Go! 14.7% now 🚀 chart holds strong |

14.7% now 🚀 chart holds strong

2021.04.15 19:01 lerros89 14.7% now 🚀 chart holds strong

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2021.04.15 19:01 JapaneseWhiskyGuy My mini j-whisky display

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2021.04.15 19:01 DemonicAlex6669 Distro differences?

I see talk about the positives of any distro all the time, but the drawbacks arn't talked about all that much. So what I want to know is what are the weaknesses and negatives to the different distros. Which ones are just the softwhere choices fault and which ones are more of an inbuilt unchangeable to that distro (like package managers and updates).
Particularly I'm wondering whether theres any substance to the claims that arch is better, or to the claims that ubuntu and ubuntu based distros are the worst (/on the bad side of the scale).
If someone picked up arch, then installed programs typically used on say ubuntu (or one of the distros based on it), would the same cons as ubuntu still exist? If so which programs are the problems, or how do you find which programs are problems.
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2021.04.15 19:01 Blazeofglory4 🙃

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2021.04.15 19:01 topredhigh What animals you keep at home?

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2021.04.15 19:01 -XDashX- Met the man himself

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2021.04.15 19:01 Fimcr0 pc for 3 fcr arach 10 max mana

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2021.04.15 19:01 TheSilentSolemnity [M4F] Dixie Damelio RP

Hey recently I've been seeing a little of Dixie around online and loved the idea of making an RP from it.
For this i had the idea of an incest based scenario but if be interested im you're ideas or suggestions to!
This can go one of two simple ways you are my daughter or sister, that ends up being in very sexual situations. i prefer long term Roleplay and build up bit could also go for some short term to!
You could take the innocent approach where you're either inexperienced or too shy to notice advances, even going as far to bring tricked into something with you're family memeber
Or the seductive approach where you seek out you're brother or father, dressing a certain way or sending risky texts, flirting. You name it we can obviously talk out the details!
I would love for you to use picture's of Dixie as reference during the RP, as for kinks mine are rather endless and we can take a vanilla approach or a much more rough/degrading one. My only limits being scat, gore or bestiality, don't be resistant to suggest a kink of yours for the RP to!
My KIK: MyRedditRpAccount
I am 18+ and all charaters and participants must be 18
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2021.04.15 19:01 Logical_Banana_1630 Tier list based on first appearance (2.0)

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2021.04.15 19:01 AlexisAfton 🌹Carrot Da Bunny🌹 by -Alexis-

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2021.04.15 19:01 Gothic_Lovies00 Tifu by trying to be cool

Hey everyone,
This is my first time posting on reddit so if u could help me with all the abbreviations and stuff that would be helpful.
So I'm 15f, a goodie two shoes straight A student who plays Roblox bc were in quarantine and there is literally nothing else to do. Anyways I was playing with my friends, being a total idiot and roasting ppl (they were probably 8 years old). All my friends were cursing and ganging up on this one guy in the server so I decided to join, it was all fun and games until he started talking about my mom.
I'm naturally a very protective person over my family, especially my mom and my brother bc we've been through so much together after my dad ditched. SO this guy says "F ur mom" and I blew up. I called him a "Poor gay a*s loser of a b*tch" and said that he was a daddys boy and other things that I refuse to repeat. Anyways I dropped such a big bomb on this guy that he left the game and the whole server was shook for about 5 minutes.
Well jokes on me bc I got reported. I got banned from my account for a week bc of "harassment" and using an "offensive term" .
Just to be clear I don't think there is anything wrong with the LGBTQ+ community. This guy just pissed me off real bad and I had to come back at him with something I knew would break his ego.
Anyways that's my story for u. I'd like to say that I F**ked up real bad. Sorry if it was long I needed to vent on my stupidity.
TL;DR: I got reported for calling some guy a Poor Gay a*s loser of a b**ch.
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2021.04.15 19:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: xenio

xenio translates to genius
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2021.04.15 19:01 Miriel92 Landorus raid on me adding first 10! 5277 7993 3148

5277 7993 3148
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2021.04.15 19:01 strikingmatches Someone please help me with a TINY part of this a capella song before I blow a gasket :)

I am a transcriber, piano teacher, my aural skills are great, yadda yadda yadda. But for some reason I am getting SO FRUSTRATED at this one part of a song I'm transcribing.
The song on youtube (1:08-1:20)
what I have transcribed so far, and what it sounds like (sound should work but let me know if it doesn't). It's in G major,and we're in 4/4. Let's call the first written measure 1 for ease of what I'll explain next:
Going from the last beat of measure 3 ("you") into the downbeat of measure 4 ("know") is stumping me. It sounds like there is a note descending on the downbeat but I cannot single out the note in my brain. In addition, the rest of what I have in red is eluding me a bit and I don't think it's fully correct. I think the bass is being split into two voices, starting on that descending note I can't hear, and therefore I'm missing the rest of that voice. It's just the harmony on the downbeat of m.4 that I'd really like help with though. Can anyone hear the voice that I'm missing??? Or am I just going insane 🤪
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2021.04.15 19:01 whatsinausername13 Rash on inner thigh not going away (24F)

