Go! The only good things that came out of this joke of an outlaw pass were the best and shirt. |

The only good things that came out of this joke of an outlaw pass were the best and shirt.

2021.04.15 19:17 catsielthecat The only good things that came out of this joke of an outlaw pass were the best and shirt.

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2021.04.15 19:17 PaintedVisage Getting an online master's just in hopes of landing a GS-9?

So I recently graduated with a B.S. and after trying to land a GS-5 position for months I've come to the conclusion that I'm better off getting a master's and going for GS-9. I live in DC and while there's tons and tons of GS-9 jobs there's only a few GS-5 positions available at any given time. I really want to advance through the federal system and make a serious career for myself and right now I'm thinking the best way to make that happen is to get a master's degree. I looked at the tuition for UMD Global Campus and I could do a master's in 2 years for less than $20k. Obviously this is only worth it if I land a GS-9 position after. I feel confident that if I have a master's, along with my veteran's preference and experience as a GS-4, I will be able to land a GS-9 in no time, and since I live in DC I could have a nice life for myself just staying here and applying to higher grade levels each year. That's basically my dream, live in this cool city and jump from promotion to promotion until I'm making lots of money. Right now it seems impossible with my B.S. because the list of GS-5 positions in DC is so short but there's just an endless supply of GS-9 positions, and since I'll be enrolled in a program I could intern as a pathways student which would help my career even more. So it feels like a really good path for me, but it all boils down to this leap of faith where I spend my entire life savings on a master's degree from an online school. So, can you guys chime in? What do you think of this plan? Would you do it? Or would you just keep trying to land a GS-5?
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2021.04.15 19:17 Fluffleee who do you think would win?

who do you think would win?
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2021.04.15 19:17 Yasserone Our strength is our bond!

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2021.04.15 19:17 FifaScout123 LFP All position top 300 club 17 league titles

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2021.04.15 19:17 niuz-bot Primăria Constanţa a depus dosarul de candidatură pentru obţinerea titlului de Capitală Mondială a Cărţii UNESCO 2023 - [Articole]

Reprezentanții Primăriei Constanţa au anunțat joi că au depus dosarul de candidatură pentru obţinerea titlului de Capitală Mondială a Cărţii UNESCO 2023. Titlul de Capitală… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/primaria-constanta-a-depus-dosarul-de-candidatura-pentru-obtinerea-titlului-de-capitala-mondiala-a-cartii-unesco-2023.html
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2021.04.15 19:17 Cheynlong Smoke from motherboard. CPU dead?

Long story short, i wanted to upgrade from my aging i5 6600 so i bought a 3700x, got a cheap used B450 Aorus M motherboard on eBay to go with it because i was short on money (probably my error). Yesterday i plugged everything in and all seemed fine but when i turned on the PSU the motherboard made a buzzing noise, i saw smoke coming from the area shown in the photo (top VRMs) and the RGB flashed once and then turned off. I quickly turned the PSU off and checked that everything was well seated and i saw nothing wrong.
So, im pretty sure the motherboard is dead, PSU still working fine as i had to reconnect my old parts to it. What's the chance that the 3700x is dead? i contacted the only PC shop on my town and they won't test cpus. Is it worth getting a new motherboard or should i accept my faith and take my new cpu to the graveyard?
Parts used: -Processor: Ryzen 7 3700X -Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 Aorus M -PSU: Corsair CX750m 80+ bronze -RAM: a generic hynix 8gb stick that i had lying around
Thanks in advance.
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2021.04.15 19:17 No-Butterfly-8329 Ideas

Does a discord like this reddit threat exist? it would be amazing to be able to talk to people and possibly do trades
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2021.04.15 19:17 ronoroa_zoro_ How asta vs twin demons went...

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2021.04.15 19:17 A_solo_tripper "Scott Atlas is giving the president bad advice. It will hurt people."

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2021.04.15 19:17 huggettn Does anyone have a stock roofrack for sale?

Looking specifically for the long straight part that goes near the driver's door. I'm in the Aspen Colorado area if that helps any
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2021.04.15 19:17 its-me-its-me-itsJTP Billie kay and Mickie James released from WWE

What the hell?
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2021.04.15 19:17 alienlottoticket Anime_irl

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2021.04.15 19:17 Major_Various $XPRT bounty campaign

If you are someone who wants to invest in a crypto project and do not have the right amount of money, Don't worry, $XPRT got your back. Check out their bounty campaign on bitcoin talk and participate to win free $XPRT tokens-
What are you waiting for? Do not miss out on this opportunity!
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2021.04.15 19:17 JaffaCakeLad Candice Swanepoel

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2021.04.15 19:17 Perfect-Ad615 7’th gen faceplate on 5’th gen board?

