Go! Men of Reddit, what do you do with your life? |

Men of Reddit, what do you do with your life?

2021.02.25 09:56 yuri-123 Men of Reddit, what do you do with your life?

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2021.02.25 09:56 6846 Bon dia des de la Carretera de les Aigües

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2021.02.25 09:56 lilboi27

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2021.02.25 09:56 Nerdwegian Noen her som har fått ødelagt glassdøra si i natt?

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2021.02.25 09:56 fr3fou What font is this (the one in the app)? it's from framer.com's trailer

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2021.02.25 09:56 Express-Assist6141 22 [F] 👻 LadyComely 👻 1 on 1 session.. 😋 Upvte my post for sext👄

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2021.02.25 09:56 libtin What did I give my teacher as a present?

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2021.02.25 09:56 Ferret-Formal Self improvement exhaustion

This past year has been a crazy year. I've been working on myself so hard, utilizing every bit of spare time i have to find more resources, find more ways to be better, find more ways to improve. Got myself a therapist. I even called my ex to ask for feedback on what i did wrong in the relationship and how i could have done better (i broke it off).
I am so fucking exhausted. I wonder if i will ever get to a point where it's good enough. If i will ever wake up and just be able to enjoy life and enjoy myself as is. Is it wrong to just want to "be" sometimes? And not want to constantly think about being better? My partner constantly pushes me to be better too. I just want to exist for a bit. Just breathe for a bit. I'm so fucking tired
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2021.02.25 09:56 Bombdog14 If you don't want or can't take delivery: consider using a proper bullion investment service not PSLV

So I see in another post that there is an emerging short interest in PSLV. Shorting PSLV may have the side effect of stopping apes from getting their tendies into physical silver. No fault of Sprott, they seem to be doing a sterling job. Now consider: there are some fantastic investment services in bullionvault.com and goldmoney.com. Apes looking for maximum effect (even better than taking it home in some ways) can buy silver using these sites. The terms treat your deposit as a common law bailment. It's a much better way to get exposure IMHO than buying PSLV.
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2021.02.25 09:56 Ratatok Wholesome WhiteKnight [by CSLucaris]

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2021.02.25 09:56 BlackPearl252 Which country's national anthem did you like the most?

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2021.02.25 09:56 InspirobotBot Thu Feb 25 10:56:00 2021

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2021.02.25 09:56 Jaz1140 3080 Memory overclocked to +1500/22004mhz - no performance loss?

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2021.02.25 09:56 NikeeyHD PIM Hernan Crespo

Anybody played him yet and can tell me how u like him?
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2021.02.25 09:56 bannana_doppio how could the m1 combo spam be solved

option 1: increase cooldown to avoid these moments when the combo becomes infinite
option 2: reduce the number of hits to make the combo less destructive and repetitive
option 3: remove that annoying combo and leave it as it was before
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2021.02.25 09:56 BiggestDickar Klarna’s CEO is deeply worried about bitcoin

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2021.02.25 09:56 LordPirateDuck Perseverance

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2021.02.25 09:55 28Kain ''Life & Death'' Digital painting

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2021.02.25 09:55 CHR0N0MASTER Samsung killing Find My Phone "Get location" from watch

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2021.02.25 09:55 what-a-name-24086 20[m4f][chat][relationship] Ireland/online looking to chat long term

About me: I’m 20 from Ireland. 5’10 brown hair and green eyes. I’m going to college studying engineering. I prefer not to talk too much about it as it can be a rather dry topic. I live in the countryside on a farm so am pretty used to work and animals. I’ve also got two dogs and their is also a stray cat that hangs around the place . When relaxing I usually play pc. I like to play single player games like football manager and some paradox games as well but still play multiplayer like rocket league and among us the most recent ones.Im massively into sports and love watching and playing them they would be stuff like football formula 1 and rugby.I spend a decent amount of time on YouTube . Also watching shows like Brooklyn 99 on Netflix.ive been watching letterkenny as the most recent tv show series.aslo I love watching movies and learning about the production of techniques used in making films. Hobby wise I love cars I can do a bit of work on them but honestly I just like reading about them. As of this summer I’ve also started doing diy and flat packing and am turning the garage at the house into a livable space to have people over. I’m going to leave it here if you read this far you might as well go and send me a message as well.
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2021.02.25 09:55 sobrique Some thoughts on Season 6

