Go! About Lutari Day create a pet... |

About Lutari Day create a pet...

2021.04.19 08:12 oceanwaves101 About Lutari Day create a pet...

So when does the lutari day officially start allowing create a pet? I have work tomorrow and want to try and get one.
I assume they space them out at random times right?
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2021.04.19 08:12 Googfy-Clock Free until the fee

Dear EX, First and foremost shame on me for loving you, for every time I give you the benefit of the doubt, before you revealed who you really are!!
You loved the idea of me, most importantly you loved using me, you loved lying to me about me, you loved to inflict pain, it gives you some sort of comfort knowing that, you'll always be remembered as the heartless POS that you are, it's evident that you never think about ANYBODY else including your own child.
You feel entitled take what you want and discard what you don't, the law holds no value to you, at least not yet, that's because you haven't been charged!!
Make no mistake, don't get too comfortable because pretty soon you're going to get the bill It's going to cost you, just because, some people have more control and are more patient than you don't take that as a sign of everlasting freedom.
Not even for you, just because you feel entitled, that doesn't mean the fee is waived.
Everything comes at a price, sometimes you pay now, sometimes you pay later
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2021.04.19 08:12 larkena Game set to windowed but when restarted it goes fullscreen automatically

I cant run the game very well in fullscreen so i have to put it in windowed but upon restarting it and after all the intro stuff it automatically goes fullscreen and even in the settings its still set to windowed. wondering if thats a glitch and if theres any workaround at all?
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2021.04.19 08:12 Mihikari_Shinya Use your cat to farming Manganese Ore while you work

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2021.04.19 08:12 moonaaangel Stuck with the flow of my story

Hi everyone, I really need some tips. I don't know where to start from but, I will try to keep it short. Actually, my main issue with writing is connecting plots. What I mean by that is, when I have a story in my mind, my mind almost immediately frames the start, climax, ending and few other small plots here and there (this obviously includes how the MC and some other characters life will be) However, I face a lot of problem with the flow of the story. If I give a pictorial example its like I know my destinations but, don't know how to go there. I really don't know if I am making sense. As a person I cannot open up with just anyone and really can't get involved in small talks, I feel maybe this is one of the reason I can't make coordinating plots to make the story reach to that certain point. My mind kind of has a block which doesn't allow me to think beyond a limit and make characters reach where I want them.
I really want to overcome this, please help me with your suggestions.
Thanks :)
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2021.04.19 08:12 Pro_Beast123 Get 6/5 maps (you need to submit a map and make a map then edit the submit map and done)

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2021.04.19 08:12 FuckYouJohnW My glasses broke

Hey so my glasses broke and I can't find the frames anywhere I was hoping someone could make me a model so I could print a new frame. I am not sure what yall would need if this is even possible.
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2021.04.19 08:12 MrYisus98 I had a horrible (surreal) dream and nice Snapchat (real) flashback about my ex. How should I interpret this?

I just woke up in shock and soon after had a very nice flashback from Snapchat even though I don't use the app as much. Some background we broke up around 1 month ago but we ended in 'good terms', although we don't speak to each other for now...
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2021.04.19 08:12 wasabicecream any tips and tricks?

so ive recently taken a break from jungle and started playing mid/top and i saw she was free on the rotation and i can say I LOVE PLAYING HER i won 8 games and only lost one. i wanted to ask if any of you have tips and tricks for her? and i dont know what to ban against her either. also if i were to pick up a skin, what one is the best?
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2021.04.19 08:12 Dasticcupkkid Kyro In sanguine Paradise Vid

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2021.04.19 08:12 rizzo49er Just bought more to add to my 15,000

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2021.04.19 08:12 Forsaken_Hornet6955 بنظر شما کی بهتره

کدوم بهتر هستن
View Poll
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2021.04.19 08:12 TheRealFakeEngineer Where to find high quality Theri saddles on the island

I’ve read that they can be found in the underwater caves, but I was wondering if they can be found in all the caves or just certain ones
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2021.04.19 08:12 GUI-Discharge Backup or die

