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Retroarch PSX Beetle HW

2021.04.15 18:43 Jeehan1 Retroarch PSX Beetle HW

Hello all ! (Pardon my english)
Seriously, i just don't understand how to have acces to Beetle HW core setting. I just wanted to try the texture replacement (Xenogears Portrait pack) but i just don't understand how i can find.
When i'm charging the core, the core is correctfully mounted but no setting anywhere. after that, i've tried to mount the core in the traditional Retro Arch design and when i'm charging the Core, nothing happen, no system information, no setting to. It's just so frustrating..
Please, someone can help me please ?

Thank you
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2021.04.15 18:43 Tecnero BMW Z4 E89

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2021.04.15 18:43 DillIshOn LF Sig P365 12rd Base Plates

Hey guys, I recently picked up a P365 TacPac which comes with 3 12rd Mags and pinky extensions.
I recently picked up an XL Grip module but am having a hard time finding some 12rd flush base plates.
Does anyone have any just sitting around they don't mind parting with?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.04.15 18:43 paassenger Wild how different I feel day to day

Like yesterday I was fucking miserable but today I’m doing fine
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2021.04.15 18:43 Dallaswolf21 Anyone have this issue when trying to play for first time?

So I can play any game on xbox but when i try to play outrider it tells me Internet Connection error could not connect.. I have reset my router and everything and can log on to any game but this one. Oh and I uninstalled and reinstalled as well..Any ideas?
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2021.04.15 18:43 CursedKiller88 THERE IS NO REASON

Because all of those will only bring you to instant relapse and you will forget all the promises and words that will help you and your motivation and all of that is gone and you lost control and defeated
There's no reason to it such as because of work stress, breakups and etc.
All the stressful situations and very hurt ones should be handled and solved with the correct way and not by relapse will never solve those problems
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2021.04.15 18:43 pizzaboynizza How to pronounce Zulu clicks with Sakhile Dube

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2021.04.15 18:43 dirtfacereddit Xiao's birthday

Its in like 2 days, just wanted to let people know
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2021.04.15 18:43 internetsExplored Why cant I earn anymore material crates? I've been playing for awhile and I just realised I haven't gotten any ammo or material crates in the last few days, does anyone know why?

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2021.04.15 18:43 Obligatory-Reference Apparently, exile was a possible punishment for upper-class Romans (in the Republic period, at least). What did this mean in practice, and what was life like for the exilee?

Was it more like "we're escorting you out of the city right now", or "you have until the end of the month to sort out your affairs and leave"? Could they settle in another Roman settlement? How could they make their livelihood?
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2021.04.15 18:43 Eockaste «Специальный гость» в прямом эфире!

Алексей Репик, владелец одной основатель одной из крупнейших российских фармацевтических компаний, расскажет Тине Канделаки, как пандемия отразилась на фармацевтическом бизнесе, как появился первый в России препарат от коронавируса и что он думает об уголовном деле против Бориса Шпигеля — его главного конкурента.
Смотрите прямо сейчас:
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2021.04.15 18:43 xsmars Trading my Roblox account. Username : i0veBear

It has 9.8k robux currently on it and 6.3k robux pending atm
Level 213 on Royale high and has items on it.
It's a 2018 account.
Boring adopt me pets.
21.7k+ robux spent
Has all Royale high gamepasses besides the crystal ball gamepass.
Has "The World" in the JJBA game
Has bloxburg and a good but unfinsihed home, and has some gamepasses
And I'm too lazy to type the rest. Just go look at the inventory, it should be open
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2021.04.15 18:43 yovrmom Came to the conclusion that ocd is like being in an abusive relationship and your brain is just gaslighting you

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2021.04.15 18:43 clip_mirror_bot Japanese guy discovers forsen

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2021.04.15 18:43 Ok-Map4381 Too much losing?

I'm in support of the tank, but I'm getting nervous about the effect the losing is having on the team. At what point is it getting a slightly higher chance at a top pick not worth the bad habits and resentment associated with so much losing?
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2021.04.15 18:43 NoFaceChase Jeff Hardy TNA (2010)

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2021.04.15 18:43 KingPabloIII What is your attraction/dating opinion towards masculine females (or tomboys)?

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2021.04.15 18:43 escobeats7 Miss me with that

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2021.04.15 18:43 whogivesahootanyway fun fact there is an entire ass tag on pixiv about him dressed as a bunny

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2021.04.15 18:43 PlasmaDNA 2 years sober

the Lord freed me from addiction 2-3 years ago.. without Him I believe I’d wouldn’t be alive. car accidents, violence, overdoses you name it. I tried everything; nothing in my will could stop it. God is powerful & cares for us
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2021.04.15 18:43 Kara_Tiele "The Birth of Ulyp". Mythological Chuvash Hero, Giant.

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2021.04.15 18:43 Amoskow Help on how to access tear in soft top

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2021.04.15 18:43 godofloli QuAnTuM

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2021.04.15 18:43 KW_Lock Me thinking about wasting my time ...

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