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2021.04.15 18:57 kmth654 Price advice

Hey everyone, I need to get new rear brake drums on my 94 k2500. The shop said it would be $675, keeping in mind that I am in the New York New Jersey area, how does this sound?
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2021.04.15 18:56 TanktopSamurai Turkey and Greece hold talks on Mediterranean gas row

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2021.04.15 18:56 Mr_Binghamton Senior housing on track for Endicott: Why some officials opposed PILOT agreement

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2021.04.15 18:56 Th3GamingCoyote NEW VIDEO OUT NOW!

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2021.04.15 18:56 CakeDay_322 Running away from a nuclear meltdown. I have to walk into the fallout tonight.

I work for a company that puts me where they need me, and for the last couple months it’s been at a beachside resort. Ever since the last officer was fired for doing cocaine on the job. It involves a lot of walking; about 6 miles a night. Been doing it for 10 days straight because the part time guy was a no-call, no-show and quit the next day. I’m the only one who is trained to work that post until we can get somebody else trained. So I am very exhausted and physically aching all over my body.
With that said, last night was a meltdown the likes of which I had not seen before.
The resort hosted a wedding. Typically I don’t mess with weddings, as I’m busy patrolling the rest of the property, checking wristbands at the pools, and closing stuff up. About midnight, the wedding reception wrapped up. The bride and groom, along with a handful of family members, had gone up to their rooms when front desk received a flurry of noise complaints. I already knew which room it was because I could hear them well across the property.
And the complaints were valid. This wasn’t just your heightened ambience of conversation and laughter. This was an all-out rager. Music, shouting matches, screaming, revving engines in the parking lots, kids running up and down the hallways. Like things we would have called the cops for on the first offense. But we were extremely forgiving to them, considering they just had a wedding. We understood it was a big occasion for them and they wanted to celebrate.
I went up there and reminded them that it’s the resort’s quiet hours and to please keep the noise levels down. They were okay with that.
An hour later, more noise complaints. I went up there and gave them a second warning. Protocol states that Warning 2 involves informing the people that next time the police are getting involved, but I wanted to be lenient and forgiving, since it was a wedding. So I told them the policy and that I was going to give them one more chance. If after the third chance they’re still noisy, I will have to call the cops. 1 am at this point.
It was during this one that the groom made a statement that we’re racially profiling them (yes, they were black; doesn’t change the fact they were loud and obnoxious the whole night). I told him race has nothing to do with this if they cannot comply with the resort’s rules and policies.
“Well I just got married, and we paid money to stay here”.
Then you paid money to follow the rules you agreed upon arriving here, right? I mean, makes sense. You pay money to stay here. You abide by the rules. Simple as that.
Around 2 am, somebody had called the cops because I saw the unit arrive and head up to that room. Nobody informed me of the third noise complaint or the cops coming on property. From what I understand, the cops gave them the last and final warning. Anything after that, and they will be removed from property without any compensation. This means room AND wedding costs. Basically please behave or your “big” night will go down in flames.
3 am. End of my shift. I turned my keys and radio in like I do every night. I walked into the lobby where the front desk employee was on the phone. I heard her give the room number to the other person on the line. It was then I knew the cops were coming, and this time they meant business. I turned my stuff in and left.
As I had pulled out of the resort, five units came speeding into the property, lights and sirens on. Five. I got the fuck out of there as fast as I could. I had been driving a good mile up when I saw two more units heading towards the resort.
Ooooooh boy things went nuclear. I just woke up so I have no idea what came of last night’s events. But I have a feeling things did not go well if at least seven units had to respond. Luckily I had already clocked out for the night. Even if I was on shift, what more could I have done? They obviously weren’t going to listen to me or the FD. So the cops had to get involved. Not looking forward to going back tonight to really know how things ended.
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2021.04.15 18:56 Gillygamesh 10 points for Gryffindor if you recognize the city. Hint: Is in the EOA.

