Go! Extra pages from the 1st volume, compiled and translated by FKS |

Extra pages from the 1st volume, compiled and translated by FKS

2021.04.15 18:34 TemplarzFTW Extra pages from the 1st volume, compiled and translated by FKS

From FKS:

Cooking is my specialty!!
High! High! Percival!! 1
Where is Percival!?
He does this to me whenever I take my eyes off him!!
SFX: Clang
There you are!!
You can't go in such a place!!
That's bad, that's bad.
SFX: Lick
Don't lick it!! That's bad.
SFX: Lick SFX: Dip
High! High! Percival!!
Good, Percival!
Do your best!
Keep it up, keep it up!
Hahahah, you're doing great, Percival!
The end
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2021.04.15 18:34 unsaltedrhino [OC] Visualizing COVID-19 Vaccination Progress at the Individual Level

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2021.04.15 18:34 amitra45 Mmm

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2021.04.15 18:34 Sirhic_nab Me when I stub my toe

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2021.04.15 18:34 BarryB64 Blog Post: Prayer and the Mask: Thanks for the cloaking device!

I do know that it can be challenging to pray for the people around us. When the pandemic hit, I did see a lot of fear-mongering centering on a simple piece of cloth. A cloth that has no power; except that which you give it. By the way, I am not talking about medical science. It's simple psychology. It seems a good time to share something encouraging and a spin on an old plot device. I trust that this article will be of help to someone.
Do not let a simple piece of cloth keep you from praying for others, in public. Please read Prayer Plus Mask: Thanks For The Cloaking Device!
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2021.04.15 18:34 bipitybopitybooblolz official timing

this might be a stupid question but i want to know how exactly test day will plan out (i get anxious when i don't know the schedule beforehand). the website says that the test starts at 8, but what time will we actually start taking the exam because there's obviously signing in and filling out the forms and stuff. how long is the transition period between english and math/reading and science and is the break between math and reading 10 or 15 minutes? finally, approximately when do we actually leave the test center? thanks in advance!
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2021.04.15 18:34 rubberducks24 waverly for trade or sale isos in comments

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2021.04.15 18:34 watson_exe Open world exploration

I'm making an open world pokemon game with a handful of islands for the player to explore. I want it to have the feel of fallout new vegas where there's a handful of rival factions fighting for control, but I'm having a hard time with deciding how much I want the player to have access as they go through the game. My idea is that the more you interact with the world, the more it opens up. You need 5 "favor points" with the first major island (second island you travel to after intro) to travel to the second- no matter which faction you side with on the island, you will gain "favor points" that allow you to move on, but each faction will allow different encounters/ new areas that you can't get by siding with other factions. There's also secret areas you can get to if you're adventurous- interact with that weird rock and a cave opens up, read that book and get transported to a weird book world...
My biggest problem is with the starting island: it's actually one of the major islands the player explores later (home of one of the main factions). I'm starting to wonder, in the spirit of completely open world, if I should allow the player to go deeper into the first island before they "know" they can explore it. What I mean by this is that from an outsiders perspective there's things like trees and boulders that make it seem like you need HM's to progress when in reality there's alternate routes that players can take to get deeper into the island. One of my favorite things about fallout is that you can skip 50% of the story if you know where certain locations are and I want to replicate that. I'm also trying to make it nuzlocke/monotype friendly where you can beat the game in 50 different ways (exaggerated- there will be multiple elite fours/maybe a peaceful option- based on each island, which will complete the game) and capture a pokemon of any type in the first area.
Should I allow players the option to reach areas that should appear later in the game?
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2021.04.15 18:34 foodwarriorprincess LPT Have a long haired cat that never learned how to properly groom themselves? Make a game out of hiding dry treats in their fur.