As Season 6 draws to a close....
wow it's been a long one hasn't it? 2 'cycles' of each of the leagues, 2 special cups, and a load of time to bounce around finding 'our' rating.
My thoughts so far on this were:
Balance changes mid season. Ugh. Never keen on that. I like to have time to prepare. Mostly I like 'em - I think Ninetales became 'decent' with the addition of weather ball. I'm not convinced I like what they did to Politoed though. I'm just not convinced it needed to be more spammy than Swampert.
Ember boost doesn't seem to have 'taken' - I've seen hardly any Ember users out there, it's still a substandard move. Another point of damage might be called for?
Nerf to Razor leaf seems to have worked - it's made 'grasshole' less prevalent overall, but without totally ruining it as a play strategy. Likewise the bubble nerf, rock slide and sky attack nerfs. They're still present, they're just less dominant.
Still waiting for them to deal with poison and bug though, I think those need some lovin'.
Season duration I know I've seen people grumbling about it being too long, but I actually liked it - there was plenty of time to 'find' your rating, even if you did muck about a lot on the way (as I did). Racing to be 'first Legend' was still a thing, and there was pressure to be top of the leaderboard. But I've seen some stats to suggest around 10x as many people made it to legend this season (it's an estimate, but it looks about right).
But I think the extra time helped - there wasn't nearly as much luck involved in getting there, and for all I grumble about 'bouncing off' the next rank up several times, I've actually sat in a fairly narrow rating band the whole season. So I think it's had a chance to converge on my skill level, and to get to the next rank, I need to 'git gud' rather than grind/rush/get lucky.
Which is how I feel it should be.
I do like having two rotations though, because there's always a feeling that Great League is still 'too early' for people to capitalise on it at the start, when no one's made Legend yet. And also ML skews the other way, because after 4 weeks already, ratings have increased overall. Having a rotation addresses both concerns.
I do however hope they recognise the longer duration when it comes to end of season rewards.
XL Candies Badly handled IMO. XL candies are still absurdly rare, and even the hardest of hardcore players in my community are only just about getting a small number of L50s.
It's not too bad in Ultra League, where a bunch of things got a little bit more viable at Master league though? Well, Master's always had the 'problem' (I know not everyone sees it as such) that it's harder to compete in for newer players. If you're L35, you're taking on L40s with underlevelled stuff, and that's rough. And it just got worse - even L40+ don't have enough candies for most things, meaning a relatively small minority get to have a substantial advantage by being a really enthusiastic player and grinding hard.
I don't really like that. Best Buddy Dialga club is bad enough, but XL candies only made that worse.
It moved Master-Premier from a easier-to-compete league (because legendaries are rare and expensive compared to pseudos) to a harder-to-compete league, because dragonite XL candy is almost as hard to acquire as Kyogre XL candy.
So the budget league of Master Classic stayed, and ... as far as I can tell, the vast majority of the 'content creator' streamers just played the cups instead.
I think that's to the detriment of master league, and all the people who like it, with a shorter duration, swamped by XLs, and competing with 4 'cups' running concurrently.
Badly handled I feel.
XLs should have just been banned for 'a while' - I'd have said if you asked at the start for 1 season, but given at the end of season my straw polls indicate even now hardly anyone has L50s, I'd say 2-3 seasons, if not more. Probably too late for that, and Master League's just going to suffer until the 'level playing field' returns.
Rewards I feel rewards generally were 'ok' - I like the fact that there's benefits to doing GBL, but they're not overwhelming benefits that mean people feel obliged to. Sure, the encounter pool wasn't great, but I don't mind that too much - I'm here for the dust and candies mostly. And I have had a few legendaries out.
I still think they could add elite-moved full evols though as rare pool members - 'scoring' a frenzy plant venusaur or HC swampert would be nice. Less important now as we've just had the full gamut of community day moves in the last quarter, but there'll still be new players coming along who missed out.
Kanto Cup ... I'm not actually sure I like the rating being turned off. I guess it's a bit of wind-down and play-time, but... meh. It is what it is. I'm having some fun with it, getting some dust rewards in, and I hope you are too.
What do you think about this season? Has it been good? Bad? Too short? Too Long?
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2021.02.25 09:55 JardinSurLeToit Alec Baldwin Criticizes HBO Woody Allen Piece as "Trial-by-Media"

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2021.02.25 09:55 Athena_723 Oddly terrifying... But wholesome?

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2021.02.25 09:55 pancakebattery Transferring to another college, where can I find the syllabuses for the courses I have taken so far?

I’m trying to transfer out of UH into a different university and the university that I’m attempting to transfer into is asking for a syllabus for the courses I have taken so far. Unfortunately I did not have the hindsight to have downloaded the syllabus when I was doing the course, and I was hoping there would be a way to access them online again. If anyone knows a way to do this I’d really appreciate your help.
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2021.02.25 09:55 icodq Spotify

Hi, I’ve wasted a few hours making some playlists! These are filled with rock, blues and classic metal goodness. Maybe you will find something you like. Account: Aschwin Rutjens (Im kinda curious of everyones favorite bands/songs so if u wanna put them in the comments ill check them out :) thx)
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