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2021.04.15 18:56 malasain84 NCL Excursion Activity Levels Question

My dad and I were supposed to sail last summer (2020), which obviously didn't happen. We rebooked for this summer (2021), but have again been cancelled.
We are wanting to rebook again for next summer, but he is a bit worried about being yet another year older and being able to have the stamina to do things.
We'd be doing the Western Mediterranean from Rome. We are getting separate cabins so that he can go to be earlier if he wants without disturbing me and vice a versa.
My question is about the excursion activity levels that NCL provides. They are 1, 2, and 3. While I'm sure he can handle things that are a level 1, I am wondering how hard the level 2 excursions are. For instance, for the port of Ajaccio, Corsica, France, none of the excursions are level 1. I am wondering if we should skip the excursion on that day and just wander at our leisure and he can get back on the boat when he wants or if we should try to do something that's level 2.
I know we can go elsewhere for excursions, but at this point we have cruise credits with NCL to use up so signing up for their excursions seems like the best use of the money. This is likely his last trip so he doesn't need to save any of that money for another cruise and we don't have enough extra money to upgrade our room choices.
Thanks for the advice!
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2021.04.15 18:56 -Na_Cl- Getting a job without a car

Currently in a weird situation. Need to find a job that is located near affordable housing, as I don't have a car and will likely have to walk to work. Location isn't an issue, I'd just need to get the job before moving there. It would also have to be a place that hires fast and doesn't require a high school diploma. I've looked into options like working with the postal service, or Amazon/Fedex warehouses, but the process for the post office can take a while, and Amazon and Fedex warehouses tend to be in areas with not much residential housing surrounding them. I've also considered working in places that offer housing, like park service or camp counselors, but want to see if I have any other options. A temporary job would work, just need a source of income fast to pay for housing while I complete my final credits for high school. Afterwords, I'm considering apprenticeships in the trades. Thoughts? Anything is appreciated.
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2021.04.15 18:56 the_zipadillo_people Minor rant...

I get stuck on this game a lot, and yeah, that's probably because I kind of suck at it. But what drives me a bit nuts are the youtube videos that say "beat this map on impoppable with no monkey knowledge etc...", and I try exactly what's on the video (even just for level one) and die immediately.. I'm looking at you "Spring Spring"..
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2021.04.15 18:56 UntrustedEconomist NFTs! In this ep, I go through the many uses and UTILITIES of NFTs on the Blockchain!

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2021.04.15 18:56 LoveLeFuhrer i didnt know you're in hot-ones

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2021.04.15 18:56 Haunting-Low5097 Christina Hendricks Belly Peek in Good Girls (Hopefully Not a Belly Double)

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2021.04.15 18:56 EternalSkullman My dad knew I had a 3dfx rig around and handed me this gem.

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2021.04.15 18:56 Notjustnow What do you know that very few others seem to understand?

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2021.04.15 18:56 geraldine_ferrari “I Will Never Leave You” can be perceived as a threat or a promise, regardless of how endearing it seems

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2021.04.15 18:56 sweepsfun Win a NUNA MIXX NEXT SROLLER AND PIPA RX CAR SEAT! ($950 Value)! {WW} (04/26/2021)

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2021.04.15 18:56 ddrcrossridge [USA-OR] [H] Acer Spin 5 2-in-1 Thin and light (2020): i7-1065G7 / 16GB RAM / 512GB NVMe/ 13.5" 3:2 2K touchscreen, extra Lenovo Precision Pen [W] Paypal

I Believe this is one of the best 2 in 1 Thin and lights on the market. I have only used it a handful of times because most of my work and apps are used on my MacBook. The condition is practically mint. ​
Fantastic 13.5" 3:2 2256 x 1504 touchscreen with 100% sRGB color coverage
10th gen i7-1065G7 with Iris Plus G7 graphics (I can play FIFA 21 at default settings lag-free)
2.6 lbs light and 0.58 in / 14.9mm thin - classy magnesium/aluminum build
Full selection of ports: 2x Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C, HDMI, 2x USB-A, headphone jack, microSD
Comes with a 65W barrel-connector fast charger, but can fast charge over USB-C as well
Windows Hello fingerprint reader, WiFi 6 , BT 5
56 WHr battery, easily lasts 10+ hours on a charge with mixed usage. Project Athena certified.
Garaged stylus (Wacom AES 1.0) that recharges inside the slot. Laptop supports Wacom AES 2.0 pens too with full 4096 levels of pressure and tilt support.
Also including a Lenovo Precision Pen ($60 retail), this is a Wacom AES 2.0 stylus and almost iPad Pro precision. Listed on Amazon Currently for $949... Will let go for $650 shipped w/ extra Lenovo stylus. Thanks Timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/RESsUta
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2021.04.15 18:56 Entire-Ad7483 Jonny S3 and Feminism

