Go! Why we are skipping version 0.05 |

Why we are skipping version 0.05

2021.03.01 06:21 GhengopelALPHA Why we are skipping version 0.05

Some may have noticed we never got a version 0.05. Well, the reason is simple - I made a late change to the temperature system that required me to invert all temperature preferences of all saved agents. But... I did this AFTER I had saved several template worlds for distribution... Ooooof. So yep. Nothing fancy, no major feature-breaking reason. Just me making a little goof that needed a new version number to track. Enjoy your correctly-aligned temperature regions!
Oh, and don't get too comfortable... I heard about this thing called "Global warming"... you may have heard about it! Stay tuned, and Keep Selecting!
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Desert Sage Locations https://youtu.be/Y2bYWsjReC0
Geese Locations https://youtu.be/eAXjfSxJzeA
O Creaghs Run
Why are my Role Challenges different?
This is because Role challenges are level dependent. These challenges are for role level 20, so may have different challenges if not at that level in a particular role

Processing img btm4z1tu0dk61...
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2021.03.01 06:21 No-Soap Not the love monke!

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2021.03.01 06:21 Off_again0530 Painted by my friend. Peter Cancro in the back

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2021.03.01 06:21 applejamz [Selling/ US Only] Clearing out my collection! Mostly NIB: Smashbox, Tarte, Estee Lauder, Tarte, NARS, Too Faced, Tom Ford, Fenty, Huda Beauty, and MORE!

Please read before looking at items below!

Group 1 Items:

Group 2 items:

Group 3 items:

Group 4 items:

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2021.03.01 06:21 Driftingsnow665 New jetta owner

I just picked up a red mk6 jetta with a 2.0L 5 speed and was woundering what are some of the most common problems/issues with the camotor I currently don't have any issues with my car I would just like to be prepared for the future. The only light that is on the dash is the light that let's me know one of the other lights are burnt out other than that no issues. Also the car has 145k on it for mileage.
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2021.03.01 06:21 BlueShadow1661 Discord Pokémon Sw/Sh tournament

Hello there. I am u/BlueShadow1661, as you can see, and I have been wanting to do a Pokémon Sw/Sh tournament in the Eevee discord server. You can find the link to the server below, and the only requirements is to have a switch, Pokemon Sw/Sh, and a Nintendo switch online subscription. I hope you join, if you want to

Link: https://discord.gg/D3Us98Sd4Y
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2021.03.01 06:21 Jcrest-1 Averaged up to 8.01

Just realized I averaged up to $8.01 on Friday without even meaning too. A subtle sign for me to “Stay the Course”.
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2021.03.01 06:21 R0oks_ Wifi Parental Lock/Parental restrictions or smth

I have wifi parental controls, how it works it that they have an app where they can make it so at a certain period of time I get no internet access and these restrictions only apply to specific devices my mum puts it to so the way I get around that is just changing my network address but the issue now is occasionally at night like late at night she would check that app to see if im connected to it, does anyone know a way I can make it so it doesn't show that im connected to the wifi when I actually am? I cant use a vpn even if that was a way to bypass it as the game I play doesn't allow people to play on vpns to prevent hackers from using a vpn to get passed an IP ban.
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2021.03.01 06:21 StinkySlinky1218 My lame attempt at reviving this dead format.

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2021.03.01 06:21 Dougary96 DAE see their pulse in their neck?

I’ve checked with my doctor who says it’s normal but I have yet to meet another person who can actively see their pulse in their neck. Normally it’s in short bursts after sitting or laying down but I’m honestly just curious.
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2021.03.01 06:21 supremisis I have peaked in my CK experience

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2021.03.01 06:21 SalamanderHot63 [42M] I'm looking for lesbian/bisexual roomate

Looking for Lesbian or bisexual roomate. I'm looking for these two sexual preferences because as a male I would find it easier to live with than living with another guy or a single straight female. I have a 2bdrm house with basement, and media room, 1 bath. Rent is 550 and utilities are under 250 a month. So it that between me and a roomate and would save us both money. All I ask is that the person has a job and is not heavily into drugs, would prefer them not to be a drug user but would work with you on that. Please dm me for more info.
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2021.03.01 06:21 SandwichDistinct Kya kiya yaar tum logo ne ....lol

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2021.03.01 06:21 Tahhillla Question from right leaning guy on transgender and gender construction

