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2021.03.01 06:23 Economy_Handle_4928 Swim

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2021.03.01 06:23 MushroomSnails Mini seizure? Paralysis while standing? What was this?

At the time I was 22 years old and I am a female. 5ft 7in and 120 lbs, no medications and was a smoker at the time, 10 cigs a day average. Was not super healthy but something like this seems unusual.
Was this a mini seizure? Why would this have happened? Seizure? Or low blood pressure? What happened? This was ten years ago, and only one time. I ( 22 f at the time ) went to the doctor about it and she wasn’t concerned, and didn’t really have anything to say about the situation. I found it super weird and scary though!
Basically I was in the bathroom looking in the mirror and out of nowhere felt my whole body seize up and go paralyzed and then started shaking all over my body. This was happening for what seemed like maybe five seconds or more while I was panicking in my head trying to say something to alert my boyfriend. ( He was right by me in the bedroom)
He realized something was wrong and came and caught me because I started to fall down. I regained control over my body and then started crying. It was super scary and has never happened again. I have had panic attacks in the past but this did not feel anything like that, I was totally paralyzed! I have also had sleep paralysis many times and it felt more like being that paralyzed but while awake and standing up. It felt like what people describe a seizure being like.
Any ideas what this could have been? Can dehydration or low blood sugar cause something like this? Thank you for your time!
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2021.03.01 06:23 CarolinaPeeks These feet will walk all over you. 😘

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2021.03.01 06:23 Priobhaideach Commonwealth Courier - Sanctuary Branch

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2021.03.01 06:23 scrotey_mcboat This made my day.

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2021.03.01 06:23 crmac77 Post Cereals

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2021.03.01 06:23 Freddoe3Loopy Need help with writing assignment. Must be extremely well-versed in topic of racial capitalism.

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2021.03.01 06:23 Evening-Vermicelli44 Join my party at https://visible.com/p/partysplain Don’t forget the referral code WZLFs For an extra $5 off!!!

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2021.03.01 06:23 Evan02 First Time Boat Buyer Questions

First Time Boat Buyer Questions
Im a first time boat buyer and we were looking at a 2017 Sea Fox 226 Commander for about $48k, the boat will be used for mainly deep sea fishing. Is sea fox a good brand and also is the price fair or should I keep looking around?
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2021.03.01 06:23 Electronic_Dark_2648 (serious) Does any of this jibberish make sense?

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2021.03.01 06:23 BatCucumber Double whammy; Tweet defending Biden bombings brings out china loving genocide deniers

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2021.03.01 06:23 Jiggy_Sixty9 How can i change my facebook account linked to pokemon go? so i want to change my Facebook account that is linked to my pokemongo. I unlinked the old account and now when I'm try to link it to another fb account it is not getting linked. It says unable to link.

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2021.03.01 06:23 WazzzupBwwwaaah Superheist - Bullet (Album: The Prize Recruit) [Year: 2001]

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2021.03.01 06:23 Skirt_Adventurous Iss Pakistani feminist k barey mein kya khyalaat hein sab k I

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2021.03.01 06:23 Rahul_bax Day 28 Of Posting Until I Get A Girlfriend

How tf is it already March
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2021.03.01 06:23 rikmane12 Det er for sent nå

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2021.03.01 06:23 KooLassiG Income Tax Relief Items for 2020

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2021.03.01 06:23 Throwaway1744572 Cps called on my family

My mom has been neglecting me emotionally and physically as well as saying things to me. It’s a toxic environment and I’ve wanted to leave for a long time. I told my therapist about how she hadn’t taken me to a doctor and I had hearing loss because of its etc. it’s so much more than that. They called Cps, and now I’m not sure what to do. I want to see if my grandparents will take me. I’m 16, I could come visit my friends during the summer. I love my mom but I don’t want to live with them and I don’t want my cousin there either.
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2021.03.01 06:23 CardioFit-j5thegod Shamoon Ismail - CHAL

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2021.03.01 06:23 aravindp6010 Niagara Falls | Top 5 Attractions

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2021.03.01 06:23 Elleirda_ Rapid Firecannon over Runaan's Hurricane

I recently noticed that Pro-players prefer building Rapid Firecannon. Could anyone explain and is it actually the optimal build on Jinx?
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2021.03.01 06:23 IvanOrlis Bentley Blancpain GT3 Flying Spur M-Sport Supersports Brooklands Blower GT Convertible Continental GT Zagato Azure

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2021.03.01 06:23 inexplicabro Tip appears in Brave Publishers, but not in Uphold.

Might you guys know why? It's been 2 hours since I've gotten the tip.
Processing img mnfukaly0dk61...
Processing img 52vwr83s0dk61...
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2021.03.01 06:23 TxToezz 2021 is 2020 with makeup on

Who else is over this year?
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2021.03.01 06:23 theauspiciou King – Blanko Lyrics | The Gorilla Bounce | Prod. by Section 8

Sach bol na jaana, Tu mujhse door kyu hai?
Tu ek din mil jayegi, Ye mera fitoor hai.
Maahi ve! Jo tu na mila To phir kya hua? Teri yaadon mein Main jeeta rahaa.
Tere naam ki
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