Go! School is ruining my mental health |

School is ruining my mental health

2021.04.15 18:32 deletedaccount41307 School is ruining my mental health

They have had us do over 900 assignments and out of that I’m missing 88, I’m so stressed trying to make it up but I can’t because every single day they assign at least 10 more assignments and starting tomorrow if anyone assignment has been missing for more then 3 days you get a automatic zero, I just can’t take the nearly daily panic attacks and mental breakdowns, constantly feeling like a failure and that I’m never good enough, disappointing everyone and never being enough
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2021.04.15 18:32 Mr_Smith_online More robot jokes! [Video]

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2021.04.15 18:32 ItsNaeem5 Online school

online school is just not working for me. i understand nothing at all. can anyone share some tips on studying solo for this year? (i’m grade 11) i just want to pass with good marks this year. i understand next year is the most important but i need to get used to studying hard.
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2021.04.15 18:32 someonewithnobrain Gamers of reddit what was the first time you were told to press R3 or L3 in a video game and how did you react?

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2021.04.15 18:32 cakeis2goood Isabella Salerno (@bellasalerno_)

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2021.04.15 18:32 Successful_Apricot84 Enails

Which head shops has a good enail idc about the price ☺️
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2021.04.15 18:32 WeirdContribution996 SwissBorg trading on major exchanges, deposit in crypto or fiat worth the equivalent of at least €50 and get a reward up to €100 in CHSB!

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2021.04.15 18:32 HazeKushWeed93 Welcome to my Camp 🤠

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2021.04.15 18:32 RLCD-Bot [Lime Breakout Type-S] [Sky Blue Breakout Type-S: Funny Book] [Lime Hot Rod] [Forest Green Discotheque]

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2021.04.15 18:32 prettyassgirl Still looking for me a sugar daddy or someone to spoil me :(. i sell content also ☺️. don’t be afraid to text me, i don’t bite 😉

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2021.04.15 18:32 GirasoleDE Telegram-Experte "Frank der Reisende" mit Mission - Aufgespürt: Dieser Mann vernetzt alle Umsturzideen

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2021.04.15 18:32 shayneGOATbear Top prospect Wade Allison likely making his debut tonight at...80 years old

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2021.04.15 18:32 bvr_ST A Zero Trust approach is permeating

"focused on defending the perimeters of its networks to a true “zero trust” model, officials said.
In February, DoD officials approved an initial “reference architecture” to begin implementing zero trust across all of their networks; they’re now revising their broader cybersecurity plans to incorporate those principles."
"McKeown said. “We view the Justice Department as a leader and partner in this implementation of a zero trust framework and a pioneer of the cyber capabilities that makes such a framework possible.”"
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2021.04.15 18:32 HazardsFH Lord Malos Vrykan, Herald of the True Faith

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2021.04.15 18:32 locopocolat Change boot logo

Anyone here know how to change the BIOS logo for the XMG Core 15 (2020) ?
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2021.04.15 18:32 VISIBLE_MADELON Scientists Create Early Embryos That Are Part Human, Part Monkey

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2021.04.15 18:32 skipmydialogoption I did a quick drawing earlier, thought others here could relate to the scene like I do:)

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2021.04.15 18:32 Im_Azalea Found this in a car trunk at Port, prolly gonna break it down later

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2021.04.15 18:32 avoidthefaptrap Getting downed from 2 punches with X16?!

Just playing Rebirth, fresh spawn just drops straight in on me and drops me from full plates with 2 (poorly place) punches.
Is this real..?
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2021.04.15 18:32 stipulus I switched from a short term bull strategy to a long term diversified portfolio.

