Go! Analysis of Jose J. Ventilacion's re-upload of the article, AN EXAMPLE OF A MODERN-DAY THEOLOGASTER ... |

Analysis of Jose J. Ventilacion's re-upload of the article, AN EXAMPLE OF A MODERN-DAY THEOLOGASTER ...

2021.04.19 07:42 Rauffenburg Analysis of Jose J. Ventilacion's re-upload of the article, AN EXAMPLE OF A MODERN-DAY THEOLOGASTER ...

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2021.04.19 07:42 spitfireviper I think we have a higher chance of winning the PL without the ‘big 6’

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2021.04.19 07:42 PRohanSingh Was it rigged ?

Do yall really think it was rigged ? Or are you saying this cause you hate Jake ? I don’t think it was rigged. Feel like yall expected too much off Ben. He got caught by the right hand and eventhough he said he was ready to go , he was stumbling and referee noticed it and stopped . Fair stoppage imo and even if it wasn’t stopped Jake would have slept him.
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2021.04.19 07:42 ThrowRA_Ramen_boii56 How do I deal with my toxic parents?

So I'm 20 M from India living with my parents, and for those who are outside from India it's common culture here for teens/even adults to live with their parents till their mid 20s to 30s to sometimes lifelong (even though I have no such plans as you'll see later in this post).
A brief intro about my parents, I'm an only child (I have no siblings) and my parents were always caring. Majority of my childhood I've spent inside my home alone without having ever played with any friends. Things did improve later on as we moved houses and I made a lot of friends. I would describe my parents as being moderately strict (relative to indian parents of my friends). They did give me some freedom even though I usually had to fight my way through it.
By strict I mean, I was never allowed to go on nightouts/sleepovers, have a gf (common in India, also i was in 8 th grade back then so I don't know their views about that now), never went to a trip/long driver with my friends. Everything was fine until 2019.
2018 I passed out of college and it was time to enter uni. I wanted to go to a very reputed college here called IIT for which you need to pass an entrance exam. I failed obviously and I decided to take a drop year and prepare for it which was the whole year of 2019. My parents were fairly supportive and I honestly wasted a whole year and failed again (on the first test, there was another test in April 2020). Tbh I'm grateful that they weren't too mad about it and didn't say much, they said it's alright and one exam wasn't that big of a deal (didn't expect this good of a reaction tbh).
So around march 2020 covid strikes and my exams get postponed. Lockdown had begun. Like everyone else I didn't step out of my house and my parents were precautious which is a good thing. And all they discussed was covid, and how bad it is etc. I was learning programming and was gaming all day for a few months. Also I have a gf and we've been together for 2-3 years. So I missed meeting her and my friends tbh at that time. But slowly I started to notice the lockdown getting lifted despite the rise in coivd cases.
As my exams were coming nearer and no signs of further postponing appeared. The discussion about that started at my home. My mom was always telling me to prepare while my dad would always pass comments like "We'll see about that, this year saving our lives is primary and everything else is secondary". And I was quite in confusion and anxious whether I would write my exams because I felt that my future was at stake. To study engineering you need to write at least a common entrance test (different from the before mentioned entrance exam), or else you'll have to go for a bachelor's degree.
Also forgot to mention that my dad is around 55 years old and has diabetes while my mom is around 50 and she has thyroid, so I'm aware of the risk they're imposed to. So I decided to talk with my dad and I told him that we don't know how long covid is gonna be around and how essential things have to keep moving (like my exam and his job). He just kept saying that vaccines are coming next year and it'll end by then, to which I said there's no assurance that vaccines necessarily work and we can't rely on that and put my future at stake as I have already wasted one year. He argued a lot and didn't agree at all to a thing I was saying, then I thought you know what maybe exams aren't worth the trouble. I decided this while I was taking a shower and during that time I could hear him talking on the phone with someone. I step out to tell them my decision and to my surprise he tells me that he talked with his friend and his friend basically said everything that I said and now all of a sudden that changed his mind. The reason I changed my mind before was that I overheard him talking to mom that "he doesn't care about me, all he cares about is his future, if he doesn't care about me why should I care about him?". I do agree there are a ton load of students attending these exams so it wasn't like it was 0 risk.
