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BarX Site Plan

2021.04.15 19:11 Gnomer_TX BarX Site Plan

BarX Site Plan It's coming....

BarX Ranch
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2021.04.15 19:11 bewoxag635 to day i made this illustration, rate please

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2021.04.15 19:11 _bluch_ Wtf 😳

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2021.04.15 19:11 Inhaledten34 Comment Easter eggs for my base.

Alright, so basically you comment what Easter egg you want in my base and then I will every hour I will look for the 3 top comments and put whatever you say in my base.
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2021.04.15 19:11 Jack_stranger My Rise and Fall story (part 2)

I had just asked out my friend to be my girlfriend and she said yes...
As the weeks continued, homecoming was around the corner and we decided to go to the dance and my girl was pretty photo shy, because she didn't think she was pretty so I'd take pics all the time just to prove to her I thought she was beautiful and I even changed her contact name on my phone to "my beautiful girlfriend". Either way at the dance she didn't really feel like dancing so we sat I on the bench row, nearly the entire time and ww danced for one slow song, where we kissed genuinely for the 2nd time because the 1st was not really that good and rushed, either way when the dance was over I walked her home and we kissed again and I left home.
Our relationship grew and grew, soon she wasn't photo shy anymore and accepted being my beautiful girlfriend, we went to football games together,basketball, concerts, and it was amazing. Around a certain time she had told me her dad is a satanist and he would yell at her and take away her phone for not doing certain things. She was put through a lot of stress and she told me that being with me helped her not worry about that, I always told her "I'll always be there to hold you, and don't be afraid to vent", and she at times did, I did my best to help her out and comfort her when I got the chance. In like 2018 she wrote me these notes and would slip them into my pocket when we hugged. She wasn't really slick, since it was very noticeable but I played along and read them at home.
I swear I smiled so much reading them, it nearly made me tear up knowing someone loved me so much and needed me..
I loved her so much and she loved me and even went as far as to say she was my future wife, and would love it when I addressed her as my wife when said our goodbyes before I got on the bus home since I lived 5 miles away and she lives near the school, so everyday I'd see her smile just getting off the bus and telling her "I love you".
There was a time on time off during Thanksgiving break, I was being stressed by my parents and such, we texted and she said she missed me so much and I missed her too, so I said what if I told you I'm walking over there and she said don't its hot and I'd be walking next to a highway and I said ok. Still was going and we texted and I had been walking for nearly 3 hrs and my legs hurt a lot since I had been walking in like a ditch the whole time and it was hot, but she was wanting to call and I didn't want to spoil the surprise so I withheld the call and started running and when I finally got near her house I said ok we can call now and we did video calls so I showed her, her house and said surprise. She was shocked and said "hold on, let me get my shoes", her dad wasn't home so I knew she could come out and I walked over to a bench near the school and sat, to recover a bit and I see her running over as fast as she could, I stood up and she kept running toward me and nearly tackled me, hugging me and saying why would you walk this far for me and I said because your my girl and I love you. We continued hugging and talking. Then like 20 or 30 minutes later it was getting dark and she had to go so we kissed and said I walked her home and said goodbye. I started walking home, legs still hurting a lot, my parents didn't believe I walked, and it was very dark so I continued walking and a police car saw me and said what I was doing and I said "going home" and they picked me up and drove me there and that was it.
Believe it or not I walked liked 3 more times, it was worth the pain, to see her smile, and I don't regret it one bit...
To be continued..
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2021.04.15 19:11 killHACKS A diver swimming between two tectonic plates in Iceland

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2021.04.15 19:11 Dry-Silver-9330 Cursed_hooker

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2021.04.15 19:11 figgypie (Spoiler) Does Pure Vessel take damage from Defenders Crest?

I'm working on Pure Vessel in the Hall of Gods so I have a chance at completing PoK. My charm build for the Pantheon is currently Unbreakable Strength, Unbreakable Heart, Grubsong, Sharp Shadow, Longnail, Defenders Crest.
I haven't noticed Pure Vessel being damaged by my stink cloud, so I'm wondering if it's even doing anything. I only really need DC for the first half of the Pantheon, so I'm open to swapping it for the second half/Pure Vessel. Maybe Sprint master, but now I'm not sure.
I do love weaponized stink.
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2021.04.15 19:11 majin_hendrix 【MAD】 Multi Anime AMV 「Outsider」 By Eve

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2021.04.15 19:11 Flyzini Seedling soil before super soil?

My research is telling me that my super soil ( SOHUM ) is maybe a bit much to start my seedlings in after germination. I do not have access to any "grow" shops in my area, so I would need to go to HD or a local nursery. I dont need a lot here just running 6 plants. Can anyone recommend something that sold at stores like HD or what to look for in a bag please?
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2021.04.15 19:11 SighmenSays Team Solomid vs Team Liquid: A New Age Rivalry in the LCS

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2021.04.15 19:11 Zonzkin All for the looks.

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2021.04.15 19:11 trogdoooooooooooor Cops who only respond to crimes in progress if they know that the perp is a POC, why?

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2021.04.15 19:11 _Solamentezeus Corrupt Dungeons

Hello there, I'm wondering what I the purpose of going to T7-T8 maps to do corrupt dungeons?
Is it not the same thing as doing them in a T5 BZ map or Red Zone map?
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2021.04.15 19:11 Infamous_Reception31 :-)

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2021.04.15 19:11 One-Instance2913 C-naltrexone cold?

I just got my meds delivery and this bottle of pills was in the cooler but it says store at room temp. This won’t mess it up right?
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2021.04.15 19:11 bedgarter Restoring a rusty traditional Japanese knife

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2021.04.15 19:11 Plastic_Ground_4920 save clip

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2021.04.15 19:11 TheSuperheroAxis Episode is gonna be wild!

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2021.04.15 19:11 James-S-Mario-Kart Cursed_Orphan (Hopefully not a repost)

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2021.04.15 19:11 jvsaturday CPA PEP Canada: Finance Elective - Tips and Advice?

I'll be starting the finance elective in about two weeks and have heard that this is arguably the toughest elective. What intimidates me are the stories of candidates spending 20+ hrs/week on studying the material and only achieving RCs. I can't afford to spend this much time each week and this will eventually cause burnout.
I'd appreciate advice on how to enhance my technical skills and get it up to speed with the requirements of the elective and how to wisely approach the weekly assignments. Some general study tips are also welcome!
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2021.04.15 19:11 FuturePanels Daniel Warren Johnson interior art from Beta Ray Bill #1 (2021)

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2021.04.15 19:11 ItsNot_Rise Frac : the dutch oreos

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2021.04.15 19:11 Imaginary-Message522 What's going on with Comicsgate and pedophilia?

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2021.04.15 19:11 ganjacasper Join up let’s finish

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