Go! What’s the worst thing you’ve seen in a public restroom? |

What’s the worst thing you’ve seen in a public restroom?

2021.04.15 18:26 Chonkmyster What’s the worst thing you’ve seen in a public restroom?

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2021.04.15 18:26 DreadPirahteRoberts Are they going to fix the gadget bug in friendly games???

Idk if you all have noticed but when you turn off gadgets in a friendly they are still there in game.
They do not turn off.
It's been so long and that bug is stll in the game when are they going to fix it???
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2021.04.15 18:26 crumbs2k12 Iems or earbuds for gaming?

Hi I am looking for either earbuds or iems for gaming and they need to have a mic and budget of about 50 euro max
Thank you in advance ,have a great day,sorry for the low quality post
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2021.04.15 18:26 ergotpoisoning Moving to a new country and investigating a career change. Seeking advice on how viable it is to transition to software engineering

Background: I am 32, moving from the UK to Northern California in June to get married. I ran a successful small business in the UK in a completely unrelated field, but now that chapter of my life is closing I am looking to transition to a new career. I have a Bachelors degree in Linguistics, very good general scientific literacy and good math (tutored physics/biology/math at a high school level successfully for many years). I however have very little actual programming experience as of right now.
Right now with the covid immigration backlogs, it could be up to 12 months until I get my US work permit and perhaps another 12 until I have my green card. Rather than see period when I am not allowed to work as a huge impediment, I am choosing to look at it as an opportunity to learn a new set of skills and be in position to seize new opportunities when I have my green card.
Why software engineering? I have a strong interest in engineering, but historically more on the hardware side of things - I worked two engineering internships (one civil engineering, one at a green tech startup) and have built PCs/assembled cars before. My interest/experience on the software side of things has mainly been restricted to modding games and a small amount of web design. I do though feel that this is something I could have an aptitude for, and given the shift to remote working it is now a career I would consider attractive. The biggest barrier to me before has always been not wanting a complicated commute or to work all day in an office setting.
My main question is, how should I go about this? What courses should I be investigating, and how should I start putting my (plentiful) spare time to use?
Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place.
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2021.04.15 18:26 miamisimitcisi Regional pricing is gone for the new F1 game...

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2021.04.15 18:26 Nemesis_Bucket Need tips for minimal intervention fruiting/casing shoebox. Bonus ziploc tek suggestion at the bottom.

So much conflicting information online! Please help me understand!
I did a 1:1 with coiverm and colonized rice. Added to a shoebox and is colonizing nicely.
Shoebox is in a tub of roughly the same size and those two tubs are floating in water at 79 degrees. Top of the lid is on.
I have an understanding that a casing layer is not required for cubes.. however, I'm commuting an hour both ways every day and only at my place overnight maybe 3/4 nights a week. Would it be wise to add a casing just to keep surface humidity correct?
If so, I allow it to colonize finally before adding it, then add and immediately put into fruiting conditions?
I have peat moss and verm ready to go, and will follow the ph adjusted casing layer tek. I see some people just use bubble wrap or crumpled, then uncrumpled wax paper. Are they about the same?
Do I need to flip the lid upside down at this point or another point?
My ziploc success story: I grew mushrooms two years ago successfully with 0 contams using bread cakes grinded into coir. Lots of misting and fanning, never used a SAB.
I moved and possibly my new place has more contaminants around. I had multiple failures since last August and finally have a colonizing shoebox so this is why I want to know so badly about this all.
I went from agar to liquid culture and had some contams when going into unclebens bags. I grew frustrated with this, figuring it's contaminating from the cutting and taping step somehow.
For those also frustrated working with instant rice bags, zioloc bags come sterilized. I wipe down the outside of the ziploc (1 gallon) and the instant rice pouch. Then I open both in a SAB, and pour the rice into the bag plus my LC before closing it back up.
Once the bag is inoculated and sealed, I use scissors wiped down with iso to cut the top of the ziploc bag down to the seal. This makes the taping step incredibly easy. You just apply a piece of tape to one side, from just below the seal and so the rest of it goes above the seal. Then I tape the other side the same so thr tape meets over the bag. Slowly and carefully unseal the bag and pull very slowly so the tape comes unstuck from the other piece of tape. Unseal the entire bag and pull the tape almost fully apart so the tape is now the only seal on the bag.
This colonized incredibly fast for me! I think the extra gas exchange makes a huge difference. I also did this inside a floating tub so I believe that having some humidity around it would prevent the bag from drying out quickly trying to reach an equilibrium.
Once the bag colonized fully, I brought it back into my SAB and threw another bag of instant rice in then did a break and shake. This second bag worth colonized in just a few days. I will only do it like this from now on because of how easy it was.
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2021.04.15 18:26 chuckdog6793 Updated regs leauge week 3 dolphins bears n rams(ps4)

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2021.04.15 18:26 Grampa-Harold third repost because I kept putting the images in the wrong order

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2021.04.15 18:26 IMisstheMidRangeGame Kobe Bryant to Be Presented by Michael Jordan for 2020 Basketball Hall of Fame Class

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2021.04.15 18:26 BushLeagueQuant MRW I order a regular drink at the drive thru and they give me diet

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2021.04.15 18:26 Quiet_Crow_9592 More pictures in my profile! Coming soon this downlodable world: New Bridgeport

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2021.04.15 18:26 lorgedoge [LFA] Lord Otterly Potter, of the Pop-Otter Potters

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2021.04.15 18:26 WaterBottleMaster45 What is something that is everyday knowledge, but took you a long time for you to figure out?

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2021.04.15 18:26 anonymousvivi Just finished Blood and Honor, have already read Mafia Prince. Any find else read both find a lot of conflicting accounts?

