Go! There ought to be a limit to the number of mass shootings a country is allowed to have! |

There ought to be a limit to the number of mass shootings a country is allowed to have!

2021.04.19 07:57 QueenElsaArrendelle There ought to be a limit to the number of mass shootings a country is allowed to have!

48 in one month, your independence and constitution are revoked, Britain takes over!
No, I'm not being serious but DAMMIT SOMETHING needs to be done!
I don' know what needs to be done! I don't know if gun restrictions are needed, or affordable healthcare is needed, or everyone needs to spend time in a monkey cage! I don't know, but this needs to STAAAAAHHHHHHHHPPPPPPP!
now go argue.
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2021.04.19 07:57 RedxOsa It just looks nice

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2021.04.19 07:57 applepipebomb How to do coke discreetly

Hey new timer what do yall like to use to do bumps on the go,
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2021.04.19 07:57 kingzman_97 Tired of seeing these memes man

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2021.04.19 07:57 Mastershake54 Just sent a picture of my awesome new #secretlab chair to my gaming buddies. I bathe in their envious tears, muhahaha!!!

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2021.04.19 07:57 bignattydred "Finance does not do weekends, ever" - at this point I'm not sure if they're deluding themselves, or genuinely don't know anything about the finance world.

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2021.04.19 07:57 LukeMunWalka Can someone find the wedding singer photo for cem eraslan it wont load on my myspace

Can someone find the wedding singer photo for cem eraslan it wont load on my myspace
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2021.04.19 07:57 Sky_Peaches8586 Here are my two main OC's, Enjoy! (My art)

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2021.04.19 07:57 Karroul Can't wait to play Resident Evil Village, I guess...

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2021.04.19 07:57 fishfeet_ Farming + Staking or just staking

Staking cake in a cake pool currently pays out about 95% while cake-bnb farm is about 75%
Wouldn’t it be more profitable then to just stake cakes in syrup pools instead of providing liquidity and take on additional risks in the form of impermanent loss?
Am I missing something here? Thanks!
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2021.04.19 07:57 GamerVersionTwoPtO My Pentakill in ARAM:

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2021.04.19 07:57 Powerful-Cricket1119 Amazonian tribe B

Note: I changed the name because it fit better and is a bit more detailed
Kaya was not happy. Riku's mind was blank. Sumei was laughing. Maya was giggling, with cum still dripping from her face and her tits.
With her hand still firmly on Riku's balls, Kaya dragged him and placed the wooden cock cage on his penis, and shut it tight. She kneed him square in the balls, and said "you have humiliated me for the last time!". She meant it as a threat but in his mind all he could fantasize was his aunt busting his balls as punishment. But he quickly snapped out and went into his post nut clarity. He realized he had made a huge mistake, and embarrassed himself in front of his sweet Maya. Although she still giggled, he couldn't help but feel ashamed for what he did. Given it wasn't his fault, he had to clean up in front of the 3 women.
Sumei forced him down onto his knees and handed him a towel. He then started to wipe his cum stains off the floor. Sumei and Kaya occasionally took shots at his exposed balls when he crawled facing away from them, while Maya left to clean herself up, it gave him a chance to escape. Riku was helpless in this position. He could do nothing and did nothing in retaliation. He was forced to feel his balls being shocked every few seconds. To make it worse since he faced away he could not predict when it was coming, or brace himself. Sometimes Kaya and Sumei would kick, and the other times they wouldn't.
Once he was dragged back to his hut, Kaya picked him up, one hand on his balls and the other carrying his ass, and threw him into the chastity cell. She removed his cock cage but then tied his balls to the bar of the cage, so they were exposed outside. "I'm going to teach you a lesson! Cumming from just having your balls squeezed?" mocked Kaya. She punched him with her bare knuckles on each big testicle ten times. Riku cried out for her to stop but she only punched harder every time he did. To step it up, she grabbed a wooden stick from a nearby cabinet and went straight to action. She whipped his balls back and forth and left him whimpering and loving every single one. Once again, his tiny cock slowly started to drip cum. This time however, Kaya would notice. "Disgusting! I can't see someone who likes getting their balls beaten up as a man. Seems like the size of your cock says a lot about you!" said Kaya.
All the while Riku could only drool about Kaya's breasts bobbing up and down as she whipped his helpess nutsack. He wanted her to beat his balls into a pulp, he couldn't figure out why but he did. Her perfect shape and aggression made it all the more enjoyable. He couldn't sleep the whole night, and simply thought about what he had done that day. The thoughts of Maya making him splurt cum just from squeezing his balls and Kaya making him drip pre cum just by looking at her breasts made him go mad. He remembered Sumei making fun of his small penis in front of Maya. All these thoughts swelled up inside his fat balls and they grew larger until he couldn't hold it in anymore. He wanted to jerk off so bad, and he wanted to feel their hands on his genitals. In a flash of glory he shot all the semen in his balls into the air. They stuck everywhere, the thatch walls, the ceiling, and the floor outside of the cage. He knew Kaya would whip him if she found out, but he loved being punished so badly he didn't care. He just wanted to expose himself to her, to Sumei, to Maya. His balls remained bound to the cell bar even after he dozed off to a cum filled dream.
Kaya, just a few feet away in her own room, heard Riku struggling. She slowly started to rub her clitorus. Riku's swollen balls turned her on beyond what she imagined. The experience of whipping his helpless bound nuts flowed into her mind and through to her pussy. She loved to torture him and deny him. She knew it wasn't his fault that he came during the check up, but seeing how he was at her mercy made her extremely lustful. She rubbed at the thought of whipping his relentlessly. She wanted to kick his balls blue and make him feel pain. She wanted utter and total control of Riku, his manhood. She shook furiously and bit her lips. Squeezing her breasts, Kaya laya masturbating vigorously on her bed. She felt the pleasure building and building, and her pace increased. Like a runner closing in on the finish line, she felt the waves of pleasure pulsate from her pussy. Before she knew it, she was squirting all over the her bed. In the exact moment Riku, in the cell, spewed cum from his big bound balls.
As Kaya finally fell asleep, the time until Riku's fated day was getting closer and closer. Little did he know, the fantasies in his dreams would soon become a reality.
Part 2! I will work on part 3 soon, but I need to plan out the rest a little more so stay tuned. How was this part? I wanted to build the relationship between Kaya and Riku in this chapter, so I revealed Kaya's thoughts.
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2021.04.19 07:57 b_button123 Photo booth in Wellington?

