Go! If life is a game, then pregnant women are game developers. |

If life is a game, then pregnant women are game developers.

2021.04.15 19:19 PhudiNChupa If life is a game, then pregnant women are game developers.

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2021.04.15 19:19 QuirkySpiceBush What is the deepest insight into human psychology that you’ve gained from raising kids?

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2021.04.15 19:19 xbowty Finally found some Series 2 retail, solid haul for one blaster

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2021.04.15 19:19 roadtraveller_1 Milky way core, Pemaquid Point, Maine, USA

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2021.04.15 19:19 RainbowKitchen Banana Cherry Overnight Oats

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2021.04.15 19:19 glitterqt99 Foreign Language Cards

Hi all, I've been going through my old collection and trying to price cards that I think might be valuable. I have about 30 vintage cards in Japanese, German, and French. They're not in great condition, but some are 1st edition. Can anyone point me to where I can get some info on their value? Most sites I use to look up cards don't have entries for non-english ones. Thanks !
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2021.04.15 19:19 Bearet no sense of humour

So there's a Karen and her daughter moved into my building. She came out to her husband and using the "no fault" divorce laws here cleaned him out. Otherwise she couldn't afford to live here. She also is so full of herself, that any joke is about her and any laughter is directed at her. This may have to do with her sexual orientation. So anyways, there was a really funny joke about the water in a pool at a YMCA that may have started in Boston around 1900 or thereabouts. The story was that if you peed in the pool, it would turn the water red. We have a pool in our building that is supposed to be residents only. But just for fun, and because by this time most of the residents had received their first shot of Pfizer or other vaccine, and things were just a bit slow around here, I posted on the bulletin board a warning about the new pool chemicals. And of course, any ammonia introduced to the water from cleaning solution or otherwise, would turn the water red. Of course, Karen absolutely knew that this was directed at her for all the times her daughter had pool parties with her little friends. And she had to complain to the a board of directors guy. They asked me to apologize to her. OK, when hell freezes over (some of my cousins who used to live there say that is New Jersey) and it gets a hockey team (The Devils?!) and wins the Stanley Cup, again.
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2021.04.15 19:19 fotogneric New Tyrannosaurus rex study shows 20,000 lived at any one time, or 2.5 billion in total (although the study's 95% confidence interval means the number could have been anywhere from 140 million to 42 billion).

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2021.04.15 19:19 Hot_Ranger_1176 Payoneer Annual Fees

👋 i know payoneer charges around $30/yr for its Mastercard. They also charge the same amount arount $30/yr for account maintenance subject to you not doing a transaction for 12 months. My question is (i know it might sound silly but i need to be sure) if i have 3 currencies registered to my account and i dont transact for over 12 months do they charge me the $30/yr maintenance fee to the whole account or im charged per currency not transacted for over 12 months $90?
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2021.04.15 19:19 zfagan103 Question

While i am not the smartest person i have a thought nobody wants to hear. While we are all happy that they are creating there own direct sales team (a great thing) they still dont have any revenue. Wont it cost money to create this national team of direct salespeople for the Truforma device (trainging, and everything associated w/ Truforma)?. They only have 14 employees, so they would need to hire another firm or people. When was the last time they offered shares/ do they have any money on hand or will they need to offer shares to raise funds.
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2021.04.15 19:19 my_name_is_dirt Just bored, lonely, and can't sleep. Wanna help keep me sane and wreck my sleep schedule even more?

We can talk about anything.
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2021.04.15 19:19 ASU_Bot A-State Sweeps SBC Men’s Track & Field Weekly Awards

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2021.04.15 19:19 Cknox0731 Scrap Grenade - New Issues

Possible that it’s just a coincidence and I am unlucky, but it seems after today’s update the scrap grenade mod is more broken than ever.
I understand that it breaks due to cutscenes, but I’ve run 4 expeditions now and it has broken every single one, 3 of those without cut scenes and have never had issues prior.
Anyone experience the same? Any fixes out there that can be applied mid game? Only success I’ve had is completely restarting my game.
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2021.04.15 19:19 AggressiveMeaning249 Positive Nebido experiences?

