Go! Dragonball Teleport Sound Effect #shorts |

Dragonball Teleport Sound Effect #shorts

2021.04.15 15:46 GetSoundFX Dragonball Teleport Sound Effect #shorts

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2021.04.15 15:46 purespective 🤔

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2021.04.15 15:46 secluse_recluse Check out this rogue-like game! Moon Hunters!

Check out this neat game. It's got a neat art style and nice music!
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2021.04.15 15:46 Ricki_Ortega Bengali New Year Greetings: Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ji greets people on the occasion of Ramadan and Poila Boisakh.

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2021.04.15 15:46 moneyshouters Chiefs' Tyreek Hill Wins 40-Yard Dash Race Against Mecole Hardman on IG Video

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2021.04.15 15:46 squidgun I need your help.

I'm looking for a budget gaming pc. As I've never had one before, i need help in choosing this semi gaming tower. Pic of tower Specs
Price: $ 668 (approx)
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2021.04.15 15:46 05SparklyStaryu Legit on my History review...

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2021.04.15 15:46 IYINGDI_WANGYI Here are estimated DAU data of LoR over the past year: max 744k , recently 200k. (excluding SEA)

Here are estimated DAU data of LoR over the past year: max 744k , recently 200k. (excluding SEA) Remember: They're estimated values and not so accurate.
Souce: Riot API
Clarification: If a player logged in but didn't play a game, this player was not concidered as a active player by my end.
Sheet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kO9b0-TK43dKhE3xcku60S71w5ma1wUJ/view?usp=sharing
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2021.04.15 15:46 stevethesleeve12 Used AI to generate track titles for a deluxe version of the Perfect LUV Tape

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2021.04.15 15:46 Cordero2358_vlogs i still really wanna see ranboo pointing at a camera and saying "Are you :)? Because I can't get you out of my head."

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2021.04.15 15:46 weebunit69 My LB boy :)

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2021.04.15 15:46 TribleCash The Good and the Bad of this chapter

Now we all know how much of a shit show the chapter is but I wanted to give my own opinions about what happened in this chapter The higher the thing is on the list the better it is and lower it is the worse it is
The Good
-Timeskip (mostly) I honestly like how the Timeskip is handled besides the Historia Baby thing, which I will get to later. Yeah, it makes perfect sense on why the alliance wouldn’t be able to come back to Eldia and how the Yeagerists took control of the military, because realistically it would happen. -Levi’s conclusion While I do agree Levi’s actual development was bad (literally none of his decisions would have changed if everyone died or not) or how he should have died I still think his conclusion to his character is pretty good, everyone’s deaths weren’t meaningless and this guilt he has had can finally be lifted.
That’s it for the good things, I am not shitting with you when I say I myself only liked 2 things in this chapter.
The Bad
-Historias Baby Now look, I’m not one of those Historia Eren shippers, even if the baby being Eren’s would have been the best from a writing standpoint, the part that really pisses me off is that we got so much attention to this damn baby and in the end it doesn’t even fucking matter -Cheap Shock Value Connie, Jean, and Gabi are presumed dead, but then just come back to life, it gives no emotion and it just feels empty, all is good now yayyyyyy (kill me) -Plotholes Do I even need to explain this one. -Armin’s speech to the soldiers “I know that you guys are still mad about shit that happened a century ago and now we just killed 80% of the population but please don’t shoot we don’t have Titans come on man cut us a break” -Mikasa Has no character has nothing she is completely wasted. -Armin and Eren’s conversation “Thank you for becoming a murder” says the person that has actively been against Eren this entire time “Why did you hurt Mikasa” because that’s more important that the fact that 80% of the population is dead “Only Ymir knows that one” Kill me. -Ymir Holy shit, “oh Ymir loves Fritz even though he raped and tortured her but trust me it’s love” and Ymir’s motivations in general this goes back to the plot holes one, but it has been constantly said over and over that Ymir is a slave, but now that doesn’t matter, because Ymir loves Fritz -Eren The absolute worse character assassination I have seen. Now, people like to shit on Eren for being a pussy, now I don’t really care that he was acting like a cold stone badass but in reality was a little bitch, even if it makes no sense how long he was acting, my main problem is just how it was shown. “I wanna bang my Step-Sister who was already down to fuck” this is god awful, but it doesn’t stop there, everything that has fucking happened is that he himself is a slave to fate even if he was constantly looking for freedom, now this would be a pretty neat idea, but it doesn’t work in AOT specifically because of the cycle of hatred, but remember guys AOT is a fucking masterpiece, it is peak fiction, hahahaha this is so great, this is peak entertainment, masterpiece it’s so amazing the writing is brilliant hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha.
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2021.04.15 15:46 ExcitableSarcasm I should've fucking lied.

