eggs, 53 prestiges and a few artifacts.
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2021.03.07 05:18 wietpanda34 I thought you guys might like the quick watercolor sketch of some sage I did tonight

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2021.03.07 05:18 Newtricoach Competitive Masters Swimming

Has anyone ever been able to continue at a high level of competition after college with a Masters team? I love being a part of a team and Masters teams are great in the area for staying in shape and I love being able to swim with people but Im not sure I can handle anymore 2000 yard practices with the fastest lane leaving on 2 minute send offs. Want to keep training but I just can't seem to find anywhere with people who want to swim hard practices. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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2021.03.07 05:18 iamgoodsobye Final sunset wraith skin.

Does anyone know if the final sunset recolour is coming back or has it already came back and will never return?
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2021.03.07 05:18 ashotjanibekyan It is 2100 and doctors can easily modify your child's DNA (extra strength, blue eyes, or anything you want). Would you do that? According to you, which modifications are morally okay and which ones are not?

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2021.03.07 05:18 Boomd420 Illawarra Hawks vs Perth Wildcats - 3/6/219:30 PM PST [Justinian Jessup]

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2021.03.07 05:18 CaptainLender At what point did the game get really good for you?

I'm currently like 4 hours in (most recent PS4 game) and I like the game okay but I'm just not totally gripped and really loving it as much as I expected. At what point in the game did it get really good for you? And what aspect of the game do you like so much about it?
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2021.03.07 05:18 dgknbey Adam haklı sayın y*rrağım

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2021.03.07 05:18 LetsHaveTon2 Even if all the titans turn back into humans in Ch 139, you should realize...

...that doesn't necessarily mean everyone will be alive.
They're all in a huge stampede right now. If some get their napes crushed or something like that, those people are just straight up dead.
Imagine, if you would, that in order to kill the worm, they had to cut through/kill Jean/Connie's Titans...
... and then everyone turns back into humans.
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2021.03.07 05:18 Busy_Dragonfly7215 Need help with how to feed data through an RNN

I currently have multiple sets of data that was collected during the same time frame. (400 different .csv files from Jul 1st 2020 to Dec 1st 2020, to be exact) When I feed these datasets through an RNN, is there a way to do it with just feeding one big dataset, or will I have to use a for loop and retrain the model for each dataset?
Thanks for the help!
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2021.03.07 05:18 Divide21 So umm, Bungie.. When are we going to get the Zhalo Supercell back or our first Destiny 2 Primary Elemental Weapon?

(knowing Bungie, we'll get a Stasis Primary Exotic) =O
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2021.03.07 05:18 equinox_games7 WEEKLY ELEMENT DISCUSSION 30: Zinc

Atomic Number: 30
Melting point: 419.5°C
Boiling point: 907°C
Relative atomic mass: 65.38
Most zinc is used to galvanise other metals, such as iron, to prevent rusting. Galvanised steel is used for car bodies, street lamp posts, safety barriers and suspension bridges. Zinc is also used in alloys such as brass, nickel silver and aluminium solder. Zinc is essential for all living things, forming the active site in over 20 metallo-enzymes. The average human body contains about 2.5 grams and takes in about 15 milligrams per day.
My sample is the casing of a carbon-zinc battery that I melted down using a blowtorch, and dropped into water to create unique shapes.
Use this post to discuss your sample or to give any opinions on Zinc. Next weeks element will be Gallium. Have a good week!
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2021.03.07 05:18 Tight-Start1795 15 years ago this happened.

Let me give some background. My sister, my brother, and I would always hang out at my parents work after school because our parents didn’t want us home alone. This office consists of a warehouse with a door that leads in to 2 office rooms. It’s a small business, my mom and dad ran it together by themselves.
Well here’s where it gets really weird. My parents bought a ping pong table for us and put it in the warehouse so we could have fun while we were waiting for them to finish up work and go home. One day, my mom and my dad were both in their offices on the computers working. My sister and I were in the warehouse and I was sitting there drawing and she had one side of the ping pong table open and was practicing by herself. The warehouse was shaped like a rectangle, it had a big bay door that was shut, and a door right by it that lead in to my parents offices. The ping pong table was on the opposite side of the office doors and bay door. This is why this matters.
My brother was calling my name and as soon as he did my sister ran behind the ping pong table and my brother came in to the warehouse through the office door. He wanted to go fishing on the creak by my parents building and he was like where is (sisters name) I thought she was in here too? I was laughing and was like Idk you might want to check behind the ping pong table. I assumed my sister was gonna pop out and scare him. He walked over and checked behind the ping pong table and he was like ok I don’t get it, where is she? I freaked out and went over to go check assuming they were playing a prank on me, but she wasn’t there. There was no way she could’ve went anywhere else without me seeing. I immediately ran to the my parents office and my sister was on the phone with her friend in my moms office and I was all panicky and she was like what’s wrong? I was like weren’t you just in the warehouse????? She was like I’ve been on the phone for 20 minutes with Sam.
It still freaks me out to this day. I still vividly remember her running behind the ping pong table and her hitting the ping pong ball back and forth off the closed side of the table.
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2021.03.07 05:18 MW-BASEBALLCARDS ISO - 2021 Topps Cody Bellinger Highlights Needs

I need 2,5,10,11,13,15,18,19,25,27,29
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2021.03.07 05:18 Rat-Majesty Uppy if your whole stimi is going into AMC. Realistic Target Price: 1407.97.

I know what ima do with mine. Let’s go. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 💎💎💎💎💎💎 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍
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2021.03.07 05:18 n3tte Offer: Studios, Jr 1BD, 1BD Lower Nob Hill SF Available $1395 - $1995

Housing available in San Francisco downtown in and near Lower Nob Hill. Visit the property websites to schedule in person or 1:1 virtual tours :)
📽 Virtual Tours Available for all units
Mosser Property Locations 🏡
839 Leavenworth (cross street Bush & Sutter) - Studios under 400sqft range $1495-$1595 - Street Parking Only, Garage across the street - Www.839leavenworth.com
970 Geary (cross street Polk) - Jr 1BD/1BA under 500sqft range $1595-$1995 - Parking available at an additional cost - www.970Geary.com
954 Geary (cross street Polk) - Studios under 400sqft range $1395-$1695 - Parking available at an additional cost - www.954Geary.com
All of our multi unit buildings have Resident Managers on site + all of our properties are pet friendly 😺🐶 Majority of buildings offer laundry either on site or in unit.
Feel free to visit the main property site to find the perfect place for you www.mosserliving.com 😊
Wishing everyone the best on their home 🏡 finding adventures.
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2021.03.07 05:18 ComachoGestapo GET SOME

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2021.03.07 05:18 unoiamaQT 🔥 Northern Long-necked Turtle (Credit: Stephen Zozaya)

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2021.03.07 05:18 csvwart Work(s) in Progress: Me, 2021

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