Go! Do you like my idea of Yasuho being Reimi's sister? |

Do you like my idea of Yasuho being Reimi's sister?

2021.03.01 00:24 DarthVegeta Do you like my idea of Yasuho being Reimi's sister?

My alt universe Yasuho https://jojofanon.fandom.com/wiki/Yasuho_Sugimoto
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2021.03.01 00:24 Eingi Original cover for Logan's run

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2021.03.01 00:24 classified12345 Very obsessed with the theory that Quinn knew about Brittana atm

The only evidence for this (a lot of it need you to suspend your disbelief as it is) I can remember are: - 1x14 Quinn sees them linking pinkies. It was shot so that this was a deliberate move, not just that Dianna just happened to look down - 2x15 Quinn’s knowing look during Landslide - 2x22 hotel scene
Is there any more??
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2021.03.01 00:24 gooseymcgooseface2 You wish now that our places had been exchanged.

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2021.03.01 00:24 DarnLady Wth?

Goddammit, wth, I gave you an opportunity, and here's the thing, if you won't take it TRUST and BELIVE that I've got a plenty of other people to spend my day off with. So if you going to cancel just fucking do it. Because here's the thing. If you don't respond in about an hour. I'm going to go chill with my friends and if you contact me after that don't be offended when I say I'm busy. Life doesn't wait, why the hell should I?
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2021.03.01 00:24 SprkMastr This is a long shot, but does anyone have a promo code for Americantrucks.com?

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2021.03.01 00:24 heyya99 I was uninspired since Lauryn Hill retired

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2021.03.01 00:24 SadeJayne When you realize that joggers only wear that special clothing so that others don't think they are running away from someone.

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2021.03.01 00:24 Methecomet Weird tuber in lawn Seattle, Wa

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2021.03.01 00:24 WeirdContribution996 CAKE DEFI – $30 DFI PLUS 37% APY

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2021.03.01 00:24 AnnoyingCoofer Get away from her caw caw

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2021.03.01 00:24 Popcorn_isnt_corn Alley and sidewalk revitalization

I have this dream where I can plant nice trees along the alley in my back yard and along the sidewalks on my street. I’m wondering what the process to do this might be. Does anyone have any good tips or contacts for getting something like this approved? I’m assuming I can’t just do it without some kind of stamp of approval from the city or Avista
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2021.03.01 00:24 Snoo-53338 sexy selfie [F36]

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2021.03.01 00:24 striclyspoken Bravery Takes Courage (139)

Bravery Takes Courage (139) We know what we want. We sometimes don't. Sometimes we think that we have it figured it out. Sometimes we feel lost in the abyss.
With the times we are going through right now, just know that this is completely normal. No one knows what the hell is going on and thats totally ok. Just know that whatever you are doing, whatever path you are on, that it IS SPECIAL to this world.
If someone has tried to project their pain on you lately, know that it has NOTHING to do with you. People love projecting pain when they see others focusing on what makes them happy, what drives them, what is hard in the moment for them but seeing that they have the self awareness to keep going. It has nothing to do with you. Its their own insecurities and their own pains. Let them be.
Imposter Syndrome. Something I have allowed to condition myself with, is speaking negatively to myself, asking myself, why me? JUST KNOW THAT YOU & I have an impact to bring to this world. YOU ARE FUCKING SPECIAL & ugh I just want to hug you, the person reading this that thinks they aren't enough, that they don't matter.........
LET ME TELL YOU, YOU MATTER. I don't need to know you to personally to know this. Keep shining beautiful soul. Keep going. The world is getting ready to open up for you.
I love you.
Drey <3
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2021.03.01 00:24 BloodyPuma From 0 to 2500 imperial arena in less then a month

Hi Gals and Guys, BloodyPuma here.
Im gonna shamelessly tell you about my personal achievement.
Less then a month ago ive learned that there is this game. As a die hard fan of All ElderScrolls (yep, im kinda old) ive downloaded the app and sink into it.
I was totally clueless, learning everything the hardway. After circa 2 weeks ive joined Hun Hanadeni guild. Superb Gals and Guys have me precious tips on how to polish my build. Thank you guys, ive coudnt do that without your tips and mats. Big Thanks to Grond :) (Shameless advertise - guild is looking still for active players).
As I told i learned everything the hardway. Rush progressing my level from 0 to 52 in less then one month. Road to 2000 was sturdy but stable. From 2000 to 2200 too. Then the hell happened - change in matchmaking. For long days I was constantlg beeing kicked from 2450 to 2300. Not by looses. Not by my fault. Nope. 20-30 times in a row againt 3600+ guys with every gear possible. Minus one, minus one and so on. After such long and painful beating I always received a cherry to the cake - later boomer lvl 80 with a ranking 1200 and every gear possible. Sent me to the oblivion... not once, not twice.
Current matchmaking is the single most badly designed idea targeted at disencouraging new players to the game. Period. If not my love to elder scrolls and my personal achievement so close - i would ditch the game. Really.
Solely this change destroyed ma win/loss ratio.
Thank You all for a cheerful beating at the arena.
No stat padding. No cheaty help from a guild (heck, our leader beat the crap out of me a few times). Its doable. Believe in yourself. Everyone can farm arena rewards every season.
Thanks, see You next time in the arena. Hopfuly I will have some decent gear, and not PVE :)
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2021.03.01 00:24 teknoteleport This cat has Sauron's eyes

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2021.03.01 00:24 MagentawolfAJ [PSN] [H] cutter blueprint, dominus: huntress blueprint, (turtle) fennec distortion blueprint, fennec huntress blueprint, (aviator) W.I.P blueprint.+more [W] anything that equals the same rarity.

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2021.03.01 00:24 Sweaty_Employment_93 Bad bunny me voy

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2021.03.01 00:24 ReadingAboutIdiots Thanks to an anonymous redditor, I can give away a TB. Rules in description.

Rules: The person closest to 1000 karma in the comments wins a Timeless Beauty. Ends in 20 hours.
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2021.03.01 00:24 Lil_ghost_ari The Death Dialectic: A Philosophy For Existential Disharmony

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2021.03.01 00:24 Stewie_The_Sooner I worry for Aiden

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2021.03.01 00:24 TheIcyShad0w Halal friends destroy harem egirl serasimp

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2021.03.01 00:24 Bigb3lls Demon

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2021.03.01 00:24 SBattleBot India Summers or Veronica Avluv

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2021.03.01 00:24 magatraxx This cliff took 2h 20m to finish.

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