Go! Trading 9 fossil eggs for ride potion or unicorn |

Trading 9 fossil eggs for ride potion or unicorn

2021.03.01 00:25 imtheguythatsme Trading 9 fossil eggs for ride potion or unicorn

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2021.03.01 00:25 Jmarc7171 Recent Mech E Grad switching to CS - which option makes a most sense?

Long story short:
Graduated with a BSME in 3 years, didn't spend any time reflecting on if I enjoyed the major or not, and have now spent the last 9 months working in a position that I do not enjoy at all. I've strongly enjoyed the few programming courses I took in highschool and college, on top of learning java and js on my own time, and am strongly considering switching over to computer science. It seems like I have three main options to make the switch:

  1. Bootcamp (Pros: structure, connections/easier job placement after graduating, cons: $17k)
  2. Master's in Comp Sci (Pros: Really the only way to learn the ins and outs to be truly prepared, Cons: Time and Money)
  3. Rigorous self study + portfolio projects then shoot for entry level jobs or even an internship to get my feet wet

What would you do in my situation?
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2021.03.01 00:25 Badpeach21 Love the way these fit 😘

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2021.03.01 00:25 Evanfitz02030 How do I get the jerseys for 88 Couturier?

Having trouble finding these jerseys. Any tips?
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2021.03.01 00:25 TDXNYC88 Discussion thread for The Simpsons S32E13 - "Wad Goals"

Air date/time: February 28, 2021 @ 8:00PM [EST] (FOX)
Synopsis: Bart becomes a successful caddy, but Marge worries it is ruining his character.
For cable/non-cable subscribers: - If a friend or a family member has a TV account you can login at www.fox.com/live to watch the episode live on your computer! If you can't catch it in time, the following options are available the following day: * Hulu * FOX.com
- To watch past seasons, you can go on Disney+.
Also, check out our Discord!
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2021.03.01 00:25 solidus_demon Beyler bı bakarmısınız bir şey diyin

Beyler kızla konuşuyoruz böyle sesli mesaj fln da atıyor ama aramaya gelmiyor çok heycanlanıyor anladım hadi panik atağı fln da bu kdr heycanlanmaz bu iyiye isaretmi kôtü yemi ? (Panik atağı riskli çok üstüne de gitmek istemiyorum annesi panik ataktan ölmüş ztn :/ )
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2021.03.01 00:25 wetsupwiththat Sangres, July 2018.

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2021.03.01 00:25 tgp_of_iwg Favorite unintentional announcer double entendre?

The all-timer Doris dropped today wet my appetite, but left me wanting more. Now is the time to come to you asking - nay, begging - for more. Will you do what reddit does best, and give me some more childish shit to giggle at?
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2021.03.01 00:25 TimetravelingShape Proyect "Rain World Manual" - Sixth Batch of Illustrations Completed (Somewhat)

Hey, hello! Sorry for the long wait, I've been resting my wrists these last few days, that and I also had some things to attend to. Anyway, how's everyone doing? Is the beginning of the year going alright for any of you? I hope it is.
So, these batch is not going to have the Leviathan on it, I'll it leave it for the next one. If anything, I'd rather update and present these two illustrations that I already finished so I can start fresh with a new batch.
This is what I've got, please, tell me what you think!

Processing img x3bssx7aqak61...
Here's the thing I'm not quite sure about the DLLs: What do they do with the food they consume? Do they use it to create body mass? Does it go anywhere? Or maybe they are like those balls from The Incredibles, where they smother you until you are consumed by their cores... And then let your body rot inside them to become a fertilizer of sorts? Who knows. Perhaps it's scarier (and better) if we don't know...
I do, however, theorize that DLLs and BLLs have a very fungal-esque growth process; since you only find them in humid, wet or closed spaces (Pebbles' can, Garbage Wastes, and that one pipe in Shoreline on Hunter's Mode).
They begin as a passive, mushy growth on the walls that barely twiches in the direction of other sounds. Then they start to expand, a gelatious window forming in some of the cores (later to become the X's seen on them) and hair-thin tendrils peeking out from in between them. And not much later they become Proto Long Legs, until a particular patch of it becomes too core-heavy and detaches to become a DLL/BLL.
I wonder if they are like horses, where once they are born (or in this case, detached) they become able to walk and run around. Or maybe they just lay on the ground and let the rain carry them around while consuming the organisms that pass by until they become stronger.

