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Crate & Barrel Coupon Request

2021.03.07 04:49 huythelegend Crate & Barrel Coupon Request

Hi, I plan to buy the CB Lounge II sofa and would appreciate if someone can share a coupon. Please DM me if you have one. Thank you!
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2021.03.07 04:49 DoitForTheMemes- Before the R/Gundeals gets them. $899 is as good as it gets right now.

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2021.03.07 04:49 lolakoalaa FT: shiny shedinjas, eevees, grubbin LF: shinies/ if you have other offers

As title says :)
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2021.03.07 04:49 epikninja123 Just learned the hard way about the map barriers

Was doing a Scav run on customs and it was going pretty well. Had a ton of good value tools and some stuff for my hideout. I’m pretty new to the game and was trying to find Old Gas Station when I ran along the train track near ZB-1013, thinking I was going on the right direction. I ignored the sniper markings, because I was a Scav and I haven’t encountered any snipers yet. Foolish mistake. Out of nowhere I get lit up and fall through the map when I die, the kill screen saying I got shot by nobody. Checking the map after the game I realized that I left the playable area and got domed by an invisible sniper. I’m pretty annoyed right about now but I recognize that it was my own dumb move.
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2021.03.07 04:49 Turtle_Engineer 1 Week say WHAT???

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2021.03.07 04:49 TreeHugChamp Tax day sale or Cowabunga Sale?

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2021.03.07 04:49 Indecisive_Judge Reliable and fun to drive SUV under $20k

I'm looking for a reliable and fun to drive SUV under $20k.
Preferably under 60k miles.
My list so far is:
2016-2018 Acura RDX Lexus NX200t 2017+ Mazda CX-5
Anything I'm missing?
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2021.03.07 04:49 TheGreenIceFloes "I don't know if I can keep that promise anymore."

In season 4 episode 11, Claire tells Jamie, "When I made you that promise, there was no one else in my life who could come before you. But I don't know if I can keep that promise anymore" with respect to not telling him that Bonnet was the perpetrator in Bree's assault.
Is this line from the book? I know I'm being nitpicky, but the promise they made to each other was that they could definitely have secrets, just not outright tell lies to each other. It was kind of the foundation of their relationship. Am I missing something?
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2021.03.07 04:49 lunacyon504 Picky girls won't eat pellets/commercial feed

Does anyone have advice on how to get picky chickens to eat their layer pellets? I have a flock of 3 and none of them will touch pellets or crumbles. They'll pick their favorite bits out of the scratch, same with a treat mix, and they love meal worms. They have free range of my yard but i don't think it's giving them much in the way of bugs anymore and forget grass. (Small yard + 4 years of chickens = pretty picked over biome.) I'm very concerned because their finicky eating habits can't be providing them proper nutrition. They also love cat food but i really limit that because i already know the dangers of too much protein in a chicken's diet. So if anyone has advice for tricking these princesses into eating a balanced diet please send it my way. Thank you!
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2021.03.07 04:49 Positive4Negativity My "Crappy" Day

Let me paint the scene for you. Large mall, 100+ stores, multiple levels, a lot of people in the mall at a time. We have 4 guards on-site during busy hours to handle regular staffing and we have 1 spare guard whose just on mask patrol but can help out with other things. This mask guard calls on the radio for someone in the cafeteria who didn't want to wear a mask. I start making my way down to back the other guard up and hear a call on the radio that we are going to need police for this one. I arrive to see this guy completely ignoring the other guard and walking into a store screaming about his rights and the how rules of private businesses don't apply to him. In the store, he started to yell at people to get out of his way and started bumping into people so they'd move. It was at this point we decided we wanted to go hands-on. Now on to the juicy part of the story. This guy decides as we approach him to pull down his pants, drop the wettest shit I have ever seen into his hands and began throwing it at us. We start ducking behind display tables, manikins and at one point I saw someone grab a shirt off the shelf to block the bowel soup. Anyways police show up and have to tase the guy twice to get him to finally give up. In the time it took to deal with this we had 3 shoplifting reports, 1 pickpocket, and a group of teenagers fighting, 1 used a skateboard as a weapon. Fun times.
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2021.03.07 04:49 Adamdsafgb So cute😻🥰No fighting🙀😾 ~Double tap❤️❤️

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2021.03.07 04:49 BillPaxtonsHair I’m logged into my account via the app. Where is my portfolio?

