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Dabi 🖤

2021.02.25 18:34 00Soul_Reaper00 Dabi 🖤

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2021.02.25 18:34 xReflexx17 Daily Futaba 561

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2021.02.25 18:34 2Sw33t4U Nap time!

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2021.02.25 18:34 hhujnhbvjfyughjgth The shield in 2021

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2021.02.25 18:34 ThatDIYCouple Snuggle stack.

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2021.02.25 18:34 sebbiii Mewtwo now adding 10

7045 1316 9391 or 956986427801
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2021.02.25 18:34 asfleshorasdust [XB1] [SM: 1,240,291] W: Creighton’s set H: pretty much anything, just ask

I accidentally killed both Pate and Creighton and I was wanting his set from the beginning of the game :/
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2021.02.25 18:34 hentai_Saint_Isshin Part nine featuring, DioCock

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2021.02.25 18:34 Sandman92c Hypothetically, if a whale swallowed me, could I just cut my way out with a diving knife?

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2021.02.25 18:34 mechrec Sophia Loren giving Jayne Mansfield the side-eye, 1957.

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2021.02.25 18:34 BigRocksWilderness [META] Declaiming Poland

Thou art lost and gone forever
Dreadful sorry, Clementine
I feel like I've completed all the goals I had with Poland, and simply put Poland is not an incredible place to Techwank. Im not declaiming because I "Lost". Im not declaiming because the country is in shambles because it isnt. Dunno what I will do now, but probably 2ic somewhere so I don't destroy all foreign Relations by covoping most of western Europe again. Play to my strengths, which is milwanking and not diplomacy. Although I have not rejoined NATO I have joined the EDA and have reaffirmed a Defensive Alliance with Belarus. France has dropped Poland under its nuclear Umbrella, and Poland is in a very good place. Going Forward the new Polish government will keep trying to lower tensions with Russia and will slowly Demilitarize. I doubt anyone will claim Poland, but if you do:
That's kind of it.
Bon Voyage I guess.
Poland is not yet lost!
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2021.02.25 18:34 dimmu PC went from fully functional to not booting in to BIOS overnight

I had nothing to do with this initial build but it has fallen to me to do some troubleshooting. The original builder knows what he is doing, I don't think he botched the job but he is out of region right now and can't deal with it himself.
This build has been running just fine for weeks, gaming, streaming, general use without a hitch.
the owner powers it off each night and one morning they powered it on and.... nothing, no BIOS, no display out from the GPU or onboard graphics, but all the lights and fans spin up just like normal.
I have reseated the GPU, cleared CMOS through the jumper and removed the battery, and tried booting with individual RAM sticks.
What other steps can I try here? my next plan is to reseat the CPU and if I have to, start swapping parts with one of my PC's.
System- ASUS H87m PLUS EVGA 980ti 16gb of some value RAM GIGABYTE super 720 PSU
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2021.02.25 18:34 Deathbykittyxo made this top myself.... hi from kitty 🖤

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2021.02.25 18:34 old_J_Roger Foxconn готова выпускать по 250 тыс. электромобилей в год для стартапа Fisker [Научпоп]

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2021.02.25 18:34 TheWrinklyDog Gorgeous Rainbow Fluorite tower point generator obelisk FT26 by SunMoonandEarth

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2021.02.25 18:34 spacemonkster Question about Gus’s facial scar?

Does anyone know where that came from?
I wouldn’t put it past him if he put that scar on his face himself so he can look like the dollar general version Wolverine.
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2021.02.25 18:34 Mountain_Matter3746 17 f

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2021.02.25 18:34 Zeto3211 Unsure if I'm being falsely claimed as a dependant.

I'm 34 years old and I currently live with the home owner. I have a lawyer who has been handling my ssi appeal which looks promising. I receive food stamps, use public transit since the owner is drunk all day. I have Medicaid which I use to pay for food and medical costs/etc. The home owner who claims me as dependant quite literally spends no money on me personally. He takes it as an insult if I ask for 10 bucks. I live with the bare minimum here while he spends upwards of $500 a week on booze and smokes. With all of this stimulus money going around I cant help but wonder if I should really be ineligible because I'm claimed as dependant. Is just the simple fact that I don't pay rent enough to make me dependant?
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2021.02.25 18:34 kingmrlapiz So this is what happens when you escape siege

So this is what happens when you escape siege
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2021.02.25 18:34 RapsAndJays21 Please help : Been going at this for months

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2021.02.25 18:34 ADCSeason11 Mid lane is ruining the game

Mid lane is dominating the top 20 champs list and it isn't even close. Mid is still an OP role just as it always has been for years. Nerf Mid the same way jungle was nerfed and the game will become much more fun. Currently Mid has the most agency in games and it's well represented in win rates. Mid is the most popular role in the game by about double the next closest role, nerfing it could possibly cause at least a small number of mid laners to switch roles which would be good for the game.
Jungle was nerfed because it's a role that has so much early game power because they can be anywhere at anytime, mid slightly less than jungle but they still have the ability to roam more than any other lane.
There's not a single ADC on the list and very few top laners, ADC and Top both just feel like worthless roles agency wise right now, while many of the champs that reside in these lanes are powerful someone else decides whether they win or lose their lane. Mid Jungle and Support are the best roles in the game by a mile with ADC and Top just along for the ride. The best ADC on the list is Tristana at only 51% meanwhile mid lane Tristana is 52%, just highlights how stupidly OP mid lane is.
Mid needs gold and experience nerfs just like jungle got. Mid has high ability to roam and effect other lanes and this is how they should be affecting games, by roaming and being a "force multiplier" not by roaming and being a raid boss when they show up in bot lane level 6 to bot lanes level 4.
Changing individual mid lane champions won't fix the problem and will only cause different mid laners to become the next top dog until the role itself is properly nerfed. Instead of just Cannon minions giving slightly less gold ALL minions should give slightly less gold and also less XP.
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2021.02.25 18:34 Local-Caterpillar-38 Amogus firefox sussy😳😳

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2021.02.25 18:34 Trisentriom Spotify streaming without wifi

Everytime I use spotify it automatically turns on my wifi, even when I'm connected to Bluetooth. Is there away to stream music ONLY through Bluetooth and stop it from turning on my wifi.
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2021.02.25 18:34 liuch4n Pokemon: Detective Pikachu | Music & Ambience

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2021.02.25 18:34 Chemical-Ad-9402 Hopes and dreams intensifies*

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