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Glædelig Bicycle Day

2021.04.19 08:14 incognown95 Glædelig Bicycle Day

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2021.04.19 08:14 why-me-why-not (Former) chelsea fan here, with all this super league bull shit I was wondering if there would be a problem if I started to support Bournemouth?

I’ve lived in Poole my entire life so I thought it made sense, rather than pick a random prem team
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2021.04.19 08:14 GhostOf_TheNorth A dream might come true??

If our doge reaches 4 dollars by the end of the this month or even three. Ill be finally able to quit a soul sucking job I have been doing for the last five years and it will all be thanks to you. The idea alone makes cry...
Keep up the great work guys! This doesn’t have to be just for the money, remember that people’s lives will also change and we have the power to do that.
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2021.04.19 08:14 bensonic88 New website for real Jazz stream. We’re not a business. We’re not a playlist on shuffle or a show on repeat. Designed for uninterrupted listening and discovering new music.

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2021.04.19 08:14 bobtheukguy01 The cover art for literally yun head has been changed so what are your options on the change?

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2021.04.19 08:14 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Derek Chauvin trial live: Jury to hear closing arguments, then be sequestered during verdict deliberations | USA Today

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2021.04.19 08:14 TIFFisSICK My uncle passed away recently. I find solace through my NDE.

I visited him Thursday. He was on morphine, but I saw moments of clarity within him. He looked scared and unprepared. Maybe it was the drugs. Maybe not. How else are you supposed to face the unknown, after all.
I helped comfort him as much as I could. Apologized for his pain. Acknowledged the time and lived in the last moments I had left with him. He passed away the day.
I’m not sure if he was drifting off comfortably the next day, or if he was overwhelmed with concern. My dad was there, and I’m sure if he was conscious enough to be aware of it, it meant the world to him.
It got me thinking back to my own experience — which wasn’t as dramatic in terms of access. Without triggering anyone, it was a peaceful ride.
Everything was dark. I felt compelled to travel “up.” No body. Just a conscience. The same that lives in my head. When I got high enough, I was met by a presence. Not God. Not an angel. Just another form of life that had evolved past the point of my comprehension.
I had a feeling it was a sort of committee. More than one, but I was communicating with the one. The purpose wasn’t to judge. Just to help me understand. I felt completely peaceful. I was calm and completely relaxed.
I was prompted to ask my life’s most substantial questions. Not in words. More telepathic. I responded the same. My sentences weren’t even complete.
Why I chose the questions I did is beyond me. They really had nothing to do with my life on earth. Just concepts I couldn’t break the barrier on.
What is infinity? Like space — where does it end? What’s on the other side of that end? I was shown the very furthest depths of the universe in an instant. Passing every space feature you could imagine. Too quickly to take it in, none familiar other than the object it was. There was a transparent wall placed somewhere, and we stopped. It was explained that this is the point where my mind could imagine. That it was only capable of perceiving it as a limited space. A box. We then crossed through the wall, and the concept clicked in my head. We stopped traveling and I asked my next question.
What is the point of life? The answer was given to me in a way that is hard to describe, but I’ll make an attempt. I learned that life and evolution is not a human-focused anomaly. It’s just a progression. It’s supposed to spread and thrive beyond Earth and the whole point is for each form of life to advance far enough up the chain and reach each other. Some have already completed this, others failed and life ended on their respective planets — either from self-sabotage, catastrophe, or failure to thrive. If conditions were right (for life), it would restart again from the beginning, and life would evolve up the chain again, and they would have another opportunity to complete the purpose.
This led into the explanation of how every living and non-living thing was interconnected by atoms and molecules shared by previous generations. I share an atom that was previously a tree, a rock, a snail, a carrot. As does all life. A piece of everything (not literally) is in me, and eventually, I will be in a piece of everything else.
The concept of putting good out into the world was stressed. That it’s important to do the best you can do and help others grow and reach their potential the best you can. Kind interactions. Support. Unconditional love. That I would find my reward for helping others unlock the higher tiers of themselves is happiness.
It was my time to come back. Who knows how many concepts I would have been able to hold onto with the same amount of gravity. The questions affect my every day life, so much, but they did unlock an alternative way of thinking when dealing with people.
I felt more connected. That I should treat others as if they were me living another lifetime. Each with their own damages and growing pains that causes them to act and react in their own way. I was more forgiving and patient and took more joy in the small “wins” and achievements they would have.
Anyways, I feel relieved in imagining my uncle having his most pressing questions answered and feeling that profound comfort of being a weightless presence in a calm limbo. No concerns. No anxiety. Completely disconnected from the human condition. Total relaxation and a spark of curiosity and wonder.
I haven’t read many NDE experiences, but I have heard a few, and some seemed similar, so I figured I would share mine. For those who are curious, I was raised Christian/Catholic, but was atheist at the time this took place and have remained ever since.
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2021.04.19 08:14 chrisr3010 Mmmmm yes please

