Go! Can anyone please help me. |

Can anyone please help me.

2021.03.01 00:26 Jrakegdf84 Can anyone please help me.

I'm logged out. Password dont work no security key
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2021.03.01 00:26 vegetableskirt Here’s a 90s throw back alt hip hop playlist for you... if you like that stuff

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2021.03.01 00:26 loudbounce My previous post ‘How deep is America in the Benzo Hole’ I estimated long term use was appx. 50%. CDC recent report proves I was way off. It’s 90%!!!!

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2021.03.01 00:26 falcaraz99 World Gym

So are they going bankrupt and don't want to tell us?
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2021.03.01 00:26 Jan-chu Mundane Weapon Recommendations?

I finally got around to making a Mundane Build but I don't realy know many weapons that work well with it.
I use the Santier spear, 2 Avelyns and I have a Bandits Knife. I'm at NG+ with lvl30 in all stats (except for strength at 38 to powerstance the Avelyns).
Thanks in advance :)
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2021.03.01 00:26 nmuzekari Player argues about Strahd being able to cast counterspell against Luck Blade's wish spell

So I just finished up a session where the party's ranger was throwing a wish spell via the luck blade they found in the brown mold crypt.
Strahd, hearing the party go back and forth about what wish to use and talking about distance and what not, taunts them, telling them to go ahead and cast it and he'll even back up (but not more than 60 feet lol)
Ranger says he casts the wish spell, I say that Strahd uses his reaction to cast Counterspell. Another player pushes back, telling me Strahd shouldn't be allowed to do that since the wish spell is instantaneous. I tell him that the spell's effect is instantaneous but so is Counterspell, and Strahd can use his reaction to have a chance to counter the spell. The player goes on to argue about words and cadence and such, that the wielder of the sword could change his cadence and say it quicker ... I reply that the Counterspell stands per the rules and I'm standing firm on that.
Strahd fails the attempt after all that. But the pushback on it got other players wondering if I messed up and shouldn't have allowed it.
As far as I understand, the way I handled it was correct ... right?
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2021.03.01 00:26 Kooky-Requirement982 GME /AMC GANG

I'm all in with my blindfold on been waiting for this movement to come it's here my hands are stuck ti this diamond im holding. Does anyone know if day trading is bad for our movement been hearing ut is my knowledge is decent but not that deep 🤔 apes lets get this $$$$
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2021.03.01 00:26 Sledgehammer617 Star Trek Nero Comic Signature Help! - I bought this comic recently from a comic store, and it seems to be signed by someone. Anyone have any idea on who this signature belongs to?

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2021.03.01 00:26 skitch885 This unedited and for a panty subscription makes me want their product!

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2021.03.01 00:26 berninicaco3 of COURSE hp lovecraft chose a fishing village for a setting (innsmouth)

...the deep ones are also called the many-anglered ones, after all ;)
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2021.03.01 00:26 XxEilanxX Saint Denis can be beautiful sometimes, only sometimes.

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2021.03.01 00:26 josez2003 So we just gonna ignore this then huh?🤦🏻‍♂️

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2021.03.01 00:26 propasizethize Firelight

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2021.03.01 00:26 TuckB303 The Bequin Series - Knowing what has come before

Do I have to have read the Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies to get an understanding of what's going on in the Bequin series? Like are there a lot of callbacks to previous events that will give context, or are the two books released so far able to stand on there own merits. I don't fell like having to read 6 books just to get a handle on Pariah and Pentient.
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2021.03.01 00:26 xero7ven Trezor wallet

Is the 3rd party that holds Ravencoin for Trezor trustworthy? And how does this 3rd party work inside the Trezor wallet?
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2021.03.01 00:26 hconfiance TIL there is a lake in the Himalayas full of human skeletons from all over Eurasia. Scientist are still trying to figure out how they all got there.

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2021.03.01 00:26 SorenWray Core Self - Marionette (Hereditary Tribute)

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2021.03.01 00:26 SeizeOpportunity TIL: A study paid people to build Lego figures. Figures made by "meaningful"-group individuals visibly accumulated while "Sisyphian"-group individuals kept rebuilding just 2 figures. On avg, "meaningful" individuals built more figures, suggesting that people are motivated by meaning, not just money.

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2021.03.01 00:26 fretporpentine Asterix knew!