I just had an interview for a manager trainee program that would've paid up to £80,000 in 2 years with free accommodation, the works, everything.
Except it started this September. And I won't graduate until next year. The interviewer asks if starting this year was fine. I should've lied and see where it went, drop out of my course if need be.
Fuck this economy, fuck everything. A job is worth more than a degree and I fucked it up because I have a double-digit IQ and immediately answered without thinking it through.
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2021.04.15 15:46 sapucaibaemsp Essa frase tem 44 letras e o...

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2021.04.15 15:46 trowawayatwork car to house ratio - apparently the title is not good enough if it is not very long

This is a pretty stupid question but i was driving past a terraced house with a very small driveway. Then i saw a mercedes SUV trying to squeeze out onto a busy main road, having clear difficulties whilst doing so.
That got me thinking. That car, if bought new and outright, must be worth about a quarter of the house. Obviously that is way to much car for what they can afford. Does anyone else have a rough idea of what percentage of your salary should monthly car expenses take up and what the ratio of net worth should the car be compared to the house?
apologies if this is stupid and i should not think about this at all
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2021.04.15 15:46 Foreign-Network-500 so cool guys

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2021.04.15 15:46 TopTittyTwister [Leafs Twitter] 🖋 We’ve signed forward Rodion Amirov to a three-year entry level contract for the 2021-22 season. #LeafsForever Details » https://t.co/XMNUb1wVQ5 https://t.co/Pvj7qWGcg9

[Leafs Twitter] 🖋 We’ve signed forward Rodion Amirov to a three-year entry level contract for the 2021-22 season. #LeafsForever Details » https://t.co/XMNUb1wVQ5 https://t.co/Pvj7qWGcg9 submitted by TopTittyTwister to leafs [link] [comments]

2021.04.15 15:46 cerise-kiss Some more sticker ideas. Posted the bats already but decided to add the rest. Critique last 3 please!

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2021.04.15 15:46 Not_a_robot_serious My girlfriend (F/A 18) is mad at me because of something she wrote

So to preface this all writing is autobiographical in some regard, but with me and my girlfriend it is especially so.
I have a tendency to be a little shit and not talk about my feelings (because I am le big strong man) and a scene along those lines made it into my girl's recent writing. she is now mad at me because I'm a little shit who doesn't talk about my feelings.
I'm being more open with time, but can our relationship be saved?
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2021.04.15 15:46 no_daicuale Frend

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2021.04.15 15:46 FoldDiligent My Only Fear about Finasteride

I’m so close to taking the plunge and getting a prescription because I cannot keep looking at pictures of my maternal grandfathers hairline.
I know that if I maintain at all I’ll be happy and any regrowth will be a major victory. I’m at the point where my hairline has receded but really only I can tell.
However, I keep seeing these posts come up on the reddit about how Fin has made their hair significantly worse and the shedding hasn’t stopped even at month like 8. The last thing I want to do is make things worse.
My question to you guys is how was your personal experience on fin? how likely is it that fin makes things worse for me? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2021.04.15 15:46 Binx7171 This is growing in the yard of our home in Asheville NC that we just bought last summer. It has my master gardener mom stumped! Can anyone tell me what this is?

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2021.04.15 15:46 pleasedontfollowm3-2 Ekaterina Zueva

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2021.04.15 15:46 lxke Skier Dies Due To Defective Gear in '17, BD issues Recall of Gear in '21 After Getting Class Actioned

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2021.04.15 15:46 Bessenecker Another World is Possible

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