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Word of The Hour: dyffransegyans

2021.04.15 15:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: dyffransegyans

dyffransegyans translates to differentiation
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2021.04.15 15:01 ianjmcg [Homemade] Ensanda-style fish tacos on homemade tortillas with two types of salsa

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2021.04.15 15:01 wJava As a Moji main, I made a tier list of the best maps to play as her.

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2021.04.15 15:01 RussianShillBot9000 Ca your city council member and tell them you want them to end the mask mandate in Des Moines.

TL;DR According to the register this morning, Covid Kim is desperate for you to get that vaccine. Ignore those blood clots! Covid deaths have been overestimated and the severity of the disease overblown. We now know much more about it.
So I'm in the camp that Covid is a real virus, and that our concern was warranted in the beginning. For background, I have a BS in Moly Bio, as part of that I took graduate courses in virology and immunology, and I've worked extensively with PCR and a thermocycler as a lab assistant. I went on to work in a commercial laboratory doing similar things for 3 years before I left commercial science. So, I'm not an epidemiologist or virologist by any means, but I can read primary literature and research, I know how to pick apart a methods section, and I know the limits of modern academic scientific research.
The first thing I will point you to is a New York Times article that details how the settings for thermocyclers for the PCR test were way too sensitive for most of 2020. When you run a PCR thermocycler for too many cycles, you start to get ligation and polymerization of random bits of DNA. You can amplify anything and the luciferase in the PCR machine will give a positive signal. So at a conservative estimate, 40% of the PCR tests in 2020 were false positives. It could be as high as 90%. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/29/health/coronavirus-testing.html
The second thing I will point you to is an article from the Telegraph that says the UK is revising their numbers - that their health agencies have been counting people who died 'with' covid as dying 'from' covid i.e. anyone who dies with a positive covid test counts as a covid death. The current estimate is that the UK covid death count is at least 25% lower than officially reported. https://archive.ph/4d1w7
We now know that the global Infection Fatality Rate for Covid is a mere 0.15% - similar to seasonal flu. Part of this is that doctors got better at treating people coming in for pneumonia - instead of starting at numbers on a chart and using them to decide when to shove a ventilator down your throat, they, you know, flipped people onto their stomach, resulting in an 80% reduction in ventilator need. But only a small part of the tiny covid IFR is from iatrogenic improvement. It's just not that bad of a disease to begin with, if you're not vitamin D deficient and you move your body around instead of sitting in front of a computer. Think about it - if Covid was really that bad, why hasn't the continent of Africa had bodies piling up in the streets? https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/eci.13554
I've linked you a lot of reading, and for that I apologize, but taken together, those 3 sources indicate to me that the massive price we have paid as a society to control Covid is worse than covid itself.
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2021.04.15 15:01 Rs2mmsu-2D Emma Frost Amazing cover from New X-Men # 116 Sep. 2001!

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2021.04.15 15:01 CaptainMacmellon aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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2021.04.15 15:01 DepressedOnOccasion ..being Real doesn't make you popular anymore...

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2021.04.15 15:01 Icyries Xanax be like

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2021.04.15 15:01 Saitama_ssa_Diciple No dad noooooo

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2021.04.15 15:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: diferenciació

diferenciació translates to differentiation
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2021.04.15 15:01 TheZebrraKing How to sell when you are under 18

I am slowly mining more and more so I see how much money I am making but I can’t forgive out a way to sell it being only 17. Everything I see you have to be over 18 or get someone that is to open a account. I don’t trust anything to open a account for me so is there a way of selling it being under 18???
Thanks in advanced
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2021.04.15 15:01 RunningBread888_yt My 1 year old rescue cat Cyclops

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2021.04.15 15:01 itsryanturley Pizza Roses in 30 seconds

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2021.04.15 15:01 samstanley7 Hot take: Krakoa feels like one, giant exhaustingly never-ending event where we wait for HOXPOX to resolve.

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2021.04.15 15:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: diferenciación

diferenciación translates to differentiation
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2021.04.15 15:01 Fildovec-_- NávrH na profilovku... :D

NávrH na profilovku... :D
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2021.04.15 15:01 bleakwalrus need help finding a ha melee build

hey all, recently ive grown bored of my magsorc and want to venture off to a 2h build, i want to primarily focus on heavy attacking and using spells that correlate with ha like crazy. Im not seeking leaderboards or anything endgame, just a fun relaxing quest build that can solo delves and wb and whatnot. Anyways im asking if any of yall play a melee ha build could you link your gears? or if you know any that would be awesome! :)
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2021.04.15 15:01 autotldr Biden to bar U.S. banks from issuing Russian sovereign debt

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 19%. (I'm a bot)

Reuters) - President Joe Biden will issue an executive order on Thursday authorizing the U.S. government to sanction any sector of the Russian economy and will use it to restrict Russia's ability to issue sovereign debt to punish Moscow for interfering in the 2020 U.S. election, senior Biden administration officials said.
The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Biden would bar U.S. financial institutions from taking part in the primary market for rouble-denominated Russian sovereign bonds from June 14.
U.S. banks have been barred from taking part in the primary market for non-rouble sovereign bonds since 2019.The latest step is part of a wider array of sanctions the White House plans to announce on Thursday to make Russia pay a price for "Malign" actions such as election interference, cyber-hacking, the use of chemical weapons and reports that it offered Taliban militants bounties to kill U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.
Russia denies meddling in U.S. elections, orchestrating a cyber hack that used U.S. tech company SolarWinds Corp to penetrate U.S. government networks, and using a nerve agent to poison Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny.
Biden on Tuesday spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin to raise concerns about these issues and the build up of Russian forces in Crimea and along the border with Ukraine, even as he proposed a summit between the two men.
"The American people should not be complicit in the Russian government's malign activities by directly funding the Russian state at a time when the Russian government is attempting to undermine our sovereignty and threaten our allies and partners," said one official, echoing the administration's desire for a "Stable and predictable relationship" with Russia.
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2021.04.15 15:01 unfinishedjuice Her glow up tho 😍 border collie & aussie mix!

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2021.04.15 15:01 Nuke_E22 Primaris Techmarine! Ready to keep the angry coffin machines moving.

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2021.04.15 15:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: differenziazione

differenziazione translates to differentiation
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2021.04.15 15:01 eliteprephistory Crime Family photo 💖 trooper on the left is the youngest, and was rejected by his parents, but the other two are still being raised by mum and dad 💖🥰

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2021.04.15 15:01 schneper High quality map mods you recommend? (besides ProMods)

I have been using ProMods, mainly because i enjoy that they are aiming for quality and are regarded as one of the best map modders for ETS2/ATS besides SCS (and some of the mappers even ended up working for SCS).
Either way, there are way more map mods, and unfortunately many of them aim for quantity over quality. I have recently encountered mods that are recommended by ProMods, such as RusMap and Southern Region. Are those maps any good like ProMods? I have also found out about RomaniaExtended (RoExtended), but this one actually isn't even recommended by ProMods.
Those maps are also getting mentioned in those "big world map packs", so are they regarded as offering good quality, or are they just there to fill the spaces? Would you recommended those maps, or are there any other good maps you would advice to try out?
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2021.04.15 15:01 kanehobday91 Armour system sucks

I want to like to tarkov but after I shot a scav 8 times in the chest, point blank range (confirmed in post game screen) with an sks and it still killed me I give up. Fuck that stupid armour system.
And before I get asked why I didn't aim for the head, I bumped into the scav as I walked round a corner and just opened up on him.
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