Go! Annie Takes You Down. Wyd? 😩 (Cosplayer: @akemy.sama) |

Annie Takes You Down. Wyd? 😩 (Cosplayer: @akemy.sama)

2021.02.25 11:12 EVG2666 Annie Takes You Down. Wyd? 😩 (Cosplayer: @akemy.sama)

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2021.02.25 11:12 Itzska08 Movies and TV Shows need filler episodes

Ok so let me explain: Take for example Naruto. I good Anime but you could tell the whole Story in lass than 60 episodes. This is where filler comes into play. If Animes like Naruto didnt have filler they would be over to fast. Any popular Series or Movie has to have some sort of filler. Like would you expect a movie like LotR altogether being 10-11 hours long with just the Story told from start to finish. NO. However Movies have more subtle Filler like f. E. pauses in dialogues. The thing i want to make clear here is that every good show has to have some sort of filler to sustain itself.
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2021.02.25 11:12 whyamIstillhere1313 Time to move on, folks.

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2021.02.25 11:12 Floodlite_Atreus How important is humidity?

Sometimes got under 30% in my closet grow...does it slow down growth?
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2021.02.25 11:12 joeprince16 I got bonnie locket video, Dm for trade

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2021.02.25 11:12 InspirobotBot Thu Feb 25 12:12:57 2021

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2021.02.25 11:12 ItsJamieDodgr you get it or you dont

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2021.02.25 11:12 havikske Yo guys, im pretty new to meditating and fitness but this product helped me a lot. Just go to the site and scroll down to see whats it all about. Cool thing is that everyone has a 100% money back gaurantee! https://www.digistore24.com/redir/348520/JasonBounty/

I was about 300 pound and lost a lot thanx to this product. I would surely recommend taking a look at it!
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2021.02.25 11:12 JyForFun Got INKED at the BEST NEW Tattoo Place in Manila (AFFORDABLE and HIGH QUALITY!!!) | JY FOR FUN

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2021.02.25 11:12 Ann-happy 27[F4A] Hello

Hello ~~~ Hope to know some people who are good at working out
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2021.02.25 11:12 hipiri This community keeps growing

We need more people to keep learning about this gem !! πŸ’Ž
So much DD here. I will continue to read and if I find anything (hopefully relevant) I will keep adding.
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2021.02.25 11:12 MasterCrey Fake Nude

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2021.02.25 11:12 BronzePeregrine An exquisite Persian Empire collapse. Only took two dead children and an abduction

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2021.02.25 11:12 TheBanananaa Drake or drake format?

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2021.02.25 11:12 InspirobotBot Thu Feb 25 12:12:54 2021

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2021.02.25 11:12 r0ck3t8unny I just put some random attachments on here and this is what I got I like it give it a try and any recommendations would be appreciated

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2021.02.25 11:12 Fiddlerichs Trying to figure out the layout for my new jacket, any suggestions or advice?

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2021.02.25 11:12 jpbd23 Why is XST up 40%?

As you guys have probably just read XST also known as Stealth is up 40% today even in the current dip. This month they were up 593%. According to them this is a coin that is all about secure transactions. The growth this month is even greater than ADA that many of us like. I now wonder why I haven't even heard of the coin in the past month or so. I wouldn't even know of this coin if I haven't looked at price changes today. How is this coin steadily growing in the past month even though it's not as popular as the others? Do you also have any thoughts on the coin itself?
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2021.02.25 11:12 9188430092017 [Expansion] UNIACCIMPWAT + ANDMINHEA: RURACC

