Go! R11 3090 RTX single open PCIe slot M.2 NVME expansion card alternative solution. |

R11 3090 RTX single open PCIe slot M.2 NVME expansion card alternative solution.

2021.03.01 07:04 L337Fool R11 3090 RTX single open PCIe slot M.2 NVME expansion card alternative solution.

So, like many others here I wanted to expand my high speed storage capacity but I couldn't stomach the idea of putting one or two obstructive mini-heaters directly under my 3090 RTX in the form of an M.2 NVME expansion card. I also wanted to use the slot to expand the capabilities of my rig rather than just add more of the same. After a bit of research I found a solution that might interest others on the fence. What I went with was a small expansion PCIe card that provides a USB 3.2 gen 2x2 port for use with a gen 2x2 enclosure or other various devices that can make use of 20 Gbps bandwidth. Now when I get my 2TB 970 EVO Plus to replace the stock 1TB M.2 drive I can re-purpose the old drive as a high speed portable drive and keep the bulk of the additional heat outside of the case plus expand the overall capability of the rig making it a bit more future proof.
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2021.03.01 07:04 aalikali When you had a really hard day and someone makes you a piece of toast just the way you like it to show they love you. So much gratitude for the little things.

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2021.03.01 07:04 Imclutchh Here her drop box they deleted my old acc y’all needa stop selling her nudes that’s weird

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2021.03.01 07:04 CarlosSmithudemy [100% Off] Baştan Sona İngilizce Eğitimi - Sıfırdan Başlayanlar İçin

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2021.03.01 07:04 pokesoul321 Halo shop coming back?

Does anyone know if and/or when the master Chief bundle is coming back? I'd assume it would be like the last season and ALL the bundles come out at the end but idk and I'm bummed that I missed it the first time....
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2021.03.01 07:04 CrazyCockatoo2003 Taylor Swift does NOT deserve respect in this situation and Netflix's "Giddy and Gerogia" is right to call her out on milking songs about her exes and Katy Perry.

I'm sick of seeing all these comments on Twitter defending the actions that Taylor Swift has done in the past with her toxic ass music, yet if a regular citizen were to be this toxic to their ex or enemy, that person would get the complete opposite response from people.
Although I can give Taylor credit for stopping this bullshittery since 2020.
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2021.03.01 07:04 Nadeko-Sengoku For Erica Meltzer’s Reading book, how should I annotate passages? Also, should I annotate, including her examples, every single one as I’m also taking notes and my SAT is in 2 weeks (1 hour per 10 pages for me).

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2021.03.01 07:04 Saanvi_Sen Mission Accomplished..😝🤣

Mission Accomplished..😝🤣
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2021.03.01 07:04 iwylv Duolingo: Add Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian

Good evening, I have a request for Duolingo administration. I'm from Latvia and I know what is like to live in a country, where you don't know the native language. This situation is very popular in the Baltic states. A lot of people from the Soviet Union don't know Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian. Nowadays apps are very helpful in learning languages, so it's a great opportunity to learn these languages in Duolingo. I would like to ask for help. I want to open courses in Duolingo: Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian. This courses will be very useful for Russian speakers. There are people who can organize the production of courses in these languages. Thanks to these courses, people's lives will become much easier. I do not want Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian ​​to die out, so I ask for your help so that we can get many voices, and we will be heard! Thank you! :)
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2021.03.01 07:04 -PiNG static problems

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2021.03.01 07:04 Alvyx14 Mewto raid 0796 9994 8522

Mewto raid 0796 9994 8522
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2021.03.01 07:04 imnotanark is this the right KIN?

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2021.03.01 07:04 jdjdjejdbdjdj I’m thinking imma pull the trigger.

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2021.03.01 07:04 200RocksUpMyAss When you have to fart,the fart gets teleported to anywhere you want up to 25 meters from you and it will be 100x smellier and louder

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2021.03.01 07:04 TrendingBot [TRENDING] /r/EntitledPeople - Entitled People (+994 subscribers today; 414% trend score)

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2021.03.01 07:04 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-thomas-stearns-eliot-7

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2021.03.01 07:04 devilgamer72_ Did anyone else lose power like for 10-20 seconds (somewhere between 10:55-11:00 PM)

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2021.03.01 07:04 InternationalWave675 What would you do?