Anyways, I missed the common entrance exam as I was too scared because I hadn't prepared anything for it due to the anxiety I had because of the uncertainty about whether I will write it or not for so many days, regardless I should've pushed through and studied and no one else is to blame but myself. And by this time things were changing, people were starting to go outside back again like usual and gyms, markets all had open up. I gave the other entrance exam and failed and ended up applying to bachelor's course (which I'm happy with rn). And by this time, it's been about 6-8 months since lockdown and I hadn't stepped outside my house once (except for the exam ofc). One day I decide to go meet my gf (my parents aren't aware I have a gf), and I told them I'm going to meet my friend. Also our relationship was in a very bad condition because it was really hard because it wasn't like we were in a long distance relationship, we live a few metres away. And lockdown was over too. And I soon as I tell them I wanna just meet my friend and I'm tired of sitting in my house all day and i feel suffocation (not physical), and prior to this I had said the same thing but except I just wanted to go for a walk(in my own neightborhood) which they declined. So they start saying stuff like "You don't care about us even if we die?" I said no I'll take all the precautions necessary and no one else that I see is so hypersensitive about covid like you, they kept saying stuff like you're so selfish and cursing and swearing at me. I said I'll leave this house forever if I can't go outside which they said go. So I took a bag and went and met my gf in months (almost a year) which felt great and I was determined that I won't go back as they didn't even stop me or call me back (which later mom did). My gf and my friend convinced me to go back.
I went back and ever since that they weren't as crazy about me going out as they were before. Soon vaccines came out which they're scared af to take because they think they have allergy which is probably true. But yet are sooooo sensitive when it comes to covid. They sanitize pretty much everything, wear 3 masks, wash feet with anti septic, etc. I agree that taking precautions is not a bad thing but sitting at your house for almost a year straight is not normal. And especially when I can't even go for a walk? Isn't that like a basic human right? I think prisons are better tbh. And the amount anxiety this has caused me is just .....sigh. Since then life went pretty smooth until now, it's second wave here in india and although they're behaving a bit better than last year, all they've been talking is covid. Day in day out for a year straight. Even rn as I'm typing this. I'm scared I won't survive another lockdown living with them. I've been freelancing and trying to earn some money so I cant become indepenedant and move out after 2 years (when my bachlor's will finish) and they won't even let me make a bank account (because there's a lot of people in bank usually and it's very risky according to them). I'm scared of being trapped in this house once again and I'm working very hard to make money and get a job asap but it's getting difficult day by day.
So reddit, am I crazy or are my parents really toxic? What should I do?
TL;DR : Parents extremely sensitive and strict about covid. Didn't let me go out my house for almost a year. I'm a 20 year old student without any job. Please give me advice, thank you <3
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2021.04.19 07:42 umaaaaaang Brb... My heart's melting into a puddle

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2021.04.19 07:42 Acceptable_Slide6014 2002 Trailblazer electronics swap

I’ve been thinking about swapping my pcm and map sensor to the pcm and maf from an ‘06 TB
I have a lot of work done into my ‘02 TB so I don’t want to just buy the newer model.
My reasoning for this is because I’d like to boost my I6 but found out the pcm and map is really working against me.
Would it make sense that I could just take the harness, pcm, and maf from an ‘06 and install it on my ‘02?
It’s probably a dumb question but I’m just wondering if anyone else has any experience in this field and I’m just taking caution before I go spending. I’m relatively knowledgeable in auto mechanics but this is my first time messing with the computers of a vehicle.
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2021.04.19 07:42 HvLo you had one job

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2021.04.19 07:42 TheGr8Canadian Battlelog fetch issue

I keep getting randomly kicked from some servers because of a battlelog fetch issue. I just got the game on steam and have already allowed the game though any wifi-firewalls on my computer. I get the problem on some servers, but not on others. Has anyone else had this problem and how did they fix it?
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2021.04.19 07:42 Longjumping-Water-43 特斯拉上海车展遇女子维权

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2021.04.19 07:42 EmilValgeir REMOVE GOOGLE! USE DUCKDUCKGO

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2021.04.19 07:42 ron_mcphatty Micro Blockade Runners Tantive IV and Liberator. I’m still calling them micro!

