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Best bounty hunter spec?

2021.03.01 01:40 njklein58 Best bounty hunter spec?

Just what the title suggests, what do you think the best spec for the bounty hunter class would be? I’m playing mercenary bounty hunter btw. I’m eyeballing bodyguard because having some healing abilities can come in handy
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2021.03.01 01:40 Convoy16 Kid gets attacked by bees in minecraft meme

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2021.03.01 01:40 CyclopeanFlock New hunter idea

Could we get a native american hunter added. I think I'd be great cause, lore wise, they would be joining to quell the evil spirits that they believe to be wendigos.
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2021.03.01 01:40 CitrineQuartz gaming pc advice

hello to my fellow epic gamers. my mom wants to be able to use her laptop and has agreed to let me get a gaming computer. i am looking for a prebuilt that isn’t super expensive but can run games like minecraft and phasmophobia. any recommendations where to start?? please no fancy computer language because i’ve been using a mac and am not super computer smart. i’m excited to be able to run minecraft well after years of playing on console and a mac book air!!
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2021.03.01 01:40 Fentanya Anon's ass malefails

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2021.03.01 01:40 I_love_boobs86 Really struggling with motivation and energy

Just started a new well paid job but it’s been a struggling learning the new system/software/clients/etc. Also they are a lot more professional and budget hours for returns and expect timesheets every day
I love my boss, absolutely love but I’m struggling badly with motivation. I’m definitely suffering from depression and health issues but how do I deal with tax season in the meantime? I’m really struggling getting through the work
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2021.03.01 01:40 entityroast Sick pulls from all the Shining Fates packs I was able to find at MSRP

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2021.03.01 01:40 MultiPlatformPlayer Yes!!! We have some baby turkeys in!!!

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2021.03.01 01:40 BLACKOUT-MK2 Do you like a fighting game because you learn it, or learn it because you like it?

I'm curious to see what makes people stick with a fighting game. I had this thought recently because I feel a lot of outsiders get scared away from fighting games because they feel they can't have fun unless they're jumping in online and getting their ass beat until they meet a level of competency where they suddenly start having fun. I think more people could do to just try the games, see if they like them, and then watch if that doesn't encourage them to be more intrigued to learn.
Do you think that's a fair point? What do you do personally?
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2021.03.01 01:40 BiblicalBible Can people please stop reposting that shorty fucking frog meme every goddamn Sunday

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2021.03.01 01:40 xXKevinPotterXx Rework 2 of SY leader to better support bounty and self poison

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2021.03.01 01:40 jediwizard7 Sasageyo

Processing img hgkf5yqhkbk61...
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2021.03.01 01:40 DeeDeeNem My red ghost has sprouted!!!

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2021.03.01 01:40 xGAguiar Mega venusaur 8126 3311 1752

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2021.03.01 01:40 AlexAverycomedian Some jokes about babies/pregnancy and breastfeeding

Societal norms are weird, like personally I don’t mind seeing women nursing in public all I ask is that maybe, I get a turn, cause I’ve always wanted to breastfeed a baby
(This jokes always landed and I’ve told it as a stand alone one-liner for a while but it made me want to expand further on this idea and branch off)
Where’s that men’s rights activist? the one fighting for my right to feed babies
You’re looking at me like “Buddy nobodies stopping you” that’s because I haven’t tried it yet
jokes aside, I genuinely love babies, I’ve considered finding a pregnant 22 year old, wait until she pops, play with her baby while supporting her then leave and move onto the next single pregnant 22 year old before it forms any long term memories of me
That’s what I’d love to be a short term surrogate father
One time I was downtown and I saw a young woman sitting on the street breastfeeding her baby and I said “‘scuse me Ma’me would you like to sit down on my skateboard while you feed your child?” she stands up, hands me her baby, I hand her my skateboard and then she stole my skateboard, which sucks because you cannot kick flip on a baby Is that joke pro-life or pro-choice? Neither it’s pro-skater (It’s so goofy *no pun intended but people really like this joke there’s 3 lines that get laughs)
But, still that’s my strong political stance anyone anyone who can lactate should be able to feed their child anyplace, anytime but we can agree there should be an age limit
The age you stop breastfeeding should be about the same age you stop wetting the bed, and for me that was age 12, until yesterday
that’s a hell of a relapse
especially when consider alcohol and breast milk are the two most opposite beverages, unless your moms an alcoholic
there’s a legal drinking age for alcohol there should be a legal drinking age for breast milk, only the laws are totally opposite
It’s simple, you’d only serve it minors and as soon as they start speaking coherent sentences we cut them off
(I believe this might be the best joke in the entire set I’d consider burning out several jokes just to get to this one sooner)
You get caught drinking alcohol as a teenager you’re either trouble or you’re cool, but if you get caught trying to sneak into a keg party with a jug of your mothers milk you either have weird friends or you’re getting bullied
of course they’re not so different you buy alcohol for minors you go to jail, you buy breastmilk as an adult it’s kinky either way you’re ending up in handcuffs crying for your mother
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2021.03.01 01:40 FunGap1176 Casual friendly EU guild

Is there any PvP-guild which would accept casual players to do arena, rbg and stuff together?
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2021.03.01 01:40 Flese_jQ Supplements?

Anyone got any supplement recommendations that improved your thinking? I don’t know were to start for my severe brain fog.
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2021.03.01 01:40 AbeTheCop23 Family trip to the library.

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2021.03.01 01:40 nousername808 Anyone else having a watch party? Crazy!

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2021.03.01 01:40 Givemesilence ITAP of this worse for weather snow sculpture at a park. Leduc AB

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2021.03.01 01:40 Waiislandx This Anne Frank doppelgänger i found at an antique store

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2021.03.01 01:40 desertstomper9 Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) at CPAC

At CPAC Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) commented On Black Lives Matter (Owens is African American) • “When you hate God, when you hate capitalism, when you hate the family unit — which is what Black Lives is — you do not care about Black lives. You do not care about American lives. You care about an ideology of godlessness."
I believe this man to be a Bootlicking POS
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2021.03.01 01:40 Throwaway39594 Trading MFR Frost Fury

IA: Shadow dragon / Giraffe / nfr parrot / mfr queen bee
NLF: oxen / turtles / kangaroos/ snow owls/ skele rex
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2021.03.01 01:40 clip_mirror_bot Small Streamer Cries After Being Stuck On BLJs For 1 Hour

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2021.03.01 01:40 Bbpromanage presque isle Mi lighthouse

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