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Really no one complain about this feature missing?

2021.03.01 07:09 Am9080 Really no one complain about this feature missing?

Im try infinity to post some post on subreddit, but i couldn't find notify me when someone reply. So i can't receive any notification on my post. Is there any solution? Official reddit have such features
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2021.03.01 07:09 Turbulent-Minute-148 My first $500 winner

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2021.03.01 07:09 mondocooler Build on ARM

I am pretty new to docker, and so far I have managed to run pgsql and pgadmin together in a stack within portainer. Now I am trying to get Strapi to run in the same stack.
How would I build Strapi for ARM processor ?
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2021.03.01 07:09 Jennyyiigoturnumber Wish my eyes weren’t a boring cloudy day. Who else hates having grey eyes?

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2021.03.01 07:09 brmg023 Milano in 4K

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2021.03.01 07:09 Moh_69 New season

What plant can be unlocked in the new season, and which mint will be available?
Please tell me in the comments if you know, It hasn't started yet for me
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2021.03.01 07:09 it-is-so-icey-cold X-Men Films: Angel

I’m watching the X-men movies for the first time, and I’m wondering why Angel was a girl in First Class, but a guy in Apocalypse? Can that be explained by Days of Future Past changing history, or is it simply that there is another mutant with the same mutation?
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2021.03.01 07:09 nomadhar Sega CD game, RetroArch keeps reading drive, game is choppy and stutters constantly

i have been trying to play a Sega CD game i own, Panic. however, the game is super choppy and pauses constantly as it keeps reading the disc drive constantly. this is happening almost every 2 seconds. the game is definitely loading successfully and this is happening during normal gameplay. it seems like the music isn't buffering enough so it stops the gameplay to load more music. this is an official disc of the game.
i really want to play this game and i no longer have a working physical Sega CD addon. please advise.
i am running the most updated stable version of RetroArch on Windows 10, using the Genesis Plus GX core. i am using all default settings except for the controller.
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2021.03.01 07:09 jj4646 "Less intimidating" applications of reinforcement learning

When I look at how reinforcement learning (rl) is being used, often the applications are very intense and intimidating: self driving cars, YouTube recommendation systems, teaching a computer to play video games , etc.
Has anyone ever used a RL model in a "less intimidating" situation (something closer to the classic supervised learning problems) ? Or is RL only meant for more advanced and complicated problems?
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2021.03.01 07:09 riotstrike Left Joy-con controller battery drains faster... natural?

Bought a Switch just before Lunar new year, and with slight over a fortnight of game play - mainly Breath of the Wild - I notice the left Joy-con gets low-battery warnings much faster than the right side.
After closer observations, I suspect that is typical given that in practically every game, movement is handled by the left controller, which leads it to always transmit movement inputs as opposed to the right controller's typical mapping of event-based actions. Even its role as physical motion sensor seem to be relatively insignificant.
On searching around, while it appears some folks do experience similar problems, it is decidedly not universal. And in fact some experience the right controller draining faster. So is it more of a individual-battery problem that I have?
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2021.03.01 07:09 XanielAdams [help] dog transport

Hey, my names Xan, I own Homeward Bound Animal transport. I was curious if there is anyone else on the forums who do transport? If so let’s link. Sometimes I can’t make the trip or the animal is going somewhere after I’ve been there. I’d like to build a network of animal transporters. I posted my company bellow. Please contact me or comment bellow. Thanks guys!
Homeward Bound Animal Transport
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2021.03.01 07:09 charliethegamer1999 Generic Review #25: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I- Should it stay forgotten?

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2021.03.01 07:09 belendel Your opinion about the fundme campaign spending and transparency

Hi everyone,
First of all I want to thank Ivan and everyone else of you for all the great things we've accomplished already. Really excited about the future of this movement!
So I have some thoughts about the upcoming campaign and would like to know what your thoughts about it are.
First to keep everything as transparent as possible I think it would be a good idea to have a page where we can track all the spendings.
Then I also believe it's a good idea to hire a professional marketing company with this amount of money. We want to make sure the money is used in the most effective way possible. Also it would consume all of Ivans time for sure. There's so many other things to focus on to continue and grow this movement.
Of course he would still have to manage everything and make decisions, but setting up Facebook or reddit campaigns and actually have them be effective takes a lot of practice. I work in e-commerce for over 15 years and like to think my opinion holds some value.
Just my thoughts. Let me know what you think!
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2021.03.01 07:09 StickyGoodness Made the Kalua pork from Sam's new cookbook.

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2021.03.01 07:09 Malfoy_Forever QUICK I DIDNT DO IT BUT SHOULD I ?

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2021.03.01 07:09 anncanhan Off-center smile and Invisalign

I recently began Invisalign. However after research, I think I have slight hemifacial microslomia (type 1). My chin/smile deviate to one side, and my jaw appears less developed on that side. My head position also causes orbital dystopia, in which the eye on the affected side appears lower, so as to compensate for my chin deviation.
If the misalignment is due to a compromised/short ramus, would I need jaw correction before Invisalign? Unsure how to proceed. Top two images are my smile: photo
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2021.03.01 07:09 creepyexperience1_ cowboy acid

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2021.03.01 07:09 Air-a-lin No Lin, I will not allow you to touch this doll I found in my basement that looks a lot like Fukase.

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2021.03.01 07:09 Aschebescher Transgenerationale Weitergabe

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2021.03.01 07:09 Ninjaphlip Freerunning/Parkour/Tricking fails compilation #shorts

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2021.03.01 07:09 Deathscyther1HD ThrottleStop undervolt locked

I undervolted the System Agent of my Dell Inspiron 3583, with a Core i5-8265 by -75 mv. CPU and CPU Cache to -113 mv and Intel GPU and iGPU Unslice to -102. When I did that, Windows showed a BSoD while Benchmarking, to see if it's stable. After that it restarted and I showed another BSoD, where it said, that it needed to be recovered. I pressed enter to try booting again, then it got stuck at the Dell logo, with the the wheel turning twice and then freezing. I then reinstalled Windows 10, then it got stuck at Preparing Devices - 65%. I then force rebooted and it seemed to work fine at first, but when I downloaded ThrottleStop again, The options for CPU, CPU Cache, Intel GPU, iGPU and System Agent greyed out. I also noticed, that it keeps freezing, when trying to install the Wifi Driver for my Laptop.

Has this happened to anyone here before? If so, how do I fix it? I've already tried resetting BIOS Settings to no avail.
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2021.03.01 07:09 throwaway193747162 Why did the US offer asylum to Philippe Petain after WWII; and were people upset by this?

Others like queen Mary also supported his liberation. Why did they want to help him since he was essentially a Nazi and they were against him in the war?
Additionally the US (and Britain if you wanna address the queen mary part) lost a lot of lives to WWII. So were people upset by this offer?
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2021.03.01 07:09 slapshot1343 For those that want to see what plutonium processing looks like

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2021.03.01 07:09 cutesnuggler Quentin Tch - Kogarashi [Chill Hiphop Beats](2021)

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