Go! This opinion if from a friend, not mine, I haven’t played this yet |

This opinion if from a friend, not mine, I haven’t played this yet

2021.02.25 10:59 NotA_ProCritic This opinion if from a friend, not mine, I haven’t played this yet

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2021.02.25 10:59 Internal-Awareness-2 Committees / Clubs For Power Engineers

I was wondering if anyone knows of any Power Engineering clubs or committees that relate to the field. I just want one that will help me get my name out there and helps me stay up to date with power engineering news. Also can someone explain what IPE does and what the point of joining is?
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2021.02.25 10:59 N1CK_P34K3 Discord

Guys I accidentally left the MFC discord can I be added back to it plz
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2021.02.25 10:59 AnalPounding9696 We've been lied to this whole time!

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2021.02.25 10:59 Koshirodono Skadis restock? (US)

Any updates on when these will be restocked in stores? I rather not deal with ordering online from all the shipping issues I’ve been reading about. I’m here in Houston, TX
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2021.02.25 10:59 LaManoNera01 AMC #HOLD Nitti Gritti - Diamond Hands ( OFFICIAL GME & AMC SHORT SQUEEZE ANTHEM )

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2021.02.25 10:59 InspirobotBot Thu Feb 25 11:59:45 2021

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2021.02.25 10:59 pingalimaoacucargelo I can only collect Nano in the three global spots because I live in the countryside and I am trying to collect the minimum to create a spot in my small town.

I only have 0.75 for now, any help is welcome.
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2021.02.25 10:59 BearScience Re issued shirt and original shorts. Feeling dead and alive today.

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2021.02.25 10:59 Long_Adhesiveness429 Bumble, tinder, hinge resets - results

So, I got banned on Hinge for reasons I do not know. Wasn't swearing or being offensive. I was talking to 3 girls at the time, one I hadn't replied to a few days so likely reported me for ghosting.
My tinder account was over two years old, bumble similar I think. I'd get the odd match here and there but things had dried up, even with boost (would get a few but not many).
I consider myself above average looking from compliments received and feel I have a good profile and pictures. Live in a big city. Asian but British - so natural negative bias, even though my ex's have been white.
I thought with the hinge ban, where I'd had most success in matches, it was time to rest all three.
Got a burner phone, burner email, registered with new number. Didn't sign up or link FB or insta. Used a mixture of new and previous picture with cropping and exif data removed. Used a VPN as was using same home WiFi. Deleted all old accounts.
I know there's no questions about whether they do or don't actually use facial recognition, device ban etc - any updates on this?
With bumble, I paid for 1 week boost. No subscription with tinder or hinge.
Nearly 4 days on with adjusting parameters back and forth:

So, my questions:
1) what is going on with tinder...no newb boost whatsoever?! Should I get paying for boost or too late? Am I likely shadow banned? How?
2) with tinder- if I wait 90 days to restart my old account with old number and phone, would I likely get banned if I've just been using a burner profile?
3) I really get a LOT of chats and comments on my insta linking on dating apps as it's related to my interest/hobby. I've added 'my insta is..' Incase anyone bothers to check it out. Should I really not link them physically like I did on previous accounts or risk shadow banning?
4) hinge - they're showing me some really terrible profiles, but given I've matched a few decent ones, I'm not shadow banned. Except 2 of the girls haven't responded for a couple days after matching and Me sending them the first message...is this a sneaky hinge shadow ban thing?! Can they see my message given we've matched?
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2021.02.25 10:59 cannedbeetroot dedicated to y'all Dutch fellas

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2021.02.25 10:59 Sara_vega Upvote my last post on my profile and I’ll do the same for you 🔝

If you also upvote this post I’ll upvote your comment 🤝
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2021.02.25 10:59 Nils_Ger Boop!

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2021.02.25 10:59 NewsElfForEnterprise Wizardry or engineering? How a local professor uses Harry Potter to shine a light on the profession

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2021.02.25 10:59 DerStein9000 ich_iel

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2021.02.25 10:59 Icy-Flamingo-9693 What is this subreddit?

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2021.02.25 10:59 Professional_Ad643 A guy who had a crush on my cousin says he has a crush on me. To this day, I am still confused lol.

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2021.02.25 10:59 sanem48 Did the Mig-21 really manage to beat the F-15 in training and in combat?

Sorry for going a bit off topic here, but it seems this is the most informed place to ask. I recently got into a discussion whether or not the Mig-21 would stand a chance against an F-15 in the real world. Any thoughts?