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2021.04.19 07:42 plugindeals Save 50% off Melda Production plugins every week! This week, save on MSoundFactory, MTurboCompLE, MPolySaturator and MTransient

Save 50% off Melda Production plugins every week! This week, save on MSoundFactory, MTurboCompLE, MPolySaturator and MTransient https://www.pluginboutique.com/deals/show?sale_id=7915?a_aid=584befef89914

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2021.04.19 07:42 unit5421 HOMM 5, is it possible to get all scenario maps under TOE

Hello people. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I was wondering if it were possible to get the scenario maps of the original heroes of might and magic and hammers of fate to work under tribes of the east.
The expansions of heroes of might and magic are stand alone games but would be great to have them gathered under 1 of them for oversight. In addition it would be very nice to be able to play the added factions in the older scenarios.
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2021.04.19 07:42 FeliaLian Looking for Tips for the issue with PostScript Type 1 fonts end of support

Hey Guys,
as the title says Adobe and Mac-OS (the newest: Big Sur) will end or ended already the Support for PostScript Type 1 fonts. Source: https://helpx.adobe.com/fonts/kb/postscript-type-1-fonts-end-of-support.html
We are working in big book documents with over 500 pages mostly. Are you trying to work as long as possible in an older Mac-OS Version and to avoid the issue? We noticed in some projects that the textflow changes even though it should be the same Fonts just in Open-Type like Univers and Univers LT Std so its a lot of work to check and go trough everything again. Do you have any tips how to handle it? How are you handling the issue?
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2021.04.19 07:42 Liiime4Real wut

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2021.04.19 07:42 Yaroslav_Keller Design by Yaroslav Keller#8298

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2021.04.19 07:42 AbzolMurdiox Creeper Aww Man

