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2021.04.19 08:13 crexmate anyone?

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2021.04.19 08:13 DerJona1 Guess the car I used in my new painting

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2021.04.19 08:13 cosgothicc Moving?

Wondering what rules are in place for moving as I know there’s more policing and stuff, I have friends from other households who were supposed to help me move on the 29th of this month just to a new place across town? Should I be worried about them getting fined or how do I proceed with this?
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2021.04.19 08:13 taw3890 Day 2 of withdrawing my funds from HitBTC

Original post (part1) here: https://www.reddit.com/hitbtc/comments/mth3vx/withdrawals_are_temporarily_disabled_on_you
I will start a series of posts, documenting my journey of withdrawing funds from a cryptocurrency exchange, HitBTC https://hitbtc.com/.
Story so far:
On April 18th, I created an account to this site. It was straightforward and no issues there. Deposited a considerable amount of a certain cryptocurrency, sent from my Kraken account to newly created HitBTC account.
Before anything else, I upload all KYC documents to the site via the KYC section.
After that, on the same day, I tried to withdraw the total balance of my account (now ETH). Whitelisted my Kraken address as needed. Withdraw failed after a while, and below error message was shown:
“Withdrawals are temporarily disabled on your account. Please contact us via this form.”
And a link to the form. No explanation why the withdraw failed. I proceed to fill the form, creating my first support Ticket ID 801328
I still have no emails from the support team, clearly stating that KYC is needed for the withdraw. This is something I learn from Reddit.
At this point I am logged out of the site, and while trying to log back in, my password is not accepted. Few attempts later I yield and reset my password. Message pops up saying my account is locked for a few days for security reasons, because I reset my password. Shady, but ok. 2fa still works, login is now ok.
Then I receive below email from [compliance@hitbtc.com](mailto:compliance@hitbtc.com)
There is an issue with your verification selfie. Please take and upload another selfie with the same identity document but with a different note. In your first note your email address was either missing or incorrect, so please double check the note before taking a new selfie.
Please click "Resolve Issues" button in the KYC verification form and make the necessary changes. Don't forget to click "Request Verification" button at the bottom of the form once you're done”
There is no missing or incorrect email address in my original selfie note. However, today on 19thApril, I proceed to write a new note, now with very carefully written letters. Uploaded new selfie documentation to the KYC section as instructed in the email above, creating new Ticket ID 801951
I’m currently waiting confirmation for KYC, so I can withdraw my funds. As this unfolds, I will start posting my experience on Reddit to this subreddit + other cryptocurrency subreddits.
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2021.04.19 08:13 smdelfin Dito po ang daanan.

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2021.04.19 08:13 tralala12345yay Scared to treat yeast infection at 4 weeks

I’m 4 weeks along (so barely pregnant), have a yeast infection, and am making myself crazy. Normally I’d use boric acid or diflucan, but those aren’t recommended in pregnancy.
It seems like the standard advice is to take an antifungal cream. But I had thrush with my last pregnancy too, used Canesten on my GP’s recommendation, and then immediately miscarried at 9 weeks. Probably just coincidence, but now I have this superstitious fear of treating it.
I know I need to phone my GP, and already know what they’ll say. But my GP is terrible so idk how much I’ll trust their recommendation.
Has anyone else dealt with this thrush + fear of treating it?
Any advice navigating UK healthcare when you don’t have a good GP but aren’t far enough along for a midwife? I’d be fine paying out of pocket for advice I trust but not sure what kind of doctor to even look for - any obgyn?
I’m considering just leaving this untreated until the second trimester, since while the thrush is bothersome for me it probably doesn’t impact baby? Ugh.
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2021.04.19 08:13 RyleeYap123 Cursed_Burn

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2021.04.19 08:13 yoshidino How product placements may soon be added to classic films - where will the advertisers turn to next...

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2021.04.19 08:13 AlbertJackBangkok 6-year-old ALONE after mum and sister are QUARANTINED

6-year-old ALONE after mum and sister are QUARANTINED
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2021.04.19 08:13 sissy-vanesza Hrt? Doubts.

Hi, I'm not a very active person on social networks. So please forgive if anything is bad. I consider my self a sissy or a femboy. And I have been thinking about HRT a lot lately. But I don't know if a wanna make the transition or not, I know that my family would reject me but I'm very far from them. My very big doubt is there a way with HRT to have more a androgynous look without the full female look. I mean pennis reduction maybe breast but hidable I don't know my head is a mess.
If anyone can help would be amazing. Sorry for my bad English.
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2021.04.19 08:13 MayoChipsMinecraft Requesting r/Minecraftrealism - Sub inactive for 5 years.