I switched last week from Testosterone Enanthate last week to Nebido but I’m able to inject from home and plan on doing 100mg a week.
Is there anyone with low SHBG who seem to have done well with split up Nebido shots?
Ive done my first shot on Sunday but I feel horrible, is this to be expected as undecanoate takes long time to build up and Enanthate leaving system?
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2021.04.15 19:19 potheadpapi Delicious chicken sandwich my friend had at school today 😖 seriously that looks like a tumor

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2021.04.15 19:19 gavinseward6 [WTS] [WTT] Firefield Keymod Foregrip [FL]

Does anyone actually use keymod on here? If you do, boy I have a special piece for you! I will wear a different pair of fun socks and write in a different color pencil every day until someone cops this beautiful piece for their ar 😤 come get it while it’s hawt I paid $31 but you can have it for the low price of $25 shipped or trade me anything tacticoooool. Thanks luv you all bye.
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2021.04.15 19:19 RLCD-Bot [Lime Breakout Type-S] [Lime Breakout Type-S: Funny Book] [Forest Green Cloudburst III] [Forest Green Discotheque]

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2021.04.15 19:19 Erickmo3 [PS4] Want mainly Cr unless overpay

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2021.04.15 19:19 RLDN106 Devonte' Graham (quad) ruled out for Friday.

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2021.04.15 19:19 Wildbeary Zhongliyue

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2021.04.15 19:19 johnrock001 The Evolution of the Japanese Anime Industry

The Evolution of the Japanese Anime Industry - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/the-evolution-of-the-japanese-anime-industry/
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2021.04.15 19:19 Ok-Bud-9439 Ruby Bhogal GBB finalist

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2021.04.15 19:19 stereolights Chronic dry mouth with no obvious cause, nothing helps

My partner (26F) has been struggling with painful dry mouth for weeks now. She was on antibiotics for a UTI but that was weeks ago, and the dry mouth didn't stop after she stopped taking them. She doesn't have diabetes or any other condition that we know of. Biotene (toothpaste and lozenges), sugarless gum, and even a cpap chin strap to keep her mouth closed when she sleeps haven't helped at all. She is very diligent about being hydrated and drinks more than the recommended amount daily. Any ideas what this could be?
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2021.04.15 19:19 Barnesandnoblecool1 Crosspost from r/isfp

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2021.04.15 19:19 itsinthecloud12 PSA: You ARE allowed to discuss your pay and benefits with fellow employees. It also probably benefits you if you do. Do not listen to employers saying it is not allowed. It is illegal for them to tell you that.

So, I recently got hired into a new company. In the orientation, it was encouraged to new employees to NOT discuss salaries or benefits with other employees. They said it creates conflict and other things.
They are partially right, it does cause waves. But the waves it causes for is the employer who is screwing over there workers.
Also, National Labor Relations Board states it is illegal for employers to prevent workers from discussing pay (there is some gray areas with manager roles and there ability to be protected on this topic, so see there website for full details). You literally can not be reprimanded or fired for doing so, it is illegal. Yes, that even applies to at will employees.
I states this because I am literally seeing brainwashed new hires repeating to people in group chats not to share pay or benefits. Or at least discouraging it.
It is in your benefit to discuss your pay and benefits with other employees at your company. That way, you know if you are being screwed over or not.
The only people who benefit from you not discussing things are your employer.
Do not buy into the lie you can not discuss this stuff. You can legally do it, you can NOT be punished for it legally (even if you are at will), and the only people who benefit from you not discussing it is your employer.
The only person hurt when not discussing it is you the employer.
Please keep this in mind when someone (either your employer or a fellow worker) tries to stop you from discussing pay or benefits. It is allowed and it is illegal for them to stop you or punish you from discussing this.
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