Is there a photo booth in Wellington that takes passport approved photo? All I’ve ever seen is places where somebody pulls down a screen and uses a digital camera to take a photo, which.....is weird. The photo booths have such better lighting.
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2021.04.19 07:57 FrescoPastaSauce Weird ass looking krait

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2021.04.19 07:57 Entire-Link9901 What is the most heartbroken thing your parent did or said to you?

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2021.04.19 07:57 my_lens_view_2019 Woke up today to see this....(thank god I watched this video 10 times after the premier)

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2021.04.19 07:57 Hot-Cartographer-578 Serious Troubles (M16)

So to start this off ill start by saying this is a pretty serious topic and I'm not sure if ill get hate or help. Ill post this either way.
So I was at a party, with alcohol. I got considerably drunk and to the point of vomiting. The party was going great until I met a (F17) who we will call Mia. Mia and I were both very drunk and started talk a lot, which turned into kissing and making out. I asked to go further and she said there might be people who see so we went into a room. Upon going into the room we made out and then started on the more sexual stuff involving head and me touching her. Me being drunk and horny and she being drunk and horny cause me to ask her to have sex, at first she said we should wait until next time because people might see, I kept saying please and basically begging for it saying the door is locked and no one will see, so then she said she wanted to make sure we would regret it. Now, Mia and I are school friends so I asked if she felt about me that way when she wasn't drunk, and she said yes, so I said why would we regret it then. So without me forcing she go on top and we had sex. Halfway through for whatever reason she needed the toilet and got off and went, so I just gave up on the idea of sex and went back to the party, meaning I did not finish. Everything was fine and as we were sobering up the regret hit as it was her first time, she was crying so inevitably some people found out.
This is where it gets a bit complex, I went home after the party and then I went to bed. I woke up to a lot of snapchats some of which where from my best friends saying I was a rapist and they all blocked me. I pulled some strings and found out a rumor spread around that the sex was without consent and I basically raped her. For the past few hours I have been sorting it out so people realize she did consent and I did not rape her, she even said it herself.
Now I'm stuck as nobody will talk to me, my friends have me blocked still or just ignore me and apparently they will talk to me later today, I'm scared for what is to come.
Things I need advice for:
How bad was my behavior at the party when we were drunk?
overall advice on the situation?
should I be mad my friends did not even talk to me about it and ask me if any of it was true as nothing like this ever happened before and the switched sides so quickly on me
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2021.04.19 07:57 computerdrugz I have a confession to make