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2021.04.19 07:42 Realistic_Witch [F4M] Looking for long term partner for a sweeping Star Wars romance!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . .
The Prophecy of the Chosen One had been foretold for countless generations; a veritable tale as old as time. In which a soul would be born who would restore balance to the Force by destroying the Sith. Through the ages, the reigning Jedi Orders have done everything in their power to rid the galaxy of the insidious Dark Side, yet their greatest mistake has been fighting the symptoms, not the cause. A false sense of victory brought many an Order to its ruin and their Republics to its knees. All hope was lost until a young Jedi Knight named Qui-gon Jinn discovered a holocron so ancient it beggared belief to still be functional, buzzing with the promise of a golden era for the Jedi and the Republic.
The holocron paints a different picture of the ancient Prophecy: Without darkness there can never be light. True balance will only be achieved when the Jedi choose to walk the line between both truths, never fully giving their selves over to one or the other. This eternal dance was known intimately by the ancient Je’daii of Tython and this knowledge can still be found portrayed in beautiful carvings in the ruins scattered across that long abandoned planet. Qui-gon Jinn journeyed to Tython in secret and discovered the missing piece of the the Prophecy. There is destined to exist a Dyad in the Force, where two lovers whose souls connect across space and time and when they meet, will balance finally be restored.
Decades later, the rogue knight celebrates the impending knighthood of his Padawan, whom he’s spent the past two decades secretly training in the ways of the Living Force, directly contradicting the teachings of the Order. For his Padawan is one half of the prophesied whole and the one they are destined to meet lies beyond the Unknown Regions. A solar system within a galaxy only rumored to have existed by ancient Sith and Je’daii alike. Will they find her before the newly returned Sith trap the republic in their vice grip?
Hello there! My name’s Kara and if this opening scrawl appeals to you, then please keep reading!
I’m a long time Star Wars fan who’s equal parts enamored and frustrated with the way Disney has handled the conclusion of the Skywalker saga. Most things I hate, though one piece stood out to me and grabbed me by the heart strings: a Force Dyad. So like any solid nerd, I began daydreaming and writing fan fiction until I came up with the plot in the above scrawl. While I originally planned on making this a re-telling of the Clone Wars in a fan fiction I was posting to AO3, I find myself really wishing I could sink my teeth into this as role play with an equally devoted partner. I want to take elements from every aspect of Star Wars canon (and pre-Disney canon, aka Legends) and create a sweeping adventure and epic love story that leaves us eager for the other person’s reply.
ETA: You're not playing Qui-gon, you're playing his Padawan (who is not Obi-wan in this AU). His Padawan (your oc) is one-half of the Chosen one Prophecy in this AU, my OC being the other.
Some key notes, to help you decide whether you’d be a good fit:
You need to be willing and able to help portray side characters as the plot and individual scenes call for it
You need to be knowledgeable about the Star Wars universe/expanded universe
You need to be willing to world build in real time to make the story suit our needs. A strength in world building is a must.
You should be someone who’s really into romance being the driving force (heh) behind the plot, as that’s the entire purpose of this story
You need to be literate AND verbose. I will write anywhere from 1500 to 3000 words for my replies and expect the same in return. If this isn’t something you’re comfortable with then we won’t be a good fit. Common spelling and grammatical errors and tense issues are fine, we’re not professional authors, but proof reading your replies and editing mistakes is preferred.
I am a detailed writer and really like to get inside my character’s mind and need you to be as well. I can’t stand dry reading and refuse to give my partner something chalky in return. I want to be heavily immersed in the world we’re creating and sharing!
I am all for the collaborative experience! Let’s tell each other what we really want to see in this story and make it happen. Wish fulfillment at its finest! Don’t be shy about being a hopeless romantic who wants heaps of angst and slow burn, just as much as you want action, adventure, intrigue and more.
If you think you fit the bill and this appeals to you, then DM me here on reddit.
Tell me a little bit about yourself, who your Jedi is/will be. Give me their bio, their personality, their hopes and dreams. Tell me if you want to be the one with the Dark Side leanings and I the adherent of Light who helps bring you back from the edge every time.
Give me a sample of your writing style and I will return in kind. I want us to make sure we’re a good match before committing to anything.
We can RP via discord or google docs once we’ve decided we want to continue, even good ole’ fashioned email chain if need be. What matters to me is that you’re able to participate daily. I’m available every day of the week and prefer to trade posts throughout the day (provided real life doesn’t get in our way). I do not want to trade replies once or twice a week.
I’m in my 30s and in PST time zone.
If you made it this far, include “Revan” in your DM so I know you care.
I look forward to hearing from you!
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2021.04.19 07:42 frozenlmao H: Q50V25 handmade W: Q2525 handmade

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2021.04.19 07:42 MemeMePhotoshop Ken Griffen waking up to r/Superstonk reaching 200k followers

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2021.04.19 07:42 Play_OOO Paperhands, remember when you panicked and sold at 0.00000060 last week? WE TOLD YOU SO!

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2021.04.19 07:42 GucciBinChicken [XB1] H: TSE25 Fixer or V2525 10mm pistol 1.6k Quantums W: legacy or B5025 10mm pistol

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2021.04.19 07:42 Bright-Location-7559 Lied in an interview

I'm a y1 student with little practical experience. Recently I got internship offer in 1 quite good company. But, I feel quite guilty because in the interview, they ask about the project that I had done before, but i hv never done any proj.
At first, I didnt want to lie about it. I just mentioned about something that I learned in one of the mods i took last sem, but I said that I did this proj with my friends. Then, they asked me a lot about it and I panicked. I had to open the lecture notes to answer their qns (bcs they asked a lot of technical qns about it).
Now I got the offer and I feel guilty bcs I lied. I'm also afraid that I cannot cope with the work well. What do you think?
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2021.04.19 07:42 Lazy__Burrito (Serious) what was the creepiest thing that happened to you?

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