Two weeks ago she (23F) and I (25M) met each other on a blind date.
Surprisingly it all went well.
Two days later I sent her a message saying that I enjoyed our time together and asked if she already had plans during the weekend. She took her time to respond, almost 48h to be honest. But she agreed. So, we set up our second date.
She’s slow in texting so our conversation is quiet formal. We only send one message a day.
Last week was the second date. Again, it went well, but I noticed that there were more silences. For me those silences weren’t awkward, but she tried to keep the conversation going by asking me questions. Once the conversations started it was easy to keep them going.
After the date I did a two-day radio silence, just because I was busy. Then I asked her out for a third date. Again, she took her time to respond. The moment I proposed didn’t fit for her, but she offered an alternative. I agreed one day before our third date by saying “Nice! See you tomorrow!”.
What happened on our third date? She didn’t show up.
After waiting half our I texted her “I can’t find you. Where are you waiting on me?”. Twenty minutes later (surprisingly fast based on her previous texting behaviour) she said she was still on the train and forgot our date. She proposed to reschedule.
As it is quiet a long drive to the place we agreed to meet, I was pissed off. So, I waited some minutes before sending back. I texted her that it is a long drive for me but offered her Thursday as I am in the city for business.
She apologized again for missing the third date. That’s it.
To be honest I don’t feel in love with her yet (thank god!). Although see seems to trigger my interest. I would like to give her a second chance, but I’m uncertain if that is a good idea as she gave me the signal that she’s unable to stick to agreed plans.
What would you do?
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2021.03.01 07:04 CuzIcanGod I'm I the only who feels like this when people ban Darius or think is Camile level broken?

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2021.03.01 07:04 CeesieG The feeling of being "love" isn't always what you think it is.

TL;DR: being in love for most people is a fantasy they created in their head, which is most of the time not the reality.
I wanted this to post for a while now, but always hesitated and not wanting to be the person who knows better, because maybe my visions is flawed too.
I'm a 24 single male. I have had a few relationships in the past, but that never really worked out(longest was like 6 months or so). Before my 17th I never really had any luck or was "ready" for relationships. Always had my interest, but was way to complicated for me.
My first relationship was with a girl who approuched me when I was working in a supermarkted when I was about 17 years old. I was really interested because never before I had got interest from the opposite gender and opened a whole new chapter for me which I always wanted to explore.
I immidiatly was addicted to this feeling, this feeling of what I thougth was being in love. Sure there were some doubts, but surely nothing we could overcome right? This feeling just made all doubts invissible.
After a 3 months of being in wonderland, I started to notice the issues I had were becoming more appearent and harder to ignore. And me with no idea how to tell this to her, because it was al new for me too, so I went into pussy mode and got annoyed by it openly. But because thougth I had wanted a relationship like this for so long, I couldn't get myself to be honest, also I had already said she was perfect and all kind of stuff like that.
She started to get annoyed by my behaviour, totally understandable and ended up having frequent fights about my behaviour, almost like I wanted her to dump me, because I didn't have the guds to tell her I maybe made a mistake and all the things I had said, like "your perfect", "I want to be with you forever" were all lies, not at the time it felt that way, but at this time they didn't feel geniue anymore.
We ended the relationship not long after that, not in a pieceful way, because I was too scared to handle my blame and act responsible for my actions. So to end it with a fight, was the perfect wat to split the blame.
A few relationships like these past, which al followed a simular path.
Till I realized how my "being in love" feeling was decieving me and was based on a lie I created in the beginning of a relationship. I realized all previous relationship were or build on looks or because someone took interest in me and I my primate institict of getting and impressing a the girl kicked in.
My feeling of being in "love" was based on my own created fantasies. I never was in love, and probably do not even know the true feeling of that yet. And the early hints I got in every relationship, which I ignored, was my intuition speaking, because he knew something was wrong.
I always was trying to have a girl to like me, by acting an ultra version of "myself", which was far from the real me. After this realistion, I completely changed my view of a relationship is. Changed? I finally was discovering what a relationship really was and what it would mean in my case.
I want someone who likes me for being me, not an ultra version of "myself." Also she will be attracted to someone who is just a small part of you.
After realising that my view on a relationship has been flawed for most of my life, I took a look around and realized alot of people still base being in love and relationship on the way I did. And I think that's why so many relationship fail, because instead of people choosing on what they really want themself, they still choose the fantasy they creat.
I guess this post is to warn people. Do not fool yourself with fantasies of your own creation. Don't be distracted by trying too impress, because it will keep you from thinking about if the person is really the one for you.
Also keep in mind your SO could have based your relationship this way and may discover that sooner or later. My hope is that none of you here are rushing in relationships, without being 100% content yourself. Only you decide your own values of what you want. Only you.
For me real love is someone who want's you for being you, with all you negatives and positives and the other way around. Also don't be afraid to let people down in cases you don't feel a relationship after a few dates. It may hurt for this person, but if you don't, you will end up hurting this person alot more.
Some people think being turned down has something to do with being not good enough. That maybe true in this case, but guess what, you're not going to be enough for most people. You just have to be enough for one and this person to you.
I just hope to give people some insignt in my view on this matter. I don't think this will be the case for anyone. But It could give some insignt on one perspective.
All the best.
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2021.03.01 07:04 --CoRe-- Drawing Maincoon Cats <3 I hope You Linke It!

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2021.03.01 07:04 XxavierHunt KuCoin Futures Brawl 8 - Infinity War! Lead Your Team and Win Awards!

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2021.03.01 07:04 imdpathway Covid-19: India adds 16,000 cases, Kerala tally reaches 1m mark | India News - Times of India

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2021.03.01 07:04 dat_cursed_boi trhanls

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2021.03.01 07:04 Covidbride2020 Nail Stamping

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