One fateful day while I was tugging away, I happened upon a Teletubby video and...I...just...lost it. I had never felt so alive in my life. My hand just goes into overdrive. I'm pounding this thing-I actually don't know how I didn't get irritated foreskin from the amount of friction-and I just feel my body reaching new heights of ecstasy. I'm looking Po's thick self and imagining her straddling my face. I mean who wouldn't; she's perfection. 6'5". Brown Eyes. And a natural ass that puts all the Ms. Botoxs in the Hills to shame. So anyway I'm exhilarated. I actually can't even remember the moment I cum but a little hit the ceiling. And from that point I was hooked. 4 sometimes 5 times a day I started jacking it to Teletubby videos. But now every time I see anything somewhat related to Teletubbies I get uncontrollably hard. Teletubby toy? Erect. Wind Turbine? Erect. Pink Slime? I damn near pop right there and then: my biggest fantasy is Po rubbing that pink slime stuff on both of us so we can have intense, wet sex and practically revert to two retarded llamas attempting to procreate in a pile of mud. I haven't told anyone about this fetish and hope to break it soon but I haven't felt this alive while pleasing myself in a long time.
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2021.04.19 07:57 LeftOpenDrumsYT s

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2021.04.19 07:57 wrapityup Which product, website, or app did you "think" to create before it was created by someone else?

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2021.04.19 07:57 larryjohnwong Are we equally close in heaven?

How doed the communion of saints work in heaven? If all saints are friend, do we still have clsoer friends and less close ones, or would we become equally close?
God Himself is sufficient for our perfect happiness, and having more or less friends aren't as important as God. But when God created Adam, Adam had the companion of God, but God still created Eve for him; so if heaven is likewise, I hope that friendship still has a place in that perfect happiness.
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2021.04.19 07:57 I_Eat_Booty Hungry for the next big thing? 🀀 SafePizza πŸ• ($PIZZA) πŸ”₯ is fresh out of the oven & people are EATING IT UP 🀩 Better come & get it while it's hot πŸ˜‹

You guys smell that? πŸ‘€πŸ‘ƒπŸ» https://giphy.com/gifs/wwe-wrestling-l0HUg6Ypas42ubkXu
Smells like an opportunity to jump into a new promising project before it goes nuclear 🀯🀩
$PIZZA πŸ• is your chance to get in early on a very exciting project and take advantage of the tokenomics that reward long-term holders!
Boy oh boy do I have a treat for you guys 🀀
Us today - https://imgur.com/W3b0ZYH
Us after investing into SafePizza - https://imgur.com/YS8WDm8
πŸ˜‚ Alright, let's get right to it!
$PIZZA πŸ• has a couple of unique features to ensure it's success:
πŸ’Ž It has a 1 trillion token buy/sell limit to stop whales and quick dumps
πŸ’Ž There's a 4% tax on all transactions that burns total supply and adds to the liquidity pool
πŸ’Ž A portion of each transaction is re-distributed to holders, so diamond hands are rewarded!
πŸ• NFT's - Artists have been hired to create exclusive NFTs for long-term holders!
🀩 TOKENOMICS 🀩 Tokens may be burnt, but the Pizza isn't! πŸ˜‰
⏱ Launched less than 48 hours ago, CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listings are coming soonβœ”οΈ
πŸ—Ί Roadmap: https://safe-pizza.medium.com/the-safepizza-2021-roadmap-d500c383c0ee
Worried about getting rug-pulled? πŸ€• Fear not, as the LP has been burned πŸ”₯ and ownership renounced πŸ”“ This Pizza is as Safe as it gets πŸ˜‹
πŸ’© Chart - https://poocoin.app/tokens/0x72eb1afddb5652e0f5c7b9a6cc1c3241348b16c6
πŸ₯ž Pancakeswap - https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x72eb1afddb5652e0f5c7b9a6cc1c3241348b16c6
🐦 Twitter - https://twitter.com/safe_pizza (Daily Giveaways!)
πŸ’¬ Telegram - https://t.me/safepizza (Come hangout! Developers are very responsive and are here to answer any question you may have)
πŸ–₯ Website - http://www.safepizza.finance/ Currently being updated with new features & quick links, and should be back up within the next 12 hours πŸ‘
Out of all the Alt-Coins I've come across, this one has me really excited about it's future 😌 Get it while it's hot! 🀀
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2021.04.19 07:57 airheadsrbestwaifus Well I guess we now know how it shrunk in boruto, either naruto squeezed it too hard or boruto sucked all the air out.

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2021.04.19 07:57 TheCitidel2021 Tipping Point: Lucky Stars, S07E03

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2021.04.19 07:57 Finance-Horror This is my cat max! He’s missing! Aaaahhh help me find my boy!

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