I’m on S3 E10 and I was realllllly starting to like Camilla and Jonny together. Why did he have to open his mouth basically denouncing feminism and ruin everything??? Camilla is my favorite islander so far and possibly my favorite of the franchise. So well spoken and educated I love her!! Sad to see Jonny’s toxic masculinity come out over paying for a date.
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2021.04.15 18:56 all4omega What does Ben10 do?

He doesnt rap but is known for being YB best friend how does he make money?
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2021.04.15 18:56 WaterFriendsIV when you dont know how to properly ride a horse

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2021.04.15 18:56 NewsElfForEnterprise The Peloton Bike Plus’ GymKit support no longer works with Bike Bootcamp classes

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2021.04.15 18:56 mykeys1984 Costco?

So yesterday i went to see my primary doctor. And i told her ive been having chest pain and i could start feeling my chest beat when i lay down she told me what might be the problem but i forgot what she said .
When i stretch i could feel my chest rip and my left side near my rib be in a lil pain and some heart palpitations and breathing is kinda weird and lungs feel weird too . Ive tested positive for hpylori and i was on antibiotics for that done with the treatment waiting to retest. Now ive been on blood pressure medication (amlodipine) ive notice the constant chest pains . I was thinking i might have GERD. Funny thing is i work doing heavy lifting for a furniture company and the pain seems to go away but when im on lunch or break it kinda seems to come back .. can let me know if this might be it
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2021.04.15 18:56 ZomaraArt Power Lines at Sunset / Easy Acrylic Painting for Beginners / Step by Step

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2021.04.15 18:56 EyeSeeGloop Another cursed Trisha video thumbnail

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2021.04.15 18:56 Posirippl 👨‍🎓🏫 Student Coin - The Biggest ICO of 2021 - Everything you need to know - Only 12 Rounds Left on ICO

The Student Coin is an example of how blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens and decentralized finance could revolutionize the world.
The main function in my opinion is the STC Terminal, a crypto platform that allows users to easily design, create, and manage personal, start-up, NFT, and DeFi tokens.
Also they already develop a supporting wallet and an exchange system where users can swap coins and tokens are coming soon.
The most groundbreaking idea of Student Coin is to empower students to issue their own individual tokens that people can buy to invest in their education and thus finance the rising cost of tuition. In this case the investors will, in turn, gain a percentage of the future earnings of the student’s career.
Student Coin ICO website: https://studentcoin.app/
ICO Period: February 1 - April 30 Ticker: STC Stage of ICO: Round 138 of 150 Actual ICO Price: $0.0209 ICO End Price: $0.0221
Exchange Listings calendar:
07 May - Major Asian Exchange Listing 12 May - Coinsbit 14 May - Major European Exchange Listing 13 May - P2PB2B 15 May - Probit 20 May - Major Global Exchange Listing 28 May - Major Global Exchange Listing II
Signup with this bonus link and get 5% bonus:
Main Features
STC Terminal
The most interesting function in my opinion. as explained above it will basically allow users to easily design, create, and manage personal, start-up, NFT, and DeFi tokens.
STC Exchange
This function will provide the possibility to exchange the coins that will be launched using STC Terminal and also existing crypto or tokens.
STC DeFi / Stacking
I don’t have much information about this but they will provide some options for stacking or even participate in liquidity pools.
STC Crowdfunding
Possibility to join crowdfunding in university-based startups or students.
STC Wallet
The wallet is already available for download at App Store or Google Play. For now it’s an earlier version with no functions like exchange, deposit, withdraw.
Tokens Coming soon in STC Platform
Oxford Student Token (OXF/STC) Melbourne Student Token (MLB/STC) STC LP Token (It seems to be for liquidity pools) Smart Marketing Greenfield LeanTrix Smart Software
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