The Congress of the Andes recently conferred in La Paz to hold a special session focusing on the improvement of healthcare outcomes in both Peru and Bolivia. Both countries have suffered from some of the poorest healthcare outcomes in the region, and there are several basic steps that the Congress of the Andes can be taken.
Universal Access to Improved Water UNIACCIMPWAT is one of many proposed initiatives by the Congress of the Andes to improve healthcare outcomes. In Bolivia, only 50% of people can expect to have access to safe, improved water and sanitation. (Improved meaning a supply that is safe and certain to not be contaminated.) In Peru, those figures hover around 71%.
Both countries have been successful in guaranteeing a clean water supply to their urban areas, however it is the rural areas of the country that have struggled the most. Consequently, the Congress of the Andes has opted to utilize the Andean Labor Force (ALF) to complete this essential part of both country's infrastructure.
In order to ease this transition, the respective legislatures of both countries will merge their respective water and sanitation departments into the ANDWATSANMIN, or Andean Water & Sanitation Ministry. ANDWATSANMIN will be charged with integrating the clean water facilities of both countries in order to deliver optimal outcomes for all Andean citizens.
It is expected that simply by providing this basic necessity, that the healthcare outcomes of rural Bolivians and Peruvians alike will improve greatly.
MAS-IPSP will employ these programs to highlight how a unified Andean nation is one that delivers for all Andeans, not just those in cities. It is important that MAS-IPSP continues to provide tangible benefits for these citizens so they feel their life improve as integration continues.
UNIHEAACC Beyond providing universal access to sanitary water facilities, the Congress of the Andes is also aiming to provide Universal Access to Healthcare for all Andean citizens under a joint system.
Presently, Peruvians are largely covered by MINSA, which offers discounted healthcare services to nearly all Peruvians. A similar scheme exists in Bolivia. These schemes are not universal, and do have some costs.
The Congress of the Andes, however, is aware that these schemes fail Andean citizens in many ways. Access to trained doctors in regional parts of Peru and Bolivia is extremely limited. It is expected that the comprehensive infrastructure programs being rolled out in both Peru and Bolivia will improve this accessibility, however there needs to be more healthcare facilities in rural Peru and Bolivia as well.
The Congress of the Andes is this proposing the merger of Bolivia and Peru's healthcare ministries, into the ANDMINHEA, or the Andean Ministry of Health. Under the purview of the ANDMINHEA will be the ANDMINHEA: RURACC program (Andean Ministry of Health: Rural Accessibility)
RURACC will also employ the Andean Labor Force, including the Andean Labor Force's comprehensive healthcare arm which was formed during the COVID-19 pandemic, to construct new permanent healthcare facilities in the parts of the Andes that are most in need of hospitals and clinics.
The rollout of this program is expected to be aided by the pre-existing semi-permanent facilities erected for the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines. These facilities will be, when possible, upgraded into permanent medical facilities for their communities, and offer medical services free of charge.
The ultimate goal of ANDMINHEA will be the free, equitable provision of healthcare to all Andean citizens. Although many have long been theoretically able to access free health services, a clear priority of this unified health ministry will be ensuring that these services are visibly accessible to even the most remote Andean citizens.
This program will feature heavily in MAS-IPSP's campaign for Andean unity. It is widely believed that what kick-started this integration movement among common people is the co-operation started in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is natural that healthcare and also the successful vaccination campaign would bring many people on board to the side of unification.
ANDPREHEAPROG The Andean Preventative Healthcare Program will also address some of the root causes of poor healthcare outcomes in the region.
Obesity rates in Bolivia have reached up to 20%, with similar results being recorded in Peru. To counter this, The Congress of the Andes will be providing per-head payments to any community exercise program. By getting Peruvians and Bolivians in the streets and active, community groups will be rewarded with funding from the government for combatting the scourge of obesity.
Additionally, any community group/program will be funded on a per-head basis for the provision of healthy, nutritious food to the community. ANDMINHEA will be tasked with determining what exactly constitutes healthy and nutritious food, but regardless it is hoped that under these grant programs people can expect to more easily access good food and exercise in their everyday life.
Beyond obesity, other preventable issues continue to create poorer healthcare outcomes in the region. HIV has risen as a problem among urban residents of both Peru and Bolivia. Whilst basic education programs play a key part, which will continue to be provided, the Congress of the Andes believes more practical solutions are needed.
Now unused urban COVID-19 vaccination centres will now be repurposed into sexual health clinics, and provide free help to all Peruvians and Bolivians with issues in relation to fertility, pregnancy, sexual performance and sexually transmitted infections.
At these clinics, Andean citizens will also be able to access Pre-exposure Prophylaxis or PrEP, in order to reduce HIV infection rates. PrEP programs have been successful in many countries overseas, so it is hoped that this program will bring Peru and Bolivia in line with other developed nations in terms of HIV infection rates.
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2021.02.25 11:12 exsploding-spud2004 nice

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2021.02.25 11:12 kaktuskarman My drawing of Dream

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2021.02.25 11:12 KikiSambo Second hand fashion - YAY or NAY

Second hand fashion - YAY or NAY Hi all, I’m researching sustainable fashion for my degree. Second hand fashion in particular. I’d love it if you could take part in my survey. It takes 2 minutes to complete and it’s 100% anonymous. Thank you a million in advance! https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/9GDVG72
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2021.02.25 11:12 Intrepid_Fruit_1347 Im looking to build a gaming setup for about 800-900 dollars

any help would do i need a moniter that does not have to be 144hz but a beast gaming pc with a mic a keyboard a mouse and a speaker and a mouse pad pls help me and thanks.
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2021.02.25 11:12 RHIgnis I drew Sukuna because I love him so much

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2021.02.25 11:12 DrinkMilk911 Bluefire.

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