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2021.03.01 00:26 y0diana ah yes.. the ideal drive.

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2021.03.01 00:26 MidnightCityYEG Can I get Shaw internet for one week only?

I'm moving at the end of March and will no longer need Shaw internet. My new condo has internet included. My 1 year contact ends March 21 but I'm not moving out until March 28. I need internet for work and stuff. Can I call Shaw and ask for internet for one week only or will they make me pay for a whole month? Thanks!
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2021.03.01 00:26 whosjess Hi, I’m new to trading and I need some help knowing if a trade is worth it or not. I just need someone who I can message to guide me through some trades so if anyone else has more experience and is ok with me asking them questions whenever lmk:) mostly active on ig

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2021.03.01 00:26 flyingrubberduck GME Target dates - Jan 15, April 16 - u/trollwallstreet DD

All credit to u/trollwallstreet for this juicy tinfoil hat DD
I believe this was planned two years ago. I have looked into the wayback machine (internet archive) and this is what I have found.
Replace the M in Meat with B
If you check the Drop down menu you will see the dates that the squeeze's were planned for in the options. Jan 15, 2021, April 16, 2021, and June 16, 2021.
Jan 15 options were purchased on Feb 26, 2019. Shortly after this date was our first major squeeze.
The options for March 16, 2021, and June 16, 2021 were purchased March 4, 2020.
Now the key data is that the wayback machine only archives a website when you request it to. So after purchasing the options someone had to go to the wayback machine and tell it to archive that particular page. Leaving a bread crumb for us future noobs to stumble across.
Why is this important?
This is important because whoever set this up knew the FUD, manipulation etc that the HF's would go to to stop this. I believe they have flooded the options with calls and puts as a confusion tactic and never plan to exercise their options. The options may have been created by another hedge fund, but I am willing to bet they created the options as part of a demoralization campaign.
When the option chain fails to trigger a squeeze people will lose hope, and its a realitively small cost in the grand scheme of things for them to do this. A few million worth of options, that they know will never get exercised in order to confuse and discredit people using this as a data point. It will demoralize and cause people to go paper handed. Or they were created to create a fake squeeze that is limited in size and to shake paper hands off from the true squeeze.
Another data point is the CFO - his last day is March 26. Then they will higher a new one. Shortly after the new CFO will probably recall all GME shares. If we give a three week lag time to hire and announce the new CFO with sometime to recall the shares, we end up around April 20, 4/20. This is when I believe the next true squeeze will happen, and the options that were bought March 4, 2020 will be exercised. Most of the puts and calls have been placed by hedge funds to protect themselves, but the ones that were placed 2 years ago are the ones that put them at risk.
Why will the new CFO call shares in right away?
GME has an option to raise capital by selling shares, which they have yet to do. I believe the CFO will call shares in, to trigger the squeeze, to maximize GME's ability to raise capital when they sell their shares they already have authorization to do.
What other evidence is there?
The wayback machine also shows options for DFV's previous yolo's where he made mad money in the previous several years. This is why I trust the data on the wayback machine.

FROM THE DATA I HAVE FOUND MARCH IS NOT A TARGET DATE FROM THE ORIGNAL PLANNING. I am not saying their won't be a squeeze, I am just saying the historical data of options I have found do not support a squeeze in FEB (which their wasn't a big squeeze) or in MAR. There may be a small squeeze, but nothing like whats coming in April, specifically April 16, 2021.

March 19 is not a target date by the original planner of this.
Someone bought options 2 years ago for Jan 15, 2021, April 16, 2021, and June 16, 2021 - as shown on the wayback machine.
The other puts and calls were boughten after the hedge funds realized the risk on the books. Either to profit off other hedge funds, create fake gamma squeezes, or to confuse people looking at them thinking they will be exercised when they never will be.
GME CFO's last day is Mar 26, which means the new CFO, that will probably call shares in as his first action. This will take weeks to accomplish. This lines up with the April 16, 2021 options that were boughten a year in advance.
DFV's yolo's match up with other option dates I have found on the wayback machine where he made good money.

And to top it off getting down voted the hardest I have ever seen. So hard my wifes boyfriends ass hurts. 58 upvotes and 57 comments..... something seems weird, like they don't want you to see this.
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2021.03.01 00:26 NebraskaJuice A discord died for this post

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2021.03.01 00:26 sweattyballz97 Unopened 1st press

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