Hi there!
I was wondering how easy it is to put an anodised front on a 5.5 gen iPod video? I much prefer the sound of a 5.5 over a 6/7th gen, but prefer having actual metal and glass parts (something that won’t scratch from looking at it funny 😂😂) on my 5.5! I’ve seen it done with replacement logic board frames and stuff, I’m willing to do all that, just wondering if anyone has experience in this mod? 😁😁
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2021.04.15 19:17 FunnyUsernameXd Made quick sketch of Nobara while doing some pose drawing practice

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2021.04.15 19:17 metallic_mind Hellooo

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2021.04.15 19:17 PrettyHedgehog0 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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2021.04.15 19:17 xylococainetwopercen Interview question for corporate banking role?

I landed an interview for an analyst role at a bank in Canada in their corporate banking division.
I’m wondering what type of behavioural/technical questions I should be looking out for. The role itself involves mid to large size corporations.
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2021.04.15 19:17 NewsElfForEnterprise Austrian glass manufacturer to invest millions in newly acquired Monaca plant

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2021.04.15 19:17 ASmallTownDJ Just quit my job to do art full time

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2021.04.15 19:17 Woodpecker-Certain Advice for a Failing PA Student in COVID

So, not a fun situation I'm in, and I honestly just need someone to hype me up to keep pushing forward. Backstory, I got a C last semester (first semester of school) in a class b/c I failed two exams, pushed through and finished out with As/Bs in everything else. Got placed on academic probation for this semester b/c only allowed 1 C in the program before we're dismissed. Started this semester strong, got COVID right in the middle of endocrine exams. I didn't know I had COVID while I was taking them, but didn't feel good and overall just wasn't able to put my best foot forward and concentrate well. Ended up with mid-low B's, failed one by 1/2 a point. Got tested/diagnosed the next week when I lost my taste, did online school until I was cleared. Then when I came back, I had one week to prepare for our next block of neuro exams. Had really bad brain fog and fatigue and struggled with studying but pushed through it. Got B's on those exams. Just remediated the exam I failed in endocrine, got a 100, but it doesn't replace my old grade. I have been working so hard this semester and am learning so much, and my professors all say I'm doing just fine! They seem to like me and I do really well in clinical applications and such. Now I'm faced with the graduate school kicking me out because my GPA will be 0.065 pts below their cutoff since I have 1 A and the rest high B's this semester. Even if I get all 100's on my finals, I will be 1 pt away from making the other A that would push me over the 3.0 mark. I am heartbroken that I will likely be kicked out of school for something that happened my 1st semester ultimately, even though I've kept up w/ my class average and am passing my classes with overall fine grades this semester, even with having COVID. Some words of encouragement, or advice, would be so appreciated.... just feeling so beat down and like I can't do anything right. I have wanted to be a PA for the last 10 years and cannot imagine doing anything else.
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2021.04.15 19:17 PoliticalNerdMa Feeling of euphoria normal? ADHD

I’m really new to meditation from headspace. My school presumed its better to buy an app than try to change the schools behavior that was causing mental health problems.
I had one question, but here is some context:
I have adhd. Now despite this being a disorder that has hindered most, I’ve been able to use that hyperactivity to hyper focus on learning my career topics which is really helpful. However, the longer I’m in that mode, the more hyperactive my adhd symptoms crank up.
I need to constantly have stimulation if I’m in that cranked up mode. I need to be listening to some music, or reading something interesting. If it gets too high, it’s so bad I can’t get out of bed because I need a lot of stimulation to get out of bed and get off my phone.
Usually I had turned to prescription drugs, but those all stop working after a period of consumption.
Then I found meditation via the app.
A 10 minute session actually reduces that need for stimulation incredibly. And the effect lasts along time if I don’t keep doing it . Although, I’m trying to do it daily to build up my control over the adhd.
I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks now. In the middle of the session i experience something akin to ... idk a blast of euphoria . It actually feels very similar when I use to receive pain medication during my major operations. It produced a calming of my adhd and a bunch of “feel good” sensations.
Is that normal? To feel a sense of not just calm (works wonders for that as well), but... almost like a feel good chemical rush?
I couldn’t get this at the beginning . But the more I do it, the more I get that feel good rush, and the more addicting it becomes. So I keep doing it to feel that rush.
Anyone willing to tell me: is this Normal?What is this feeling? Will it eventually go away like the effects from medication that make me feel like this?
I’d love to learn more about this amazing process.
Because the more I know about a topic, the more interested in continuing in that topic I become. And I really want to keep this habit going . So if you do answer, you are helping me combat my adhd .
Thank you
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2021.04.15 19:17 aguidry716 BfFs

So let me get this straight...Jayleigh went out of town for work, had to spend her day off with Ali and then left again to go out of town for work?!
Also, if I’m going to my BFFs hometown for a week, I am FOR SURE going to see her more than once. This seems so pressured or obligated.
Side note: These trips are def a tax write off for SSF, Alis links and I wonder if anything is sponsored (rental house, beach picnic??)
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