Go! Why the fuck do bashes still interrupt stam regeneration? |

Why the fuck do bashes still interrupt stam regeneration?

2021.04.15 17:25 stopigon Why the fuck do bashes still interrupt stam regeneration?

Oh , you attacked two times ? Well congrats , now you’re never gonna get stamina back , cause cent and conq can bash you to death while you’re not able to do shit
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2021.04.15 17:25 asoomi102 Any advice on recruitment agencies in UAE?

Are they legit in finding jobs for you?
Found one agency named Crown International Human Resources in Mussafah offering to find you a job for a fee which they will refund if they cannot find a job within a period of time. Is this a scam? Is there a way to report them if they don't refund you the fee?
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2021.04.15 17:25 Best_Mastodon4045 Diving in headfirst

I randomly stumbled upon this subreddit and am convinced. I especially like the unity that I see around here. I am on step 3 of the infomercial. Waiting for Simplex to confirm my payment. As soon as I finish I will update you guys and I am definitely donating to the fund on the website.
I'm excited to see where this goes in 5 years 😜😁😀😃
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2021.04.15 17:25 luislulu98 Sidemen Reacts, we see you 👀🤣

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2021.04.15 17:25 jupiterwept Short shorts

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2021.04.15 17:25 AntFamiliar add me pls my trainer code is 2257 9774 4300 i wanna trad

add me pls my trainer code is 2257 9774 4300
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2021.04.15 17:25 ReallyJerrySeinfeld NEIL??? IN ICARLY??

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2021.04.15 17:25 ladybug_princess87 Sorry for the bad quality! Everything is for trade.

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2021.04.15 17:25 dimindhandz Dogecoin to the Moon...

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2021.04.15 17:25 Letme_be_yourfetish Soles——>cummy soles hehe

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2021.04.15 17:25 OPSENATOR I tried my hand at making some Destiny 2 screenshots

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2021.04.15 17:25 coolbern SEC Review of ESG Investing

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2021.04.15 17:25 Khronos-GT Well... will have to wait till monday to get that lousy Mystic Medal with arena weekly reset :'( or win guild war but i guess that's not happening lol.

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2021.04.15 17:25 adidaskid37 I was on optfine 1.16.4 and than switched to 1.8.9 When I switched back optfine 1.16.4 was gone so I re-downloaded it and I went into it and one of my Minecraft worlds was gone And I don’t know how to get it back

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2021.04.15 17:25 Damsjonas You won't believe it

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2021.04.15 17:25 moonmoon2012 CYCLE RECAP

Welp my cycle is officially over and I’m deposited! Like many others this cycle, I think that this forum help keep me sane(ish?). I also think that for many of us this cycle brought many difficult weeks and/or decisions, and I want to congratulate everyone on whatever choices they have made as well.
Stats: 17mid, 3.9x, significant work experience, nURM
Also, because I spent probably days of my life before applying scouring the internet for this answer: at least in my personal experience the prestige of your university or the fact that you may have predominately taken classes online does not make law school look down on you. You should not be embarrassed or look down on you either.
A: Harvard, Columbia, BU ($$$$) attending
WL: University of Chicago, BC, Northwestern
As I mentioned in another post, picking between Harvard (the dream school I never thought I would get into) and BU was a really difficult decision for me, and if I’m being honest I agonized over it up until the very end because I could genuinely see myself really happy at both. Ultimately, I reminded myself that while Harvard is an amazing school full of great opportunities, so is BU. While I have Boston goals that certainly helped in the decision, this would be true regardless. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity.
I wish everyone the best of luck in the future and I can’t wait to meet those of you who will also be at BU in the fall!
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2021.04.15 17:25 slaysia McConnell rejected Pelosi's request for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to lie in state at the Capitol Rotunda, book says

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2021.04.15 17:25 ELIO400 Clean and cheap design that I made. Hope u like it

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2021.04.15 17:25 Wer-Wolf Ответят за хакеров: что за IT-компании из РФ попали под санкции США

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2021.04.15 17:25 ailes_grises Hotline Miami Collection will have a regular print in Europe

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2021.04.15 17:25 anonotquite So I’ve got this idea for an anim-

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2021.04.15 17:25 mrobjectionman Strixhaven Draft Stopped Existing

I logged in on my pc to draft strixhaven and drafted a deck, played one game and logged off. Later I tried logging onto my phone to see if strixhaven was on mobile yet. (It wasn’t) When I hopped back on PC my draft was gone! Has anyone else had anything similar happen?
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2021.04.15 17:25 arimgeo17 Does hugging a frantic dog help him?

