Go! Upgrading from an iphone 6s - super out of the loop! |

Upgrading from an iphone 6s - super out of the loop!

2021.03.01 06:06 8va Upgrading from an iphone 6s - super out of the loop!

No complaints about the 6s, honestly. It's served me well and reliably for 5 years, but I'm ready to make the switch back to Android. The last Android phone I had was a Galaxy 4 back in ~2013, and I'm feeling lost in options at the moment.
USA, AT&T, no budget limit, would love a headphone jack. Anything with a killer battery would be awesome, since I regularly go on long hikes. Something with a great camera would be sweet.
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2021.03.01 06:06 DeeWongsta Ahri fanart !! Plan on drawing every LOL champion :)

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2021.03.01 06:06 mattheiuz What tires for my Lexus?

I got new 18x8 rims for my LS430. I'm wondering what setup to run. I am hoping to keep a solid sidewall presence. I do plan on lowering it. Right now I am thinking 235/45r18. I'm new to fitment so I am pretty clueless.
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2021.03.01 06:06 Thrombokiness No Upfront Payment. Pay a Deposit after a Perfect Rough Draft is Submitted to You. Pay the Rest after Submission of the Final Draft- PayPal Only, - freelancexcellence@gmail.com, Discord; Sinorita#8894

Thanks for looking at my profile!
I have been teaching and tutoring since 2015, and I am extremely comfortable with the material and how to tutor it to the individual student.
Whether you are single moms who want to complete your degree and yet be there for your children don't worry. Whether you are just too busy working don't worry. Whether you have enrolled in more courses than you can handle don't worry. No matter your circumstance, I can and I am ready to help.
Email; [freelancexcellence@gmail.com](mailto:freelancexcellence@gmail.com)
SMS; (518) 430-4514
Discord; Sinorita#8894
Available services
Essay Service- Analytical/ Creative/ Narrative/ Descriptive/ Informative/ Opinion/ Reflective/ Criminal Justice Papers/ Rhetorical Analysis/ Generic/ Compare and Contrast/ Critical/ Personal/ Persuasive/ Argumentative/ Expository/ College Application/ Scholarship/ Synthesis.
Research Paper Service- Custom Pape Research Proposal/ Research Summary/ Writing a Research Paper
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Additional Services- Book Report/ Book Reviews/ Business Plan/ Cover Lette Creative Writing/ Grant Proposal/ Critique an Article/ Reaction Pape Write a Speech/ Peer Reviewed Articles/ Personal Statement/ Powerpoint Presentation/ Term Pape Capstone Project/ Annotated Bibliography
Vouch #1
By Citation Style- APA Pape Chicago pape Harvard Pape MLA Pape ASA pape CMS pape CSE pape Turabian paper etc.
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2021.03.01 06:06 jennfoodierunner New yoga pose discovered - “get your tail”

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2021.03.01 06:06 tevorn420 why does February have 28 days?

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2021.03.01 06:06 altaltaltt The difference between a bullet wound and a shrapnel wound. Usa to usa modafinil delivery with paypal modagod.com

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2021.03.01 06:06 xX_NoobMaster_Xx-69 How do you get rowan?

Hi! I just started playing about a week ago and it seems like rowan is op, but I read he's a dimensional hero and you can't get him anymore. Is this true? And if not how do you get him? Thanks!
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2021.03.01 06:06 -discoduck- Similar to The King??? *SPOILER ALERT: don’t read unless you’ve discovered Vranik*

Okay so for anyone who has already reached the point where Toth has taken Talmberg...did you notice any similarities to the attack strategies in The King (2019 movie about Henry V feat. Timothee Chalamet)??? There are huge parallels from the movie to the part in the game when Sir Divish & Co find out that an army is advancing on their position and they are heavily outnumbered.
In The King, the Battle of Agincourt is depicted. King Henry and the English are heavily outnumbered by the French. The King’s right hand man, Falstaff, comes up with a plan where he asks if it will rain tomorrow and someone responds that it will because his bones/joints are aching and they never lie. Then Falstaff continues to lay out the attack strategy which is a group of heavyweight soldiers will attack the enemy head on as they march. The rain will make the ground muddy, making it tough for the enemy to move. Meanwhile another group will hide in the trees to ambush the enemy from behind. Falstaff has King Henry lead the second group that is to hide in the trees.
In KCD, Sir Divish & Co learn Toth’s allies are marching towards their location. Sir Divish & Co are heavily outnumbered. He then asks Sir Robard if it will rain and he responds it will because his joints are aching and that they’re 99% right all the time. Then Sir Divish continues to explain the attack plan that’s EXACTLY the same as Falstaff explains it. A group lead by Captain Robard will meet the enemy head on. Meanwhile our hero, Henry of Skalitz, is to lead a smaller group of men who is to hide in the trees until the exact moment when the enemy is met by Robard’s men.
All in all, the Battle of Agincourt in The King is based on historical records. I believe the movie is mostly accurate during the battle. If so, then KCD really looked at medieval history in depth. The Battle of Agincourt took place in 1415 whereas KCD is set in 1403, just some years earlier.
I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts on the parallels, and to see if anyone caught the battle similarities before The King came out???
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2021.03.01 06:06 Trust_N0_0ne__ Am I being unreasonable?