Post will go as follows... The setup The dillema The question.
The setup is currently a server full of data (8X5TB 2.5" drives) with a DAS connected that is not full but the DAS has exponentially more data (12X14TB 3.5" drives). The important stuff is on the server as well as on the DAS but the DAS does have VM's with quite a bit of extra storage that if lost I won't cry about but would prefer not to lose.
The problem is I installed centos 7 on both the server and the DAS's VM's and centos 7 is coming to end of life (EOL). I'm now faced with an epic problem as I'm already starting to see errors and issues with the Linux distro that never occurred before. I could upgrade to the newer Linux but almost every forum claims total data loss and reccomends starting from scratch.
The question is, How would you back up your data locally to start from scratch given this situation. Additionally, what would you change about my setup knowing what you know. Instead of having a server and a DAS is there anyway to get the 12 drives into one considering I potentially have to start from scratch anyway?
FML right?
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2021.04.19 08:12 warclownnn ABN AMRO fined €480m, Danske Bank CEO to step down for money laundering from his time working at ABN!

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2021.04.19 08:12 DrEmilioLazardo Bucky is Lieutenant Dan.

Both he and Lieutenant Dan left a part of themselves on the battlefield, just to be followed be a period of self destructive soul searching, followed by an almost religious rebirth centered around a shrimp boat.
I can't be the only one seeing parallels here.
So in the next episode I fully expect Sam to run across America from coast to coast and back again simply because "he felt like running."
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2021.04.19 08:12 LucidTopiary UK is the world’s biggest producer of medical cannabis – but Brits can’t access it

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2021.04.19 08:12 3GJRRChl4ImGS6ukZwaw New Zealand Opposes Five Eyes Group Criticising China’s Policies | Bloomberg

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2021.04.19 08:12 I_did_dit Chopard Unveils Limited-Edition L.U.C GMT One Black

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2021.04.19 08:12 KinkyBeetle You can even see her wonderful scars

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2021.04.19 08:12 dontbearichardD Pulling my hair out with New Vegas mods, please help

I've spent like 10 hours trying to mod this game following guides and am about to quit and not even play it i'm so frustrated.
So I tried a complicated mod guide, and hours into it ran into major errors and gave up.
All I really want is updated visuals, nothing overly crazy.
So I tried to use a more simple guide and followed it:

After finishing, I'm getting missing mesh or something right in the tutorial:
Is this fixable? Or did I mess up the whole mod install?
Here are my plugin orders along with an error that LOOT is showing me.
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2021.04.19 08:12 TheShinyHaxorus Tip for low-mid level players: Learn to do turn-around options out of shield.

Here are some simple techniques I learned that you see a lot in high and top level that can improve or open new opportunities for you during exchanges.
If you fight opponents that love crossing up your shield with safe aerials (and you will, Marcina players are especially guilty of this) and you play characters with poor or risky out of shield options (like Hero, for instance), it is imperative that you learn how to quickly drop shield, turn IN PLACE and grab, or turn in place and shield again. While it’s not advisable as a consistent counter, it is invaluable as a mixup and a defensive option.
Drop shield, Turn-around re-shield is particularly great, and gets better the faster you can pull it off, as it can easily leave opponents trying to apply unsafe aerial pressure after crossing up open to punishes like grab or fast fairs, because they expected your back to still be turned. This also allows your to call out jumps away (if your opponent reacts) with a disjointed fair and begin applying your own pressure quite easily if you’re paying attention.
Note: Learning to do basic turn arounds and walk instead of dashing are crucial skills that you WILL have to practice in training mode. Remember that positioning is a huge part of smash, and whether your back is turned can have just as big an impact as good spacing or anything else. The earlier you learn this, the better you will get at it over time.
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2021.04.19 08:12 DailyFixLP Part 20 Italy Mare Nostrum Europa Universalis 4 EU4 1 30

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2021.04.19 08:12 yutteprot Tatana Kucharova

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