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2021.04.15 17:12 yeetthisaccount321 Nothing to see here. Move along.

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2021.04.15 17:12 HELLOIMCHRISTOPHER 4 door truck no bed cover.

Sup y'all. Just signed up to drive. I drive a 4 door nissan frontier. I do not have a bed cover yet. I've seen it mentioned in the language on supposed to have one but it was not verified by any authentication process. Can I sign up for a block while I wait for it to come in or will I be denied? I'm in Wichita KS
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2021.04.15 17:12 nova_dance [dance video] I love the energy of this song! Had a lot of fun dancing to it, let me know what you think

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2021.04.15 17:12 1729letmargotout How do I maintain my obsession with baking bread, while doing IF?

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2021.04.15 17:12 kvlopsia Baby shrimp!

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2021.04.15 17:12 grdashark I need a keyboard silencer, as my family gets distracted by it.

So, some of you guys might have the same problem, but my family finds me clicking my keyboard fast annoying. I use headphones so they can't hear the song, making it even more annoying for them. I've been trying to search for some keyboard silencers on the internet, and I can't find any good ones. I don't know if those things that funorange uses (those 2 keyboard things) are silent. If any of you guys have something like that, please let me know if they are silent. Please let a link in it as well, if you guys can find it. Thanks for reading and I hope you guys help!
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2021.04.15 17:12 buktotruth Stocks vs Call Options | The CORRECT Comparison and Why This Chart is a Lie!

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2021.04.15 17:12 Reasonable_Guest689 WHY CANT I PLAY???

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2021.04.15 17:12 thediamondhawk Newb question: Is there some way to get raw data from components that are not yet supported?

I want to migrate to micropython in coding with my microcontrollers, but I lack library support for some of my components.
Do I have to forego using micropython entirely? Is there a way to combine them? Is there a way to import a library? Is there a way to get the raw data coming off the component to utilize micropy anyway?
What do people usually do?
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2021.04.15 17:12 Bubbagaming9000 Could we get spec ops in the remastered collection?

There was originally going to be a spec-ops class in strike force heroes 2.
Sky 9 Said "We did some early concept work for SFH2 that included a sixth class (Spec Ops)"
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2021.04.15 17:12 Doppeyyy Black Screen Issue ?

Ever since the latest PBE patch I had multiple issues where my pc just black screens and I can't do anything to fix it.
I tried other games and normal League but it only happens on PBE, anyone have any idea what causes it and if there is a fix for it ?
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2021.04.15 17:12 EmpressJoel Tucking?

I’m a MtF trans youth and I like tights/leggings and really want to wear them. There is a problem though, I don’t have access to medicine at the moment and I’m still going through the decision process of medicine. This is a little awkward for me to ask but is there a way I can tuck my penis in a way it’s not painful if I randomly get a boner? I’m not sure if this is NSFW but I’m marking it as such just in case.
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2021.04.15 17:12 nasawesome Does anybody know when the Niteangel cages will be back in stock on Amazon?

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2021.04.15 17:12 InATombInBloom TIL that Mt. Washington in New Hampshire claims to have "the world's worst weather," averaging 110 days per year with hurricane-force winds and the record for wind speed not associated with a tornado or tropical cyclone (231 mph)

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2021.04.15 17:12 lucioco000 Good monitor under 200usd ?

I’m buying my first pc and already have the parts and stuff for that, what i don’t have are peripherals. Whats a good monitor that would fit my 200usd budget that isn’t too crappy? I dislike the super stretched ones but a curved monitor is fine. I also want the screen to be like frosted so I don’t see my ugly ass in the reflection lol
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2021.04.15 17:12 dekudeals PICROSS S – $6.39 (20% off, matches previous low)

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2021.04.15 17:12 sirswagalot99 I have been on this screen for the past 5 minutes I am so fucking scared

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2021.04.15 17:12 Roobkoobrick PSA The Fez in in the atomic shop today

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2021.04.15 17:12 SnooSketches6409 Suggestions for a name for a blog that deals with Sexuality and Gender?

