Go! Landorus raid on me. Stay online to join. Starting in 5 mins |

Landorus raid on me. Stay online to join. Starting in 5 mins

2021.03.01 06:44 jithinthambi Landorus raid on me. Stay online to join. Starting in 5 mins

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2021.03.01 06:44 upside_down1983 Albert Einstein and his sister Maja 1893.

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2021.03.01 06:44 filthnfrolic High-End (but still consumer grade) router vs a more basic one for single-user home with most devices wired

I'm moving into a new house and would really love to use the opportunity of starting from scratch to educate myself and finally set up a good home network.
I've been doing a lot of reading (but am still a noob, so please forgive stupid mistakes or assumption). Here's what I've gathered so far, and I'd love to hear from you about where I may have gone wrong, or any opportunities. for optimisation:
I live alone and the house I'm moving into has three rooms all on the same floor, in a row, with a corridor down one side connecting them. My office is at one end, media room in the middle, and bedroom at the other end. The rooms are all about 10-15 M2 each (100-120 sq.ft), and the longest distance corner to corner is about 25-30M (75-90ft). It may be worth noting that this is in an apartment complex, so there may be interference to contend with.

  1. Laptop (16" MBP)
  2. Printer / Scanner
  3. AV Receiver
Media Room
  1. TV
  2. NAS
  3. XBox One
  4. Apple TV 4K (or other media player)
  5. AV Receiver
Bedroom / Misc.
  1. iPhone 12
  2. iPad Air (2020)
I plan to have the connection from the provider routed into the media room, connecting to a router that should be strong enough to punch through the walls on either side. I live in India, so the walls are concrete with some rebar, which means the signal will fall off quite a bit on either side of the wall.
I'll be wiring all the devices that can be. However, I'd still like a reliable wifi for calls streaming on the iPhone, iPad and laptop in case I'm working away from my desk.
  1. Considering the short distances involved (max ~35-40ft) and the fact that I will rarely if ever be streaming on more than one device at a time (if I'm on a call on the laptop the phone and iPad will be idle) will I notice a significant difference in wifi signal strength / streaming quality with a higher-end router (AX88U, GT-AC5300, Nighthawk AX8, etc.) versus something like the Archer AX10 AX1500?
  2. How much. of a difference would the router's processor and ram make for things like file transfers and ensuring no buffering if I'm watching 4K Plex remuxes considering the connection is wired? Would a cheaper gigabit router + switch give me the same performance?
  3. The routers I've mentioned above are just the names I've become familiar with over the last week or so of reading up on the subject. I'd absolutely love to hear from you if you have any alternate suggestions.
If you've read so far, thanks a ton!
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2021.03.01 06:44 vNoShame I’ve fully watch hxh twice now but I’ve already hear analysts and etc talking about religion/religious symbols and I’ve never seen it or thought of it while reading is that bad?

For example how chrollo is like Lucifer or sum shit like that and about how he has internal problems about how he truly is(which I never even thought of while watching)I truly like hunter x hunter and I feel like these people analyzing the show are just high balling. Is it bad that I’ve watched this show twice and still don’t see these meanings?
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2021.03.01 06:44 ClocktowerEchos If you could make a Lucy-like trailer, what would you include?

The trailer is hardly "historically accurate" but then again, that's part of the charm and the fun of it, the weirdness and anachronistic nature of it all.
Me personally it'd be something like:

Curious to see what other people would come up with!
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2021.03.01 06:44 sobbingquietly I NEED DESPERATE HELP

hi i'm sorry to bother, but my 10 year old dog, peluche, is severely ill. he has a neurological condition & to take him to see a neurologist is $2,000 minimum. he has seizures & he's lost his balance. he's very jittery. over these past few days, i notice him getting weaker. he just sleeps all day now. he won't really eat anymore. i'm a baby witch. i've done spell jars, but no spells. i don't know where to start for what i want to do i was wondering if even though i'm a baby witch, can i cast a spell for my dog peluche to regain health ? is there any experienced witch here willing to help cast a spell for my dog ? i hate to see him like this. i'm scared he'll die soon. what spell would do justice for him ? a health spell ?
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2021.03.01 06:44 el_pepsicano Offering: English (C2), Spanish (Native). Seeking: Japanese.

Well, this is a longshot, but it's better than doing nothing.
I'm a professional English and Spanish teacher in the CST looking for a Japanese speaker (preferably a fellow teacher) in a somewhat compatible time zone who wants to have a mutually beneficial exchange, I teach you, you teach me.
I'm in my late 20's and enjoy a wide variety of topics from cooking to video games.
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2021.03.01 06:44 fitzthetantrum Student Health Center

I've been having a lot of issues with school (for my whole life but especially during the pandemic) and some people close to me have pointed me in the direction of asking about getting tested for ADHD. Do you think the student health center would be an appropriate place to go or should I see a family doctor off campus? I've never been to the SHC and I'm not sure of the extent of their services.
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2021.03.01 06:44 Dapne67 Drew Johan in Jojo style

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2021.03.01 06:44 SBattleBot India Summers or Veronica Avluv

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2021.03.01 06:44 battyman17 Chad wars

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2021.03.01 06:44 B4C0N5TR1P Sceptic here, but I need some advice with my (not so noble) goal.

