Go! Trolls of the internet, why do you do what you do? |

Trolls of the internet, why do you do what you do?

2021.04.15 16:12 Sentient-Sock Trolls of the internet, why do you do what you do?

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2021.04.15 16:12 AztheWizard Puzzling Places is accepted to the Oculus Quest Store!

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2021.04.15 16:12 Warcraftisgood Current skirmish for icarus tasks discussion: Whats your strategies? Tips? etc

What are your strategies if you're farming the new skirmish for icarus tasks? (Deal 70 million damage)
(Also, if someone can send me the task 6 and task 7, that would be greatly appriciated.)
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2021.04.15 16:12 Hedgehog_456 Dark Mode Friendly Memes

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2021.04.15 16:12 Terrible-Mousse-539 Looking for USA based server? Message me. USA/ca/Pakistan/India/ipl/cricket

Over 15,000 live channels
Live US/Canadian, India, Pakistan, Cricket, IPL, Ramadan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Africa, NBA, NFL, NHL, PPV, UFC, Boxing, Cricket, News, Caribbean, Latin, Spanish, Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil,and many more languages. Includes VIdeo on demand
- Minimum 10 MB internet speed is required.
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2021.04.15 16:12 sweetharper Some older pics I’ve never got around to posting... hope you like. 😉❤️

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2021.04.15 16:12 Maleficent-Car587 What can i do ?

People who had to break up with someone they love due to them being no good for you please respond.
I broke up with my gf of 3 years after she kept being gaslighting, verbally abusive, emotional abusive, ALOF of love bombing, and not treating me in the way we agreed as partners (which sadly i wasn’t aware of until after the breakup). I noticed the pain she was causing me and I knew we had to breakup a long time before we broke up but i love her so much i wanted to hold on and she never would want to breakup with me but yet always struggled to treat me correctly.
I know she isn’t any good for me and I know i shouldn’t go back so i never will but I miss her so much. Maybe because I was blind but she was my best friend for 3 years. We lived together for 3 years, my first relationship my first sexual experience everything. And now we are broken up because I walked away and i feel so sad because she begged to stay with me but begging to stay with me is the same thing she did again and again then would treat me the same way when I came back. Even her mother and own friends called her out on this behavior. I can’t help but want to check her social media and seeing the things she posts hurts. She texted me that she understands she hurt me but doesn’t seem like it by what she posts nor by the things our mutual friends have told me she has stated. I don’t want to feel this way anymore how do i let go and move on ?
T/L: Basically, How did any of you get over your first breakup when you had to walk away from someone who was no good for you that you loved ? How long did it take and what helped you vs what made it harder.
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2021.04.15 16:12 sophiemonica 🥂 Cheers! Thank you all for your support here!

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2021.04.15 16:12 dkorecki Drive Modes of the 2021 Hyundai Veloster N

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2021.04.15 16:12 HazukiWarrior921 Dreamcast Disc Burning Issues

Hey guys. So, I've recently obtained CD-R's that are at least 800mb, or 90min, to burn Dreamcast games with. The brand is Verbatim, and they're also international. Well, when I proceeded to burn a game on them (example being What's Shenmue English Patched), the disc wouldn't get recognized in my Dreamcast. I was able to accept overburning for the process, and I used Alcohol 120. It's also a .MDF file. However, I'm not able to go under 16x burn speed for some reason... I'm also using a standard DVD drive for the burner. I also have a blu-ray drive installed as well. And, something really weird about Alcohol 120, is that it will only show 8x speed, if I select both disc drives to burn a disc with. However, it would require I inserted 2 discs then. I don't want to risk wasting anymore 800mb discs then I already have. I tried the same process, with a standard 700mb disc, I think still at 16x speed, and it worked just fine. Also, my PC does recognize the disc, as being successfully burned, after the process is done. Like, all of the files will show up as being recorded on the disc, when I pop it into my drive. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. Please help!
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2021.04.15 16:12 vrboii123 Just found this in the in game files!!! Pico as a playable character?!?!

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2021.04.15 16:12 niceplacetobenaked You know have the soundtrack to a video game behind everything you do. Which game is it?

