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2021.04.19 06:43 tanstin Finally have been able to finish the design for the first gen hydro/big bottle holders. Thanks for the patience of everyone that pre-ordered! Shipping this week!

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2021.04.19 06:43 JardinSurLeToit Breaking: Dr. Drew Nomination to LA County Homeless Commission Draws Criticism

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2021.04.19 06:43 itsallalittleblurry Responsibility

Taking a break. Been busy. The Little People were over today. Some still are.
Had the fireplace going when they arrived unexpectedly. The toddler, of course, went straight for it - had to block it off with a couple of chairs and a plastic castle. He then tried to eat a candy wrapper - ignored the candy; apparently the wrapper had a better texture. Grabbed the extension cord and took off with it - unplugged the laptop.
Jack gut his feelings hurt when Momma told him that trying to beat his Sisters with various hard objects was verboten.
The girls were fighting over candy:
A: “They won’t share!””
B & C: “But it’s Ours! You ate all of yours!”
A: “But it was all mine in the first place!”
B & C: “But you Gave it to us!”
Momma took away All the candy. Might or might not have been muttering something under her breath. C told her she didn’t like her anymore. Later apologized by making Momma a Ritz & aerosol cheese sandwich. Momma pretended to eat it and stashed it out of sight somewhere - the crackers had been in the floor. It’s the thought that counts.
Caught the toddler trying to crawl under the chair blockade to get at the fireplace again. Probably wondering how ashes would taste - has already tried everything else. Got mad when we grabbed a leg and drug him back out again. Grabbed Jack and D’s Hit Wheels track and absconded with it. Chased him down and got it back. Momma asked if there was anything to drink. Offered her a soda and she told me what I could do with it.
Caught the toddler digging into the Gravy Train again - he has good taste. Took it out of his mouth and out the bag in the laundry room. Didn’t completely close the door and he went after the mop next. Guess he was hungry. Momma fed him some yogurt. He had some crackers afterward for dessert, even though we were out of crackers. Assuming he found them on the floor, too. Kept his onesy and his diaper on this time, though - small victories. Took a crayon out of his mouth.
B hit C and made her cry. B started crying when Momma told her not to hit C. Momma asked if there was any tequila left.
The dogs elected to stay outside. They’re not That stupid.
So, a good day.
Momma and Number One Son both hit their first COVID shots yesterday. Momma asked if your arm And your back were supposed to be sore. Reminded her that she was kinda small.
Been thinking about picking up NCO years (and years) ago, and the sudden responsibilities that came with it.
The mundane things:
One of Your Guys lives out in town and is temporarily without transport - you get up early and go pick him up; make sure he gets to Morning Formation on time.
Another’s car broke down and he needs to go grocery shopping for the Fam, or take his Wife or one of The Little People to the Doctor - hand him your keys and tell him to put a little gas in it. Short on cash - lend him a few bucks.
Not going to make it in time for Formation - cover for him and tell him next time don’t pass out at his girlfriend’s place.
One of them stabs another in the leg, just playing around - send somebody for Doc (no major damage, and he’ll keep it on the Q-T), and hope to God Top don’t get wind of it.
Ask another with a broken arm why in hell he thought it was a Good idea to jump off the third deck railing (there was a good pile of cardboard boxes on the ground). Then ask him how he missed a target that big - how much have you had to drink?
Problems back home that need his attention, and he’s afraid he might be denied compassionate leave? Plead his case with the higher-ups.
Court hearing out in town - you go with him.
A proposed punishment exceeds the offense? Stick up for him, even if doing so won’t make you any browny points.
Get caught doing what they weren’t supposed to be doing and them diming You for saying they could do it - I Said don’t get Caught! Go see Top again. You and he are getting to know each other Far too well.
Etc, etc. The list goes on. The usual, in other words.
But what do you do when there are things of a more serious, personal matter? Things that you’ve had no training or experience in dealing with, and when you’re not much more than a kid yourself?
Serious problems at home - have you talked to someone besides me? The Chaplain, maybe? Are you getting counseling? Would you like for me to help arrange it? What can I do personally? Maybe just be a friend - listen, and give what advice you can from your own limited life experience.
What if it’s something that Can’t be resolved without outside help, and he adamantly does not wish to seek it? What if you are worried about his state of mind? Where does friendship end and responsibility for his well-being begin? When do you take it up the chain against his wishes, when you know he might not forgive you for it?
For they’re now Your People. Responsibility for their well-being, and, after that, their performance, rests first with You, if you’re any kind of leader at all, and it’s not one that you take off at the end of the work day.
You come to find out that it’s a more serious thing than you had thought, and a heavier thing to carry.
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2021.04.19 06:43 Narrow9 Ladies and Gentlemen it's been a year.

