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I’m playing with viewers

2021.03.01 00:31 ElitezyptieTTV I’m playing with viewers

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2021.03.01 00:31 _DarkBlack How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood ?

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2021.03.01 00:31 _Wildflower3 Love Bites

Flirting with the feelings that I shouldn’t have, that where the trouble with wanting starts somewhere between the cake and the pie, it will leave you famished and tied to a pen. Writing down all those pieces of you before they get lost somewhere inside my head.
Life seems to be like that, it will give you little glimpses on separate pages to smooth out and sort through. Some you toss aside with no further thought and some you keep close to you because you like the way it makes you feel.
You are like that for me and I walked through your fire knowing I wouldn’t be able to hold back it’s too electric and filled with the one thing that only you could set me free from. Yeah... I’m so screwed
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2021.03.01 00:31 MatthewMcManpuncher Ya boy needs some new metal, because new metal is soy boy cuck shit and Daddy needs a new rage boner

All righty boys, girls, and homo sapiens of all shapes and sizes, here's the issue I find myself presented with. I like that dark metal shit, you know? That Rings of Saturn / Black Tongue / Emmure type shit, that music where you listen to one song by one artist and you're ready to take on the legions of Hell with a duffel full of water balloons. My problem is, I've hit a drought of new music lately. I'm finding it hard to find new music that scratches the particular vitriolic-hate-type itch that the music lobe of my brain craves. Anyone got any suggestions? Been a while since I heard some music that made my boy bits tremble with rage, so feel free to surprise me here
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2021.03.01 00:31 ussducky 3D model / STL viewer

In my attempt to make this OS my daily driver, I'm looking for alternatives to what I use a lot. One thing I've taken for granted is the built-in 3D model viewer in Windows 10. Is there something like this that will work on Elementary?
I don't even care about all the extras on the Windows one. Just would like to click the thumbnail it creates for the files, and look at it and rotate it and zoom in and out.
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2021.03.01 00:31 introverted_love pretty please

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2021.03.01 00:31 memegenerator69420 Uhh... you can drop me off now

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2021.03.01 00:31 Johnnoshark Landorus on me - add 331393295114

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2021.03.01 00:31 TheRealist1988 Black deck help

I'm just getting into the game and I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on building a decent black deck?
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2021.03.01 00:31 klcdudy Are there any reuploads of the new gud track that aren’t age restricted

Can’t watch it smh
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2021.03.01 00:31 ContentForager Raise your hand if you love the TriStar! (/r/flightsim)

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2021.03.01 00:31 rBradydoesreddit Hey I was wondering if I can use this in a playsand mix for my leo, if anyone knows please lmk, cUz I’m not sure

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2021.03.01 00:31 x3891517x How are some people playing music & sounds directly through their headset ?

Can someone teach me this trick ?
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2021.03.01 00:31 NuthrDayNuthrDolla 🔥 A gorgeous waterfall I came across during a bushwalk (New Zealand) [OC]

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2021.03.01 00:31 fananananabobana Surfer Silhouette. Fun Sunday piece. 12.5”x22.25”.

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2021.03.01 00:31 zakmackay absolutelynotmeirl. Usa to usa modafinil delivery with paypal modagod.com

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2021.03.01 00:31 davetenhave Carers and clients concerned

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2021.03.01 00:31 imlosthere666 bourbon

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2021.03.01 00:31 dabfruitcz Yone's E

Did you know that when yone uses e on enemy and u have that mark over enemy champion thats what every player in league know, but lot of yone players what i saw in like 4 months dont know about that when the mark is cutted, its like signal to you that is enough true dmg to kill enemy (it doesn't count shields).
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2021.03.01 00:31 primeukbot Casio Edifice EF-129D-2AVEF watch blue dial - £46.67 / Black £48.43 delivered @ Amazon EU

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2021.03.01 00:31 yslwej Not finding contestants attractive or “hot” after knowing about past behavior