While researching it, I came across this: https://www.reddit.com/Warthundecomments/dxwwsm/mig_21_vs_modern_jets_f16f15_for_example/f7xpjgi?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

The US Air Force got their hands on a MiG-21F (not sure which specific block. I don't think the report even mentions it) which they tested against an F-15 in the 80s (think off the top of my head that it was a F-15C). The MiG-21 was flown by very experienced test pilots who noticed that they could exceed the MiG-21's flight manual limitations by a huge margin. They concluded that it must have been written for pilots with limited training to prevent them from either getting into stalls/spins or causing engine flame-outs. The MiG-21 could exceed the F-15's AOA by a large margin, and with its large delta wings it could reduce its speed very quickly, causing the F-15 to overshoot, and still had sufficient acceleration with after-burner to stay with the still fast-flying F-15 long enough to throw a missile up its ass. The reason is that the F-15 is specifically designed to prevent the pilot from stalling in a turn, so that when it reaches a certain AOA the all-flying tail basically gets partially stalled by the disrupted airflow over the wings. It can maintain that maximum AOA, but it is limited by the laws of physics to exceed it. The MiG-21 has no such limitations at all, and doesn't stall out until the entire delta wings stall. This meant that the F-15 was forced to fight in the vertical where its better power loading meant that the MiG couldn't keep up, but that does come with the inherent risk of getting an IR missile up its ass. In the horizontal it was toast though.
I found this story: https://theaviationgeekclub.com/the-story-of-ronen-shapira-the-only-f-15-pilot-to-have-ever-been-hit-by-a-mig-during-an-aerial-combat
Seconds after the SyAAF MiG-21 had crashed, an AAM fired by an unseen Syrian fighter exploded inside the right-hand engine nozzle of F-15 Baz 686 flown by Ronen Shapira, destroying the F100 turbofan engine and starting a fire.
And of course this, but that's with highly upgraded Mig-21's fighting severely handicapped F-15's: https://www.key.aero/forum/modern-military-aviation/124329-mig-21-still-unpleasant-surprise-at-cope-india-exercise-how-so
Draft copy of the exercise Cope India report says: While the superb performances of IAF Sukhoi-30s were somewhat anticipated, the performance of MiG-21Bison came as a major “unpleasant surprise” to the USAF officials. It also validates the claim of the Russian officials that they are capable of successfully converting “second generation” late-model MiG-21bis fighters to “fourth generation combat platforms”. Inherently the significant positive attributes enjoyed by MiG-21s were their dog fighting ability in WVR (Within Visual Range) combat. Even the earlier models had a low corner velocity of 556 kilometers per hour and at Mach 0.5 had an instantaneous turn rate of 11.1 degrees per second. The MiG-21Bison with more powerful R-25 engines not only considerably bettered this performance but it may also be credited with “jackrabbit” acceleration, a very critical attribute in WVR combat. Among many fourth generations attributes added to the IAF MiG-21Bison design, the incorporation of HMS (Helmet Mounted Sight) and high-off-boresight R-73RDM2 NBVWVR (Near Beyond Visual Range/Within Visual Range) AAMs (Air-to-Air Missiles) have turned it into a “Great Equalizer” in the WVR combat scenario. Conceptually a small number of MiG-21Bisons maintaining “radar silence” can be guided towards their aerial target by a couple of Sukhoi-30s by secure data links in accordance with MFFC (Mixed Fighter Force Concept). Upon entering into an WVR combat envelope the MiG-21Bisons armed with HMS and deadly NBVWVR missiles had the capability of destroying even fifth-generation fighters alike F/A-22 Raptor as assessed by high-profile Fighter Analyst Ben Lambeth of RAND Corporation. According to Lambeth “in visual combat everybody dies at the same rate.” F/A-22 also has to slow down if forced into a WVR combat scenario and loses the advantage of its super-cruise attributes. The situation further complicates if the IAF Sukhoi-30s have acquired the capability of providing target illumination for RVV-AE (AA-12 Adder) BVR missiles being launched from IAF MiG-21Bisons at extended ranges.
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2021.02.25 10:59 ForestStump- Master2k. walling.

Master2k. walling. https://streamable.com/fcu6rv https://streamable.com/iqv5ky
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2021.02.25 10:59 howtuffareyou Rest In Peace <3

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2021.02.25 10:59 Lazy-Expert6389 Non potresti capire

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2021.02.25 10:59 seb_waitforit Donnie Nelson on Maxi

In this interview with a German sports media website Donnie is quoted:
"For me Maxi is probably the best European defender in the history of the NBA. He can defend point guards as well as centers, and everything in between. His presence on defense is unbelievable."
Not sure I agree completely and you probably have to discount the statement as it was made for a news outlet from Maxi's home country. Still noteworthy how much they value him.
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2021.02.25 10:59 Hendrixfan94 You know it’s a good nap when a blop is involved

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2021.02.25 10:59 hictooth13 According to the U.K website, the online exclusive Zero will be back this autumn!❤️

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2021.02.25 10:59 BowlsForDays28 MUV doing 20% off everything but flower it looks like.

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