My friend has a 7 year old husky. he came from a shelter and she's had him for around a year. he barks. a lot. which is fine, except for when we go on walks. he goes ballistic around other dogs. Barking non-stop, lunging, growling at them even if they're across the street. she has basically given up on trying to train him to stop this behaviocalm him down, which is extremely annoying for our friend group, but whatever.
lately, when he freaks out, she'll hug him and hold him really tight. she'll step over his body so that she's straddling him, and then hold his front, hooking her arms under his front legs. this, predictably, does not do much, except restrain his ability to see the other dog. he keeps barking and writhes around.
She is extremely defensive about any comments she receives about training her dog, but I want to say something about this behavior because I suspect that what she does is actively detrimental to him and makes him more anxious. it bothers me a LOT to see her do this. My theory is that when she smothers him and restrains him, it causes him to get even MORE excited and agitated bc he has to struggle against her. Am i off the mark here? I would like to know what you guys think so that i can have some research/legitimacy to back me up on this when i bring this concern to her. I'd appreciate any feedback, links, etc. Thank you!
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2021.04.15 17:25 slacker2588 It took being on hold for 4 hours, 2/9 filer here. I finally got an advocate.

4 hours... My entire account is on hold due to my employer making a mistake on what they reported to the IRS. 2nd stim, return and third stim all on hold. They need 6 paystubs... 2 months of waiting being in the dark and all they needed was paystubs... I’m trying so hard to be happy for movement. But dam, I had to get an advocate for this?!? Good grief
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2021.04.15 17:25 currentXchange cXc Announces Top 64 Charts on cXc.world with 🟣 PURPLE (WAX eosio.token) Rewards Daily 🌞 for Top Youtube Music 🧞🎸

One 🟣 PURPLE is rewarded every 5 minutes to Top 64 Charts in each cXc Music Dapp, starting with cXc Music
This 1 🟣 PURPLE / Time Unit reward will be given out daily as 288 🟣 PURPLE divided linearly among the Top 64 tracks ranked by Sol Ups. When we release the next cXc Mapps, the reward will be 288 🟣 PURPLE each.

288 SOL per person and 288 PURPLE for Top Charts of cXc.world mapps daily. These are the gears of the Purple Economy.
Youtube Music + Purple Rewards Artist rewards go to the owner of the Youtube channel which uploaded the song embedded in a cXc.world post. Through linking a WAX account to the channel that uploaded the video, we can pay the rightful account PURPLE, and even split payments up to 12 ways. If a Youtube video's owner is not on cXc.world, pending reward is reserved and will be claimable upon linking the Youtube account.
Top Charts 🌎
Top Charts show up tailored to every search you do on cXc.world.
The Top Charts shown on cXc.world rank the top music by adding up Blu Ups + Sol Ups for any time period a viewer wishes.
Default Ranking on cXc.world = Total Blu Ups + Sol Ups
In addition to the default ranking, users on cXc.world can choose to see Top Charts by the following:
PURPLE Rewards + Top 64 Charts 🌎🟣 Total Blu Ups + Sol Ups ranking is used when we send out emails and updates about current music trends. It's the default for everything except PURPLE rewards.
The Top 64 Charts used to reward creators in PURPLE use Only Sol Ups to determine who gets rewarded.
Linear rewards are used where #1 gets 64 times what #64 gets 1.
Using Only Sol Ups gives PURPLE rewards a more democratic nature, as no one can buy SOL (unlike BLUX).
Also, because cXc executes the Sol Up actions on-chain (unlike BLUX) we can have a say in preventing fake accounts, etc from trying to game the system.
Note: This algorithm is subject to change. We plan to incorporate rewards for local charts as well as global charts after cXc.world is more popular. That's going to change things, but the linear rewards will always remain.
What if a charting creator doesn't have an account on cXc.world? We'll keep a record on how much each account is owed using the Youtube video's account information. Later, when they create an account, they will be able to claim all the PURPLE owed to them automatically by connecting the youtube account to their WAX account, used as cXc.world login.
🔵 BLUX Value Beyond Charts 🔵 BLUX gives you the same exposure for people looking at the map. With this boost in exposure, good music should attract more Sol Ups, which in turn earns more 🔵 BLUX. So good music has a good ROI using 🔵 BLUX, subjectively bad music = bad ROI.
All the while, the Sol Ups that a creator attracted will have the potential to earn them 🟣 PURPLE
An artist could buy 🔵 BLUX, spend it to Blu Up their latest song, which could attract organic Sol Ups, giving them more BLUX. 🔵 BLUX can be sold or spent for more Blu Ups, so the artist can get back the money they spent, or more. If the Sol Ups were enough that they made the Top 64 Global Charts for the day, they'll earn 🟣 PURPLE too.
💥 FIND OUT MORE ABOUT cXc 💥 Current X Change is dedicated to harmonizing Humans, Collectives, and Gaia. Our media Mapps are just the start. As we refine Purple, we also seek to redefine what it means to come together as humans and co-create. We hope you'll enjoy the tools already here, and are infinitely stoked for what the future holds.
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