Sounds stupid I know but this was recommended to me by shelter staff for my long haired kitten. She didn’t groom herself and hated brushing. Shelter staff recommended hiding treats in her fur so she’d learn how to clean herself. She regularly cleans her fur now.
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2021.04.15 18:34 lss_bvt_ios_01 LssTest-ImagePost-20714

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2021.04.15 18:34 Valkyrjaer Guy I'm dating gets upset when I dont want to eat junk food

Soooo this is a weird one for me. I have been seeing this guy for about a month and he has started to do some things that I dont like. For instance, yesterday we were out grocery shopping together and he pointed at a lot of food and said "Thats food that you dont like"(I had never said that I did not like that food? And it was almost always unhealthy types of food) and "Thats food that you cant have" in a playful manner but weird. Like why point stuff like that out. And we drove past a BurgerKing on the way to the store and he said "I always eat there when I go grocery shopping here but I guess not today since you are here". Like what, why does he say stuff like that and not ask me? I feel like he always assumes things in the negative direction and idk why. I said I would love to go eat there and we went there after shopping and he ended up eating my cheese burger on accident (they where packed the same) and he had gotten 4 chilli cheese. So then he pressured me to eat the chilli cheese (I am not a big fan of spicy food) , like he wouldnt take no for an answer and said dont be lame etc. And he had bought a milkshake and he always wants me to try them(this was not the first time), and wont take no for an answer. Also he buys me ben and jerry (my favorite ice cream) and bad foods and if I say no to his gifts then he gets upset. I have told him I am on a diet and that this is really important to me. I have started to fall for this guy but now I am seeing some unhealthy behavior and I dont know if its just me being overly sensitive. Have anyone experienced this before and what did you do?
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2021.04.15 18:34 legos45 [Amazon] ASUS Vivobook Flip 14 2-in-1 Laptop: Ryzen 7 4700U, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, 1080p 14″ IPS Touch for $899 after $100 off

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2021.04.15 18:34 princess_puffpuff You might be wondering about what I have in my mouth....

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2021.04.15 18:34 TheTimeGuard02 Yep

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2021.04.15 18:34 Mrsdoodlybo My pumkin area is kind of finish, any suggestions?

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2021.04.15 18:34 TheSpooncers MY mom goes " how's that GameStop thing going"

And I casually replied with " Idk I'm still up but I think 2008 is happening again but worse" and she kind of just shrugged it off but its really sad how many people know nothing. I've told everyone close to me about it. Not my position but that I think a market collapse is coming. I guess now I just wait. If I'm wrong I lose 1k. If I'm right. Everyone close to me loses much more. It hit my this morning. ANyone else feeling the same?
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2021.04.15 18:34 radishS N A R D C O R E

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2021.04.15 18:34 ozzraven Dan de baja a 3 carabineros por omitir información en supuesto doble parricidio en San Bernardo

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2021.04.15 18:34 faheem93 28/EST/PC Looking for some new people

Like the title says, looking for new people to play with that dont mind joining me and my friends. We are all 20+ and play mostly Valorant with other games here and there (pummel party, other shooters and random steam games). Also hang out in discord calls and have movie nights.
PM or comment if you're interested or have questions :)
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2021.04.15 18:34 AgePublic “The mission of the WHO is critical to advancing global health and health security,”

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2021.04.15 18:34 polodroid74 Abandoned Farm in the Alps (video in comments)

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2021.04.15 18:34 Justice-hammer007 Don't panic

I remember mara and riot i know how they move... They jumped to 18 dropped to 10 jumped to 29 dropped to 14 jumped to 35 droped to 18 than up to 70 in riots case down to 30 up to 60 now down again... It's just part of the way this sector moves ... Today my 11000 shares are down 10 % I'm not gonna panic nor will I try to time the market the next move for ETH and BTC is coming the next move for sos is coming... Expect big things and remember we move different than other sectors but it is dew to the same volotility that we can see huge moves to the upside and. Excited for the next big up move . Take it easy don't panic and keep it eyes on the prize 🏆
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2021.04.15 18:34 Samhamwitch "As American as apple pie" is a strange saying since apple pie originated in Europe. What are some things that Americans actually that should replace apple pie?

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2021.04.15 18:34 JamesHardensManBoobs Item said delivered to my community box, but the key to the bottom slot for parcels is empty?

I was left a key to pick up a parcel that can't fit in the normal slot, so it's in the bottom two large slots, but I opened it and it was empty. How do I go about actually getting my item now? I think the mailman either gave me a wrong key number or put it in another large slot. Just leave a sticky note on the mailbox or something? God I hope I didn't just lose a $400 item
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2021.04.15 18:34 Lyn-and-Pyrrha Pyrrha vs. CRDL with Free Bird

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