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2021.04.19 08:13 Sandbuster18 Ten Years Sober - Crooked Lines [VIAGE]

Released: 2021-04-16
Ten Years Sober - Ten Years Sober - Crooked Lines
Ten Years Sober - Ten Years Sober - Marvila
Ten Years Sober - Ten Years Sober - Moog One
DOWNLOAD - http://progonly.com/2021/04/17/ten-years-sober-crooked-lines-viage/
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2021.04.19 08:13 RevenueOk6937 Join the TikTok Girls | NSFW Discord Server!

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2021.04.19 08:13 Jay8400 Best tile ever?

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2021.04.19 08:13 chillfolksong Drunk & High After Night At Bar

Message me if you’re feeling chatty!
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2021.04.19 08:13 I_did_dit Common plants and pollinators act as anchors for ecosystems

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2021.04.19 08:13 Enron_Musk Tesla Autopilot Is Just Better Cruise Control — Anyone Who Thinks It Should Be Banned Is Acting Stupid By Zachary Shahan, CleanTechnica

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2021.04.19 08:13 gal_pals_4ever My dogs watched the sunset together.

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2021.04.19 08:13 Kyuthefairy Searching for a buddy as intricate as me

Hi I’m kyu,I’m into a lot of anime and have many waifus.I’m on a spiritual journeys I guess I could say and just in the midst of figuring out how I think things works.I’ve been really into manga lately and plan to create my own,I’m not gonna try and sell it or anything cause it’s gonna suck of course, but just for me to read and smile at.Lately I’ve been really interested in learning how to plant foods specifically indoor vegetables.I’m also just overall trying to better myself and have the best mindset I could possibly have about life and everything in general.If you think were anything alike please send me message we could talk about our waifus and how to grow carrots indoors.
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2021.04.19 08:13 CanadianMcManager A cold late afternoon on the Canadian Praries

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2021.04.19 08:13 TaylorSwiftIsSexy Sitting

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2021.04.19 08:13 Bows_N_Hoes Suspicious Activity: How to Spot Bad Faith Actors

To begin, i do not have evidence for this post, just use logic and reasoning to see what I am talking about.
I am far from a genius but I consider myself a pro when it comes to spotting bots on Reddit and Twitter. Also, I am a very active Reddit user that lives in /new and have followed this sub closely since it’s migration so I am well tuned with the common social interactions on this forum.
This weekend there has been a sudden influx of very obvious bot accounts. Bots are a product of every Internet forum but the rapid increase in bots and bad faith actors this weekend has got my spidy senses tingling. So I’m getting ahead of the curve.
How to spot provocateurs and what to do when you find them

  1. Do not just yell SHILL. I repeat do not just wildly throw shill accusations around. Even if you are 100% certain you have spotted a shill, don’t throw out the accusation, in fact, remove that word from your vocabulary. They are actually seeking that reaction. They only exist to start yelling contests or flood forums with useless info and bickering. One of their favorite things to do is just replying to any counter argument with “fucking shill.” They know that gets the people going lol.
  2. They overload subreddits with posts and bullshit to spread the mod team thin, thus opening them to weaknesses. They don’t care about FUD or feel good posts, they just increase the traffic too much. You can help this by refraining from low effort posts. There is nothing wrong with memes and low effort questions but it would be a good idea to refrain from low effort memes during market hours and just asking questions in unrelated posted threads, rather than posting a thread on your own.
  3. They do not always have recently created accounts. Their accounts can range from any age and post history. They do this by buying accounts or out right hacking old unused and unsecure accounts. If you want to investigate an account, it’s best to just scroll through their comment history. They often are filled with very simplistic responses, spam, and aggression. They are not capable of logical, lengthy, and civilized conversations
  4. Always report aggressors. People that use harsh language to rile people up. Even if they aren’t acting in bad faith, it’s a good way to clean up the trash.
  5. More real active users commenting, the better. Engage comments with civility. Seriously, always try to engage comments in a calm rational way, even if you are suspicious of the user or you think it’s a conversation that will lead nowhere. If you engage a provocateur, they have very limited interaction capabilities. It does not take much to crack them with a couple calm logical questions. Even the smoothest of brains can help the subreddit in this way.
  6. The most obvious bots, SPAM. It does not matter if the person is spamming something noble like “save every hungry child in the world” in every single thread. If their post history is filled with copy pasted comments repeatedly posted, that’s an easy report.
Above all else, just remembers Bucky’s advice, just be excellent to each other.
I am getting off now. If anybody feels I missed some tips, please let me know and I’ll edit this.
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2021.04.19 08:13 raegharthesecond Jordan is more closer than you think😩

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2021.04.19 08:13 Current-Compote-2997 Anyone get this video?

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2021.04.19 08:13 OliverAKAOliver [QC] Budget White Forces

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