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2021.04.15 16:12 growupvea Who's watching that Dog Coin from Elon🚀🚀🚀

I have almost 10,000 share and it's going up up up!!! Anybody else watching this?
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2021.04.15 16:12 tDCS_20Mins_PerDay Does Synchronizing Brain Waves Bring Harmony? | ALZFORUM

Article posted by TheBrainDriver tDCS Brain Stimulation Devices for Peak Performance
Link to Article
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2021.04.15 16:12 crentfro [Recruiting] Clan TGO TGO #2YQGY099L | TH12+ | War Always | English | Adults Only

We war daily but your participation is not mandatory. We have a lot of TH13+ and TH10-11 but are short a few more TH12s to round our war lineups out. We do 30v30 cwl and have blown away the competition last 2 wars. We will enter crystal league after this month. We have won 9 of last 10 daily wars. Fun and respectful chat in this adult only clan. We have members across USA, EUR, and India so always someone online. Here is our link. Looking forward to meeting you. TGO TGO https://link.clashofclans.com/en?action=OpenClanProfile&tag=2YQGY099L
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2021.04.15 16:12 Dopletsenpai 🔥We Are The Paysafe Army 🚀🔥

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2021.04.15 16:12 Rot10Crotch Help: Retroarch not saving boxart

I am running Retroarch V1.9.1 64 bit in Windows 10 64 bit. I have tried to download boxart following this video.
I have tried to download the images for N64(374 Games) & SNES(1864 Games). I can see Retroarch retrieving boxart progress in lower left corner. When I restart Retroarch there are only 2 images that have been saved in C:\RetroArch-Win64\thumbnails\Nintendo - Nintendo 64\Named_Boxarts.There is no directory for SNES. I feel like I am missing something obvious....
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2021.04.15 16:12 lensfog HELP: is a condensator/resistor shock dangerous ?

is a condensatoresistor shock dangerous ?
I ask here bcs i know many people repair flash here, but i got my shock from a strument which is not related to photography
powered by 2 batteries (1.5V, amazon basics)
felt the shock in my finger a sort of shock wave in the chest arm neck
did not loose sense

i'm scared like hell
called doctor he said its ok
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2021.04.15 16:12 Boockel Riot games called and they want my LP back

Riot games called and they want my LP back
Yeah so I just got criminally fucking robbed
Tbh this is probably because of my fucked MMR but like holy I just wanna climb man.
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2021.04.15 16:12 mesonoxian_loner Is it just me or no? From PC to Nintendo Switch...

Moral of the story is that since computer parts are very hard to get today, I have no computer to do anything resulting that I move Rocket league playing to the Nintendo switch which I bought RL on it back in 2018. At least back then when I first bought Rocket League on switch it seemed great, but now when I play Rocket League on switch it's just awful... I don't know if it is because I had at least 200+ frames on PC and now on the switch it feels like I don't even get 60 frames making the transition super difficult, or if it is all in my head? Is it just me or no.
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2021.04.15 16:12 wolf_shadow46 Our favorite bard Jaskier/dandelion 😍

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2021.04.15 16:12 digwham With approx 195 countries in the world, chances are many of us have never heard of lots of them. What's it like being from a country that rarely anyone has heard of and what is your country's claim to fame if we had heard about it?

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2021.04.15 16:12 SnooCrickets6399 Commission Plans - Workarounds for having a % based plan

My company would like to register our percentage based commission plans in Workday however I am coming to realize that Workday only has amount based plans. I have seen a lot of companies using bonus plans as a workaround since the percentage option is available there.
Can you let me know what other workarounds are there? And if there are any gotcha's with using bonus plans as commission plans?
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2021.04.15 16:12 vifiona Swipe for cakegut, Made Kuih Bahulu, a.k.a. Egg Sponge Cake or Chinese Madeleine. best eaten once baked Crusty outside Fluffy inside. No baking powder, no butter, no essence needed. Bake direct on hot traditional kuih bahulu mould Full of egg fragrance with nostalgic taste.

Swipe for cakegut, Made Kuih Bahulu, a.k.a. Egg Sponge Cake or Chinese Madeleine. best eaten once baked Crusty outside Fluffy inside. No baking powder, no butter, no essence needed. Bake direct on hot traditional kuih bahulu mould Full of egg fragrance with nostalgic taste. submitted by vifiona to cakeguts [link] [comments]

2021.04.15 16:12 moneyshouters Dash for fireworks not losing steam

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