Creating an informative blog the deals with LGBTQ2A+ issues, sexuality and sex health. Need a good name
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2021.04.15 17:12 zingazelle Foster to possible adopt situation and wondering about predicting a puppy’s temperament as an adult.

Does anyone else think that adopting a puppy has some terrifying elements to it? For about a week I have been fostering a pup that is known to have aussie mixed in but also GSD and appears to have blue heeler and catahoula mixed in as well. These are known to be energetic breeds. The puppy herself is around 7 weeks now, is playful, interested in games like fetch, is curious, is affectionate, and seems to go from extremes of pure calm to incessant crying and barking for what seems to be fairly lengthy periods of time. In fairness, I have had to leave her at home for a few hours in a play pen, but I have found a daycare that can in fact take her in. Could be a game changer. The question is: is this incessant barking behavior to be expected of all puppies or are there others that can self soothe better from the start? I had a purebred golden retriever male as a child and I don’t really remember him crying incessantly beyond the car ride home for his mom and litter mates. I’m having a hard time getting a feel for this foster pup’s energy level and not really knowing what is typical for most puppies of this age. I could adopt her but I have to decide fast because the puppies are being adopted quickly of course. They are beautiful and unique in appearance so it’s hard to not consider adopting her. I simply want to make an informed decision and not do something I will ultimately regret. I know the simple answer is to not adopt a puppy if I am anxious about what it will grow up to be like, but I wonder if there are clues to be possibly tuned into. I know that socialization and training are key for any dog, but I still wonder about things like breed mix and current temperament, which in her case seems pretty good overall with the exception of naturally having difficulty with self soothing and calming down once riled up. How much do you rely on breed information for a dog that is so mixed? Could a mix of known energetic breeds still end up being a balanced dog in temperament? Thoughts and experiences with this anyone?
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2021.04.15 17:12 yakisugi36 🌊 When Bitcoin hits $197,900 Satoshi Nakamoto will likely become the richest person in the world surpassing Jeff Bezos!

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2021.04.15 17:12 MariiKatt Dear Boycotters,

Elex has a bunch of other servers to make them money. Cost to run servers for games is high. It feels like all your trying to accomplish is getting the English server shut down. If people randomly stop playing in large droves, there will be no point in keeping the server running. Do you /really/ wanna lose everything in the app you've spent money on over boycotting when there are other routes that can be taken?
Another thing is that the people at Elex who run the English servers aren't going to want to help people who are sending them rude, violent, threatening, and/or not-understanding messages and emails. If you ran an app, and someone came to you with a long email consisting of yelling, violent language, and demands with no intent to understand, would you respond or even consider what they want?
Although it may not seem like it, there are human people who run LN. And like every other human, they deserve respect.
Yes, we have a definitely right to be upset. I'm not saying we don't. Saying I'm not upset would be a complete lie. But, I do think we really need to re-think the way we are going about this.
I hate posting about drama and shiz, but with the rate we are going we are more likely to get the server shut down than get anything fixed.
This is more of a food for thought post. Heck, even can be considered me complaining.
But something needs to be done here, and how we are going about it is rude, inconsiderate, hateful, and wrong.
And I know this isn't everyone who plays LN. But it needs to be said.
And, to everyone waiting for Shining Nikki to come to English servers.. would you release a second game to English servers if you know they'll just bitxh at you and have no respect for you as a company?
A V11 Player Who Has Played Since Day 1 And Doesn't Want To Lose All They Have.
(Also yes, this is an expansion on my comment on Facebook, to anyone who saw it. I just feel comfortable expanding it here)
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2021.04.15 17:12 ed8907 Flag map of the Inca empire with modern borders.

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2021.04.15 17:12 Sad-Bowler7309 VTHOOOOO

I have 50k VTHO. I know, not as much as I should. I have a lot of VET tho so I’m happy with that. I’m looking to buy more VTHO and was wondering if now is a good time?
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2021.04.15 17:12 Meminkr F**k the steam roller

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