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Mega ampharos adding 10

2021.03.01 06:15 aussiedopey Mega ampharos adding 10

Add me 0968 2377 3183
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2021.03.01 06:15 DaleJV My boy Romeo suddenly passed away, what could have happened...?

I guess my last post got removed due to being too long. I tend to ramble a lot when I talk about Romeo, he meant the world to me. Still really tough after his passing 3 days ago. So here is the short version (which was a cut out from my last post).
Now to the point of the post, what could have possibly happened? He passed away in my girlfriends' hands. He was taking bigger breaths then normal (not extremely bad, but she knew something was very wrong) and then in the last few breaths he tilted his head up to my girlfriend for a bit and on the last breath he closed his eyes and layed back down.
He was extremely healthy; the vet had just told us 2 days before she is extremely surprised at how well he is doing as most babies die when being bitten by cats and said we were doing brilliantly and that his scar healed up perfectly (in my other post I talked about how we bathed him in saline 3 times a day to keep his little bite mark (not a big one) clear of infections. It worked very well and it fully healed in 3 days)
His fur coat was looking beautiful and he was developing very well. His overall size kept growing, his little feet had changed so much, tail got so much longer, eyes opened, ear canals developed, started getting hair on his little belly and so on.
He went downhill so fast. It was 30 minutes from where he was still waking up and being active to the time of his passing. The way he moved whilst walking, eating, climbing was the exact same as usual. No signs of pain.
He was only about 12 days old when he passed, he will always be in my memories. That little fella changed a lot in my life. If anyone had ever seen anything like this or had any idea of what could of happened, I would really appreciate it if you commented it.
Thank you for reading this everyone.
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2021.03.01 06:15 nelfhunter99 shadowlands or?

hi! all so i just started and retruned to wow from bfa. im a classic bfa vet so i know what's up lol. anyways so i heard the necklace isnt working but can it? i dont know about the lore in shadowlands but can it really even top azshara? that's such a big lore character and now we have afterlives? where are we going honestly lol. i love wow. i just want to know, is the nostalgia worth it? being completely honest i need to know because wow is a big deal to me and i am not sure if shadowlands will match up to BFA that i started because of boyfriend got me into it lol. i played past xpacks like i said cuz i'm vet BUT like legion i need to about the nosaltgia. also i'm HYPE about vanilla classic wow tbc!!!! hpye!!! my favorite part of bfa was islands because cool xmogs but ppl hated them idk why.... anyways does shaodowlands scratch the wow itch or?
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2021.03.01 06:15 Habitatforjungle Will getting the Band of the Falcon out of the vortex strip Femto of his powers?

Or will Femto still have his powers?
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2021.03.01 06:15 cribdeathstar How many hours will it take me to get to champ?

It took me 250hours to get to diamond, I know it gets a lot harder. I’m curious, when will I get to champ at this pace
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2021.03.01 06:15 Espacio_Fantasma83 Rip off

I paid for bag and they never shipped it. When I contact them they tell me now it’s shipped but then I go back to tracker and ups still never received it. They won’t send it or refund me. U we still takes the payment out. If you haven’t ordered from them yet you should keep it that wat
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2021.03.01 06:15 CabinetWest Please

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2021.03.01 06:15 Brittney----- Newbie needs help

Hey! I’m new to tiny tower and tiny tower Vegas. I’m using the app often but it doesn’t seem like I’m progressing very much. Any tips and trick from the pros for these games?’
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2021.03.01 06:15 ransom00 Manually Save Character File

I'm playing on a remote server with friends. Since the patch last week, my PC often randomly restarts while I'm/we're playing. Everything I do since I last slept (or sometimes longer) is wiped. My friend made me an admin, and I've tried using the console "save" command, but apparently that doesn't work for character saves.
Is there a way to manually save your character's progress, so that I can play this game until I figure out what's causing my PC to just restart? (Think it's a heat issue related to dust in the PC, so not Valheim related.)
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2021.03.01 06:15 ItzCrimsonZero Is this CPU good enough?

I have new pc with 8 DDR4 ram GtX 1050Ti
But is the cpu of it good enough? It is a Intel Core i3 10100, and is it better than i5 2310?
It has an Intel H410 chipset with an Asus Prime H410M-E
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2021.03.01 06:15 MaximumPurchase8759 10th gen SI

Hey everyone! I’m thinking of buying a 2020 Civic SI. I currently own a 2002 Civic manual (non SI) it’s fine, nothing wrong with it. Owned it for about 2/3 years now, (just getting bored of it as for my daily driver) and I was thinking, should I buy a new 10th gen now? Or should I wait for the 11th gen SI? Thanks!
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2021.03.01 06:15 Glorious_eu4ria First Bob Ross! Grandeur of summer. Tips welcome :)

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2021.03.01 06:15 NewsElfForEnterprise One Pfizer dose offers robust protection for those who have had Covid-19, studies find.

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2021.03.01 06:15 nonamecuzimdum Any website which gives class 12 chapterwise prev year questions?

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2021.03.01 06:15 Unusual-Tutor9082 Reddit really knows how to ask questions.

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2021.03.01 06:15 idspispopd COVID-19 outbreak kills three workers at Red Deer, Alberta Olymel meatprocessing plant

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2021.03.01 06:15 Sporkinyoureye Page 897: Sorry, didn't see you there. I was too busy lamenting.

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2021.03.01 06:15 Evan02 First Time Boat Buyer Questions

Im a first time boat buyer and we were looking at a 2017 Sea Fox 226 Commander for about $48k, the boat will be used for mainly deep sea fishing. Is sea fox a good brand and also is the price fair or should I keep looking around?
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2021.03.01 06:15 Emiel_Games Every time

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2021.03.01 06:15 justinkterry Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning in 13 Lines of Code Using PettingZoo

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2021.03.01 06:15 Puzzleheaded-Arm2182 Nuclear weapon na itinatago sa Pilipinas?

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2021.03.01 06:15 LeoCastillo357 WallStreetbets

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2021.03.01 06:15 The_Hetch The_Hetch Gov Race Press Statement 1

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2021.03.01 06:15 darealwillbro A short video about my first time being nervous

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2021.03.01 06:15 Francisdgg Beautiful support animal⠀

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