Hi all! I was diagnosed with BPD a few years ago. My husband and I have been together for 3 years married 2 years. He was super loving and supportive for the first 2 year and then we moved and he became distant. We have had bad times and worse times and a lot of great times. But no matter how hard I work on therapy and work to be positive he always says he is apprehensive for the future. Which I understand completely. But I just went home for 2 weeks and came back yesterday. It has been awkward since then. He was making love to me last night and he was talking dirty to me. He mentioned something about a friend of ours and if she could join us. I said sure and he begins to tell me somewhere along the lines of when I was gone home for those 2 weeks, he spent the night at her house and nothing happened they just talked. I asked if there was anything else which he replied no. Saw his call list on his cell phone and she was there multiple times on different days in those 2 weeks. I ask him why he lied and he said because I gaslight him and we end up in a fight. Then he tells me he went to her house on Valentine’s Day for a couple hours and they talked in which he yelled at me that morning they text telling me to leave him alone and he will text me when he’s ready to talk. Well now I know why! He was never this way before and he seems to be cold and uncaring to me. When I asked him if he’s telling the truth about nothing happening, he laughed it off and said it’s really none of my business. I just flew in yesterday and have no one, no money, and one bedroom apartment with my husband. I just wanted to know why he made me come 5k miles from home if he did all that. I believed him at first that nothing happened but thought 2x when I bought him in a lie and then more of the truth come out about Valentine’s Day. I found out he has multiple Reddit accounts and one says married/separated in which was new to me. Idk what is going on or how he wants to proceed and if he wants me to go home so he can start a bee life by himself here. I just want him to be happy but he doesn’t believe anything I say. I think he just wants me to quit trying and give up and go home. Any advice?
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2021.03.01 06:06 Dubs3pp 2-Takt Gemischkanister mit Skala

Kennt einer von euch einen guten Kanister zum Anrühren von 2-Takt Gemisch? Am besten mit Skala um verschiedene Verhältnisse direkt im Kanister mischen zu können.
Hab bisher nichts gescheites gefunden bzw. wenn dann ging die Skala nicht bis 1:20 und die Bewertungen waren Sch*****.
Alternativ: Wie mischt ihr euer Benzin?
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2021.03.01 06:06 xxxbrvziii Lil booty babi 🙈🥳 [oc]

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2021.03.01 06:06 amzn-deals [20% off] SUNNEST Window Curtain String Light 300 LED 8 Lighting Modes Fairy Lights Remote Control USB Powered Waterproof Lights for Christmas Bedroom Party Wedding Home Garden Wall Decorations,(Warm White)

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2021.03.01 06:06 worldnewsbot Three names mysteriously removed from Khashoggi intelligence report after initial publication

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2021.03.01 06:06 tminus7 The Queen's Gambit - 1x01 script

I've seen a few requests for The Queen's Gambit. Here's the script for the first episode:
The Queen's Gambit - 1x01 - Pilot
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2021.03.01 06:06 receptions totally didn't realize this sub existed, it's awesome! take some of my art

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2021.03.01 06:06 SMG54 DK DONKEY KONG HUH

Become Monke https://discord.gg/8pTsgh2984
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2021.03.01 06:06 himmelskmk [AMV] BANANA FISH - CITY OF ANGELS - (ASH LIFE STORY)

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2021.03.01 06:06 BIGBOFAH Don't Lose Your Head

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2021.03.01 06:06 danylhorvath :)

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2021.03.01 06:06 Autistic_Norman-C Not a dead cat boyz and girlz. Sleeping giant about to wake up.

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2021.03.01 06:06 okamkidies y’all fucking with pineapple pizza

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2021.03.01 06:06 NihonScope Daniel Lee: Special Purim Edition CA Victories, Major AZ Election Victory, Durham to Step Down, Yah in Control

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2021.03.01 06:06 Loss_Left Hahahaha

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2021.03.01 06:06 DaRealDoc How would you make tobi from naruto (swirly man)

Very Curious
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