Rash on inner thigh not going away (24F). Female, 5'7, 165, Caucasian. It appeared after a day of wearing shorts for the first time since last summer. I thought it was bad razor burn or heat rash, but it seems like it's only getting worse. At first, it was several small red bumps, but the bumps have gotten bigger (about thumbnail size at the largest) and more keep appearing. The initial ones have started to heal, but it seems like more appear every week. There is a bit of this rash on my skin near my labia, but nothing actually on my clit/labia. I haven't had any significant changes in mood, energy, sex drive, or anything else. I just got an std test done a few weeks ago, and haven't heard anything from my doctor, which I assume is a positive sign. I've only ever been with my husband, and we've been together for 7 years. He has had a handful of partners before me, but none beside me since we've been together.
My anxiety may just be causing me to catastrophize, but I just want an idea of what this could be.
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2021.04.15 19:01 lanman33 PAIN

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2021.04.15 19:01 justa-human Hopefully we get some f%cking gameplay and no delays

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2021.04.15 19:01 Loulouisthis Wouldn't it be great if Migraine Buddy deactivated all my notifications when I have a migraine...

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2021.04.15 19:01 Melancholic045 Less than 24hr after my last post where I said I was giving up on waiting for this box set to restock the S&S back order I made in March shows up on my doorstep. A really cool surprise 😁

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2021.04.15 19:01 arti_xan “I’m not Sorryama”, Me, Airbrushed Denim, 2021

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2021.04.15 19:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: genio

genio translates to genius
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2021.04.15 19:01 63926384628 I (19M) am a horrible person

I’m gonna try to be really honest for this post. I don’t normally ask the internet about these kinds of things, but I need advice from other people right now.
I’ve been dating my girlfriend (18F) for 4 years. We’ve dated all throughout high school, and have had really amazing times together. She genuinely makes me feel whole as a person, and has been super supportive and caring. I love her a lot. We’ve had plenty of rough patches, all of which have been caused by something that I did (making comments about other girls early in our relationship, not showing my emotions and acting like I hardly love her, lying for no reason, etc.) One night I’d had a suicidal episode, because I genuinely hate the things that I do to her. I’ve caused her to have confidence issues and to not trust me, and I thought that I’d be better off dead so that she wouldn’t have to have somebody so toxic in her life. Obviously that’s an extremely selfish thing to do, so we took a break for about 3 months. I went to therapy and tried really hard to work on myself and my bad habits of lying and not showing that I care, I tried to develop more confidence and feel more like a man. and I tried really hard to get back together with her. We got back together on Valentine’s Day, and I’ve been feeling really good about our relationship. We haven’t fought much if at all, and it seemed like I was able to make her happy when she was feeling down and was able to be there for her.
As a side note, I’m a pretty feminine guy, and have lots of confidence issues along with that. I’m not manly at all, and see other guys that have a lot of confidence and feel that I want to be like that. I see men who follow Instagram models and models on Tiktok and I took that for them being comfortable with their sexuality. I’ve never watched porn or done any of that and I feel like a freak sometimes for not having those urges compared to other men.
A couple days ago I made a huge fucking mistake that I’ll never be able to forgive myself for. I was trying to get rid of some pixels on some nudes that I had taken of her, and I really thought she looked good in them. I ended up using that app to change what she looked like. I photoshopped her fucking nudes, just to see what it would look like, not out of any sort of desire for her to look a certain way. And I felt an urge that “most guys would probably JO to this, why don’t you just do it?” So I did, and a part of me felt extremely guilty doing that. But the other part of me thought that was just normal for men to do, that most men watch porn even in relationships and are comfortable enough that they can do that. I always felt that my lack of interest in that kind of thing made me abnormal. I really didn’t feel any attraction to those photoshopped pictures, but I felt that I was weird or abnormal for not feeling attracted to them. I saved them, I’m not even sure why I did aside from feeling like I would force myself to do that again to feel more like every other man.
Long story short, she found those pictures on my phone and she’s extremely hurt. I feel an insane guilt that I’ve never felt before because I know how this affects her and hurts her body image, and how she now thinks she’s inadequate. What I did was absolutely inexcusable for a boyfriend to do, and I feel like a genuine psycho for even doing that in the first place. A real man doesn’t do shit like that, and my lack of confidence in myself and feeling like a weird little nerd for not feeling those urges and being that way caused me to act like a complete douchebag and hurt somebody that I love. I realize that I still have a long ways to go before I can begin to be who I want to be, and I know that this isn’t it. We talked all of last night and we’re going to talk about it today. I know this likely means a breakup and I understand why, but I just don’t want to be this kind of person anymore. I see lots of articles online for “how to heal from a toxic relationship” or “how to move past a bad person” but I don’t know what to do when the bad person is myself. Is there anybody out there that’s guilty of something awful like this, and how did you move past it and grow from it? I just need some advice.
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2021.04.15 19:01 Cold_Pumpkin_2744 It’s easy to fool people when they already fooling themselves

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