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2021.04.19 08:14 leonardosharp 4/20 planning

So what's the plan for 4/20? Midnight CEST everyone buys? Or midnight in which time zone? Entered two days ago at .30 EUR with 50 €, I want to enter with another 50 €. Is it better to wait for 4/20 when everyone starts buying to help the price grow or buy now (at the next dip, if there is going to be one - please advise on this with a comment: is there going to be a dip between now and 4/20?). Keep it up guys and HOLD!
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2021.04.19 08:14 H_Jack_stein Don’t click on any links juz don’t click on links it’s a scam u will loose all ur coins the website maybe look same but wouldn’t so pls check I too lost billions so pls be careful

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2021.04.19 08:14 M4TR1X_21 Fingers crossed it doesn't RUD...

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2021.04.19 08:14 HeresYourHeart Sweet Jesus, look at this horrific monstrosity my brother in Indianapolis created!

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2021.04.19 08:14 Hylanos Fun with a right-wing illidiot on the bird app

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2021.04.19 08:14 GeoNe_ws List of platforms, libraries, etc… for map-centric storytelling apps

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2021.04.19 08:14 4nonymouz Anyone tried Valorant on M1 Macs with latest Parallels(16.5)?

Since CS go and many games wirking fine with the newest update is there might be a possibility that Valorant could work too. So I tried but but it won't launch the game. There might be a problem with Vanguard. If someone got it working let me know. Thanks. I'm using a base model M1 Mac.
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2021.04.19 08:14 nouse1234 Is the grenade multi launcher benefitting from weapon damage or explosive damage or both?

Trying to make Tip of the Spear work with the Demo-Spec.

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2021.04.19 08:14 RisenFromRuins Anybody know what might develop schemas for misanthropy, distrust and hatred?

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2021.04.19 08:14 Fire_Axus When major seventh chords are suffixed by maj7, then why major triads are not suffixed by maj?

why? it can confuse begginers a bit.
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2021.04.19 08:14 HeavyMechGun Who would ever do this?

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2021.04.19 08:14 baalowaalasaitama Great scenery in RDR2

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2021.04.19 08:14 unable_To_Username Oh boy i love Columbia... [Subtile Meme]

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2021.04.19 08:14 Osrath RFI Static Reward

Do we not receive this if we are holding on BitMart?
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2021.04.19 08:14 Arthamiel_Farin Now i got it ... after 2 min Frisbee farming and 1 Month playing Chopping Minigame to 150p

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2021.04.19 08:14 KayJay_Media Cancer Zodiac 411 - April 19, 2021 (SHORT VERSION) A snapshot of your daily horoscope and main tarot card reading for the Cancer Zodiac.

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2021.04.19 08:14 gray_blanket Do I quit or go to HR?

So, I work at a hotel. I do a little bit of everything here. I've become adept at all the positions I fill (i.e. front desk, housekeeping, night laundry, etc) but, the one thing that makes me want to walk off the job is a specific coworker of mine. She's a really sweet person and this is nothing personal against her.
She is my manager's best friend so I feel weird around my coworker. This coworker is not good at her job. She's filled every position I have but, she keeps making really bad mistakes. Mistakes that would've gotten me fired if I made them. For example, I'll come in after her for front desk and the till is missing large amounts of money, she's putting guests in already filled rooms, consistently shows up hours late for her shifts, etc.
Her biggest mistake got me yelled at by multiple guests and I almost quit on the spot. It's not my responsibility to clean up her messes or take the heat for her mistakes. I'm especially upset because my manager has done nothing to correct this. If I'm not fixing my coworkers mistakes, my manager is taking responsibility for them.
I've been trying really hard to just move past this and focus on doing my job the way it's supposed to be done but, it's getting hard. The last straw, I was called in on my day off because coworker showed up to work (7:00 am) completely obliterated (high and drunk). She was falling asleep while talking to guests, manually charging cards to the wrong rooms, and slurring her words.
I'm not the only person working here that's having problems with her, the whole staff here is fed up with this girl. No one likes picking up her shifts or working with her. She is all over the place and cannot stay focused on anything.
I want to go to HR about this but I also don't want to. I don't want to have to do it. My manager should do something about her before they both lose their jobs. I like my manager as a person but she's making poor choices that are negatively affecting not only the hotel, but guests and Staff as well. I don't know what to do or what my next step should be. Do I go to HR?
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