I get that all the contestants on the show are casted because they are conventionally attractive but it seems to be the ones that seem to be considered the most “hot” or attractive seem to be the most problematic?
Like Victoria F on Peter’s season for example. Many people and Peter deemed her the “hot one” out of the contestants because of her “crazy curves” and her “exotic looks” (the crazy curves and exotic looks are in quotes because I really don’t agree with those reasons and don’t find her THAT attractive when compared to the other girls). To be honest, during the season I just found her “average pretty” compared to the other contestants (not trying to hate). Well Victoria F once posed for a “white power” company and once I saw that photo of her, I now find her extremely ugly because of her past actions.
Same with Taylor Nolan. I found her average pretty too and always had a bad vibe off of her. And now after seeing her revealed twitter posts I now find her completely ugly.
I’m just trying to say I had bad vibes about both of these contestants and therefore didn’t find them all that “hot” and now find them very ugly (physically) after finding out about their past actions
Anyone else have the same thoughts?
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2021.03.01 00:31 KINGBULLITT Ryzen 9 3900x w/ a NVIDIA GeForce 1070

I currently have a Ryzen 1600 with an NVIDIA GeForce gtx 1070 and ASRock Fatality b450.
I want to upgrade the CPU. I’m thinking about the Ryzen 9 3900x. I’m wanting to know if I’m going to run into any issues? I have checked it with the compatibility of the rest on my hardware and it checks out.
I did check the bottle neck between the 3900x and 1070 and it’s at 13.5%. Didn’t know if this was because the graphics card won’t use the full potential of the CPU?
I know the 3900x is overkill for the GPU I have but I plan on upgrading to a better in the future.
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2021.03.01 00:31 Amateur_Kitchen Balancing Listening and Creating!

Hey fellow musicians! I’ve always felt like listening to music and creating music were somewhat two separate worlds with huge rifts for discovery. I feel like when I lose creativity I turn to listening to music, but I feel like I lose myself into that world. Balancing influence and inspiration from listening within my own creations is tough, but I feel like I sometimes run on short spurts of inspiration rather than self-ran creativity, but that might be based on my unfamiliarity with the medium. Whether it’s lyrics or instrumentals, I sometimes have to force myself to work on my own projects because of my lack of creativity at the certain moment and to jumpstart ideas, but I always turn back to listening. This balancing act is kind of tricky, but if you all have some information on garnering creativity from listening to music or exploring other music, please let me know! Thanks!
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2021.03.01 00:31 Th3MomOfTwo I have been working at the office for the past 2 weeks. This is how Finn and Aurora lay in my lap every evening.

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2021.03.01 00:31 Conscious_Ad_5282 Where’s is the one? Do I just wait here for my soulmate to come ? I need just someone to talk to or just someone to be with me and help me through rough times.

i wonder what my real future soulmate is doing right now. She is probably sleeping peacefully or talking to her present boyfriend or eating or crying or just there. Im only 16 so yeah still young but i just wonder. If she is in a bad place right now , i wish i was there for her right now. I also hope she is also thinking the same thing... maybe she isn't cuz is something we are not aware of... i just really need someone in my life who can just sit next to me all the time. I get it that I’m just 16 years old but is just all these breaks up I’ve been through... I’ve learn from my mistakes but is just why me... I never told a girl “hey I want to break up with you”. I just wondering when will I ever meet that person who I’ll put a wedding ring on their finger and just live happily. My longest relationship was 7 months and it was mostly online but hey it did hurt....the break up hurt. My recent break up just lasted like a month and I had my first kiss with her and my first time ever cuddling with a girl and just laughing and having fun times. She left me and I’m here looking like a clown thinking she is my soulmate... I’m just so close to giving up on love and going independent forever... but at the same time... I just have that hope of that soulmate... that girl being there for me... I’m just wondering how is she doing right now... would love to talk to her now or something. I might seem desperate... is just I’m in a bad state right now where I need someone to be there for me. Cry...laugh...smile...love and live. I’ll for sure show her this post when I meet her and is for sure my %100 soulmate. I just wish there was a way like a magic way where like for example, we all had a love necklace and it doesn’t connect with anyone necklace but only your real soulmate... wouldn’t that be cool. I mean Im a fine looking guy...well is what I see as myself sometimes but is just you know... I just don’t know anymore... do I wait here and let her come to me??? I’m tired of chasing after girls so I guess that will be the best thing to do. I also am listening to Binaural Beats :) which made me think about my future soulmate.
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