Leonetti made it sound like Carmandi was a joke. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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2021.04.15 18:26 humanbeans54 Kriti Sanon

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2021.04.15 18:26 Narwhal-Feeling So it took me 4 and a half minutes to find a game and as soon as I load in it kicks me back to the main menu and I get a 15 minute penalty, is this happening to anyone else?

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2021.04.15 18:26 moneyshouters Ethereum, DASH, ALGORAND Price Analysis: 18th August 2020

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2021.04.15 18:26 TheJCMultiverse Elisha Lightning #1: Chasers of the Light Part one

Alright, so my father asked me to write it all down so future generations might know how the adventure all got started. My name is Elisha Lightning and I am a founding member of the Apostles of Justice. My gift is super speed, among other things. I wasn’t always a super heroine. In fact, I haven’t been all that much. My father is Professor Samuel Billings, a Christian scientist. I know, it sounds kind of silly, a Christian scientist, but I’ve come to learn it’s really possible. Some people might say he is famous in prominent research circles, but once the grant money ran dry and my mother ran out on us, I pretty much thought he was more of a jerk than anything else.
If you read your Bible, which I certainly didn’t back then, you’ll know the story of the prophet Elijah and how he outran the chariot of Ahab. It’s in the Old Testament, First Book of Kings, I think. My father was given the Elijah bracelet by an archangel. Why? I don’t have any idea. For years, he was the hero called Elijah Lightning. I’ll never forget that ridiculous costume he wore. I hated it, to be honest. Elijah Lightning was wounded fighting one of his many villains and the bracelet was passed to me. I became Elisha Lightning. I made some modifications to the costume too.
Did I say my name was Elisha Lightning? It’s actually Leslie Billings. I’m sixteen years old and a sophomore at Canyon High School. I’m not a great student, don’t have a ton of friends, but I get invited to all the good parties. So how did it all get started? On a cool Wednesday night in the Arizona desert, way past my curfew, fighting some guy called the Paradox Runner.
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2021.04.15 18:26 indicadesigner My (18NB) bf (19M) is getting insecure about my attraction to him.

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. We had a really active sex life during the first 6 or so months, but now we have sex maybe once or twice a month when we see each other. It's not like we've gone cold, we just enjoy a lot of cuddling and kissing and we don't feel that burning "i want to rip your clothes off" thing that often anymore, and that's ok.
However, recently he has been diagnosed with diabetes, phimosis and had COVID (yeah, a lot) and it has made him feel like his body is "broken" or ugly and like he's stopping me from finding someone better.
It breaks my heart because he's the most beautiful, amazing man I've ever met. And I wouldn't trade him for the world. I've told him so many times, but it doesn't stick for long.
So, I come to ask you. What could I do to show him how attracted I still am to him and how amazing he is? Be it sexual, romantic, kinky, whatever?
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2021.04.15 18:26 IwantToBeRunOverPlz 🍐

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2021.04.15 18:26 ChIcKeNsSsssSSSss Swamp collab ✨

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2021.04.15 18:26 ShariPark17 Dr Dre Chronic

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2021.04.15 18:26 cosmicxclown Creepy costumer

This happened to me around the end of summer beginning of autumn 2020 and I just remembered it again and decided to post it here.
I got a new job at a store and I love this job to bits, after several terrible jobs this place is a breath of fresh air. Lovely atmosphere, amazing coworkers and most costumers are very sweet. I've never had a bad day at work, until this particular day.
So this was a day like any other, I was restocking some stuff and looking around if any costumers needed my help (our boss is very, with a lack of better words, strict, about us making sure to always give the customers a lot of focus no matter the task we're doing).
I put up the last few things on the shelf and turn around to find a man in his late 20s standing right behind me, staring. I put on my friendliest smile and ask him if there's anything I can help him with. He says in broken english that he needs help with some bug repellent or something and I guide him to our shelf full of different brands and we go back and forth about what he needs. He finally settles on a brand and I ask him if there's anything else I can help him with. He asks for the way to the register (a lot of costumers do this since our store is a bit of a labyrinth) and I give him a detailed description of the way there. He just looks at me puzzled and I then ask if he needs me to walk him there and he nods.
I'm walking with him to the register and he starts asking me questions, like if I enjoy my job and such.. normal questions that I answer politely. But then the questions got a bit more personal. He starts asking me about my age, where I live, who I live with, my work schedule.. questions people don't really ask employees. Me, a very shy person who don't want to upset anyone tries to answer his questions without actually answering them.
We're almost by the register when he stops and turns to look at me, standing a bit too close for my comfort. I just stand there, visibly uncomfortable as he says "I'll be coming back tomorrow to pick you up from work". I laugh awkwardly and say "I don't know if I'll be working tomorrow".
He pauses for a moment before saying "Then I'll just come by every day, we'll run into each other eventually".
I laugh again, thinking he must be joking but he is looking dead serious as I do. "We could be friends you and I. I don't have many friends. You could be my friend." He says.
He then walks of to the register all by himself as he obviously knew the way there and I stand in place until I can't see him anymore. I look around for a coworker and I spot my boss. I run up to her, breaking down as I tell her what just happened, feeling terrible for breaking down might I add.
My boss asks who it was and I spot him by the door and point to him. My boss walks over and talks to him, what was said I don't know because I went to the break room to calm down.
On my way home I saw him by the bus stop and I ended up calling my mom and she picked me up since I didn't feel safe going home alone.
So to the creepy costumer at my job, I hope to never see you again.
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2021.04.15 18:26 Kiki_Lord_ I love Toy Freddy and I'm proud of that

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2021.04.15 18:26 PadreToshi If you were born with the same character and values but in Russia, how would your life look like today?

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