Processing img 7jwqon3jxak61...
I think of Snails as a mix of actual snails, oysters and a bit of tortoise. Like land snails, they seem to have a somewhat fragile shell; and, if they want to deliver their signature popping, it's most likely a little hollow and not that heavy (I think, I'm not that sure). They also (like land snails) might eat their eggs once they are born to get the dosis of calsium they need. And who knows, perhaps they eat the shell of other Snails if they happen to die.
When it comes to oysters, I refer mostly to their abilities of purifing large amounts of water every day. But considering that since cycles canonically seem to last less than an hour, this process is best done in large numbers if you want to achieve the same the same result (50 gallons per day) in such a short amount of time (20 mins. min. to 40 mins. max). Perhaps that's why there's so many of them, they reproduce in large numbers to compensate for the lack of time.
And for tortoises, I got that mostly because of the slow, clumsy movements and thick limbs. They use their claws to dig soft ground to either burrow themselves in it, or to make a place fitting enough to lay their eggs.

Theorizing aside, that's all I have for now. Thanks for waiting! Tell me what you think!
Stay safe, eat well, and have a good day/night!
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2021.03.01 00:25 Woenobee [xbox][H] offers [W] tact Fg and saffron jolt bangles

I can pay per credits or striker lime or striker cobalt 1:1
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2021.03.01 00:25 WaveHolder WTF who uses roadsign? Please give us skins for TAC Gloves

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2021.03.01 00:25 SacredSpinach Leif From Bug Fables in Dragon Ball Style [2D] [Artwork]

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2021.03.01 00:25 Dependent-Reveal2401 Hillcrest Petroleum is an exploding search term worldwide, especially in Canada and Sweden

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2021.03.01 00:25 Lewis_1889 JOIN LSRP TODAY THE BIGGEST GTA ROLEPLAY SERVER. We have Xbox,PS4 & FiveM servers for everyone to come and enjoy make sure to come check us out using the link below!

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2021.03.01 00:25 FordPrefect7x6 [Poetry] Commercial Gone Wrong - Burger King

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2021.03.01 00:25 vegetableskirt If you like some good old 90s alt hip hop here’s a playlist for you

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2021.03.01 00:25 thegreengumball The Zombie Apocalypse Is Here

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2021.03.01 00:25 Jahgone What’s the deal with icebox?

These past few days I’ve gotten top frag or 2nd on any other map, but can’t get 5 kills on icebox? What’s the hell is up with this map?
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2021.03.01 00:25 USdayNEWS Memphis Rapper Pooh Shiesty's Brother Shot to Death

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2021.03.01 00:25 notorious_biggie Warning: The following program contains scenes of graphic stupidity among four lifelong friends who compete to embarrass each other

Coming up, why is Joe sucking it off at the orphanage?
What is Q doing at the abortion clinic?
...and which losing joker has to get beheaded by radical Islamic terrorists in tonight’s punishment?
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2021.03.01 00:25 airportdelay Marketing genius.

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2021.03.01 00:25 NyeGuy01 Bruno or Salah out for KDB for the double Gameweek? Bruno has worse fixtures long term?

Would like to have triple city for the double Gameweek, have Lord Gundo and cancelo already. Thoughts?
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2021.03.01 00:25 WeezyMac_ First acceptance

Was accepted to University of Nebraska’s Statistics PhD program! This is the first program I’ve been accepted into, and I’m still waiting to hear back from a few. Really a confidence booster as I haven’t heard back from my top choice yet! Now it’s more excitement than nervous!
Info: 3.55 gpa Math major, Bio and Physics minors Just finishing undergrad Not published, but have research experience and applicable work experience
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2021.03.01 00:25 artworkmusick (FREE) DJ x Twerk x Club Type Beat ONE FOR DJ WHATSHISNAME Instrumental 2011 THROWBACK

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2021.03.01 00:25 hEinZbeAnZ67 Calvo Motorsports 2300bhp Dodge Viper.

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