Just gonna say I’m pretty down for the whole gender construction thing, I myself like the idea of gender abolishment, but I am struggling with the transgender thing. when I say transgender I’m talking about the people who say their perceived gender is not the one they actually are and this is normally based on the binary male female, I am not talking about people who are non-binary and don’t subscribe to traditional gender norms and stuff, I think transgender peeps and non-binary contradict each other so I am making it clear that I am not talking about people who are just non-binary, I am talking about people who say their gender is incongruent and therefore they have gender dysphoria as a consequence. I possibly have this all wrong so if someone can inform me of my misconception about gender or transgenderism pls do that instead of calling me transphobic, and if ur confused on what I am saying being transgender is ask me any question pls, I realise I’m not the smartest cookie and my writing can be very confusing and not clear. Anyway onto my question.
If gender is a social construct, how can someone be incongruent with it?
So gender is a social construct that society based off of primary sex characteristics to then identify u as a specific gender (either male or female). So the idea of being a male or female is socially constructed, u are treated in a certain way by others because of ur perceived sex, that’s why it’s ‘socially constructed’. Now my question is how someone can be incongruent with their gender if their gender is socially constructed in the first place, at that point aren’t we arguing that there is something innate about ‘gender’ that isn’t socially constructed and instead biological, as we are saying that someone can not be the gender that has been socially constructed for them. You’d have to argue for some sort of binary biological difference in gender, as there was no mistake in the social constructing. I’ll give a broad example - if u are born a male (sex) u are treated a certain way by society and are treated as a male (gender) ur gender identity is then a male because society has constructed u to be that way, then at what point does my gender become incongruent if I am trans, in this example where I am born a male and my gender is constructed by society on the basis of my biological sex, how can I say that I am not the gender that has been conditioned on me without arguing some innate biological difference between male and female brains, where I, someone born with male sex characteristics, has got a female brain and therefore my gender is incongruent with my perceived gender, surely I’d have to argue a biological difference in gender and therefore I can not also be in solace with the gender abolishing movement.
Just a question that I would love Someone to answer for me, if someone can then I’d be totally onboard with it all.
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2021.03.01 06:21 NA2772 How exactly do 'out of system' transfers work?

As the question says. How does the MTA know I exited Lex-Av 63rd St on the F & Q lines and walked to 59th St on the N, R, W, 4, 5, & 6 lines to swipe again and get a free transfer?
Or the Junius Street/Livonia Ave transfer on the L & 3 lines?
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2021.03.01 06:21 skiddles1337 Need help integrating stripe

Hey a buddy of mine has a site he has been working on for a while and it seems like its ready to go. One problem, he hasn't got the payment system setup. I don't know who was doing his code for him before, but he and I both don't know dick about coding. I was wondering if anyone could give an estimate on how hard it is to integrate payments with stripe. https://stripe.com/docs/connect/collect-then-transfer-guide
This is the guide stripe offers for getting it setup. How long would it take someone to do this? If anyone is interested I would love to get on discord and screen share everything. Feel free to message me on reddit too. Thanks for reading.
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2021.03.01 06:21 Vodolazskyi Game of chances

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2021.03.01 06:21 staytrueangel232 Is there anything else after seraph of the end vampire reign?

Besides battle in Nagoya. Like is there anything else? (Anime) I know there’s more in manga but is there anything else animated?
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2021.03.01 06:21 batmans_cumsock activity :D

I really like how this sub is more active then battleaxebi , plus we have more people !!!
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2021.03.01 06:21 Claussius1 Here we go again.

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2021.03.01 06:21 datoxdh Yo guys we had some troubles with last app, but there it is, FLIGHTREACTS APP IS LIVE, if you like it just subscribe to Basketball 4L on youtube

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2021.03.01 06:21 Powerful-Ad3272 Manga to LN

Can someone tell me the chapter where the manga leaves off in the ln?
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2021.03.01 06:21 Bakufuranbu teach me about detecting/predicting enemy

my most death cause in sanhok/livik is getting shot by enemy i didnt know where they come from. like when i casually looting close to my teammates and boom.. enemy out of nowhere shoot me. can y'all pros tell me how to spot the enemy?
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2021.03.01 06:21 redditmasterop First crack at doing a lithopane, better than I thought but there's room for improvement

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