Now instead of seeing my money go away overnight I get to watch it slowing slip away over months.
I don't know if anyone will get anything from this story or if really I just needed one place to put everything I thought I was learning. I'm not that old yet, but over the years I've gone through a lot of different understandings/strategy when it comes to investment. I always knew the way to get ahead was to make money on having money but I've never known how (spoiler alert: I still don't). First I tried listening to respectable sources, I thought if someone educated wrote an article recommending one stock or industry that chances are it would go up. This of course was short sighted, humans are weird and do not always say something just for the befit of others.
With it all too obvious that investment advice from established sources could not just be taken at face value, I had to start drawing my own conclusions. I started trying to research companies and technologies directly to understand both where the industries are and what is possible with our level of technology in various fields. I also have a little experience with business so I tried to evaluate business models, although I'll admit some of these publicly traded companies make money in a lot of different ways that is hard for me to wrap my head completely around. This strategy I think can work but what I came to understand is how much speculation is really in a stock compared to it's value. I know this is kind of "duh" looking back but for a young person it seems all to logical a stock would reflect the value of the company. What this massive amount of speculation did for a stock was to immediately calculate any verifiable speculation into the stock (plus a little). This essentially meant my strategy of trying to know enough about a stock was invalid because as soon as I was ever sure of something about a company it was already priced into the stock months or even years before it would even happen. Take PLUG or SPCE for instance, each had a huge spike in the last few years and neither are profitable. They each provide almost just a hope for these worlds full of clean hydrogen and space tourism while discounting the struggle these companies will have to go through to bring about this. Essentially they are just marketing companies for a different way the world could be, the reality would have to be a massive ecosystem.
Throughout those failures I noticed one thing seemed to hold true for myself, stock of a solid company will eventually go up. The problem I saw was that I kept getting out of my positions after my short term assumptions seemed false. This is when I decided it would be a good plan to pick a list of a few companies I felt were solid, I looked at the amount of employees vs market cap to try and pick companies that were actually doing something. Then for a while I would sell a little if any of them went up a decent amount and buy a little if any of them when down, but always keeping the majority in. As an algorithm, the idea has merit. If the stock market is just a random curve then you should be able to come up with a simple strategy of buying and selling to have an average curve up. The problem then comes that I am not extraordinarily wealthy. The stocks would just keep going down sometimes and I just didn't have money at the bottom to keep buying. I guess this is a failure in planning by not having enough cash to keep buying but to make the math work then I would have had to invest so little that the whole strategy would net me a latte.

Now here I am again, with plenty of failures to learn from and only a few fleeting successes that are hard to attribute to much of anything but luck. I seem so sometimes have a brainwave, when I'm not even thinking about stocks, about some obvious trend that was about to happen. When I act on that, I can sometimes do alright (assuming I have the money at the time to invest). For instance it was an obvious trend in February that if Biden won the election in America than green energy stocks would go up as the us would re-enter the Paris Agreement. Granted I'm not a financial advisor and you should not take financial advice from me.
At this point the best thing for me to do is to take a step back from all of it, cash in, and spend some time just thinking more. I feel horrible though since that means liquidating my long term positions that I kept buying more into and kept losing more and more of. I guess maybe that is why I'm writing this, to give some value to my money lost. To hopefully through this process learn the next thing I should know. I'm not looking for advice, sympathy or praise, but if anyone has a similar experience I would love to hear it. If there is anything I've learned from this subreddit it is that something even more valuable than money is the wisdom and understanding needed to make it.
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2021.04.15 18:32 cakeis2goood Marcelle Schuur

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2021.04.15 18:32 Andresdlh007 need help on thesis statement

I am writing a research paper on the 4th crusade and don't know exactly what to pinpoint my argument around, the betrayal of Christians sacking Christians and the holiest city to christianity? or something with the Venetians being puppet masters? or the Byzantines having no integrity within the royal family with siblings killing and imprisioning each other?
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2021.04.15 18:32 Cheese_bellamy Tearaway Unfolded - Part 16 - The End

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2021.04.15 18:32 Artemistical Which toy to play with today?

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2021.04.15 18:32 amkoki This is just awesome.

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