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2021.04.19 06:43 poopisfunnyROFL How will loot work on multiplayer?

I'd imagine servers will have people popping in and out, so how do you aquire loot in multiplayer, considering the maps are a limited space? I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but I have no experience with multiplayer on this game. If one person on solo can loot out a map, unless the loot respawns quickly, idk how there's enough for 64 people lol.
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2021.04.19 06:43 missanne95 I cant remeber this scifi YA book I read

Its been a few years and I don't remeber much. I know its a scifi YA books, I think it might even be a series but im not sure.
The main character was this snobbish know it all brat who was very sarcastic. Hes also deformed kind of. Hes has a big head and an even massive brain and many health problems. I think I remeber the book describing him as a 13 yrs but he was a little person and hand a limp?
He eaither wakes up in this pod or lives in an orphanage that puts the kids in these pods/jails bc it takes place in the future where cars fly and a goverment agency is controling everything people do, see, think. Anyways he escapes/runs away and meets a group of rag tag misfits who all have these abilities and deformities. They decide to form a group and Main Character like hacks into this goverment and there basically trying to destroy the goverment.
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2021.04.19 06:43 sp3zzz_ UPSC Civil Services 2021: Number of notified vacancies drops further

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2021.04.19 06:43 itismeyoudgu Why do muay thai fighters seem very static and still compared to kickboxers?

Kick boxers seem to be more evasive muay thai fighters just block everything, why is that
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2021.04.19 06:43 bl4ckbrry Sky meets herself as a child ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ🔆

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2021.04.19 06:43 DJB-204 Anyway to recover a gamertag linked with an old cellphone number?

My can’t remember the password to his email/gamertag. He tried the “Forgot Password” option, but the system is requesting to send a code to his old cellphone number 🤦‍♂️
He forgot to update the cellphone number that is linked with his Xbox account. Is there anything he can do?
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2021.04.19 06:43 mister350xwb Do you know if there's more improvements on Xperia 1 III?

Recently I remembered that now all 3 sensors can shoot 20 fps (even in Low light) but We don't know if they are also capable of shoot 4K 60HZ or 120HZ from tele and uw
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2021.04.19 06:43 BanditoWren Idk what to do

This past year has probably been one of the best despite all the terrible things that have happened. I’ve been less depressed & my mon has actually been a lot more supportive. But I find myself making the same dumb mistakes or thinking of past mistakes and I get really depressed. Sometimes I think it would just be easier if I kms. I’m not saying I’d do it but I think about it.
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2021.04.19 06:43 Cryptofool8733 Moonpirate!!! Just 10m MC in two days!! This is feeling more like Safemoon every second. Take some profit from your cash cow and buy in early here!!

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2021.04.19 06:43 soulsand1 This is the reason why I sold my telephone

I'm 14 I can't drive anywhere I'm in a middle of a city literally everything is against me while star gazing so i sold my telescope and bought a 3d printer ( I owned a 6 inch dob) I will continue to love this hobby but the light pollution is just crazy I can only barley see the brightest stars in the sky and dso are just impossible. I will continue to find consultations and use my binoculars but for now I'm signing off. Please don't give any hate (Also in the image it's very cloudy so it's reflecting alot of the light pollution it's just to show you what I'm dealing with ) I'm in a bortle scale of 8-9 I live right next to a airport too image
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2021.04.19 06:43 CandisBalding Ethereum Staked In ETH 2.0 Contract Records New ATH - $9.5 Billion

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2021.04.19 06:43 gregbraaa My empty capsules in a clear plastic container. Reminds me of an x-ray.

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