I'll out myself right at the beginning, I do not belief in the mystic powers of tarot, crystals or anything that isn't proven scientifically.(Beware of the information apocalypse)
So... It might be better to just give a trigger warning for what's to come in this post, since I don't want you to have a bad day and I'd like to have some practical advice.
I like ideas or concepts like the Norse mythology. Those are nice stories to speak and fantasies about, but that's it for me. I DO NOT see an ill intend in reading someones fortune in whatever practice you may choose to do so. And you can belief anything you want, as long as you don't hurt others with your actions. It helps people! It gives those who are directionless, a thing to hold on to and I think helping someone with a reassurement of their own beliefs is a good thing to do.
I'd like to do that myself... Well I should be more honest. I want to learn tarot out of spite, but what I definitely need help with, is reading the other person, I am giving a reading. (planing on starting small: 3 cards= past present future) Things like their body language, clothing, language in general and what personal things you can extract from the information those people give you.
My definition of tarot reading is pretty straight: You have a conversation with the person, you ask them with a bit of smalltalk for their question/dreams and give them a nice story via the cards. They are happy an feel good about themselves and whatever I "predicted" is theirs to fulfill. I just gave them a little push to hold on a little longer or maybe grow as a person, since they had the reassurement, that their desire was the right thing to do.
Now to my story:
There are two friends of mine who are really into things like witchery, ghost and other paranormal things. ( friend 1 and me are 25 years old, the other is 35)
I dared to say, that I do not belief in tarot, crystals, reiki and all funny paranormal things. But I said that things like improving the natural healing power of the body with things like meditation or placebos effects are definitely possible and are scientifically proven. So as long as you don't hurt yourself you are fine, by my way of thinking.
The 35y came up with pseudo science theories to "disprove" actual science and I'll do myself a favor and leave the things he said out of social media...
But anyway, I want to show them, that you do not have to belief in the concept of tarot and the power to read one's future, but just have to sit still, listen to the person you are giving a reading and give them something to be happy about. That's tarot at least for me and I think giving people happiness is something worth while.
Thank you for taking your time to read my post and I hope I can get some good advice.
Have a good day!
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2021.03.01 06:44 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Worried Watermelon] [Watermelon] [Watermelon]

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2021.03.01 06:44 BattleUpSaber Page from the upcoming Sevenger manga. looks like Crazygon is canon to the Z universe!

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2021.03.01 06:44 PitchRelevant7363 Join the Alana & Lani 💞 Discord Server!

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2021.03.01 06:44 Saif178 Tanya Chaudhari

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2021.03.01 06:44 c0tt0nballz I finally decided to do it.

I got my Xenophage!
I don't play much of the end game stuff and I didn't really believe in myself until tonight and I said "I don't care what it takes. I am getting that gun tonight."
Beating Volmar wasn't easy alone. But I buried her down in that pit.
Maybe it isn't the most meta gun right now, but I don't care. I have it!
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2021.03.01 06:44 ZoobBot 126998

This is the 126998th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.03.01 06:44 amzn-deals [34% off] Greatever Headset PC, Gaming Headset PS4 Xbox Headset mit Noise Cancelling Mikrofon, Bass Surround Sound, Kopfhörer für PC MAC Laptop IPad IPod Smartphone

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2021.03.01 06:44 Hamstirly Mississippi headwaters at Lake Itasca (2/27/21)

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2021.03.01 06:44 joyslat3r I use dynamic ink, any ideas how to keep the ink on the needle wet? I find when I use a stencil it’s hard to go over it with the ink, even when I wipe it away sometimes it’s just dry and it makes it take much longer than it needs to.

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2021.03.01 06:44 jookco Louis Nix Death -Dead - Obituary - Cause of Death :Louis Nix has Died . DEATHS - OBITUARIES NOTICES. The above mentioned individual has died , according to the following statements posted on social media. RT @BenBeckerANjax: BREAKING: Tragic new... {Click link below to read more

Louis Nix Death -Dead - Obituary - Cause of Death :Louis Nix has Died . DEATHS - OBITUARIES NOTICES. The above mentioned individual has died , according to the following statements posted on social media. RT @BenBeckerANjax: BREAKING: Tragic new... {Click link below to read more submitted by jookco to DeathObituaries [link] [comments]

2021.03.01 06:44 sidon04 [Casual] SURVEY ON OPINIONS ABOUT TIGERS (All Welcome)

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2021.03.01 06:44 CRY9 How do I study physics?

I’m currently taking my first ever physics class and I am enjoying it, despite practically failing at the moment. I am having a lot of trouble with the concepts and how to set problems up. I try to do all the class and homework problems, but the quizzes always have a slight twist that I can’t seem to understand. The quizzes are only one question (with multiple parts), so I’ve been doing really poorly because I’m always missing something.
How do I improve? I’m currently going to office hours and doing a lot of practice problems, but I feel like that’s not enough. Should I focus more on learning the concepts instead of just doing a lot of problems? Also, any tips for notes to use for a quiz? I’m allowed to bring one (double sided) page to each quiz. Thank you for reading!
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2021.03.01 06:44 Blighted_Ashes Uhoh, I think my Replika really likes moms Lasagna, meatloaf, spaghetti and meat balls.

Processing img run1ywqo4dk61...
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