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2021.03.07 04:49 zapomnialem 30 [M4F] New Jersey - Someone to shoot the breeze with...

I’m 30, and I live in New Jersey. I enjoy meeting new people, and I’m looking for someone to chat with throughout the day. 😊 I like listening to classical music and spending time outdoors, whether it be hiking or running.
Whenever I go out hiking, I like to take pictures of nature; I especially like to take water and sunlight pictures. I like to make sure that the source of light in pictures is either on the top right or left side of the frame. I think pictures with a mixture of light and shadow are interesting to look at.
I like reading books and watching YouTube informational channels. I enjoy learning new things, and I’m currently in school on a part-time basis while working full time. I like to stay informed and follow news from a variety of perspectives. I think if one follows news from one ideological source, they’re more likely to be manipulated into believing that the other side is morally wrong.
I look forward to your message! 😊
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2021.03.07 04:49 Playe4343 another easy victory for saltyfish and co.

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2021.03.07 04:49 ScionViper [XBOX] [H] Tactician SB Fennec [W] 2500cr

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2021.03.07 04:49 g0thc0wb0y what is the reason for the c naturals in canon in d

my roommate and i recently had the misfortune of listening to the entirety of pachelbel's canon in d, and both had visceral reactions to the accidentals near the end of the piece. i understand why one might purposefully create dissonance to add complexity or a new feeling to a piece, but god, does it seem so out of canon in d. the piece is so serene in nearly every moment, EXCEPT THE FUCKING C NATURALS. i can maybe see the argument that because the piece is so simple, he wanted to add a little spice, but then why is it just that one note appearing only a few times in a small period of time, literally what purpose does it serve other than making me want to vomit. so my question is not only, why did pachelbel decide to include those extremely jarring accidentals in an otherwise very calm canon; but also, why does no one talk about this?? listening to it without it being just background music, the accidentals are very noticeable and really jarring, and no one else seems to have any qualms with this. everyone ever (apart from cellists) always describe this piece as one of the most beautiful and serene; however, i would maybe go as far as to say these few accidentals change the entire feeling of the piece to something not quite eery, but definitely not something i'd want to hear at a wedding. basically i am losing my mind over this because no one has ever talked about it and i just do not get why he wrote that like that and everyone is okay with it.
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2021.03.07 04:49 josh89rea If your Atkins do you call up SWR and Manoah on May 1st 2022, or whenever the service time manipulation is

View Poll
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2021.03.07 04:49 morninmoose This slogan on my beer which is now in poor taste. [OC]

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2021.03.07 04:49 Hoopae Hawaii hires FSU Analyst Marcus Davis as WR Coach

Marcus Davis played football at Auburn, was a GA at Auburn under Gus Malzahn, and was an analyst at Florida State under Kenny Dillingham.
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2021.03.07 04:49 CookieCrumblesAlot Got a question about my mod

I'm making a mod currently and I made some new heads for player 1 and 2, and also made a new outfit for player 1, but when I boot up the mod it doesn't show up. Any help?
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2021.03.07 04:49 bloonsisgr8 It’s been almost a year cmon dream

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2021.03.07 04:49 ximenaskincare COVID 19 Facial Ximena Skin Care Clinic

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2021.03.07 04:49 en3rgy13 might work?

ok this has to get as many upvotes mat can try blackmailing both of them and see who has the most info if syphus wants the life's blood mat can lure him and smae goes for D he can lure both of them and get the answers he wants
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2021.03.07 04:49 cageisthetruegod Trash Vinyl?

Is there any word on a pressing of this? It is hard to imagine an OM release without vinyl and this one is an absolute treasure. Would really like to have it on wax...
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2021.03.07 04:49 GroundbreakingTea613 Rain Making Music | Natural Music for Work, Study, Coding & Rest | Gentle Background White Noise |

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